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  1. You have it on the curse download page and on the first post in this thread. Here go a copy:
  2. E aos poucos começa a se tornar realidade.
  3. Climberfx

    Any Maya .mu export plugins exist?

    Exactly. The process to bring KSP parts to modelling or as reference in Maya é using the Blender MU importer and than exporting from Blender as OBJ. But to put a Maya model/part in KSP, you only use Maya export to FBX (or Obj too, but i prefer FBX here) and import it to Unity them export .mu in Unity. Cheers
  4. Sorry man. I wold love to update but my work is taking me full time. With lucky, Christmas may bring some news... Cheers
  5. hey dude could you if you want to make a secondary texture for the cockpit and the open cargo bay the has no walls and instead are completely open?


    1. Climberfx


      Cockpit is not yet finished. Will have functional controls and panels. You can use cockpit without the glass and passenger part have a convertible version. I may do a cargo bay convertible too, but i'm completely busy in my work man.

      So, i will update it, but i don't know when.

      Cheers dude!

  6. Hey man, how much bigger you wanna the cargo bay? You wanna the one with more fuel and flat floor or the other one with more space, less fuel and a rounded floor?

    Is it twice the size of the biggest one? (actual sizes big one = 1.5m, medium = 1 m, small = 0.5m)

    I can suggest a 2m or a 2.5m one.

    1. BGYT


      less fuel, rounded, 1,5x-2x longer and open

    2. Climberfx


      You mean no cargo upper doors like open? like convertible?

    3. BGYT


      no door


  7. Ok man, you convince me, but at the moment I'm on a hard daily work load. 16h daily, doing campaign. So, after that I may start again evolving in Omicron mod and do it for you. Please, be patient. Cheers.
  8. You need to give me more information so i can be convinced that putting more than one together, back to front is not enough for you.
  9. You can put more than one in series!
  10. Omicron chega aos 8.000 downloads do site Curse. (sem contar os download via dropbox, que são bem menos) Huhuhuhul!!!! Sei que estou no devo de atualizações e finalização do mod, mas ele já é utilizável e ainda tenho muito carinho por esse meu mod e pretendo sim terminá-lo. Aos pacientes e admiradores, meus agradecimentos. Vamos que vamos!
  11. Climberfx


    Talvez memória de placa de vídeo? Tenta baixar as configurações de vídeo.
  12. No. The parts need to be compatible each other, like the stock docking ports size with mine. And other parts, like mk2 and egg, etc. But i'm studying doing a space pod with interiors, and with it maybe a bigger docking port size. Aesthetics. Cheers.
  13. Climberfx

    Create a Mod

    Yes, i'm here! That's true! There are others in brazilian subforum that engage into mods too, but i believe mine is the most complete yet, thought it still not finished, you can play with it in 1.4.x.
  14. Will be next, after i finish normal mapping, config file and Unity export for Legs, rocket and rocket adapter + Griffins.