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  1. And Jar-Jar Binks was really a badass character. Makes the Jedi look bad really.
  2. With some testing on my planes about 1747 m/s @22500 metres ASL and they fart out. Seems they don't like running below 7.2 kN thrust (ie really fast).
  3. Getting closer! This is officially the fastest plane I've ever built since I started KSP (0.13) And my unofficial time so far.....
  4. Well, I'm able to maintain 1740+ m/s, but I gotta work on my landing procedures. I haven't been able to get under 40 minutes (best time: 40 minutes 24 seconds).
  5. Test came back negative. She's in the clear. They rushed the test due to some symptoms. So she has the normal run-of-the-mill poopy flu.
  6. I'd buy this. It's like a soccer-mom on Red Bull kind of vehicle. Would be very handy in Canadian winters.
  7. WELL, I get a few days off. Middle daughter was sent home from work due to illness. Just got home from getting tested for the COVID virus. I'm home for a minimum 3 days. If the results are negative, I get to go to work on Thursday. If it's positive, I get to stay home for 14 minimum. At least I'll get some crap done around the house........and get holiday pay......could be a hell of a lot worse.......
  8. Happy Birthday! Don't feel too bad. I'm turning the big 5-0 in November.
  9. Oh ho ho ho! Competition! I LOVE it! Seriously, excellent flight and time. Since we both really can't go faster than 1745 or so, it's all technique and how well we can descend and stick our missiles-with-wings down on the ground. Mine too. I had to kick them on and off before they blew up.
  10. 41:46 around Kerbin. Be afraid.Very afraid! EDIT: Be mostly afraid of my sanity. Flying this fast is like courting Kerbal death. One false maneuver and POOF!
  11. @zolotiyeruki Okay, consider this my standard division entry: The Delta Flyer (Yeah I like Star Trek Voyager too). Twin Panther Afterburning Jet engines 1200 units of fuel capacity Cruises easily at Mach 2, can peak out at Mach 3.2 Took off, and pic after reaching speed of 625 m/s and cruising altitude: Halfway around the planet: Almost home, and thinking about sprinting to the finish line! Yeah, lets do it! Eyeballing the runway, lining things up. Starting the descent: TOUCHDOWN! And stopped. So, depending on how the time is calculated, I touched down back on the runway at 1 hour 42 minutes and 23 seconds, but I was within the 1.1 km max distance (1009 metres away from the nav marker). I was fully stopped at 1 hour 42 minutes 48 seconds and 245 metres from the KSC nav marker. Either time works for me. I have to say this was one of the most relaxing flights ever. Set my speed to just over Mach 2, and let the cruise control take over until landing procedures.
  12. I'm interested in this challenge, and I deleted FAR to participate, but I forgot how.....SOUPY.....then stock aero is for this game. It's easier to land, but I'm finding that I'm missing FAR already and it's only been a day without it. No matter. If the challenge calls for stock physics, I'll comply.
  13. Flew one of my favourite planes and mods for a little bit:
  14. The mod still works fine, so it will need a minor tweaking here and there. No complaints really.