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  1. stibbons

    StarMods: Astronomer's Visual Pack

    Weird takes about KSP development aside, I love AVP. The original graphical enhancement mod, and still one of the best. Very glad to see it still being worked on. Great work, @themaster401.
  2. stibbons

    MechJeb docking in low gravity

    I suspect you're misinterpreting the question. Can MechJeb successfully dock with a vessel currently landed on a low gravity moon like Pol?
  3. stibbons

    How would I get KSP on steam? (previous buyer)

    I was curious about that too. The FAQ entry I pasted above names 20th March 2013, and Wikipedia agrees. So I dug up the Steam announcement at and it's definitely March for the first Early Access release. That'd be 0.19.1, released a couple days before on the 18th. The confusion probably came about because the oldest package steamdb has seems to be November.
  4. stibbons

    How would I get KSP on steam? (previous buyer)

    If it's not available through the KSP store, then I suspect your only legal option is to buy a Steam key.
  5. No. There was a new KSP release two days ago.
  6. stibbons

    Alternative communications network design - Thoughts?

    For a long time my communications network design has been "take a lot of satellite contracts and slap relays on the side of all of them". Works well, and I get paid for it.
  7. Turn off Steam auto updates. Set the KSP version to the one that you want to play. Both of these options are available in the properties dialog by right-clicking the game in Steam.
  8. stibbons

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    I've spent a little time trying to find pictures from the meetup. Not sure if it's because I can only search in English, but haven't yet found anything. Are there any pictures online that you know of?
  9. stibbons

    KSP Meetup @ 35c3

    I've been a part of KSP meetups at the last few LCAs. It was super fun to talk little green folk with @pjf and the other Kerbal Players Guide authors. Alas, won't make it to this year's conf, only partly because it's in Christchurch.
  10. I saw! Thank you so much for that. I haven't yet had a chance to go over it properly, sorry, holiday season and all. Will add some comments to the PR soon though, and think long and hard about starting the ports automatically again. I've tried to write the plugin to support subscribing and unsubscribing from channels at any time (not least because that's something I would like to do for the ghetto MFDs on my controller). But I've never explicitly tested this, all of the arduino code I've written for this plugin so far subscribes in `setup()`, long before a flight scene is loaded. I wonder if something is going strange there.
  11. Weird, I've never seen that launching from Steam regularly across all three platforms. I wonder if it's because your Steam language settings have ended up getting screwy somehow? What language is it set to now? (right-click game -> Properties -> Language tab). It might be worth setting it to a different language, letting Steam download the new locale files, then changing it back? You're talking about two different things. One is an unmodded game that's not behaving properly, the other is a half-hearted solution to dealing with mods when you don't know how Steam works.
  12. stibbons

    Mechjeb as cheating?

    My hot takes: It's not cheating, but the "you can't cheat in a single player game" argument is terrible because cheating yourself is still cheating. It's not good for learning how to fly, because you're not learning how to fly you're learning how to imitate an autopilot. I wish I were a waterbear.
  13. stibbons

    KSP on sale at GOG.COM for $15.99.

    Finally somebody broke the pattern!
  14. Out of curiosity, who's criticising the price?