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  1. You need to have one of your storage parts configured for Minerals. A simple buckboard will do the trick. A dedicated Chuckwagon or an OmniStorage unit (i.e. any of the Castillos or a Rangeland launchpad) set for Minerals will also work. That's the way it works for many of the resources, incidentally - took me a while to figure out that to get Slag I needed to have Slag storage somewheres... If you do happen to have Minerals storage somewhere already, let me take a look at your base. With JNSQ involved I imagine you'll need some help at some point anyway (I'm thinking it'll come if/when you want to use Pipelines if not before).
  2. (1.8.1) Not really much to show for my day yesterday but that was to be expected. Can't exactly play and walk on my breaks when the walking workstation is at my workplace and I'm stuck at home until this damn plague blows over. Walking is winning out for as long as it can. So at last report the ferry ships Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil had both arrived at space station Laytheport hauling eighteen colonists between them. Day began with putting the two ships into dock. Only took two screenshots yesterday; this one was far and away the more interesting one. With over 400 parts present, the FPS wasn't all that great while this was going on... Once the two craft were docked up, the eighteen colonists aboard along with the two colonists and three tourists aboard Gilligan already docked at the station all transferred over to the Auk XVII 24-passenger spaceplane docked at the station (that'd be the big plane that's nearly the same length of the station itself in the screenie above). A resupply mass driver shot from the C. P. Baker outpost on the surface to the station happened next, replenishing available fuel stores. At that point, Strange Cargo departed to LSV House Atreides in higher Laythe orbit, with Necessary Evil following suit ten minutes later. Owing to a major botch that happened at the intercept point, Strange Cargo will not return to Atreides for another 90 minutes, with a total flight time to rendezvous of over three-and-a-half-hours. Meanwhile, Necessary Evil has already made it back to House Atreides, docking without incident after a two hour flight back. The plan is to hold off on the plane's departure from Laytheport until after Strange Cargo has returned. While I'm waiting, some construction work at the Montara Wellhead outpost on Eeloo has taken place. The base was able to melt sufficient Rock and produce Konkrete conventionally to deploy the main Castillo dome. Sigzer is currently outside the base on EVA, where he has attached and inflated four of the five Walkway units leading out to the remaining base structures, and has finished attaching the structures that will be put up at the end of those Walkways. He's also installed one of the remaining exterior lighting units. At this point, he's got one more structure and light to attach, and once that's done all that will remain to do will be to produce enough Konkrete and Equipment to get them all inflated. That'd be a simple matter of finding sufficient time to take care of it. Were I on a normal play schedule, I'd say I'd have construction done today; tomorrow is a more likely assessment given the circumstances, though. So aside from getting construction at Montara finished and getting the colonists/tourists down to Baker, I don't have a great deal going on. After Montara's built I'll be beginning the process of putting up a shipyard in Eeloo orbit, which itself will print up space station Eelooport when the time comes. After delivering colonists to Baker, I'll have to get the plane back up to Laytheport with the tourists and then they'll head back to House Atreides, which still has stops at Vall, Duna and Ike before she can head home. Somewhere in all of that I have a satellite to launch over Bop and a pair of survey missions waiting in the wings. Hope to have a little more to report to y'all tomorrow; I imagine things are going to be scarce for a while though.
  3. Hey y'all. Reports of my demise from coronovirus have been greatly, but not entirely exaggerated. No, my struggle has been with the somewhat lesser known heinekenphage... Been a couple of weeks since I last reported on this thread; last entry was on March 11th, to be precise (so long post ahead). At that time I had been attempting to get LSV House Corrino from orbit over Kerbin to Eeloo while still continuing LSV House Atreides's ongoing tourism and colonization mission, with the ship ready to head to Bop from orbit of Pol. My day on the 11th began with House Corrino's warp out to Eeloo. Corrino heading out yet again. This one's historic or I might not have posted the screenie... The ship attempted a new set of maneuvers over Jool to bleed off the speed necessary to enter orbit at Eeloo, arriving at a Jool flyby speed of 11,460 m/s. She conducted three warpback maneuvers before departing Jool's SOI having bled off some 6500 m/s of speed in the process. She arrived at Eeloo at 1,421 m/s, only needing to bleed off another thousand m/s or so before slowing sufficiently to enter orbit. Owing to a botched time warp after the fifth warpback, she actually slowed down too much and it was necessary to conduct a conventional burn to establish a 432 by 122 kilometer, 4.81° inclined orbit. This is what happens when you accidentally push the period key too many times when you wanted to be pressing the comma key... Total time for Corrino at warp was nine hours and 36 minutes, with seven of those hours accountable due to the timewarp slip up. It was a pretty big error... Once in orbit, scientist Lageremy Kerman along with engineers Sigzer and Necale Kerman