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  1. Today I wrapped up a base on Eeloo: Interior work space Interior R&R
  2. Today I wrapped up another mission to bring more kerbals home for retirement. Coming in to Duna: Picking up some scientists from the first base there in this save: Grabbing some fuel and more kerbals from the Rusty Spacedock before heading home: Nine kerbals delivered back to the KSC:
  3. Today I brought five kerbals home for retirement (looking to get under 100 active kerbals) And a couple ships arrived in the Jool system to shuffle fuel around there
  4. For just the ship itself, it launches with 1.04 twr and has 1.17 twr fully fueled in LKO. This payload is about 200 tons including some extra fuel so right now in LKO it's sitting at exactly 1.00 tons.
  5. Today my kerbals launched an open-bay cargo ship and loaded it up with a main habitat and its landing module, a couple crew/base module landers, and some extra fuel bound for Eeloo
  6. After reading about baking brownies with just sunlight, my kerbals decided to send a lab down there to investigate:
  7. After reading about baking brownies with just sunlight, my kerbals decided to send a lab down there to investigate: After dipping below 1Gm for some extra science, they circularized at 1.5Gm
  8. Not a pun, it's Lithium-Iron Phosphate, similar voltage ranges as lead acid but much higher capacity, and safer than lithium ion. Check out Will Prowse's site; he has a ton of videos showing various options out there, how-to videos, links to recommended batteries / solar equipment, etc - https://www.mobile-solarpower.com/
  9. Somebody distracted me with talk about Moho and I ended up sending a (fixed) ring station there:
  10. I'm planning on new mining architecture at Minmus an decided to send my old mining ship out in style -
  11. I just wrapped up the orbital portion of a mission to Eeloo. Put this science station into orbit there: Along with a space dock:
  12. 1m 20s to the start menu - Both DLC's, Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock - i7 4770, 32GB RAM, SSD
  13. I have almost 2900 hours, but like in a another poll I wonder how many have been spent staring at a craft in the editor going "Hmm..."
  14. Mine was around .23 to .25. I forget how well the game performed overall but I had fun making stations and bases an don't recall any big annoyances.
  15. After a few months hiatus, my kerbals are building new mining and fuel delivery architecture at Minmus, starting with a spacedock:
  16. Today I watched my kerbals complete their mission for the Dustland science base:
  17. I started a Science save in 2016, stock with info an visual mods. After quickly going through the tree it became a Sandbox with an eye toward science. After a long hiatus and then spending time with RnD in spaceplane / spacedock design, I started really branching out the infrastructure. Recently I've been trying to re-purpose ship designs so there's a generation of similar ships like you might get IRL, and I ended up doing that with most of the spacedocks too. Currently I have: Science and fueling / staging stations in the Kerbin system, a Mun base, and starting to work on a mining base at Minmus A spacedock and mining ship at Duna, with a base on the way A peaceful science fleet on the way to invade the Jool system with a spacedock, cargo/mining ships and science stations / bases And a fleet standing by for the next Eeloo window with a spacedock, cargo/mining ships and a science base
  18. Mad Max - the kerbals fuel depot / space dock in LKO at 197.9km. There's more pics of the assembly here - https://imgur.com/a/OrzZmSJ
  19. 235MB with 424 pics going back to 2013. I don't really keep in-progress pics, mostly finished designs and some from each mission.
  20. 2800 for me. The real question is how many hours were spent in the editor staring at a project going "Hmmm"
  21. Here's a super heavy cruiser (needs a name) which is currently headed to Jool with satellites and science landers. https://kerbalx.com/Mazlem/Super-Heavy-Cruiser KSS Traversing, a heavy lifter converted for cargo duty and waiting on the transfer window for Eeloo to head out with some crew / science / base landers And Boston 07 (named after the Big Dig project of 2007 there), a mining ship about to head back to LKO and refuel Mad Max, my fuel depot / spacedock
  22. I've used this lifter several times for larger stuff. It can put up to 500 tons into orbit and then de-orbit itself. https://kerbalx.com/Mazlem/Super-Heavy-Lifter
  23. I've been working in just one science save since April 2016.
  24. Doh, I voted wrong, should have been 1000+ tons. I was looking at my single-launch space stations and forgot about my miner - Boston 07 is 6,434 tons (plus a couple booster engine clusters make it 6,562 on the pad), and about 1,400 tons after making orbit.
  25. This is a Rusty Spacedock my kerbals sent to Duna: There's more pics from the mission in the album here - https://imgur.com/a/8UhoEji
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