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  1. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Yes, all I did was move the stabilizer back and aft, thereby increasing the length of the "lever arm" on the pitching axis, providing more torque/pitch authority. Here's the image you requested: That's what I'm getting at 100 m/s. Here's 80 m/s: And for good measure: I did a little fiddling with the upper and lower bounds; the yellow line crosses the graph at just over a 7.1-degree angle of attack. It's about the same for both speeds; for some reason the F1 key doesn't always take a screenie when I want it to. One thing here is that I'm generally used to flying spaceplanes, which is a different type of animal entirely. My designs usually have wing loading in the 0.4-0.5 tonnes/square meter range, which means higher takeoff and landing speeds than an subsonic aircraft like this one. I'm also used to a negative AOA gear configuration (going all the way back to the topic in keptin's discussion), which once again lends itself to higher takeoff and landing speeds. So it's probably just how I was flying the plane/how I typically handle landings. Incidentally, I did try replacing the back gear with extra-large gears (so I'd get the negative AOA gear configuration), and was able to land the plane just fine at around 90 m/s. The plane still wanted to bounce, but the fuselage was higher up off the ground so I didn't slam the tail into the ground in the process. That all said, my observations concur with yours, in that the plane doesn't want to pitch up at speeds in the 80-100 m/s regime. Increasing the length of the horizontal stabilizer a little bit (i.e. improving pitch authority/torque/leverage by increasing the amount of force the tail generates) might help with that. In case you were curious. Not a bad set of curves at all. This last screenie shows how the CoM moves - the red "dry center of mass" marker (courtesy of RCS Build Aid) actually shows it going forward and upwards. Forward moving CoM makes the plane more stable; a CoM above the CoL makes the plane maneuverable. Couldn't tell you if those two effects would cancel one another out or not as your fuel drained. As a diagnostic test that I'm thinking about just now, you might want to try reducing your plane's fuel load to 5% to see what that does to your stability figures. I'm not sure if there's a potential issue there or not.
  2. Official FAR Craft Repository

    The flag came from the forums all the way back in v. 0.20, a contribution by @Volodyuka. The original post/image is here, if it's one you want... I'll get to the rest of your post later today. I had hoped to respond to it properly before I had to begin my paying job this morning; alas, it was not to be...
  3. Official FAR Craft Repository

    @Drew Kerman and @Van Disaster; this oughta cover y'all... Try to see if any change happens when you replace the engines with stock motors, like Van Disaster suggested. If you notice a difference, turn on your voxels in FAR and take a screenie (might want to do that anyway; FAR doesn't play nice with every mod and if one of them is putting drag in a weird spot, that could also account for your issues).
  4. Official FAR Craft Repository's a question: are your props counter-rotating? By which I mean that if you're looking at your plane nose-on, is the prop on the left spinning clockwise and the one on the right spinning counter-clockwise? If not, can you set them up that way and see what happens? You may have a yawing effect going on due to asymmetric blade effect, and yawing can induce rolling. It's something I didn't consider before; I'm too used to working with the stock KSP engines. Just a thought. I did notice your stabilizer placement; I was more interested in making sure they weren't twisted five-degrees to one side or the other. A mod that could help with that determination is Hangar Grid, which (incidentally) is also a good one for making sure you've got your landing gear on straight. I'm trying to think what else might induce a roll with no control input, and how to go about fixing it. I might suggest adding some dihedral to that wing, if it wouldn't mess up the aesthetic you're going for there (looking back at the thread, I can see that Van Disaster already suggested that - and it's good advice). Larger ailerons wouldn't hurt either (a brute force solution, I know). But try the propeller thing first, if possible. And double-check all the numbers on your control surfaces for good measure.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Realized today that it's been two weeks since I've posted on this thread...I should probably post something substantial, then. But I'm not going to (at least, not right now anyways...).
  6. Official FAR Craft Repository