boarded the TBD 7e Moho lander that Corrino was carrying in its drydock. Once boarded and final checks were completed, the TBD was cut loose from the drydock. Mission commander pilot Neilrey Kerman then was tasked with completing the two requirements for the current exploration mission, which was to conduct a spacewalk while in orbit of Eeloo and transfer crew between two vessels in Eeloo orbit. To do this, he went EVA from one of Corrino's Bigby Orbital Workshop modules. Make sure you shut the door behind you, Neilrey! Don't leave it open like you did last time!!! House Corrino - a house where all the children have gone. No, more empty even than that. The death of Spock is like an open w....oh, sorry. Started quoting Star Trek III there for a second. It is odd to see the ship with so few crew remaining now, though. Neilrey then jetpacked over to the recently departed TBD and boarded the craft. As hoped, this satisfied the requirements for the exploration mission, so from there I proceeded to Mission Control in the hope that permission to land on the surface would be granted. My hopes, as it turned out, were not in vain. Kick ass. With permission to land granted, the TBD proceeded to burn down to a 35.8 by 34.8 kilometer, 0.23° inclined orbit in preparations for landing. After a quick redesign of the Phase 2 base-building module, the landing of the Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane I had left in orbit over Eeloo after Corrino's first visit to the planet rook place, with the lander setting down in the Highlands 360.6 meters to the west-southwest of the designated target zone. The rover, designated Oscar 1, drove the remaining distance to the landing site, which proved to be almost exactly on the indicated Highlands/Midlands interface - indeed, it was so close that it caused me trouble later in the week. Having verified the viability of the site, Oscar 1 plowshared the region and the TBD landing took place. This is usually about the time that you sneeze and wind up plowing the damn thing into the ground as a result... The landing was a success and the rover detached without incident, driving 545.5 meters to the northeast to the target zone to close out the day. Well, we're here. Where's the porta-john supposed to be again? The day on the 12th, unfortunately, had to be completely reverted and repeated on the 13th; as mentioned, I had gotten the target point almost right on the Highlands/Midlands interface, and when the initial base went up I discovered that the game credited its placement to the Midlands. This was unacceptable - the chief resource of RareMetals was present in the Highlands but not so the Midlands, so the game wasn't bringing any up via the drills. It took me three tries (i.e. reverts and one full backup restoration) on the 13th moving the initial base structure around, but ultimately I moved it sufficiently to put the base in the Highlands. Engineer Sigzer Kerman did the work in all four attempts, bringing the Montara Wellhead outpost on the surface of Eeloo, the last planned surface outpost anywhere in the Kerbol surface, online. Montara Wellhead on the surface of Eeloo. Doesn't look like much in this screenshot, but don't worry: eventually she'll look like every other base I've got... Once the initial base structures were up - including the initial Rangeland launchpad - and the crew was aboard, the crew began printing up a Phase 2 module to finish preparation of the remaining base structures. Construction time there was three hours and eight minutes. With some time to kill, I decided I could go ahead and afford to have House Atreides proceed with her mission after a nearly nineteen hour delay (part of which was due to getting Corrino over to Eeloo). Atreides broke orbit over Pol and proceeded to bleed off what little speed was necessary to head to Bop, eventually arriving at 226.4 m/s and establishing herself in a 163.2 by 35.6 kilometer, 56.96° inclined orbit to close out the day on the 13th. Total time at warp was a mere eight minutes and 32 seconds. The heinekenphage kept me home from work last week while the higher-ups put together a game plan, so there's not too much to report for this past week although I did get a fair amount done on certain days. One of those days was Monday, which began with House Atreides over Bop. Tourists Alger, Neilner and Theofen Kerman boarded Roy Hinkley docked to House Atreides and departed for space station Bopport, docking at the station after a one hour and 47 minute flight. Upon arrival the three kerbals transferred to the Crater Maker 7 8-passenger lander docked at the station (the only one available capable of carrying more than two kerbals at once) and departed, landing shortly thereafter in the Peaks. 30°, eh? That's a very minor slope... Meanwhile, the Phase 2 module was completed at Montara. Once the stored base structures were transferred into storage at the existing base the module's storage containers were recycled and Sigzer busied went EVA to continue installation. Base construction took up the rest of the day on the 16th and the entire day on Tuesday, with the base's central spine completed and the remaining Hacienda modules attached but not inflated pending the necessary Equipment production. Next session was on Thursday, when the Crater Maker's launch window to return to Bopport came around. The Crater Maker lifted off the suface of Bop and proceeded to a rendezvous and docking seven minutes later. Once docked, the three tourists returned to Roy Hinkley and departed shortly after taking on fuel supplies. The Bohai 2 outpost on Bop's surface shot up replenishment fuel supplies via mass driver shortly after Hinkley's departure and also drilled up 500 units of ore for an ongoing ore