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  1. I still haven't tested this since it released, although its been on my top tier of goals end game. Couple of questions. 1. Does it deploy or do I have to launch it they way it comes? 2. Has anyone done an expansion to create different models, sizes or deployable features? 3. Or for realism sake, should I be building this in a sort of orbital shipyard. (That opens another can of worms.)
  2. As I'm at work I cant test yet, but out of curiosity, is access to other people's geo-cashes baked into the mod or does this require work outside KSP to prep.
  3. Yea I got some general Ideas but that was very helpful and cleared some stuff up. I'm gonna look into how this whole geocashing thing works with other peoples content next.
  4. I'm very into the BDarmory challenge idea. How does this work, am I downloading other peoples challenges? Am I making my own only? Do they show up in career mode mission control?
  5. Gotcha, If I attempt to lower them into the geometry with the part tool, I loose the geometry of the flag.
  6. Hope you don't mind. I plugged this mod on my own Parody Flag page since Starvision's Decals seem to be gone. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/78476-12-ual002s-lorefriendy-serious-parody-flags-v21-fall-of-the-ape-edition/& Obviously you need to add the custom lines... I already did the work if anyone wants to make a MM file textureNames = Agencies\KerbalStandard;Agencies\Angleund;Agencies\Arabnia;Agencies\craterycoast;Agencies\dprk;Agencies\Duskgaze;Agencies\Erryday;Agencies\Goryeo;Agencies\Ishmael;Agencies\Kanada;Agencies\Kaustralia;Agencies\Kermania;Agencies\Kerralstran;Agencies\Kexus;Agencies\Kijani;Agencies\Kinland;Agencies\Kippon;Agencies\Kireland;Agencies\Kompletish2;Agencies\Krankia;Agencies\Krease;Agencies\Krussia;Agencies\Krussland;Agencies\Loekeyah;Agencies\Merkan;Agencies\New Kerbin Order;Agencies\Polan;Agencies\Punjebi;Agencies\RepublikoBrasilo;Agencies\RepublicoSimios;Agencies\Roundel Arabnia;Agencies\Roundel CC;Agencies\Roundel Erryday;Agencies\Roundel Goryeo;Agencies\Roundel Ishmael;Agencies\Roundel Kanada;Agencies\Roundel Kippon;Agencies\Roundel Kompletish;Agencies\Roundel Loekeyah;Agencies\Roundel NKO;Agencies\Roundel Polan;Agencies\Roundel Skaibern;Agencies\Roundel UK;Agencies\Roundel UKKR;Agencies\Roundel UNK;Agencies\Silverta;Agencies\Skaibern;Agencies\Skotslund;Agencies\SouthKijani;Agencies\Squexico;Agencies\UKKR;Agencies\Unified Nationstates of Kerbin;Agencies\UnifiedKerbdom;Agencies\Woolsh;Agencies\Yaeger;Agencies\Yitalia
  7. Nice Taiwan parody flag. I'll have to earmark that. In the meantime I just updated the main post to mention how this mod works great with blackheart612's Decal Stickers mod.
  8. Just like to chime in and add that I am excitedly awaiting a choose crew option, playing with this in career allows me to spawn badguy vessels with no cost but it seems to auto add pilots that reduce my rep when killed.
  9. Advanced Difficulty option, Require signal for control needs to be off. NOW they fight. This is awesome, what would I need to do to add my own enemy fighters to these missions?
  10. I set it to 7000, but that doest really seem to allow me to lock anything. Everything seems to load in at 5000 regaurdless Yea.... now one of the SU25s went full burner but never pulled up in time.
  11. If I spawn the aircraft via copy past into the stock sandbox and fly from the runway as a pilot they spawn in the air with autopilot on and good. Its taking the mission and flying out to meet them thats the issue.
  12. The 25BM is the only one that goes full AB. just constant it seems.
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