    @Drew Kerman first thing I'll suggest is to put the plane out on the runway and set the brakes, then begin playing with the roll controls (Q and E) to see which way your ailerons deflect (a little "is it plugged-in?"-esque diagnostic test). Two things I can think of that would cause the behavior you're describing - either one of the ailerons has been set to -100 control input (causing it to deflect in the wrong direction) or your wing surfaces were attached in radial mode instead of symmetric mode. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Some screenies with the parameters you've set up for the control surfaces would be nice. Also, one or two with your CoM, CoT and CoL turned on (top downs and side view) would be helpful. As far as the dynamic stability simulator is concerned, what you're looking for there are oscillations. Plug in a starting value for the parameter you want to test (a value of 1 works for me) after you've got your static parameters for the altitude and velocity you wish to test, and then mash go. If the graph oscillates from left to right but it dampens with time, you're fine. If the oscillation stays the same amplitude, you're probably okay. If it increases with time or if it flies wildly off, you've got a dynamic instability problem that you'll have to address with your craft. ...which leads me to want to see a front-end screenie as well, to see how you've set up your vertical stabilizer. Your craft may have a tendency to roll if the vertical stabilizers are slightly tilted to one side. Just something else to check.
  7. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Alright - so, I did make some minor tweaks to the design. I didn't have the B9 engine, of course, so I had to improvise a little bit there with some stock parts - a structural pylon, Mk1 fuel tank, circular fuel intake and Wheesley engine port and starboard. I went ahead and reduced all the wing surfaces to 0.5 strength; the effect on the CoM was negligible. From Hangar Grid, I saw that your back wheels were tilted slightly forward. I went ahead and straightened them out , though I'm not entirely certain I got them back in the same spot. Tweaked the friction on both sets of landing gear for good measure. I went ahead and made the more inboard of the outboard pair of control surfaces on the main wing a set of spoilers and bumped them up to full deflection, and I also set up some action groups for flap control. The big change, as you can see from the screenie, is that I moved the stabilizer aft and up, and I did add some dihedral to it (despite my earlier advice). Flies like a champ - low takeoff speed, responds well to input both on FBW and stock SAS. AoA for level flight with no flaps is now between 4-5 degrees, says FAR. Only trouble I have with the design is landing; every time I've tried to land it, it's bounced hard enough to rip off the tail - even at relatively low speeds. That might be more of a landing gear issue than anything else.
  8. Official FAR Craft Repository

    There are a lot of the "under-the-hood" aspects of that mod that I don't really understand. What documentation there is on it is here. Just glancing through it, though, it does appear to have a built-in function to help the plane hold its attitude on the roll axis. You may want to check the "Roll angular velocity controllers" - more specifically the default snap angle (give it an increase). You may also want to try toggling the "coordinated turn" first if that's something you've not done (it's one of the standard options on the fly-by-wire GUI IIRC) and see if that helps.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    If your node is at the six-o-clock position (looking down at Kerbin's north pole), you can burn for Minmus when it's anywhere from 1:30-3:00. Generally it's best to burn for Minmus at the ascending/descending node, about 900 m/s prograde and 300 normal (at the descending node) or anti-normal (at the ascending node). That said, you can do an initial prograde burn and then do a second burn on the normal axis at the ascending/descending node later if necessary. How that all translates into exact math, I couldn't say; that's just generally how I do it. I will say that the closer Minmus is to the 1:30 position, the less time it takes to get out there - I think the quickest I've gotten out to Minmus in the post-0.90 era is six days.
  10. [1.3] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.7

    I had a pair of Kerbals down on the surface; they lugged the part a quarter of a klick between the two of them just to get it to the lander. Neither of them were engineers, though, so I had to send them back up to the orbiting space station on a different lander. Luckily I have engineers available at the station and the lander I was going to use to haul the part up has a screwdriver, and it's got a Mk2 lander can onboard, so the mission isn't entirely a wash. Still...
  11. [1.3] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.7

    Yeah, that's what I'm asking. Ugh. I was really hoping to not have to resort to Plan B...
  12. Official FAR Craft Repository

    I had originally assumed from looking at your craft that the full horizontal stabilizer was movable; my apologies there. Making the whole thing one movable surface would increase your pitch authority, though; I can speak from personal experience on that one, and it's particularly true as your plane approaches the transonic regime (Mach 0.8-1.3 or thereabouts). Spoilers can save you a lot of headaches/heartaches on approach. I always include them in my designs even after I have access to AIRBRAKE parts. To my knowledge, FAR has no problems with tweak-scaled parts. I use B9 Procedural Wing parts my own self. Van Disaster has pretty well covered the answer to your final question; I have nothing else to add there. I'm trying to think what else you could do to try to improve the plane's pitch authority. Comes down to either moving the CoM aft or moving the CoL forward. I'd suggest canards on a low mass-strength ratio (0.3-0.35, perhaps) but I think that would totally throw off the aesthetic you're trying to achieve with this craft. Might have to play around with it my own self - would you object to making the craft file available? Only mods you're using with this craft are Tweakscale and FAR, right? @Schwarz, I'll have to find time to jump in with the discussion of your aircraft later. Quick question: are you also using a fly-by-wire mod? I can't imagine a successful supermaneuverable craft without having one installed - definitely not with the stock SAS system. If you're not using one, I'll humbly suggest Atmosphere Autopilot; for me, that mod changed flying in KSP from an annoying chore into to a real joy (comes in handy for docking too, incidentally).
  13. [1.3] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.7