delivery con-job contract I have for good measure. Hinkley's return flight to House Atreides took 2 hours and 48 minutes, during which time the remaining Hacienda modules at Montara were inflated, with one Chuckwagon storage module and an exterior light installed as well. At this point the game suffered a glitch that cost me the lone screwdriver I had at Montara, so from there it was off to the VAB for a redesign of the Black & Decker 7 tool delivery module. Redesign complete, one was ordered up at Montara with a print time of just two and a half minutes (it was an exceptionally simple redesign). Once printed, the base was flush with screwdrivers and the rest of the Chuckwagons and exterior lights were installed, completing the tent city portion of the base; Konkrete production for the construction of the base's permanent structures began in earnest at that point. Around that same time, I received word from the Nonne Ardere Yards in orbit of Moho: the print of the Ikeport Core 7 Station that had been ongoing there for the past several days was finally completed. The new station was finalized, at which point supplies of fuel, Enriched Uranium, Xenon Gas and Rocket Parts were shot up to the shipyard from the Aban Pearl outpost on the surface. With the supply mission complete, the new space station Mohoport launched from NAY and maneuvered to bring itself into a 100.5 by 99.6 kilometer, 0.34° inclined orbit. Space station Mohoport. It's hard to get Kerbol, a craft and a planet in the same screenshot together, certainly not without the craft being horribly backlit... Shortly after Mohoport arrived in its final orbit, Roy Hinkley arrived back at House Atreides and docked without incident. Once Hinkley was secure, House Atreides broke orbit over Bop and proceeded to do a flyby of Vall, performing an inadvertent flyby of Tylo in the process. The flyby of Vall turned out to be inadvertent too - while I did have a number of tourists that had a Vall flyby scheduled, one of them wanted to go to orbit, a fact I missed until after I'd already proceeded to Laythe orbit and was double-checking contracts at the end of the session. Incidentally, the ship arrived at Laythe at 1,267 m/s, slow enough to directly enter a 1,018.1 by 933.1 kilometer, 6.7° inclined orbit. Total time at warp was seventeen minutes and six seconds. The day on Friday began with House Atreides, where pilots Gwenlock and Gregeny Kerman aboard Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil docked to Atreides respectively gave up their command seats for the sake of passenger delivery; it was time for the big show to begin. Colonists Danler, Mazon, Danlie, Ellmund, Joerim, Wehrner, Genefurt, Bartney, Halgar, Munmore, Tomeny, Jesemy, Chadfal, Berburry, Tilan, Lening, Ribdock, Tikin, Newvan and Viroly Kerman along with tourists Maxpond, Janfrey and Hilsey Kerman boarded Strange Cargo, Necessary Evil and Gilligan all docked to Atreides. Fuel supplies were transferred to the three ferry ships and they began the process of heading towards space station Laytheport, where an Auk XVII 24-passenger spaceplane was already fueled and waiting to take them all down to the the C. P. Baker outpost on the surface. Strange Cargo departed first, followed by Necessary Evil and Gilligan last. Jeb did his usual amount of showboating and managed to get Gilligan there first after a mere 36 minute flight, despite leaving a full twenty minutes after Strange Cargo. Jeb burned up a hell of a lot of fuel showboating, the jerk. Strange Cargo's final flight time to Laytheport was 88 minutes and Necessary Evil's was 79 minutes; NE arrived a mere two minutes after SC, not enough time to put her into dock. Didn't really want to get into a two-ships-at-once scenario - that's why I staggered the departures of the various craft - but thing happen, you know... The twin rendezvous of Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil at Laytheport were the last things that have happened so far in my career save, and with the ongoing heinekenphage and the havoc it has wrought upon my working schedule, things may not go back to normal play-time wise for the foreseeable future. But at least I got a log entry made for y'all... So at this point the plan is to get the ferries docked up at Laytheport, get their passengers offloaded to the plane, get Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil headed back to House Atreides and get everybody down to Baker. The three tourists will be heading back up when they're joy ride is complete and Gilligan will be waiting to take them back. Once Gilligan returns, Atreides still has stops at Vall, Duna and Ike to go before she'll be heading back to Kerbin's SOI, and before everything's said and done she's scheduled to head to Mun and Minmus. Meanwhile, base building at Montara Wellhead will be continuing as time and resources allow. Once the main Castillo dome is up and running the process of Rock melting will commence and it should take far less time than normal to get the remaining permanent base structures up and running. Space station construction for Eeloo will commence once the base is finished, and once the two stations are up I will at long last have completed the infrastructure needed to have a permanent kerbal presence at every world in the Kerbol system. Indeed, I can say that as of this post that I have accomplished that long-standing personal goal. Not sure where I'll wind up going from there. Contracts not currently wrapped up in Atreides's or Corrino's missions include a satellite contract over Bop, an aerial survey at Laythe and another one at Eve; I hope to be able to get to those relatively soon. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted; hope everybody's doing okay out there.
