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  1. Looks like this belongs in our Gameplay Questions subforum. Moving For a better idea of what we're dealing with, do you think you could share a screenshot of the rover in the VAB, with the center-of-mass indicator displayed? That might help us with visualizing and reproducing it for better-quality advice.
  2. Happy birthday, Kasper! :grin: Hope I'm not too late for the cake.
  3. Welcome to the forums! I'll be moving this over to General Add-on Affairs, since it's an issue specific to a particular mod. I'm afraid I can't help you directly, but hopefully someone with more experience with Infernal Robotics will be able to answer you shortly!
  4. I don't know how accurately the game is set up to model heat radiation compared to the real world, but I've noticed one problem with configuration B in the above screenshots: Your middle panel would essentially be useless, because the heat from the opposing faces of the other radiators is being dumped right back onto it, and in turn almost any heat it radiates is also being radiated back onto the fore and aft radiators. EDIT: Nevermind, that can't be the case, because otherwise the same thing would be happening in configuration C.
  5. Alexmun's Launch Window Planner also works for finding launch windows between moons in the same planetary system, the same way it does for planets. It might come in handy here. EDIT: Bah, misread the question.
  6. Welcome to the forums! There's nothing available in the stock game, but you should find the Kerbal Alarm Clock add-on to be exactly what you're looking for. Hope this helps!
  7. This looks like it's going places. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress
  8. To elaborate on what Red and sal have both already said, the big take-away here is the following two points: Being the person who creates a particular discussion thread does not, in itself, give you any special rights to what goes on in the thread you created. The initial post does help set the tone and topic of the following discussion, but it's still a post just like any other. That being said, many threads are created for a particular purpose, such as maintaining a central discussion thread for whatever content (tutorial, add-on, fanwork, forum challenge, etc.) that the thread's creator has made and wishes to share. We'll generally be willing to cooperate with the thread creator to help keep these threads on-topic, since it's good for the OP, for the discussion, and the community as a whole. That's why we often lock threads or try to creatively shuffle thread "ownership" on request. It's not so much because they actually own the thread, but the matter of who has the first post in a topic can be helpful to other users trying to figure out who's "in charge" of whatever project is being worked on. As elaborated here, the special privileges we extend in these situations are "courtesies and not guaranteed rights."
  9. Impressive work there. I like seeing creative miniaturized craft like this.
  10. Best to let sleeping threads lie in this case. Anyone wishing to revive this challenge may feel free to do so in a new thread, so that everyone has a level playing field with all the changes that the game has gone through since this thread was first started.
  11. Welcome to the forums! I've taken the liberty of moving this thread to our Support section. Hopefully someone with the proper knowledge will be able to sort your issues out.
  12. Moving this over to Gameplay Questions, as Support is more meant for issues that are definitely the result of the game glitching out. Rockets flipping and spinning out of control is a common problem for new players. We can't really diagnose anything specific without a good look at the rocket, so screenshots would definitely be appreciated; however, you may want to try some of the advice given in this tutorial in the meantime to see if it helps fix any of your problems. Hope this helps, and welcome to the forums!
  13. Looks like you're trying to post a photo from your computer onto the forums. Unfortunately you can't link to something on your hard drive; you'll have to upload it to an image-sharing service like Imgur and link to it from there so that other people can see it. Hope this helps!
  14. I'm having mixed feelings on this. Who is the world going to blame if the probe crashes? But seriously, I'd love the idea of a kerbonaut making it to another planet in the real world.
  15. Before this debate goes on any further, we of the moderation staff would like to point out a few things. First, this particular mod happens to be released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 License, the essential terms of which I will reproduce below for convenience: What this means is that, basically, anyone is free to take this mod, make modifications to it, and share it with those modifications, as long as they give credit to those whose work they were building on, aren't trying to make money, share under the same license, and don't keep others from doing the same. Therefore, even if the original modmaker doesn't come back to pick it up, anyone who wants to is free to take this mod, update it, and share it with the public on equal terms with the original modmaker as long as the above conditions are met. If someone else wants to pick up this mod and maintain it -- or even if two different people want to each maintain their own separate forks derived from the original content -- their efforts would be no less legitimate under the terms of the license than the OP's. Thus, unilaterally declaring this mod to be dead would be moot, as anyone can choose to maintain it if they wish. Second, even if it was the case that Wilson was the only person who could update this mod and publicly share it, only he would have the power to declare his mod dead. In that case, any statement from someone other than him declaring this mod to be dead would also be moot, as that user would have no more authority to have any say in how the add-on is developed than any other user beyond the actual developer. The point being, as unilaterally calling this add-on "dead" without having exclusive control over its content yourself is an irrelevant statement in this context whose only result would be causing conflict and antagonizing others, any further statements in that regard will be regarded as user harassment and will receive the appropriate attention from us moderators.
  16. I have to say that I'm constantly pleasantly surprised at how much effort different players will put into making their experiences meaningful and enjoyable for others. Excellent work on all fronts, pandoras kitten!
  17. Since this appears to be a request for add-on content, I'll be moving it to our General Add-on Affairs forum. Carry on
  18. Oh, that thing. Blended right in to the background for me!
  19. Given it consistently appears on both fuel tanks, it appears to be part of that particular fuel tank's model, much like the "fuel lines" on the Big Orange Tank.
  20. My first thought: I believe that there are two different models that Kerbal Alarm Clock can toggle between for transfer windows: One that uses pre-computed hard values, and one that computes transfer windows based on Hohmann equations. One of these is slightly more accurate than the other, but I forget exactly which is which. My second thought: In the context of your craft, the exact transfer time matters less than your ejection angle at the time of the burn. It may be that the time given by the calculator is the optimal time to depart from that particular orbit, but depending on exactly when your craft reached that orbit, it may not be in the right point at the right time. Launch windows in general are broad enough that even a day or two off from the optimal time is relatively insignificant if your craft has a decent "safety margin" in its delta-v budget. You may also have to play around a little bit with the maneuver node vectors in order for the game to register a close approach or SoI transition. As with the time, alexmun's calculator also assumes your craft is in a perfectly circular orbit, which is fairly rare.
  21. It has its good days and its bad days. Personally, I think that both the good days and the bond of camaraderie I've grown to feel with my fellow moderators more than makes up for the occasional bad days. No monetary compensation here. It's entirely volunteer work, though I do remember getting a nice KSP-themed Space Shuttle plushie in the mail for Christmas a few years back As others have said, there's a lot more to moderation action than warnings, infractions, and bans. Quite a bit of the "invisible work" such as zapping spambots and approving new members' posts (which are both handled through the same queue, incidentally) are sufficiently quick and painless enough on most days that they're almost therapeutic once you get into the habit. Also, in line with what Claw has said, I also view some things that wouldn't exactly be considered "moderator action" as an important part of the job, such as making sure that new users with questions get the appropriate help and that our more creative sorts get a few words of encouragement. If anything I say as a moderator is going to get a little extra scrutiny from the user base as a whole, then I want to be seen as a positive source of encouragement to people who are making contributions, not just an endless fountain of citations for bad behavior. Congratulations, Dman!
  22. I've been one for almost 2 years now, ever since October / November 2013. It's been a fun ride.
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