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  1. Theoretically with proper materials that has super insulating properties? Sure. There is no way in hell that I would personally fund this or want anybody to try this. The risks are just too high.
  2. Look at Skyrim: It's 8 years old and still going....... That's the true definition of "Grinding".
  3. Yep. That's a good one to consider. Also I have one request if we are going to do a WWI themed battle: Include Firespitter parts. Between Firespitter and the new Firespitter Extended mod there is at least 5 different variants of biplanes, and the right parts to build a triplane. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm in.
  4. Ha ha ha. It's just a game. There will be winners and losers. Good luck to those going forward.
  5. At least I wasn't a total sitting duck. Kinda wished I could have fixed the aim issues I was having. Ah well. Congrats are in order for the winner. Well done!
  6. Probably posted this before.......ahh hell.....
  7. And that would be the winner! And it's time to dust off my Prop-Stars....they have been improved upon, eventho' they are still a bog standard design.
  8. Well we'll have to put a leash on the large numbers. It can balloon in a heartbeat if we don't.
  9. That's why I picked 10. It's not too much, not too little, and if somebody's plane/craft is not on the current review list, they can either wait or withdraw their submission. And we list which craft we review for the week. More communication to the submitters, the better.
  10. I like a restart, but we really gotta set a limit on how many planes get submitted. From what I've read the submissions were over 100. Knock it down to 10 at a time, then take in another 10, and so on. Do it in smaller steps. Yeah, I'll test a few myself. No problem.
  11. Ummm........y'know I never checked. They get kinda excited when they see food....I guess you call that a "smile".......I guess.....
  12. It can be significant. Twin engine planes typically have 3 times the drag (You're pushing more stuff thru the air) and are heavier. Careful planing and adjusting will help with the drag issue, but it takes a lot of tweaking (I tweaked the AVRO Defender to death and it has the same transonic drag as a single engine plane, but it took forever to adjust, and some of the adjustments were literally one pixel at a time, and that one pixel could mean a 5% increase or decrease).
  13. To reiterate what some other have said, it depends on what you want to do. If I was going to build a gaming desktop, I would have a harder time making a "Hackintosh" system than a PC/Windows compatible system. It quite possible, but it is harder. For general computing (Work, home network, music, web surfing, schoolwork, movies, etc) a mac will do this very well. I'm typing this on my current rig (2012 Mac Mini) and it does this and play KSP reasonably well. I also had to install a SSD and 16 gigs of the fastest lowest latency RAM I could get my hands on. But for the ultimate gaming rig, PC/Windows takes the top podium.