  4. Fairly minimal day to report to y'all today, largely on account of a lack of early morning session and a mid-morning revert that wiped my progress there as well. My own fault really for not taking my own advice and trying to use a KAS resource transfer station to refuel a lander. Bugged out a base and made a lander halfway to orbit think it was travelling over the surface... So the revert put me to my last quicksave point, which was just before the Spamcan 7a 4-passenger lander with colonists Pawin, Jedlo and Marson Kerman aboard as well as tourist Sizer Kerman conducted its landing burn at the Petrobas 36 outpost on Pol. The lander arrived without incident, at which point engineer Millas Kerman went on EVA to retrieve a pair of Mineshaft Crew Tube connection points from the base's exterior. After using them to attach the lander to the base, the colonists disembarked to the outpost's Castillo dome while the lander itself took on fuel. Job done, Millas detached the lander and resumed her post in the outpost's refinery. The Spamcan then took off and made its way back to space station Polport with Sizer still aboard. Flight time to the station was 36 minutes, with the lander affecting a safe rendezvous and docking. Sizer rejoined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked to the station, which then departed. Gilligan departing Polport. Alas, the only screenshot I have for today... After a quick mass driver shot from Petrobas to Polport to replenish spent fuel supplies and send up Ore, Gilligan conducted a burn to take it to rendezvous with LSV House Atreides in a high, inclined orbit. Gilligan affected the rendezvous and docked 22 minutes later, completing all operations at Pol once Sizer had re-boarded the Bus Module in Atreides's drydock. Total time from Atreides's arrival at Pol to Gilligan's docking was five hours, 39 minutes and 12 seconds. That's all I've managed to get done these past 24 hours - as I said, fairly minimal. My priority for today will be to get LSV House Corrino currently in HKO to Eeloo, where I hope to receive permission for landing after conducting a quick spacewalk and crew transfer in orbit there. Assuming permission is granted, at least one landing will be conducted later today, that of the rover I'm sending down to scout out a possible base site. If it checks out, I'll be landing kerbals there as well and establishing the final initial outpost I will build in the Kerbol system. House Atreides is also ready to head to its next port of call on its trip, which is Bop. I have three tourists wanting to visit the surface there, and while they don't necessarily need to visit the Bohai 2 outpost on the surface I do have some business to conduct while Atreides is in the area there. A flight to Vall orbit is on Atreides's itinerary after Bop before she heads to the big show at Laythe. Longer term, I have a satellite mission to do at Bop and two survey missions in the pipe, one at Laythe and the other at Eve. Hope to have a better report for y'all tomorrow.
  5. (1.8.1) It's been a pretty long almost week for me since the last time I posted in this thread. I was out of town over the weekend and combined with events that happened in RL my playing time for much of these past six days has been stymied to say the least. Collectively a lot has happened though. I began my day last Wednesday with the first of two re-supply mass driver shots of Rocket Parts from the South Base outpost on Kerbin to LSV House Corrino in orbit, with construction of a TBD 7e Moho rover/lander bound for the surface of Eeloo ongoing in Corrino's drydock. That job done, my attention turned to the arrival of the Auk XV 3-passenger spaceplane I had launched on March 3rd at space station Kerbinport. The plane docked without incident, with scientist Samdock Kerman boarding the station and leaving tourists Kerwin and Burtop Keman aboard the plane. The plane took on fuel supplies from the station, after which it departed to head towards LSV House Atreides in higher orbit. The plane arrived at rendezvous with Atreides after a 36 minute flight from Kerbinport. The Auk XV is another one of those planes that I don't get out of the barn much. It's not because I don't enjoy flying it. More because I usually have more than three kerbals heading up into space at a time... Upon arrival, Kerbin and Burtop transferred to the Bus Module stowed in Atreides's drydock and the plane departed. After burning down to a 102.7 by 91.0 kilometer, 0.04° inclined orbit, the plane deorbited. NYYAAAAAHH!!! FIRE!!! FIRE FIRE!!!!!! Landing was a bit rockier than I prefer but the plane did make it back intact to KSC 09. At that point I was out of excuses and all the passengers were aboard, so Atreides shut down her mass driver, engaged her Alcubierre drive and broke Kerbin orbit. Finally getting this damn trip underway. Atreides warped over to Jool as the first leg of a trip to Dres, arriving at 14,421 m/s; it took five warp-back maneuvers for her to settle into orbit, which closed out that day. Thursday began the same way as Wednesday, with the second and final scheduled resupply shot of Rocket Parts to House Corrino from South Base. Job done, I finished the maneuvers to get Atreides into orbit over Jool and proceeded from there to a point 1.25 Gm over Kerbol to bleed off the rest of the speed needed to get to Dres, with Atreides taking the opportunity to recharge her Exotic Matter tanks while she was close to Kerbol. Atreides eventually bled off sufficient speed for direct orbital entry at 288.9 m/s, conducting a conventional burn to correct it to a 246.5 by 215.8 kilometer, 24.45° inclined orbit. While she was still maneuvering, House Corrino completed the TBD print and final supplies of Rocket Parts, fuel, Xenon Gas and Equipment were shot up to the ship from South Base in final preparation for the ship's eventual return to Eeloo. Rather than proceed with Corrino's mission however, I opted to stick with Atreides. Pilot Gwenlock Kerman aboard Strange Cargo docked to Atreides had to temporarily relinquish her seat in the command capsule, transferring over to Atreides's Bigby Orbital Workshop module. Colonists Irrey, Camler, Jack, Debbus, Thomton, Desley, Jedster, Eldo and Anfel Kerman then transferred from their seats in the Bus Module to Strange Cargo and the ship departed for space station Dresport, with