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  1. Straight sided cones are easier to manufacture, therefore used on large rockets, and aerodynamically they are better than a blunt end. Best shape for aerodynamics: Von Karman or LV Haak for supersonic. Best shape for subsonic: Elliptical 4:1 Worst shape (beyond a flat surface) straight sided cone 2nd worse: 3:1 Olgive.
  2. Just an idea, trying to help. Also the # of the lens indicates how dark the lens is. Bigger number, darker lens. Arc Welding is just a form of welding, just like Oxy-Acetylene (Oxygen and Acetylene Gas). Just did a quick check on (US portal) and they have a whack of inexpensive welding stuff. As long as they have the right lens for the job, go there @Leftykap. Which brings me to my complaint of the day: OUR WALMARTS UP HERE IN CANADA SUCK DONKEY PARTS!! ALL WE GET IS THE CHEAP PLASTIC DISPOSABLE CRAP!!
  3. The lenses aren't that bad, but the added cost is the helmet themselves, and that depends on what style, grade, who makes them, etc. Like anything out in the retail world you have to shop around. That's why I suggested a welding supplier. Places like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart have a massive markup on their stuff. Welding suppliers have a markup too, but I found that the prices are more reasonable. Also for that $100 you might be looking at the auto dimming welding helmets (they work on a heavy duty LCD lens) and that would make sense for that price. You definitely don't need that style. You don't need the super-duper Gold Plated lenses (yeah I have those) but the old fashioned Green lenses work just fine, and they're cheaper. Also you can get them in various sizes from 2"x4" to 5"x7" depending on what you need. Avoid Oxy-Acetylene goggles or the sunglass style: They aren't dark enough (about a #8). You want lenses for Arc Welding. Apart from that, the shoebox with a tiny hole in it works fine. It's just not as neat to see the eclipse that way. No. Anybody that does that doesn't like vision, and it would look really REALLY stupid. (face palm)
  4. Hit up a welding supplier in your area. A good welding lens is dark enough to view the eclipse directly (#15 or #16 is dark enough). Last time a eclipse passed thru my area I used my welding helmet and that worked well.
  5. Excellent photographs! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Yeah, you're good for 7/10.
  7. 9/10 Do you ever leave? ;)
  8. Rear control arms for the E36 BMW. Yeah, I have a battle weapon. I'll do just fine.
  9. I probably posted here before, but this is basically a Kerbalized rendition of me if I was a Kerbal. <------
  10. Let me guess: a new cloud pattern for a gas giant?
  11. This won't end well. Yeah you! What nefarious deed did you pull now?? :D