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  1. (1.6.1) Didn't have a great deal of time to play yesterday. Kids are back at school now, so my 30-45 minute early morning session is gone until next summer...barring special occasions, it's back to ninety minutes per day, tops... Started the day with a tweak to the redesigned Echo Flyer 7a cargo quadcopter. I had turned the craft into a base-seeding vehicle late on Monday and added a de-orbit stage to it at that point, but I hadn't added any Equipment resources and the design needed some in order to get initial base structures up and running. The tweak added the necessary Equipment resources, so it should be ready to deploy to Laythe at this point. That job done, I had LSV House Atreides in orbit of Vall cancel its construction of a Pink Noise 7 communications satellite carrier probe (I'd been anticipating getting permission to orbit Pol - which didn't happen) and had the ship warp out to Eve in preparation for passenger pickup. Deconstruction of the probe took ninety minutes; it was fairly far along at time of cancellation, unfortunately. Atreides made a slight detour to make an approach to Kerbol at 1.6 Gm so she could deploy panels and recharge her Exotic Matter tank. Tank full, she proceeded from there to Eve, arriving at 14,722 m/s; after 32 warp-back maneuvers, she was able to settle into a 763.0 x 740.6 kilometer, 0.98° orbit. She'll be ready to pick up passengers once they've completed their business at Gilly. Once Atreides was in orbit, it was time to start building a few things. LSV House Harkonnen in high Kerbin orbit began construction of the Laythe-bound Echo Flyer 7a; construction will take just short of twelve days to complete, which should be enough time for Atreides to come back to Kerbin from Eve. The Bohai 2 base on Bop was ordered to begin building a new Spamcan 7 Bop-A 2-passenger self-refueling monoprop lander, with construction expected to take just over five hours. Finally, I had a new junk hauling mission over Kerbin, so engineer Ceri Kerman at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard in Kerbin orbit was ordered to begin construction of a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe; construction will take about 24 hours to complete. I had a rescue mission contract to pick up scientist Derney Kerman from LKO, so I next went over to space station Kerbinport and passed what spare fuel stores the station still had to G. Grant docked there. G. Grant departed the station and came to rendezvous with Derney's Pod just over an hour later. Docking headlights were good for something on this mission as it turned out... Derney abandoned her cupola module and EVA'd over to G. Grant, which then returned and docked safely to Kerbinport 65 minutes later. Derney boarded a waiting Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane docked at the station, where she'll wait until the tourists get back from Eve. Got a couple of other rescuees that are surface-bound as well, hence the delay. Final thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of Next Objective over Gilly after a five day flight from Eve. Yeah, I know the low gas light is on, guys, but trust me - you'll make it. Next Objective put into orbit with only about 150 m/s of fuel left in her tank, which would be concerningly low anywhere else beside Gilly. Using RCS thrusters alone, the craft was put onto a rendezvous course with space station Gillyport, passing close enough to the Gillycomm Echo communications satellite en route to enter physics range and make me temporarily concerned about a collision. As of this post, Next Objective has entered physics range of the station and I'll likely use a little bit of that biprop to speed up the process of rendezvous and docking. Things at Gilly take too damn long to happen all on their own... Today I've got tourist excursions to Gilly's surface to conduct; I've only got two of them going down, so I only need to do one run. I do have the Laythe-bound crew aboard Next Objective and I'll have to see if a surface excursion will be necessary for them - first order of business upon docking at Gillyport is going to be to use the station's lab to level everybody up. If the Laythe-crew hits five-stars without an excursion, they won't go down - simple as that. After the tourists get back, Next Objective will head out for Eve and a rendezvous with House Atreides after gassing up. I've also got J.G. Backus on tap to travel back to Kerbin while docked with Atreides; the craft is currently docked at space station Eveport but is ready for departure at any time. Long term, Atreides heads back to Kerbin, the Laythe crew boards Harkonnen and the rest of the tourists/rescuees head back to Kerbinport for return to the surface. Going to make an effort to speed things along as best I can - I'm looking forward to getting an outpost down on Laythe in the very near future. Occurred to me that I should begin training up additional crews for bases around Jool; I'll need another three before everything's said and done. Available candidate selection is starting to get a bit limited, though - while I have scientists out the wazoo, engineers and pilots are starting to come up short. Might have to start hitting up the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus for more crew (not a big issue since it's by far my single most inhabited outpost and I'm not building much on the surface there these days).