those maneuvers closing out my day. Total flight time to the rendezvous was one hour and 44 minutes, with the ship arriving and docking without incident first thing Friday morning. Strange Cargo took on replacement fuel from the station's stores while the nine colonists boarded the awaiting Crater Maker 7 15-passenger lander docked to the station. Once refueled, Strange Cargo departed the station to return to House Atreides. Owing to good timing and burns, the ship returned to Atreides a mere eighteen minutes later. I had to stop play on Friday before I could affect the rendezvous, and RL circumstances kept me away from the game until yesterday. Things resumed with the rendezvous of Strange Cargo at Atreides, with the ship docking without incident. At that point the Crater Maker finally departed Dresport and made its way down to the Sleipnir A outpost on the surface. Landing proceeded without incident. Took you guys long enough to get here...we've got three weeks worth of backlogged activities for all y'all... Scientist Malgar Kerman was given the honor of hooking up the lander to the outpost so the colonists could disembark to the outpost's Castillo module. That done, the outpost refueled the lander, Malgar disconnected it and resumed her post, and the lander returned safely to Dresport. Sleipnir A shot replacement fuel supplies to Dresport via mass driver to close out operations over Dres. Total time elapsed from Atreides's arrival at Dres to that point was all of ninety minutes. With her work over Dres finished, Atreides broke orbit and maneuvered back over Kerbol to gain the speed required to enter orbit over Moho. She then warped to Moho and arrived at 633 m/s, slow enough to enter an ugly orbit. This is mainly a "pics or it didn't happen" sort of screenie. I needed it for Mortimer to have for his archives in case it comes up in court later. Tourist Lemby Kerman was the only kerbal aboard Atreides that wanted to see Moho and his itinerary specified that he just wanted to visit orbit, and with Atreides having accomplished that, she didn't stay there long - next stop on the itinerary was Pol, so Atreides warped back to Jool, arriving at 15,750 m/s; it took a total of nine warp-backs for the ship to slow down over Jool enough to warp to Pol for flyby, with Atreides arriving there at 312 m/s. Orbital entry was achieved via conventional burn from that point. One of the nice things about having Atreides fully loaded - I think this is the first time I've been able to use the ship's engines at full burn without tumbling off course. Still had to do some tweaking as I went, of course. Atreides settled into a 194.3 by 16.0 kilometer, 29.24° orbit - an ugly orbit, but an orbit nonetheless. Once in orbit, tourist Sizer Kerman along with colonists Pawin, Marson and Jedlo Kerman joined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked to Atreides. The ship had been drained of fuel to balance out the weight distribution, so after taking fuel on Gilligan departed Atreides for space station Polport. Total flight time to rendezvous was three hours and nineteen minutes, with Gilligan docking to the station without incident. Once docked, the four kerbal passengers boarded a waiting Spamcan 7a lander while Gilligan took on fuel. After a delay to send up a scheduled re-supply of rocket parts from the Aban Pearl outpost on Moho to the Nonne Ardere Yards in orbit, the Spamcan departed Polport and headed to the Petrobas 36 outpost on Pol's surface, landing safely to close out the day. Nothing's happened so far today. So for today I plan to finish up operations at Pol - I need to get the three colonists aboard Petrobas to get their contracts churning and get Sizer back to House Atreides. The next stop on Atreides's itinerary is Bop, where three tourists are scheduled for surface excursions. A journey to Vall orbit will occur after that before Atreides finally heads to the big show at Laythe: twenty colonists are headed to the C. P. Baker outpost there along with three tourists (one of them wants to land, the other two want atmospheric flights but will get the landing for free). Once that's done though, the big part will be behind me; Atreides still needs to visit Duna and Ike after that but no more landings are scheduled aside from a set at Mun and Minmus. I'm debating whether or not I want to go ahead and recycle the Bus Module or leave Atreides as a warp-capable high-occupancy space bus. House Corrino is ready to return to Eeloo at this point, so I need to figure out when I'm going to make that happen too. I may do that before Atreides leaves Pol, so that could happen as early as today. Going to be how it strikes my fancy, I suppose. Other than that I don't have much to talk about - still have two survey missions in the pipe and a satellite mission to do at Bop, but all my other contracts are currently tied up with Corrino and Atreides right now. I'll keep y'all posted; hopefully my next report will be a little more timely...
  6. Glad to have been of some help. Note that for taking biome resource readings, you can also use a surface scanner mounted to a rover if you want. I prefer the probe route though as you cover a lot more ground more quickly. That said, I still send down a scout rover once I've got a target site in mind, first to verify that my orbital readings were correct (some of those biomes are fairly narrow and it can be hard to catch all the readings you want to take before the scansat moves out of range), and second to check the slope of the terrain. Which brings me to something I left out: the flatter the terrain, the fewer problems you tend to encounter in my experience. Kerbal Konstructs can be used to flatten out terrain if you've got a great site on all counts except for a 45°+ grade. If you choose to use it, send a relatively disposable scout rover to the site; the flattening process tends to send rovers flying. A trick there, though, is to quicksave, flatten the terrain and then quickload if your scout rover doesn't survive being hurled off the surface. The flattening data will still be there when the game loads back up and your rover will suddenly find itself on a smoother bit of regolith. Don't rightly recall if I have any more general advice for now. EDIT: "45°+ grade" is a hyperbolic can really use KK on any patch of land you want. Figured I should clarify that.
