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  1. To adequately answer this question in a helpful manner, we'd have to know a bit more about your flight profile. Let's start by what for you is constituting "high speeds" - can you tell us how fast and how high up you typically are when you RUD? Typical spaceplane SSTO flight profile for me is to stay trans-sonic (loosely defining this at under 350 m/s) up to 10,000 ASL, then lower my nose to 20 degrees. Go to 15 degrees at 12.5k, 10 degrees at 10k and then if I'm still under 800 m/s (roughly Mach 3; I use Kerbal Flight Data so I can and do go with the Mach number) by that point lower the nose to 5 degrees at 12.5k. At 20k and above 1100 m/s, that's when I pitch up to head out of the atmosphere. Plane becomes a rocket at 30k and I plan for 1300 m/s in that part of the flight (usually that's enough to get up to orbit, fiddle around a bit and deorbit later). Without more data, your options are to throttle back in the region of max-Q, or grab Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Or both.
  2. Yeah, all four contract tourists are in the Castillo. There are three crew aboard as well, a pilot, a scientist and an engineer; the pilot and the scientist are in a Blacksmith Pondarosa, while the engineer is parked in a Castillo Factory. My usual base setup: It's an old pic, of course (the Pipeline and old iconography gives it away), and I'm using Classic Stock these days, but the overall configuration hasn't changed much. Pilot has courage and stupidity 0.556/0.690; scientist is 0.211/0.061 and is a badS; engineer is 0.084/0.687 and is also a badS, and none of them have an experience greater than one star (so the base's productivity can't be all that great). It does look like the Castillo took the kerbals involved out of the WBI ContractScenario at least - it just didn't reassign the type to Crew and the traits to the pilot/scientist/engineer.
  3. Castillo retraining appears to once again be broken, unfortunately - using Pathfinder with KSP Log file for my latest session. Tried to train four freshly finished colonists to a base on Kerbin and it came up with a big no joy. Maybe it's because I didn't have any one in the Castillo proper at the time?
  4. I've been having the same issue with loading the FAR-Continued mod v. in KSP that others have reported. Occasionally when the game is loading and it gets to the point where Module Manager begins running post patch callbacks (right after loading asset definitions), the loading process hangs and the game crashes. Today it finally threw a bonafide error that I can report and it looks like the problem is related to FAR-continued. My log file is here. It does seem to be intermittent; sometimes the game will still load and sometimes it hangs. I do run several WBI mods as well - Pathfinder, Buffalo, LDEF and MOLE, but I'm not seeing a conflict there nor with any of the other mods I have in common with others that have reported this issue. Could there be some kind of issue with MM 4.1.4 causing this?
  5. Oh yeah, that's a big "never mind" from me; next time I'll stick to putting stuff on the nodes like a big boy... So: next question. I haven't figured out how to make Materials Kits using Classic Stock yet. I should mention I decided to stick with Classic Stock when I started my 1.10 career save; I figured why not. There's been a little bit of a learning curve but so far it's been nothing insurmountable. I've got two ground bases going so far. I ask about the Kits because I'm still seeing them in the formulas for the Blacksmith/Clockworks Workshops. I figure that I'll need to be able to produce them at some point in the future if I want to build bases at remote sites. I also need to give a head's up - Castillo retraining of colonists may or may not be broken yet again; this is with Pathfinder 1.35.1 and KSP 1.10.1. I had to ferry a colonist group from a target site to a base because the initial target site was an orbiting Mk1 Inline Cockpit and nothing else. After finagling things to get them to the base for retraining, the retraining command did not function. That said, I've got a second colonist group at a different base and said base was their initial target site. I'll check with them when their contract period is up. If I can't retrain them, I'll report back again. If I can, I'll just handle things with this first group manually and move on happily with my life.
  6. Alright, at 1:30 AM local, I finally remembered what caused the undocking bug and the repair. It's a related problem, so I'm posting. The undocking bug was something I was experiencing a few versions of Pathfinder ago, when I couldn't get Castillo retraining of colonists working and was using KML to do that bit manually. I had missed a bit in the code that still had the affected Kerbals added to the Colonization contract scenario, so what would happen is that when I had one of those colonists aboard a craft, it would prevent the game from quicksaving, switching, quitting or cutting over to the Space Center or Tracking Station. Undocking would result in a kraken. The repair simply involved removing the names of the affected kerbals from the involved contract scenario. The name removal took place earlier this morning; I have yet to see if that did the trick or not but I have no reason to suspect that it didn't. In this particular case, what happened was that I picked up a contract to send twelve kerbals to a piece of debris from which I had rescued a different kerbal on a previous mission; I had failed to terminate said debris once that contract was complete (and the game still had it listed as a Ship). The contract was to send the kerbals out there for thirty days and at √15M the pay was too good to pass up; I'd have skipped it otherwise. Bill tagged along with a docking port and screwdriver for the job to attach to the debris and docking was successful. Once the contract was complete and I had the money, the kerbals departed without being re-trained first...after all, it was an orbiting piece of debris; no Castillo there, obviously. But my space program is shorthanded right now, so I didn't want to just send those twelve back to Kerbin... So a couple of things - I know that colonization missions have something to do with a function that, IIRC, is called TouristTrap. I'm pretty sure that function is supposed to check for sites that contain Castillos as possible target sites, so was this a bonafide bug? At the time I accepted the mission I didn't have any bases with a deployed Castillo (started a new save with 1.10.1). Also, are there any other extant parts that handle the retraining of kerbal colonists?
