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  1. That i can do. Let me finish it first this human sized, then i'll port it to Kerbals!
  2. 1k more downloads in SpaceDock. (11.4k on Curse and some more on Dropbox) Huhuuluhulll. Need to come back to evolve Omicron. But for now i'm finishing this one for humans.
  3. Hey @SomeoneWhoLikesTrains, that was happening in an old version of the plugin, so lets check some things. Look in plugin folder of Omicron, and check if there is other dll there, besides the only one that should be there. Omicron.DLL. If yes, delete the others. Keep only Omicron.dll. Second, if that won't fix it, lets try other thing. When you build the vessel, the normal way is to put the engine in one side, the left one, with symmetry mirror on. Then make the actions connections and done. When you launch the vessel, the plugin check the world up direction, to define wher
  4. Maybe. So much to do first. But i'm on other project these days... The Tower House.
  5. Thanks for the follow back! :)

  6. Chegou a 11k de download do mod (no Curse) e desse vez antes do fim do ano! huhuhulll. Sem falar nos mais 700 no Spaceport, que logo chega no 1k também. Tem mais uns 750 no Orangedox também. Logo retomo desenvolvimento, por hora estou em outro projeto, a casa torre.
  7. Updates: Displays for Life Support (TAC). Displays for Battery and Fuel undergoing too. (analogs) Prograde, retro, normal, antinormal, target, etc too. Display blue above gear and light indicators will have TWR, dV, Time to, etc. (Digital)
  8. Update 0.6.5 with Functional Cockpit Panel.
  9. Update 0.6.5 with Functional Cockpit Panel.
  10. Done, for the cockpit window C. Will be on next update! Redone intakes nose faces too.
  11. Light update on Cockpit Window type 3.
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