  7. I've had quite a number of issues building my bases and you're right in that the game could stand to be more stable than it is as far as this mod is concerned (also using World Stabilizer). Here's what I can offer: Quicksave frequently. Like, every time you attach a new module to your base, quicksave it. This will save you the frustration of having to start completely from scratch. Have the airbrake turned on while you're working on your base. This tends to keep things from sliding around too much. Conversely, when you're done working for a while, disengage the airbrake before heading out. Most of the time when the whole damn thing goes up (by which I mean the base module), it's when you first load up the base after having left the airbrake on. If you forget but realize it later, KML can help you disengage the thing. If you see something start to shake itself loose, hit the timewarp button. That'll put it like it should be. When you get out of warp, disengage the airbrake, quicksave, then go to some other craft. Then come back. Tends to help. Don't attach KAS resource transfer stations to your base. They really make things glitch out. If you need to attach things, use Mineshaft Crew Tubes - they're just as good. These days I would say they may even be easier to use. Now, as far as finding any resource is concerned (we'll go with Minerals here but it applies to any resource), you can't just plop a base down and hope for the best in my experience. You need to send a probe ahead to take orbital surface biome readings. This process is now second on my to-do list upon first visiting a new world (behind establishing a communications satellite constellation). You need a probe with a M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner aboard, preferably in a polar orbit so you can gather readings from all of the surface biomes. You have to use KerbNet access to get the reading. Basically though, you're looking for non-zero readings for the resource in question; if you have a non-zero reading anywhere in a given biome, it'll be that way everywhere in that biome. Conversely, if you get a zero reading, you're not going to find it in that biome. I use CRP mode - the seven resources I look for (in order of importance) are Rare Metals, Minerals, Metal Ore (not Metallic Ore, which is something different), Ore, Uraninite, Exotic Minerals and Rock. A base really can't be established somewhere where the first two aren't in some level of abundance. Bring a Micro ISRU along and you can use it to manufacture Equipment to expand your base if you don't have both Rare Metals and Exotic Minerals available, which in my experience is a fairly common occurrence. Uraninite's on the list for fission reactors later on in your base development. Bring 6 SAFERs and you'll have more enough to get by during the early part of base building; you want your bases on nuclear as soon as possible so you're not limited by the availability of Kerbol-light. With Classic Stock, I think the equivalent resource to Rare Metals is Precious Metals, with Minerite replacing Minerals. Couldn't say about the others. If you have difficulties with any specific aspect of the process, say something and I'll see about walking you through it. I've got Pathfinder bases on every world except Eeloo (Kerbin included), and that's only because I haven't landed kerbals there just yet.
  8. Glad I could be of help. Let us know if you continue to experience any issues. Smart Engineer in a Hacienda gets many things working. These days with a fresh base I bring two along...
  9. The Pondy/Casa Habitat has the same leveling functionality as the stock science lab - i.e. you use it to level up your kerbals when they come to visit, or for quick levels after you've re-trained colonists as crewmembers (assuming you've got a Castillo attached somewhere). I don't use life support modules myself, so I'm of little use when it comes to the life-support related modules. I think the Pigpen makes Fertilizer resources, which the CropWorks module (a Hacienda module) turns into food/snacks. Either that or one is just a more efficient version of the other; to get it to work you'll probably need to have an Engineer in a Hacienda attached to your base somewhere so your productivity rating isn't dreck (smarter the better as a rule). You'll also need to have someplace to store the resources you want to produce. I also want to say that support for USI has been discontinued but I could be completely wrong about that. Try Snacks instead if all else fails. You mentioned trying CRP mode...did you switch to Pristine mode in between switching back and forth between the two, as indicated in the OP of this thread? If not you probably will need to do a complete full delete-and-reinstall to get the mod working like it should again. EDIT: The Blacksmith module requires the OSE Workshop mod. Right now it's not getting along with Pathfinder very well but that's on OSE's end; if you want it, try an older version of it. OSE 1.3.1 was working with Pathfinder 1.32.4 in KSP 1.6.1; that's the last time I knew it worked. May or may not be helpful.
  10. Yep. A Conastoga will do the trick, or even the aforementioned Pondarosa if you've still got sufficient Equipment resources available.
  11. it isn't. Generally though the Casa is not intended to be the root part of a new outpost (or even a temporary shelter for that matter). You probably want a Pondarosa instead (i.e. the containerized version of the same general type of part). EDIT: Didn't read the question thoroughly enough - if you deploy a Casa without it being hooked up to something, then yes, it will deploy tube-end down. This is generally not how you want it, though.
