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  1. Thanks for the reply, only I'm on the 1.11.0 KSP build and the 1.3.0 restock. I was previously using the older restock, with no issues (which didn't replace the Place Anywhere 1, as the thruster was an addition that came in 1.11 AFAIK) without issue. When restock 1.3.0 got released I deleted the old restock in gamedata and extras leaving a clean build, and then installed Restock 1.3.0 EDIT: Did a redownload of both and yep, that particular thruster isn't working, all of the others seem okay.
  2. Yeah same, only in both the VAB and SPH; once placed the place anywhere linear RCS port can't be selected again, no matter what you do.
  3. Pegasus 1: Just for a clean set-up, it's supposed to just retract laterally, you know the rungs extend almost telescopically outwards, not like the other ladders, that retract then fold away. [Like this (skip to 8:25 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2bofxv_15-tintin-explorers-on-the-moon_tv)] For the toroidal aerospike I just think the spike should be well, spikey, just a very small extension of the spike would do - it just doesn't look maybe as realistic as it could, it's not a major issue to address The Whiplash whilst yes, it excels at it's wet mode performance but to have the
  4. Agreed, plus I did address that a good portion of this can be solved with mods. This is just a massive list for literally everything I could possibly think of, the only thing I feel that's in anyway a needed improvement is the expanded structural panels and maybe some graphical improvements to the parts described in my original post. Most mods also don't conform to the stock styling and they often have issues when KSP is updated some even have or have had compatibility issues - something that isn't an issue with the stock parts because they're fixed/updated during development. Plus like you s
  5. This list is like everything I could possibly think of, the biggest thing for me is the revised structural parts - just for improving craft aesthetics and making construction a tonne easier (well for me anyway). pretty much all of this has simple strait forward fixes and solutions that mods provide - this is just a list for making the basic KSP better
  6. Well for me theres a whole mess of things - here's my complete list. Pretty much suggestions for parts, I'd love to see structural parts get some love, things like procedural triangular panels. Plus having more cockpit functionality (the MFDs on the larger cockpits) as well as things like interiors where you can walk around. I would welcome a new solar system and atmospheric effects (providing there was a proper editor/options for it).
  7. I am absolutely in love with your first class work Majorjim! Your crafts an ideas are all fantastic, I'd go as far as saying second to none! They are truly incredible and for me at least greatly inspiring! Keep it up!
  8. Hi Guys,I decided to make a new wishlist as a master thread that has my own complete wishlist of new parts and some new features. I know a lot of these have probably been requested by many other players, but I thought it would be a good idea to showcase them all in one place. Feel free to add your own ideas below. Barely any of these are major things that definitely need to be added, I'm simply thinking everything I myself can think of that I'd personally like.Most, if not all of these can be solved with mods. However, I think some of these would be a very nice to have added the base game
  9. Hi Guys, Just a little idea, it's by no means imaginative but has been something I for one have longed to have for quite a while. What I'd like to see (maybe even in the next release, pretty please? XD) is additions to the structural parts, specifically I'm talking about the M-beams and the structural panels. What I'd like to see are M-beam 200 look alikes but scaled to structural panels (say have 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 4m long versions) as at the moment nothing quite aligns the way I'd like to. The next idea is a few more sizes for structural panels - specifically a 0.5x0.5 and 0.5x1m p
  10. I know I'm being incredibly selfish and subjective here, but personally, I don't like the new parts, I feel that they're taking away some of the style associated with KSP (that sort of slightly cartoonish look about things). Any completely new engines I welcome, and performance changes I also welcome, but personally and I know it's selfish and I know I'm being hugely subjective here, but I'd be much happier with the old model parts. If however, they do get changed, I'll probably get accustomed to it, even if it does mean a loss of aesthetic...
  11. Hi Guys, Right, I'd firstly like to say that I am very much looking forward to the upcoming release of version 1.2 it is truly looking fantastic. Now admittedly what I'm about to suggest may encourage some to beat me over the head with a chair until it's worn out but... here goes. At the moment AFAIK there will be an integrated network of ground stations dotted around Kerbin, now for the sake of difficulty could it be possible for there to be a setting to disable them? That way players must make the ground stations themselves (of course if the player so desires). Then have relays to boun
  12. Agreed! I'm now constricted to something like 6 lines, which doesn't even do basic craft justice! For long stuff I believe a scroll bar will do nicely. In my opinion, with no character limit, there's nothing stopping people making short descriptions and there's nothing stopping people from going all essay on them too (well so long as storage space is no factor, but that'll be a LOT of text ) both sides are happy.
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