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  1. Good. I bought a turkey for Easter Dinner, and damn me to hell if I don't make my famous bacon-wrapped BBQ Turkey. Teaser: It's so awesome it's a religious moment.
  2. I don't see how I can wash my hands MORE unless I'm swimming in a vat of soap. They are literally getting bleached from the hand washing I'm doing at work and home.
  3. I heard this song once today.......and it just won't leave my head........I'm in pain..........kill me.........
  4. Just heard/read about his passing. RIP.
  5. Here's my take on the current COVID-19 scare: "Don't PANIC". Seriously, we've been thru stuff like this before (SARS, H1N1, etc) and we are still here. We will get thru this. Just wash your hands after you use the bathroom, wash before making breakfast/lunch/dinner, and if you feel like crap, call your place of employment and take a day or two off. Nobody is going to give you crap over that right now, so relax. I might get it. I might not. If I don't, great! If I do, I will deal with it and not get stupid.
  6. Not sure. I'd be on the beach drinking with the Kerbettes. I'd say a tie.
  7. I got up to 6200 or so metres then I flipped over. I survived, but the buggy went butt over teakettle down the mountain. Will try it again....... ps. Doing a combo run. Somewhere between Normal and Hardcore (normal for the vehicle but no probe cores, but starting below 800 metres ASL). The Beasty. Last screenshot between Keverest and K2.
  8. Ditto on this! Glad to see an update, and thanks for your hard work @Booots
  9. Look, I want to help you here, but you got to throw us a few more bones than what you're doing. So the rovers are spinning out. What else?
  10. You're dealing with almost nil for gravity. That's the problem. You just can't go that fast on the Mun, and Minmus you're doing good if you get 15 m/s without bouncing around like a beachball. Try softer spring, dampener, and adjust friction settings on the wheels. You may have to open up the Advanced Tweakables for this.
  11. There are a lot of factors that are involved with high speed rovers, just like cars in real life. What issues are you having?