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  1. Well, I had a response all ready to go for you...I'll leave it here. But then I read the part about this going to LEO, not LKO, so never mind. Good luck getting all that up in a single thwack...
  2. Okay...basic "is it plugged in" questions: are you using Kerbal Inventory System, and did you pack a screwdriver?
  3. Yeah, just turn on your drills and you should start seeing whatever resources you've got in the biome in which you're parked flow into your base, provided you've got somewhere to store them. Which is when I should mention that the Hacienda/Claim Jumper configuration generally works better than the stock drills, and way better than the piece of crap Buffalo drill. More general advice: Nuclear power. You want to get off of solar as fast as you can, and nuclear is usually reliable. As in "not going to make everybody glow in the dark if your base spontaneously combusts" reliable. Geotherma
  4. Ah, the old floating base bug...I don't know what causes it, but it's not a specific interaction with any other mods; it'll do that with stock terrain too. Not all the time either. My advice: on high-gravity worlds, pack a ladder. The alternative is watching your base spontaneously combust for no damn reason on loading. Between the option of that or putting up with a self-levitating base, I tend to wanna go with levitation... As far as getting resources is concerned, attach a storage unit dedicated to whatever it is that you want to be digging up. Chuckwagons are your best bet - you ei
  5. Oh boy...this one I'm not sure I can help you with. I want to say they (i.e. Angel) made a change a version or two ago that let you pick what mode you wanted to play with on CKAN. I could be completely and totally wrong about this. The old way of dealing with the problem was to fire up KSP, switch to Pristine Mode, quit, fire up KSP, then switch to whatever the final mode it was that you wanted to use. I don't know if that would still work or not.
  6. Simplified Mode and Pristine Mode, unless I'm mistaken, don't have the necessary underlying templates in place for Snack Production - you'll either need Classic Stock or CRP mode to make snacks in-situ. The inputs are Water, Compost/Fertilizer (depending on which mode) and Electric Charge.
  7. The port is from the early days of the mod; alas that changes to KIS over the years made the port on the Saddle go away. Best advice I can give you is to pack a pair of Mineshaft crew ports. Go ahead and attach your Saddle to the ground and put a Pondarosa on it, then attach one Mineshaft to the top and another to your Equipment source. Should be able to mash go at that point. Quicksave before you attach the Saddle to the ground or the Pondy to the Saddle; I've had issues with spontaneous combustion in the past with both activities. Hopefully you get this reply before you've got som
  8. Last time I checked it was listed as "airbrake" or something like that. I'd be careful using it - I've had more than one base spontaneously combust from having left it on when I've left to go to some other craft and come back. Levitation can also occur. Been too long since I've played KSP; my old work laptop just hasn't got the firepower to cut these later versions anymore and the kids/wife hog the home laptop...
  9. A koan has the Buddha-nature if and only if it doesn't contain a Kraken. (Curious how many of you out there will get the reference...).
  10. I wouldn't say Mun roving is boring, per se. Dangerous as hell (especially at night), frustrating, taxing, prone-to-drive-one-to-drink-heavily, yes...still beats the living hell out of trying to drive on Eve. I find Tylo to be a surprisingly fun place to drive (if you can get down there intact, of course). You can get up to 50-60 m/s out there without worrying too much about the terrain. From someone who's been driving in KSP since 0.19, I'd chime in with the basics. Make your rover low, make it wide, make it sturdy, and have a plan to right the thing/repair things when something inevi
  11. Have you looked at the WBI Buffalo mod? There are some parts there designed for submarines (by which I mean trimmable ballast tanks), and Angel15 has an example craft with the mod, though I haven't done the necessary work to grok how it works.
  12. Seeing the same, though I'm only getting the error message for the Guppy. The mod still works regardless of the CKAN error message, so I'm ignoring it happily. Only started showing up when I updated to the latest CKAN version so I imagine it's a problem with CKAN.
  13. Xenon Gas is a requirement for the drive's operation; you can expect an RUD if you try to use it without Xenon aboard. Intentional - not a bug. Not sure what could be causing the pixelation issues y'all are seeing. Of course, when I use the drive I don't time warp, but then again I've only used it for intrasystem travel to date.
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