  2. (1.6.1) Not a whole lot to show for my weekend. I attribute my relative lack of KSP activity to me introducing my eldest son to Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters (the semi-original GOG version, not the remake). At this point I've got Da Bomb, the Talking Pet and the Sun Device (managed to make it through the infamous conversations with the Syreen base commander without having to have a certain chat with the boy afterwards - it's definitely doable), and at this point I'm ready to go send off the Ilwrath to go fight the Thraddash so I can access the Chmmr and head on to the finale. Should finish the game tonight if all goes according to plan. Can't say I'm terribly enthused about the KSP2 announcement yesterday. I mean, I am - it looks like they have some cool things planned that I've been doing in KSP for a while now - but judging from the preview it's looking like I'll need a dedicated gaming rig to play it. My "dedicated gaming rig" is ten years old at this point (i.e. Made In ByzantiumTM) and the kids have junked up the keyboard, the jerks; my KSP rig is an office laptop, and I'm still largely broke being the sole provider for a family of five, so I'm not optimistic about being able to actually play the damn thing ever... Anyways... Friday began with a fuel supply transfer between the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve and space station Eveport in orbit via the outpost's mass driver. The auxiliary craft currently docked at the space station should be able to take their passengers back to whatever warp ship comes back to pick everybody up. That job done, I headed over to Laythe next, where LSV House Atreides had just finished up the print of ScanSat Laythe. After fueling, the new probe was launched into polar orbit. Pretty sure I put that horribly backlit Jool in the shot to prove that this didn't happen over Kerbin or something... I spent a lot of time on Friday with ScanSat Laythe performing orbital biome analyses. Tricky bit there was the fact that, with the exception of The Sagan Sea and Degrasse Sea, a lot of the biomes zipped by really fast, so it took narrow FOV passes and/or fast finger work to get resource readings. Laythe came down to a decision between putting down a base in the Dunes versus the Peaks - although there were five biomes that had six resources out of The Heavy Seven, three of those were in the water, and of the other two, the Dunes has higher numbers of the more critical resources (i.e. Rare Metals, Minerals and Rock; was missing Exotic Minerals). So when the time comes, I'll be putting a base somewhere in the Dunes. I did go ahead and put ScanSat Laythe into a 250.5 x 246.4 kilometer, 91.98° inclined orbit before the end of the day on Friday. I also attempted to tag some potential Northeast Basin base sites on Vall using ScanSat Vall and Kerbnet. Got to start somewhere, right? Finally, before the close of business on Friday, I maneuvered the Laythecomm Bravo and Laythecomm Charlie communications satellites into their final positions in ninety minute polar orbits about 632 kilometers up, finishing out the Laythecomm communications network. Yep. It's the sign of the Deathly Hallows over Laythe.... Nothing to report for Saturday and Sunday as already mentioned. Yesterday I was able to use ScanSat Laythe to tag two potential equatorial base sites not all that far from Crater Bay, after which I began a print of yet another Pink Noise 7 communication probe carrier in anticipation of permission to finally orbit Pol. Atreides then broke orbit over Laythe and warped into a set of maneuvers that would take the ship back to Vall, with the ship setting into a 317.5 x 312.6 kilometer, 24.46° orbit there. Jeb EVA'd for a spacewalk, fulfilling the current exploration contract. Rather than getting the anticipated Pol contract, however, the new exploration contract gave me the go for landing on Laythe. Wound up spending the rest of what time I had available yesterday doing design work in the VAB and SPH. I made some modifications to the Spamcan 7 lander design to include the ability to self-refine more fuel; I'm anxious to try out this "Spamcan 7 Bop-A" design as soon as I can get out to the Bohai 2 base on Bop and start building one. I also made some pretty hefty changes to the design of the Echo Flyer 7a quadcopter in anticipation of landing on Laythe (not the least of which is the inclusion of a transfer and landing stage as well as starter base equipment - it'll become a base-seeding 'copter). The landing mission there changes my overall plans quite a bit - LSV House Corrino's TBD 7dG base-seeding lander is not going to be needed right away, and the Pink Noise I was printing aboard Atreides is premature; I'll have have to cancel that print if I still have time to do so. New plan calls for Atreides to head to Eve to haul passengers there back to Kerbin and for LSV House Harkonnen currently in orbit of Kerbin to begin printing the redesigned Echo Flyer 7a. She's still got the crew originally intended for Pol aboard and heavily trained at this point; they'll now be heading for base-building on Laythe instead as soon as their craft is ready to go. I'll probably also take the opportunity to have Atreides perform a sundive so she can refill her exotic matter tank while I'm at it. Got to say, I'm looking forward to having a base on Laythe and a station in orbit. The prospect of being able to use spaceplanes somewhere other than Kerbin is quite appealing, though I am going to have to read up on how to make off-world runways using Extraplanetary Launchpads, I'm pretty sure...
