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  1. Yeah, I'll be sticking with the original KSP for a while. That's par for the course for me though - I bought a new box that could (in theory) play Star Citizen in 2020; before that the last box I bought was in 2010, and that's the one I had the vast majority of my KSP exploits on. Maybe I'll try out KSP2 in 2030 when I get my next tech upgrade, but I do expect to be dead by then, so maybe not...
  2. What am I excited for with KSP2? Honestly, not terribly much. If anything, I'm excited that this game - which has already instructed and inspired so many to pursue lifetime careers in science and rekindled globak interest in space exploration - and the community that it has generated will get the opportunity to continue onward. That's not something terrifically common with many games. I hope someday to see a KSP3 and KSP4, and that the legacy of KSP will continue long after all of us here have passed on.
  3. No rush. It's going to take me a while to scrape up $60 for the sequel and I'm still not convinced it'll be significantly better...
  4. It does, but it has an aggravating tendency to shut down when there's a shift in physics, for example when you want to use time warp, or when you have to switch to another vehicle/mission and come back. I usually have to manually go and turn them all back on.
  5. In my own experience, the Rigs are generally not worth the resource cost, and it's largely for the reasons you mention (which is a pity, really - they do look awesome). Even after I have Castillos at my base, I still keep my Hacienda rigs running. You can never have enough raw material flowing in, especially at a base that sees a lot of on-hands use.
  6. Only really one way to find out. Can't help to think that the attempt would wind up unleashing the mother of all Krakens, though...
  7. I looked - I don't have the screenie from orbit, alas. I do however have several surface shots. Here's one: I guarantee you that there is no place this flat anywhere on Pol's surface without Kerbal Konstructs... It's not really even all that much of a script. You define the size of the area you want to affect in relation to your current craft and select the AllBlank texture. Mash go, watch your ship blow up but it's okay since you quicksaved, quickload, and boom. The "decal" is in place and you have ground that makes you slide around a lot less.
  8. I'm pretty sure a polygon can be defined...but in honesty, I've never found a reason to use anything other than a nice, large circle. Though you should probably limit the radius to not much more than 300-400 meters or so. Did a two kilometer area on Pol once and you could see the massive chunk I'd taken out of the moon from orbit... (I might actually have a screenie of that somewhere; I'll have to look).
  9. No, take it from someone who uses KK a lot - go through the hoops of learning it, because it's too big of a pain in the ass to not have every colony attempt work out... KK is actually not that terribly difficult to learn. The only thing I'll say is quicksave before you mash go on fixing terrain, because turning KK on will toss the craft/base into the air. The adjustments you make will still be in place when you quickload.
  10. Hell, 58 m/s can get you out of orbit if you time it right...I mean, you really just have to get your Pe down below 70k. Lower than that gets you down faster, of course.
  11. KIS 1, I believe - but don't quote me on that. It's been a while. And mine usually do sit well off the ground; driving off of them is possible, driving back up is another matter entirely. You think this is fiddly, you should see what attaching things to the Walkways is like. Seriously, quicksave before you give it a go. (You can wind up with a building attached sideways very easily, or worse yet, inside another building...the fix for which is to zoom in really tight and then swing your camera around, then zoom out until you can see the box and grab it).
  12. Advice and experience from a guy who, once upon a time, put a Pathfinder base on every rocky body in the Kerbol system... Start your base seed with a Pondarosa, a Casa (set one of these up as a Geology Lab and the other as whatever else you think you might need - I usually set my Pondy up as a Clockworks in the fading hope that OSE will start playing nice with Pathfinder once more), two Haciendas (one set as a Claim Jumper and the other as an Ironworks), a Micro ISRU, two chuckwagons and a Rangeland. You can add a third Hacienda and Chuckwagon if you want - set this one up as another Claim Jumper. Finally, add two Mineshafts and six SAFER reactors (better too much power than not enough). Shove all of this stuff into a Wagon set up for storage, and add to the paywad a second Wagon full of Enough quipment so it can get the initial bits inflated on site. I usually put all of this onto a manned rover, which I then attach to a skycrane assembly. The rover setup helps whenever you inevitably botch the landing and wind up having to drive all the rest of the way to the intended base site (on Tylo, that was seven hundred klicks. Good thing that moon is set up for easy driving...). Ideally, you'll set things up such that you can begin the production/storage of Equipment and Rocket Parts on site, so that the Rangeland can be used to manufacture new bits to add to your base. A trick I like to use is to load stuff I want into a pressurized container in the VAB (these may be CRP parts), so that when building is complete I can just open up the container on the Rangeland before I release it and transfer the parts over to wherever my base can hold them. I can then release the contaner and immediately recycle it, readying the Rangeland for the next use. I would recommend the inclusion of a spare Rangeland or two in your early prints, to cover your butt in case something causes the thing to explode. Don't neglect the Micro ISRU! It's not the best tool in your arsenal, but it can definitely help you cover shortfalls and it can be reconfigured without an Equipment cost. Thoroughly survey the body on which you want to put your base before you send anything else out there - an orbital narrow-band scanner on a probe in polar orbit will do the trick, and while you're at it you want to go ahead and get your comm sattelite constellation up first so you can always remain in contact with your survey probe. The general concentration/presence of materials in one part of a biome holds true for the entire biome. Key materials are Precious Metals/Rare Metals, Minerals/Minerite, Explodium/Blutonium/Uraninite (for nuclear power production, which you will want eventually), Metal Ore/Metallic Ore, Ore, and then other things like Rock/Gemstones/Hex depending on what all you want to build on site. If you find a biome that has most of the materials you want, send down a rover with a surface scanner to a site within that biome and verify the readings. Sliding can be minimized with a site that has a shallow grade, 5 degrees tops (if you want to use Kerbal Konstructs to flatten out a site first, that's fine - but be prepared for the game to toss the rover to its doom in the process: quicksave before you mash go). Only whenever you've got a good site do you send out kerbals to build a base. Nothing's worse than sending them out there and finding out the site is unsuitable... Equatorial bases with equatorial space stations greatly simplify surface visits. Just saying. If I think of anything else, I'll say something...
  13. I have the Haciendas there in that original picture because I wanted to add them to the base but didn't have enough Equipment on hand to inflate them at time of screenie (the thing about 'living off the land' - sometimes it takes days both IRL and in-game before you get to the final result). You can't really tell from a stillshot, but the Saddle is keeping the whole thing from moving around too much. I have a mostly identical base on Mün that has about a dozen drill rigs attached to it (I've been using this tent-and-dome design since 1.4), and the Saddle works there too although I think I also have the parking brake set on the Castillo for good measure as well. Blew up on you, eh? That sucks; it's happened to me often enough, so I can sympathize. How far along was your base (and where was it located)?
  14. That's been my experience - here's the early stages of a base I built back in October. The Saddle is on top of a MicroISRU, itself connected to a Hacienda attached to the main Pondarosa: The same base three days later - (Yes, this base is on Kerbin. I pull shenanigans with the Pipeline settings so I can refuel orbital space stations without requiring launches to do so.)
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