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  1. A quase 10 anos atrás, eu consegui ter uma comunidade na nossa língua. E agora vemos tudo isso abando nado a quase um ano. rsrsrsrsrsr
  2. Hello Climberfx!  I love the Omicron Space Car.

    Only problem I'm running into is when I attach the VTOL engines either with or without symmetry... when I launch one side always Flips!

    So one side points UP and the other down.   When I test in the SPH and check rotation, they're correct... but on the runway... One side is up the other down. :(


    Any ideas why?

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    2. Climberfx
    3. Xtra


      Thank you... That did fix the issue.

    4. Climberfx


      Great to know Xtra. Have fun!

  3. I open Ckan on Mac, and in the search I type Om, Omi, Omic, Omicron, and nothing appears. Could be a Mac bug/behavior maybe? https://imgur.com/5YXqEVZ https://imgur.com/bPMFYAk
  4. Hey @HebaruSan, Omicron is not listing in Ckan anymore. Anything wrong? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154862-1123-omicron-flying-space-car-release-066/
  5. Oh, ok, fixing files. Fixed. Redownload from Spaceport. https://spacedock.info/mod/2413/Omicron Flying Space Car
  6. Minor Update to 0.6.6 0.6.6 - Minor Fixes, updated to 1.12.3, Holes on Wheels when opened, using the included plugin Depthmask.dll Download links (0.6.6): https://spacedock.info/mod/2413/Omicron Flying Space Car (primary) https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/omicron-space-flying-car (secondary)
  7. Great News. Thanks to @cineboxandrew ModuleDepthMask, in next Omicron update, you will be able to see the hole inside Landing Gears. You are amazing Mr. @cineboxandrew
  8. Wow, I was thinking this morning, should be a mod to subtract, add a hole, a visual hole to the parts, so my mod Omicron, could have it show inside properly when you use it's landing gears, the internal part of it, and here you are. Man, if I understand clearly, is what it does, isn't? Now, my gears is like this, you can't see the part goes inside the vessel body. Using your mod I can make it show that? If yes, with your permission, I gonna add it to my mod, for sure. And even to Omicron.dll code, if you permit. I hope still work on 1.12.2. Great mod Commander.
  9. But to be clear, you are wrong again. You show again what both of us already know, KSP mod's use "framework" 4.5 (or compatible). But I wrote there on "Of course..." about the external use of "runtime" 5.0, not framework, my dear negator. So, NO for you too.
  10. No annoying here. But if you wanna some general chat, let's do it in my mod thread, that way it helps the divulgation of it on the forum. (link on signature pic)
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