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  1. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    The bump in the mono runtime does indeed bring better performance and improved garbage collection (I never notice it, but hopefully this will improve frame "stutter"). Modders will also almost certainly appreciate the new language features and APIs - I know I'm looking forward to that.
  2. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    Well that spoke for itself.
  3. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    Citation needed.
  4. Still around, but haven't looked at KSP plugins for a few months due to other life busyness and I think I'm a minor release out of date. That said, I'm not having any trouble with SettingsNStuff on either Mac or Linux.
  5. Settlers - Colonisation Kerbals?

    Roverdude's MKS adds a lot of features related to colonisation. It has a bunch of new parts, and ten new skills for colonists that effect the efficiency of different colony functions. Have a look at the skills documentation and the MKS release thread:
  6. Possible to get mods for old versions of KSP?

    Mods that CKAN indexed for 1.2.2 when it was current should still be available to search and install through the client. Other than that, as @Geonovast said, you'd have to look at each mod's release thread / page, and dig back through previous releases.
  7. Where is KSP weekly?

    Published five minutes ago. It'll be on the forum shortly.
  8. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    You're making assumptions based on zero information again.
  9. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    What makes you think they don't have a due date?
  10. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    Congrats, folks. Looking forward to giving it a whirl this weekend.
  11. Kerbal Figurines?

    Shapeways used to sell official KSP models, but the KSP store has been offline for a little while now. This thread has more discussion along with the last real update ("we're working on it")
  12. My KSP control panel

    Huh. The sticks I have seem to be moderately cheap imitations of those. Just checked my diagrams, and they do have the same 36mm hole spacing. Key words for searching ebay and aliexpress are "digital industrial joystick". Although, when I was looking just now, "240V joystick" found them on both right away (the microswitches are 240V rated). Here's one eBay link, and here's an aliexpress one, with the caveat that I haven't actually bought from either of those sellers. Also worth pointing out that, at least on all of the sticks I've bought, I could only get the limiter plate parallel to the sides of the enclosure, not parallel to the mounting holes. And my sticks didn't come with any sort of dimensional drawings. So I had to measure it up, and bust out my CAD program to do some trickery to design offset mounting holes that would keep the base square with the rest of the panel, like this: All of my designs were done in LibreCAD, and the base DXF files are in the project source repository. Here's one of the finished panels (minus lettering, which I deliberately left out because of possible licensing issues).
  13. I've read it before (and keep linking to it whenever someone asks about transferring to Steam), but hadn't noticed that bit. OK cool.
  14. The SQUAD API docs were definitely generated for 1.2, maaaaybe 1.1 (the thread for the 1.3 API is stickied, here's the 1.2 docs, I gave up looking after that). My mod tinkering started around 0.25 - 0.90 and I distinctly recall having nothing more than the anatid generated docs to work with. Using an assembly browser to decompile and list public interfaces and members is a mildly interesting grey area. Technically decompilation is flat-out wrong, but the public members are designed to be, well, public. I guess it's good that SQUAD are at least trying to make it unnecessary now.
  15. Not really. The vast majority of mods work with a public, published API, which is documented at