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  1. I have maybe 50 mods and I run 16 gigs of RAM. It's not just KSP that needs RAM, but your OS as well.
  2. Happy New Year, and I sincerely wish 2020 a fond.........goodbye.
  3. Meh. I've used worse. Not my favourite format, but it works.
  4. Flew a piece of aviation history (sorry for the night picture) Guess what I built? Hint: it's still flying after 80 or so years.
  5. I killed Jeb. He went parasailing in Jool's Atmosphere. It was glorious until the end. I think he managed to get down about 75 km before he poofed.
  6. In my game it was all landing gear. If the Firespitter landing gear wasn't used, the craft worked normally.
  7. You would not bechance be using the old Firespitter parts? The Landing gear has been known to cause this bug.
  8. Flew this little gem around a bit. Might be a challenge inspiration based on real life. This plane is based on the Aero L-39 Albatros.
  9. Real life takes precedence over a game. Good luck on your new job and life. At least you'll get a nice tan......or you'll be a two-legged lobster.
  10. And Jar-Jar Binks was really a badass character. Makes the Jedi look bad really.
  11. With some testing on my planes about 1747 m/s @22500 metres ASL and they fart out. Seems they don't like running below 7.2 kN thrust (ie really fast).
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