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  1. stibbons

    "Classic" Intellimouse re-released

    Pretty sure you weren't expecting a serious answer. But you're getting one! The Intellimouse series introduced a lot of crazy new stuff. The original Intellimouse was almost the first to include a scroll wheel. The Intellimouse Explorer was the first time anybody was able to build an optical mouse that didn't rely on a special pad, and I think it was also the first with auxiliary buttons on the side. I loved my Explorer, back in the day. Huge, chunky, heavy, and oh so smooth. Lasted a long time too. Microsoft really knew how to make hardware, once upon a time.
  2. The API for the game is at . If you dig around in either the Vessel or Orbit classes you should be able to find information about current prograde and other orbital information. Looking at how the current vessel heading code works in the KSPSerialIO plugin is valuable as well. A rough overview of what you need to do: Get a vector for the direction you're interested in, say orbital prograde. Transform that vector so that it's relative to a fixed reference point - from memory the current code that does this for the active vessel heading uses the world normal. Then you need to transform that vector to a set of Euler angles. The Euler angles are what you should report to the client. There's been a couple of projects that can take the Euler angles being reported for vessel attitude and render a software navball, the code for mine is based on catmacey's project. It's applying the rotations to a 3D rendering of a navball, but should give you an idea of a client implementation for a real one too. I've had a few stabs at adding the information you're looking for, but always fell down - getting my head around the Unity-specific bits, and 3D programming in general, proved to be too much to handle on my own. But I wish you well if you want to give it a try!
  3. And, for a bonus, I've just pushed version 1.1.5 of the Kerbal Sim Pit Arduino library. Not a lot in here, but it fixes some dumb bugs and hopefully will make the library a lot more stable for busier controllers now.
  4. Asked and answered in the FAQ. Unless you bought it very early in the piece, basically before it was available on Steam, you won't be able to transfer:
  5. Breaking my surprisingly long KSP hiatus for a little bit to kick things along for KSP 1.4.4. I've pushed a new release, no significant changes apart from a rebuild. Work on a 2.0 version that revamps the serial protocol is slow but... kinda steady. I do plan on spending some time this weekend tweaking the current Arduino library though, time and experience have given me a few ideas for improvement. Ahahaha, this is fantastic! Nice work. How are you doing the serial connection? Hooking in to the Pi's UART? ETA: @cjohannsen I've actually documented how the serial protocol works, at . If there's still any gaps in how you understand it please do let me know and I'll be happy to fill you in.
  6. stibbons

    Separate mods in different saves

    Good news first, the CKAN client can indeed easily manage multiple different KSP installs. See the user guide for some direction on adding new installs. Doing this at runtime isn't really possible with the way KSP is designed right now. All of the models and addons are loaded once at startup, and there's no real way to add/remove them dynamically once it's running (there was a mod that could load/unload textures on demand, but it hasn't been maintained for some time). You may be interested in Game Data Switcher. It's an external program that lets you manage separate GameData folder sets. Requires quitting the game and running GDS to swap between folder sets for different saves, but it's another option that seems to work well.
  7. I already rely on Alternate Resource Panel for resource fetching, which can indeed handle modded resources easily enough. The problem is how to expose that through Simpit. I'm wary of hardcoding non-stock resources, mostly because I worry it will be a never ending game of hide and seek. I don't yet know of a good, flexible, robust way to let a Simpit client request arbitrary resources though. It may come down to mapping resource IDs and channel IDs in the Simpit config file. I'll make some time to verify this today. But just to confirm, what does your hardware look like? It's intended to work with a momentary button, with a pulldown resistor, see the example on the Arduino debounce tutorial page: Pushing the button sends buttonState HIGH, and releasing it should set buttonState back to LOW. The sketch should also be turning the Arduino's built-in LED on while the button is held down.
  8. stibbons

    My unnamed Command Console

    Oh yep. catmacey posted a link to their github repo with that code, and I'm using a modified version of it to drive my navball. A Uno will let you do similar at an acceptable rate. Biggest advantage to the teensy and better controller in my setup is that I'm able to drop in a higher quality model with a bunch more vertices. Yep yep. All of the stock resource types are accessible. Working from memory, and haven't tried this code, but you want to do something like this: #include "KerbalSimpit.h" KerbalSimpit mySimpit(Serial); void setup() { // Initialise the serial connection Serial.begin(115200); pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); while (!mySimpit.init()) { delay(100); } digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); // Register a message handler mySimpit.inboundHandler(messageHandler); // Request data about total available liquid fuel mySimpit.registerChannel(LF_MESSAGE); } void loop() { mySimpit.update(); } void messageHandler(byte messageType, byte msg[], byte msgSize) { switch(messageType) { case LF_MESSAGE: if (if msgSize == sizeof(resourceMessage)) { resourceMessage myLF; myLF parseResource(msg); // myLF now contains a resource message, with // total capacity and current available amounts float totalLF =; float availableLF = myLF.available; // etc } } } There should be message types for all of the stock resources (including EVA fuel). They all are standard resourceMessages, and can be processed in the same way.
  9. Yes, and yes. The current resource provider does hard code the resources it knows about. Somewhere on my todo list is a more generic option that will let the user specify what resource ID they want. But I haven't yet figured out a nice way to fit that in to the design. If you want to get your hands dirty writing your own KSP plugin, a new provider that interfaces with Kerbal Simpit and returns the resources you want shouldn't be too difficult.
  10. stibbons

    My unnamed Command Console

    And by "working" it's still a case of rendering the navball but none of the assorted velocity markers one expects to see on it. The teensy is useful, and can comfortably render my ball at 30fps. My earlier tests were on an Arduino Uno, with lower quality, and it seemed to cope quite well at the 12.5fps I push packets out of the game (that's sending a packet every 80ms). Mine is a larger display, but also has a much smarter display driver. I only have to send a command to "draw a line between these two points" to the driver, and it's responsible for flipping individual pixels. Doing a lot more of the rendering work in your Arduino is going to be a bit more taxing. Can't wait to hear how you go with it though! <3 What would you like to see that's missing? I'm easing back in to writing code by rejigging the serial backend, but would love to get back in to doing fun things with the KSP API too.
  11. stibbons

    please.. how to transfer purchase to steam?

    It's in the FAQ.
  12. This one was, again, a very small update, rebuilding for KSP 1.4.3. Should be available shortly. In related news, the Arduino Library Manager has once again started indexing my Arduino library properly. I've started work on a fairly major update, replacing the serial protocol for something that I'm hoping will be a lot more reliable. This will also include some minor but breaking changes in how smaller packets are handled. So look for a version 2.0 of everything in the next few weeks. Please install using CKAN. I don't support manually installing the mod.
  13. stibbons

    1.4.1 bugged to all hell. unplayable.

    *yawn* Your entire contribution to this thread has been about how terrible it is that KSP doesn't include tools that you think are necessary, while roundly denouncing everybody pointing out that it's not only possible but not that hard to get by without them. But sure, argue semantics if you must.
  14. stibbons

    1.4.1 bugged to all hell. unplayable.

    I agree. Now stop trying to tell us how unplayable the game is without your preferred mods.
  15. Nope, this is probably the best place to ask. But not the best time, I'm currently in the middle of moving house. At first glance that looks like it's OK. I did see reports of similar stuff happening, which I think I've gotten a handle on. The only suggestion I think of is making sure you've got the most recent arduino library. Unfortunately the library manager isn't updating properly, which I need to figure out with the arduino folk. But you can get the most recent from Hopefully that will help.