  12. (1.8.1) Well, as anticipated, I didn't get anything else done after my late afternoon post on Monday, and Tuesday wound up being an abbreviated day thanks to the game deciding to try to use too much RAM at an inopportune time coupled with a late drop off at work, which killed off the early morning session. So today's going to be fairly minimal. My day began with the freshly launched Nonne Ardere Yards over Moho. The shipyard's SAFER reactors were fired up and the mass driver brought on-line, after which the shipyard received its first shipment of fuel, Rocket Parts and Xenon Gas from the Aban Pearl outpost on the Mohoan surface. Thus supplied, the shipyard began construction on an Ikeport Core 7 Station destined to become space station Mohoport. Construction is estimated at 46 hours and 23 minutes to completion, with one resupply necessary here in a few Kerbin days. My KAC calendar was completely open after work began at NAY, so I had the option to either send up a pair of straggling tourists to LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit so that she could begin her long-delayed interplanetary tourist mission or to bring LSV House Corrino home from Eeloo. After careful consideration, I went against my original plan and brought Corrino home. House Corrino heading out. She'll be back here before I know it. Corrino broke orbit over Eeloo and warped to Kerbin, arriving at 9,476.8 m/s; it took 22 warp-backs for the ship to bleed off sufficient speed to enter a 555.8 by 473.6 kilometer, 1.26° inclined orbit. Once in orbit, Corrino received a shipment of Rocket Parts via mass driver from the South Base outpost near KSC and began construction of a TBD 7e Moho base-seeding rover/lander, which will deliver the system's final initial outpost to Eeloo once permission to land is received. The Moho lander design should be more than sufficient for an Eeloo landing. Construction time on the lander is expected to be around 6.5 hours total with two scheduled resupplies. With construction of the TBD underway, the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft that Corrino had hauled out to Eeloo from Kerbin departed, burning from Corrino's position to a 554.9 x 100.3 kilometer, 0.46° orbit initially. While waiting for the craft to reach periapsis, tourists Kerwin and Burtop Kerman along with recent rescuee scientist Samdock Kerman boarded an Auk XV 3-passenger spaceplane; the original plan had been just for the tourists to ride up in an Auk Ia but I remembered that I wanted to get Samdock back up to space station Kerbinport and since the tourists were headed that direction, the opportunity was there to take care of that. The tourists wound up spending over an hour sitting on the tarmac waiting for Kerbinport to come into position at a point where the G-LOC wasn't going to need to maneuver, a situation that didn't present itself until the craft was already on the ground as it turned out... Ordinarily I'd be thrilled to have a G-LOC land this close to the space center, but a part of me was worried it'd hit the plane this time around. Managed to give it a wide berth though. The G-LOC was recovered successfully, landing 2.4 kilometers west-northwest of the space center to clear the current exploration contract. The next exploration contract calls for a spacewalk and crew transfer over Eeloo, which I've elected to handle when Corrino can return. A satellite contract for Bop was also offered and accepted, closing out the day yesterday. This morning it was finally time to get the plane airborne. (Airborne? Spaceborne? Starborne? Can't really decide on the proper term here...). The craft broke atmosphere ten minutes later and burned to set up a rendezvous with Kerbinport. Rendezvous will take place in fourteen minutes time; before that occurs, the first resupply shot to House Corrino will take place. So time permitting today I'll be getting the last few tourists up to House Atreides, after which she'll finally be able to head out with 46 tourists aboard. I'll have to get the plane back down at some point; I may just go ahead and have it head back to Kerbinport for now and land it later, but I haven't really decided what I'll do there just yet. I need to go ahead and get construction on that Bop probe going but that should be straightforward enough, and I may once again delay it for the sake of Atreides's mission. Ship's first stop is Dres, where she'll be dropping off nine colonists for the Sleipnir A outpost on the surface. Moho will be up after that, with one lousy tourist wanting to visit orbit (couldn't settle for a simple flyby, no...had to be orbit....). Longer term, House Corrino will be heading back to Eeloo. The activities she needs to do there are simple enough and I'm hopeful that permission for landing will be granted at that point. i already have a scout rover in Eeloo orbit ready to land as soon as the word is given, and with Corrino already in orbit a ground outpost will hopefully be quick to follow - going to depend on the outcome of the scout rover's mission. Still going to be looking for windows of opportunity to do the survey missions on Laythe and Eve as well. Hopefully the day goes well and I'll have a bit more to report to y'all tomorrow.
  13. (1.8.1) Not a great deal to report for my weekend or for my day today, though what did happen was important enough. My day on Friday began at the Dystopia Planitia orbital shipyards over Kerbin, where I ordered up the print of a Boop-Boop 7x probe to handle a satellite contract I'd picked up. I was in no hurry to have the probe finished and engineer Ceri Kerman, a proven idiot, obliged; construction time was just short of one Kerbin day. One of these days I've got to get a better staff at DP... That job done, it was time for LSV House Corrino to begin her historic mission to put an object in orbit of Eeloo and then return to the surface of Kerbin. Corrino began her journey by breaking orbit over Kerbin and warping to Jool. I knew that I'd have to bleed off a lot of speed to get out to Eeloo; heading to Jool was intended as a time saver, and I think that for the most part it did the trick. After five warpback maneuvers to bleed off much of the ship's speed over Jool, the ship proceeded to Eeloo. Unfortunately her arrival speed of 4,194 m/s was tenfold what it should've been to attain orbit and the planet's gravitational pull wasn't significant enough to bleed it off without a substantial number of warpbacks, so the ship departed Eeloo's SOI and headed to a position 1.25 Gm over Kerbol to take care of the rest of it. Corrino took the opportunity while she was in close proximity to Kerbol to recharge her exotic matter