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  1. And another "experiment". When the Procedral parts work, it's a religious moment really. Single Juno powered, low weight (4 tonnes). Not a bad speed for a single Juno. Its supersonic.
  2. Built and flew this little jet. Flies nice.
  3. Pretty cool stuff! Would these chips have the same issue with heat soaking from one side to another like standard Thermovoltaic cells? I know that with those the insulation between the cold side and hot side must be pretty stout, or do these act like solar cells in the near and far infrared range?
  4. Did some tweaking on my favourite juno powered plane. Not a bad speed for two juno's.
  5. Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.
  6. No! Souptime is late. NO SOUP FOR HIM. Stale bread for the tardy. @Just Jim .......if he's not too busy,
  7. Sorry to bring up an old post, but Pilot Assistant still works for the latest KSP game, with the DLC's.
  8. Still alive and kicking. Just popped in to say hello to all of you.

  9. Wish granted: all old stuff is in the Wayback website on the internet, where time is a abstract thing anyways. I wish quitting smoking was a easier thing.
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