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  1. Just dropping a note to let y'all know I'm moving this over to the Gameplay Questions subforum As others have said, in theory direct ascent is indeed more efficient if you get it just right -- but in practice, the savings are minimal compared to the amount of effort that setup takes, at least if you fly everything manually.
  2. Again, my apologies for not keeping up with the Drawing Board like I used to. Life has had a funny habit of throwing me all sorts of interesting curveballs lately. That said, hopefully people continue to find this a helpful and useful resource
  3. Godspeed Maxmaps. Hope life treats you well as you move onward, and that you always think of this community fondly Also, welcome aboard, Dr_Turkey!
  4. I realize I'm a bit late to the game here, but Tang_Titan, I want you to know that your open letter just made my day. I confess my particular condition isn't nearly as severe as yours, but I know the feeling of having your heart set on a particular future, then having those dreams and ambitions dashed seemingly beyond hope by circumstances beyond your own control. Kerbal Space Program struck the same chord with me that it strikes with you, and that to some small degree it probably strikes almost everyone who becomes a fan - the idea that, even if only vicariously, we can cut loose the ties that bind us to this planet and find ourselves a place among the stars. At any rate, I applaud your decision to continue your life and education, and I hope you never lose hope in what the future may hold in store
  5. Welcome to the forums! Even if you've been here a while, it's never too late to say "Hi."
  6. Welcome to the forums! Just as a courtesy to the participants, have you tried to make one yourself? In our Challenge Submission Guidelines, we ask for the challenge submitter to demonstrate that they've attempted it themselves so that everyone knows that it's possible to achieve the target.
  7. Just leaving a quick note to let you know I've split this off into its own thread, MAFman, since the original thread has been dead for a while. Carry on
  8. Hmm... Have you tried accessing the site from a different location (like a wi-fi network in a different place), to confirm it's not a problem with your connection?
  9. Welcome to the forums! Proposals for additional parts go in our Suggestions and Development Discussion forums, so I'll be moving this topic over there. Carry on
  10. It appears to be working on my end right now.
  11. Very impressive work, especially considering you're staying within the limitations of stock parts.
  12. Just letting everyone know that I'm merging two threads about the same topic together. Carry on
  13. For all practical purposes, even in the real world, the difference between the mass of the planet and the mass of the probe body is going to be so immense that the latter can be essentially ignored, unless you're putting something really massive (like another moon) into orbit. Additionally, in KSP, the planets are "on rails," so their orbits can't be meaningfully modified in-game without something like HyperEdit.
  14. Welcome to the forums! As Starhawk mentioned, we moderators have to manually verify a poster's initial posts mainly as an anti-spambot measure. As part of that, until a user has cleared the queue, certain posting permissions are restricted to keep spambots from using dirty dirty exploits to get their message out. The good news is that the bar to clear the queue is very low (only 3 posts IIRC), so you should be good to go with just a couple more verified posts. That said, we hope you enjoy your experience on the forums.
  15. Welcome to the forums! Well, you've been here for a while apparently, but still, glad to see you coming in from the cold. Feel free to share any questions, memorable accomplishments, etc. that you wish to.
  16. The FTL page over on Atomic Rockets probably has the best way of breaking down all the mathematics and technical issues behind faster-than-light travel into layman's terms. The best summary, to quote the page itself, is: "Causality, Relativity, FTL travel: choose any two."
  17. That reminds me: One of these days, I need to actually sit down and write that guide to using the Search options effectively that's been bouncing around the back of my head.
  18. Moving this over to General Add-on Affairs, as it's specific to add-on-related content. Hope you get the answers you're looking for! (Also, welcome to the forums! )
  19. Welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you've been enjoying the game. Don't forget to do what you can because you must.
  20. Welcome to the forums! As a reporter, you're in luck; we have an entire subsection of the forum dedicated to Mission Reports if you want to share the latest updates on the progress of your space program. You may also find our Support forums handy for bug reports.
  21. Welcome to the forums! Pretty clever there with the multiple payloads in one rocket. Got any new frontiers on the horizon?
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