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  1. Let's see it intact - it'll be easier to diagnose issues that way. (Unless you bought it from IKEA and just unpacked it, in which case you're on your own...).
  2. But did you do a barrel roll? Somebody was going to ask eventually...
  3. Classic stack? If so, those things are inherently unstable, what with the Center of Mass being out of line with the Center of Thrust and all. Begin by making sure your payload (the reentry vehicle/plane) will fly as desired, and then when you're building the launch stack to which you want to attach the thing, you might want to consider putting your engines off center and angled to try to keep the two aligned with one another (and it'll need to stay that way the entire way through the launch sequence). Shuttles are notoriously tricky in KSP; it's actually easier to build and fly a horizontal SSTO spaceplane IMHO. Best of luck.
  4. That's pretty cool - how did you get the tracks to work? Was that a mod or some chicanery? (Also, if you want to cut off the bits where you start up / shut down OBS, the native Video Editor app in Windows 10 will do the trick. It comes along for the ride (i.e. if you're on Windows 10, you already have it) and will accept MP4s as both input/output. I've been using it for my videos with Scott Manley's Runway Project this season. Been using OBS for my video captures too.)
  5. I might suggest a dozen or so large ASAS wheels in the interior along with the batteries to utilize them. Putting your thrusters so that it'd roll down the runway (pointed downward up front, upward in the back) would also help, methinks.
  6. Yeah, Scott Manley talked about Mriya today in his Deep Space Updates. Whole situation sucks.
  7. Went dogfighting over Laythe. Can't say I'm completely happy with the design but there's still something to be said for having Jool, Vall, Tylo and Kerbol all in the shot at the same time.
  8. Hey y'all. Been a while. Been participating in Scott Manley's Runway Project lately, so I've been dabbling with autopiloted fighter craft in KSP a lot since October. Been doing okay-ish so far; had a plane get into the top twenty during the third round. Still not sure just how well my fourth round plane did but I got top marks for art, so that's not nothing. Meanwhile, I've begun work on my fifth round plane. Testing is...testing. Here's Bob riding the remains of his plane like Slim Pickens on an atomic bomb... This is not my plane for the fifth round, just to clarify - this was when I was tired with testing and decided to take a break for some fun.
  9. Spoiler shields. All I'm saying.
  10. You are using the KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) inventory right? Not the stock inventory system - the two are incompatable with one another and Pathfinder uses KIS's system.
  11. No problem. If you do find yourself having additional issues, feel free to ask; I've got a fair amount of free time coming up in the near future.
  12. For minerals, double-check to make sure that they are present in the biome in which your base is located. Use a Geology Lab or a surface scanner to make the determination. If you do have Minerals present, your drills oughta be bringing it up. If they aren't, set up some dedicated storage. Slag will also require a dedicated storage unit. I have had issues getting Slag in the past; I'm trying to remember if there was another step involved or not. Check your Rock first. If you've got it, use it. Most bodies in the system don't have it. But then there's the Ore Melter converter...which is incidentally another good reason to pack a Micro ISRU with your build. Once again, check to make sure it's in the biome. Anytime you shift modes, always go to your Geology Lab and make sure everything's there... The Castillo structures will have omniconverters once you can get them built.
  13. Precious Metals and Minerite are present in Classic Stock mode only; switching to CRP mode will change those to Rare Metals and Minerals. Switching game modes will change the concentrations of whatever resources are available at the site on which you're attempting to build, fair warning - you always want to be sure to do as thorough of an orbital biome survey as you can manage ahead of establishing a base at a particular site so that you can be sure you can expand it in situ if that's what you're planning on doing. For that reason, I'd recommend putting your base-seeding equipment on a rover, so that if need be you can pack up and move to another biome. I would also recommend including at least one Micro ISRU unit so that, if needed, you can print up equipment from alternative resources. Resource concentrations to pay attention to are Rare/Precious Metals, Minerals/Minerite, Rock, Metal Ore, Ore, Exotic Minerals and Uraninite, in that order of importance. Most sites won't have Rock but where it exists, it's a pretty awesome way to make Konkrete when the time comes. A polar-orbiting satellite with a narrow band scanner can tell you the concentrations of each biome as it passes over, and it's the fastest way of determining the optimal biome in which to put your base. You want to do that ahead of sending your base-seeding mission, so that if you decide you want to put your base somewhere off a world's equator you can do the necessary plane changes while it won't cost a lot of delta-v. Make sure to have storage dedicated to whatever you're wanting to dig up, whether that's a dedicated Chuckwagon or an Omni Chuckwagon set to specific resources - sometimes the game won't mine something without the storage in place. If you continue to have issues/questions, feel free to ask away; I or others here will do our best to answer them.
  14. Finished week 1 of Scott Manley's Runway Project. My flippy-little plane moved from 165th place up to 91st thanks to artwork. Begun work on Week 2. Wondering just how well three GAU-8s are going to work on a DC-10 anyway...
  15. The eldest and I spent the last couple of days building a fighter plane for Scott Manley's Runway Project. Quite a different experience for me, a seasoned spaceplane veteran, to build a plane with the exact opposite characteristics of what makes for a good SSTO plane. Plane itself was a decent enough design but I'm pretty sure BD Armory's AI doesn't like me very much. The fact that it had to be armed with an Abrams tank turret also threw me off a bit. Second half of the challenge is artwork; I might post whatever the boy and I come up with here in a few days after we've submitted our entry. I wish I had screenies of the plane itself to share with y'all.
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