tanks. She eventually returned to Eeloo at 427.8 m/s and attained a 172.0 by 160.1 kilometer, 11.38° orbit over the outer planet. Upon attaining orbit, House Corrino launched the Pink Noise 7a long-range communications satellite carrier she'd hauled to Eeloo in her drydock. The new satellite, dubbed Eeloocomm Alpha, burned to an orbit of 250.6 by 164.7 kilometers at 0.01° inclination while Corrino's crew began construction of a second Pink Noise 7a craft; construction time was just over 48.5 minutes. Eeloocomm Alpha reached its final target equatorial orbit at 250.6 kilometers and released its sub-satellites, with the new Eeloocomms Bravo and Charlie burning for their respective positions over the planet. The second Pink Noise was finished, fueled and released, with the new Eeloocomm Delta communications satellite burning for a 250.6 kilometer polar orbit prior to launching Eeloocomms Echo and Foxtrot. Meanwhile, Corrino's crew began printing up a ScanSat; the new ScanSat Eeloo was finished, fueled and launched after 12 minutes and 39 seconds of construction time, with the new probe burning to a 176.4 by 160.2 kilometer, 90.15° inclined orbit to begin biome resource scans. The day on Friday concluded with Corrino beginning construction of a Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane, with construction expected to take one hour and 46 minutes. By building the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft while still in Kerbin orbit and hauling it along to Eeloo rather than printing it on site, I had managed to save enough Rocket Parts for Corrino to print up the scout rover instead; that's the first time that's happened. Figures it'd be on the very last world I will visit in the Kerbol system... My day today began, as on Friday, at Dystopia Planitita; that probe had finished construction, and launched from the shipyard after fueling. I don't launch things from this shipyard very often. Part of that is the fact that I don't get as many Kerbin-orbiting missions as I thought I would. The other is the aforementioned idiot manning the place... The probe reached its target position for contract before the day was out. Unfortunately, the replacement contract was a two-kerbal tourist mission to Jool. LSV House Atreides hadn't yet left for her big interplanetary tourist mission and she still had open seats, so I reluctantly made the decision to go ahead and wrap that tourist mission into Atreides's mission - there are now nine contracts riding on it. I wound up spending the day finishing getting things set up over Eeloo, so Atreides wouldn't have been able to depart anyway, but the delay there is still starting to get a bit ridiculous... I did at least finish setting things up over Eeloo. All six communications satellites are now in position, and as far as I'm concerned, the system-wide communications satellite network is complete. One last set of triangles for old time's sake... I will still need to build a ground station at the upcoming planned base on Eeloo, but that will be the last bit of communications hardware I'll need to install. I've also spent a fair amount of time with ScanSat Eeloo and at this point I've finished taking the biome scans. Based on those scans, I want a Highlands/Midlands interface, preferably one along the equator somewhere. I've got a spot marked that also happens to be close to an Ice Canyon biome, which also had a fair amount of resources that weren't to be found in the Highlands (Highlands looks like my best bet though). Corrino has finished and launched the Hellhound at this point (and at this point it's in a 54.7 by 54.1 kilometer equatorial orbit awaiting the go-ahead to land), and I'm eager to get down to the surface as soon as possible. Last thing that happened today was the completion, at long last, of the orbital shipyard for Moho at the Aban Pearl outpost on the surface. Fuel was transferred to the booster upon completion and engineer Anemy Kerman climbed into the cupola module. Though the launch pad was destroyed in the process (a fact that doesn't sting as much owing to the fact that the base had two launchpads), the launch was a success, with the new Nonne Ardere Yards coming on-line after attaining a 76.7 by 76.6 kilometer, 0.46° orbit. Getting this thing in place only took rolling back the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod to the same version I was using in KSP 1.6.1. Probably oughta report a bug or two in there there somewhere... Next session I'll be fueling the shipyard and beginning construction on space station Mohoport first thing. After that will be an Auk Ia flight to get tourists Kerwin and Burtop Kerman up to House Atreides; the plane will stop for refueling at space station Kerbinport en route. Once that's done and the plane is away, Atreides will be heading out for Dres first. Eleven worlds in the system are on her itinerary, so I might as well begin with the hard ones first. Corrino, meanwhile, is ready to return to Kerbin; I'm giving Atreides priority due to the extensive delay she's already experienced. The G-LOC that Corrino is carrying will be de-orbited upon her return and the hope is that this will unlock surface landing at Eeloo. Corrino herself will likely begin construction of a TBD 7e base-seeding rover when she's back home for delivery to Eeloo along with the single remaining outpost crew aboard. Looking forward to getting that done. Other than that I don't have much else going on; Atreides has tied up nine of my contracts, three more are waiting for time to elapse, and Corrino's got the exploration contract. The other two are survey missions, one at Laythe and one at Eve, both of which I can do at any time (translation: when I have far less going on). I'll keep y'all up to date on things and let you know how tomorrow goes as early as I can on Wednesday morning...not anticipating getting anything else done today.
  14. Are you on PC or console? If PC, go to the save directory for your career. You can copy off the quicksave file into another directory, rename it as persistence.sfs and then copy it over the corrupted file. You'll lose whatever progress you made between the last time you quicksaved and the time your persistence file borked, but you won't lose the career save entirely. Before you do this, check the size of your persistence file - if it's 1 kb, it's already toasted and you should feel free to do as I suggest. Might also check your Backup directories for anything recent. Worth looking in any event...I've had to pull my own career save out of the can this way twice since I started it. If on console, I'll pour out a forty for it...nothing I can suggest there, I'm afraid.