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  1. Canada actually. <--------- He's had a setback. I guess he'll live for another day.
  2. I like the Unicorn Vomit. Reminds me of the Dazzle Camouflage that ships used to use.
  3. I have standing bet with a few others on how hard he's going to pancake on the desert floor. I worked on trailers that had 80% still in the tanks (pump replacement. All the gate valves were locked closed and the pipes were drained and steamed out. Field repair.) At that level everything lights on fire when the peroxide touches it or people just go liquid.
  4. I just stumbled on this post. Holy Poop, colour me impressed!
  5. What did I do today? Let me flap jack tell ya's all: I went to the Mun. And landed there too. Then proceeded to do some jumps to a more level area: And do a schwack of science: All told, I started out this mission with 2 science points to my name. Now..... 4493.8 in one mission. It was a good day to go to space.
  6. And for something completely stupid..... How many Mainsails would it take to lift off a 20m tank, weighing in at 430000 tonnes? 32.
  7. Gave the Mun a close shave. Science was good tho'! And revived a favorite Propeller airplane. Was very useful in 1.6.1 for doing ground science around Kerbin.
  8. @GregroxMun: Tried it, love it. Everything looks great so far! Planets are just beauty! I have a couple of questions: 1) I'm getting some extra luminosity from Kerbol (a lot actually) 2) Where would I do some tweaking with the distances between Kerbol and Slippest-1? (ie putting them farther away....alot farther away. I like to make things hard on myself. :P).
  9. Glad you haven't given up on this mod. I've used it a few times in the past and was always impressed with the level of detail you put into the IVA's. The exterior's are unique and pleasing as well. Keep up the great work!
  10. Not using stock physics. I'm pretty much dead set on using FAR now. The planes (and everything else in the atmosphere) act so much closer to the real thing. BUT, to fully answer your query, 2 engines, 200 units of fuel, approximately 4.3 tonnes at the runway. Takeoffs at 70 m/s.