  7. In order to use the remote launchpads, you need to have one deployed on a craft already - either one at an orbiting space station or one at a ground base - and use the Part Action Window to access the construction/launch interface. At the same remote outpost, you'll need to have a supply of RocketParts available for the construction of the craft, and you'll need to have sufficient fuel supplies to gas the craft up for once construction is finished. Take this with a grain of salt. I use a pair of different mods - MOLE and Pathfinder - that rely on Extraplanetary Launchpads for that same functionality, and that's how they work. For ground bases there's also a process of staking out an area for building a remote pad but I'm not familiar with that since the aforementioned mods largely negate the need for that process. For that, I'd suggest reading the manual. Much of the information in it still applies.
  8. Hmm...that being the case, there's a new unholy interaction going on. I was able to un-dock just fine with the shipyard prior to yesterday's EL update. I'll see about getting some data for y'all. EDIT: Still happening this morning. I had a craft docked to the space station in question - undocked that craft without issue though DPAI wasn't functioning properly. Docked my second craft again, refueled it and undocked it; it partially exploded, accelerated to a point where it escaped Mun's SOI and then proceeded to completely self-destruct. Here's the log for the session. At this point I'm less certain that it's either MOLE or EL...all the same, this is new behavior since the EL update. EDIT EDIT: Okay, after further fiddling, it appears to be a problem with just the one specific craft. KML time, looks like.
  9. Alright, so @taniwha released a new version of Extraplanetary Launchpads today, with instructions to check for a group of parts in saves and craft files that would become broken with this new version. Are any of the MOLE or Pathfinder parts dependent on any of the same underlying functions as those parts? I ask because after checking for them in my current save file and finding none, the old undocking bug seems to be rearing up its ugly head again (can't undock from stations with Drydocks without the whole damn thing blowing up). Would be awful nice to know what I'm looking for to see if I can do a quick KML fix.
  10. Okay - I figured out what was going on in my efforts to better explain exactly what I was seeing. First, those screenies: Left one's fine. Right one's fine. But this one is giving me the mushroom treatment... The problem, as it turns out, was me leaving the Mineshaft connected when I attempted to attach the Hacienda. With the corridor detached, I was able to attach up the Hacienda. So that's a workaround at least. Still don't know why an attached Mineshaft would've messed with that one specific attachment node. EDIT: Maybe I should attach the Mineshaft to the top of the Pondarosa - where there's an actual attachment node - and see what that does.
  11. Okay, so I had CKAN take out Trajectories for me and fired up the game. Once at my space station I mashed the Finalize button and the craft printed as expected. I saved the game, had CKAN reinstall Trajectories at that point and got back in. I released the craft without issue, and then did the intended mission to add a series of pylons to the space station in general. Once the pylons in place, the maneuvering unit was put into position and recycled without incident. So, Trajectories does appear to be the culprit, and it appears to be affecting only the process that occurs when the Finalize button is pressed. I may try uninstalling it once again and ordering up a new craft to see if it's also interfering with the establishment of the KAC alarm. I had to report to my workplace this afternoon, so it will be this evening before I can perform any additional testing.
  12. Alright, thanks. A conflict with Trajectories would make some degree of sense, actually; I noted that when I revert the quicksaves to restore my shipyard that a Trajectories message pops up (it's the one where it says there are too many possibilities and it can't calculate it or something like that). I'll try disabling Trajectories to see what kind of effect that has and report back to you.
  13. Need to report some kind of issue with the aft attachment node on the Pondarosa (the specific one opposite of the 'front door' of the part). For the last couple of KSP/Pathfinder versions, I've been unable to attach Haciendas to that node by any means other than a surface attachment, which then leads to further headaches when I want to attach additional parts downstream. My observations are that it's just the specific interaction between those two parts on that one node; everything attaches to the other two Pondarosa nodes without issue, and Haciendas otherwise have no attachment issues that I've noted. Seems odd and it's been persistent for a few versions of both KSP and Pathfinder. I don't have supporting documentation ready, unfortunately; if needed I'll try to get some together when I get the opportunity.
  14. Pretty sure I'm having issues with the MOLE mod, but looking back through this page of the thread, I think I'll go ahead and try here first. Long story short, I was constructing a craft utilizing a MOLE Mk3 Drydock. In versions past, when construction begins an alarm was set up in KAC for the estimated initial completion time (assuming no resource shortages during the construction process); this time around, no such alarm was created. I thought nothing of this at the time and went ahead and created one manually. At time of completion, when I mashed the button to Finalize construction, my shipyard completely disappeared... Poof. I was able to get it back with reverts (I took the precaution of quicksaving before mashing go), but it does kinda put a good chunk of my plans on hold until I can figure out what's causing the problem (or until I give up and start rolling back mods). Log file. I'm using Extraplanetary Launchpads and MOLE 1.22.1 with KSP; I can provide a full list of the other mods I'm using if needed.
  15. Eh...if you wanted, you could call the Block II model Tovarishch, the term the Soviets actually used among themselves. You could even add a seven to the end (i.e. Tovarishch 7) for even more bad karma. If you don't want to use that name yourself, I call dibs.......