    Quick question - I've got a piece of junk (a Mk1 Cockpit, as it turns out) that I'm trying to get off the surface of Mun. Any way I can shove it into a KIS container without the game counting it as destroyed and scrapping the contract in the process? It does seem to be the easiest way to get the part off the surface. Sorry if this kind of question comes up often/has been answered in the last page or two; I honestly should be working at the moment (you know, not typing on/searching a forum).
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Let's see...I guess, last Thursday (already, dagnabbit) began with several missions to land KSC staff on Minmus from the Minmusport space station, using the station's Spamcan 7a lander as the vehicle each time. Scientists Gillie, Zelwin, Seanlan and Kirmund Kerman along with engineers Eriemy, Dilnard, Leedorf and Bill Kerman each departed, landed safely, planted training flags, returned to the station and then used the station's onboard science lab to punch their tickets and level up. That particular feature (lab levelling) wasn't in 1.1.3; I have to say that I really like it. Spamcan 7a on the surface. I have to say, I think it's kinda ridiculous that the craft has to bounce its signal off of all three Minmuscomm sats AND one at Mun... Apparently I did a total of five runs down to the surface of Minmus with the available fuel at Minmusport, but I didn't bother to catch everybody's names in the last two runs. So shame on me there. A Bill Clinton 7b long-range probe arrived at Minmus and picked up a piece of low-orbiting junk for contract, having to come within 6 klicks of the surface to finally make the rendezvous (I don't like seeing the impact time counter on my HUD, especially when I'm not attempting a landing). It should return to Kerbin sometime in the next few days. The Old Bessie 7 fuel delivery lander dispatched to Minmusport arrived and docked successfully to the station, and its stores were sufficient to refuel all other craft docked at the station (including Strange Cargo and Next Objective) to full while keeping sufficient stores for its own first landing operation. That had to wait until the arrival of the Deepwater Horizon refinery, which happened a couple of hours later. Deepwater Horizon arrived and landed about half a klick from the spot marked by the Hellhound 7 rover sent previously, and upon landing engineer Theony Kerman refueled the refinery's stores to maximum. Since I had several Kerbals ready to return to Kerbin and some that needed to head to Mun, I spent the rest of my time on Thursday sorting them onto the two ferry ships. Strange Cargo will be heading back to Kerbin, while Next Objective is headed to Mun. I had ten Kerbals that needed to go to Mun and only nine seats available, so Nelny Kerman (capsule commander of Next Objective) was transferred to Strange Cargo and pilot Lazor Kerman took operational command of Next Objective on account of his cool, cool name. Nelny will head to Mun at a later time. On Friday, I decided to leave scientist Seanlan Kerman at Minmusport in order to be available to support Theony, who will be remaining at Deepwater Horizon. Strange Cargo and Next Objective then both departed Minmusport station: Strange Cargo departing Minmusport, with Next Objective set to burn for Mun in the background. Both ships made their transfer burns. I left Strange Cargo with a relatively high periapsis at Kerbin owing to a huge plane adjustment needed between it and the Kerbinport space station. She'll arrive at Kerbin in four days, and Next Objective will arrive at Mun in 12 days. I didn't get much else accomplished on Friday. Theony planted a flag for contract and in the process became the first Kerbal to ever leave a Piper Alpha 7-type refinery via the upper control tower, which up until now had always been hatch-blocked by the radiator panels. The Old Bessie lander went down to Deepwater Horizon and affected a successful refueling operation, returning to Minmusport and restocking the station's fuel stores while Theony once again recharged the refinery. The station's Spamcan 7 light rescue craft/lander was then dispatched to Deepwater Horizon in preparation for the next set of operations around Minmus, which will see Theony go out to the Boop-Boop 7 probe I'd placed in a tundra orbit over Minmus with the instruments currently attached to the Hellhound 7 rover needed for the probe to finally meet its mission criteria. Theony will also punch his ticket while he's at it. That all is awaiting the arrival of the Jiffy Lube 7 parts lander I dispatched to Minmus, which should arrive in a few hours. It's carring a KAS screwdriver, which Theony will definitely need in order to do the intended mission. The day ended with the flight of an Auk VIII heavy fuel delivery spaceplane to Kerbinport, which (for once) did not feel like I was attempting to take off on ice. The plane docked successfully to the station, delivering fuel to Necessary Evil already docked at the station and awaiting the arrival of Strange Cargo. Truth be told, I probably sent that plane up too early - I've got a lot of folks to bring up and down at this point and I now have two spaceplanes docked at the piers (largely rendering the remaining piers unusable). Haven't played in the last three days. Was largely doing chores. Introduced my oldest son to Magic: The Gathering last night with a 7th edition starter set; he did the red-green deck while I did the white-blue deck. Little turd beat me 7-0...
  15. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Been gone over the weekend; just now looking at this., first thing I see is that your Mass-Strength multipliers are in the 0.6-1 range. In my experience, you're okay with putting those at 0.5; the fin you can sometimes get away with 0.4. Lowering the mass-strength multipliers would move your CoM aft slightly, so maybe limit any changes to the surfaces on the main wing Also, do you have your standard controls zeroed out for the various flap parts? Just checking. I might take the outboard set and change them to spoilers (bumping the deflection up to full, of course), since I'm not seeing airbrakes on the design anywhere. Then again, that's just me. Getting back to your original problem, my suggestion would be to increase the area of the horizontal stabilizer - It struck me as a little small for the size of the aircraft initially but I wanted to see if there was any other issue I could identify first. I couldn't tell from any of your screenies if you had a degree of dihedral going on with your stabilizer or not; if you do, try zeroing that out, and if you can get the stabilizer up on the fuselage any higher, do that too. All three of those things should increase your pitch authority.