  3. (1.6.1) Day yesterday went pretty much as expected. I began the reporting day at the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve cleaning up the debris leftover from the early morning launch of the Zima 7 Eve Ascent Vehicle, which was mainly just a matter of turning on the recycler at the base's launch pad to get rid of the launch clamps - that took out the bulk of the debris right there. Game had one more piece of debris after that which I terminated in the Tracking Station. I made sure to shut the recycler off before heading off to do other things...wouldn't do to recycle a kerbal that just happened to be out on Eve's surface taking a stroll across it or something stupid like that. With Zima in orbit, the next order of business was to dispatch St. Simeon Salus from Eveport to go retrieve the craft's payload. The launch put Zima only about thirty kilometers away from intercept (not planned, BTW), so it was a pretty short flight over - just thirty minutes to a rendezvous and docking. Once docked, the Zima's core booster stage was discarded. Theosy pulled eleven gees in the orbital insertion burn. Doesn't look any worse for wear, though. After de-orbiting the core booster stage, St. Simeon Salus began maneuvers to return to Eveport, coming to rendezvous 65 minutes later and docking safely. This does mean that there can only be one kerbal to go down to the surface next time anybody's headed that way, unless I want to print up some more seats at some point... Once docked, tourist Theosy Kerman transferred over to J. G. Backus docked at the station and I went ahead and leveled everybody up. Got some five-star tourists that are going to be headed back to Kerbin...I think Bob is still rated as a mere two-star kerbal... LSV House Atreides in polar orbit of Vall finished its print of ScanSat Vall, and after loading fuel aboard the probe was cut loose and biome scanning commenced; I burned it down to a 150.3 x 148.7 kilometer polar orbit before the day was out. Because I finally figured out how to use KerbNet to my advantage, I was able to get readings on the Heavy Seven Resources (i.e. Rare Metals, Minerals, Rock, Metal Ore, Ore, Exotic Minerals and Uraninite) for all nine of Vall's biomes before the end of the day. When it comes time to put a base on Vall, it's looking like it'll have to be in the Northeast Basin - only it and the Poles had six of the seven resources (none of them had Rock, which is a faster alternative resource for Konkrete production and not required strictly speaking), and between the two the Basin had better numbers for Rare Metals and Minerals (the two prime resources for pretty much everything related to Pathfinder base building), while the rest of the numbers were still acceptable. I'm not particularly happy with the need to put the base in the Basin - it's not equatorial and the delta-V landing numbers for Vall are comparable to Moho, i.e. squarely between Mun and Duna. It's a fair pain in the butt to send landers down to the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun and Deepwater Horizon on Minmus thanks to the required plane change in both cases. Probably will be equipping the future space station Vallport with a Spamcan 7c lander - like at Duna - when the time comes. I'm still planning on using Kerbnet to help me find a suitable landing site. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish that when the probe actually flies over the Basin; might be a while before I can do that yet. Positioning of the Vallcomm communication satellite constellation occurred without incident yesterday, with all three probes reaching their target positions in a two-hour orbital period about 348 kilometers over Vall by the end of the day. 'Nuff said there. Another finished triangle. Whoopee... After the last of the sats were positioned, I went ahead and had engineer Thombles Kerman, who had recently been retrieved from orbit over Ike, drive the three kilometers out to the South Base outpost near KSC in a Wisent 7 utility rover. Anybody got any Merle Haggard I can listen to? Thombles arrived without much incident (aside from the unladen Wisent wanting to flip over end over end while trying to get it up to speed) and took up his new post in one of the base's Hacienda industrial modules, while the rover was recovered. I also finally was able to put the Nostromo 7 resource lander laden with Ore that I'd launched from Bop earlier this week into a 44,984.6 x 44,118.4 kilometer, 16.5° orbit over Jool for contract after a seven day flight. I'll probably be leaving that thing out there, barring the establishment of a high-altitude space station over Jool. Orbit's halfway between Vall and Tylo for those curious, and hopefully it's inclined enough not to ever encounter either of those two and kick the damn thing out of orbit. With a new exploration contract to orbit Laythe, gather science and conduct a spacewalk there, my next order of business was to have House Atreides begin printing another Pink Noise 7 communications probe carrier and prepare to break orbit. Let's see...yeah, it looks like we're definitely pointed at the target... Atreides engaged her Alcubierre Drive and warped directly from Vall to Laythe, arriving seconds later at 3,200 m/s, too fast to enter orbit. Three warp-back maneuvers later, the ship settled down into a 469.1 x 392.8 kilometer, 6.47° inclined orbit over the watery moon. Jeb went on EVA, took a report and then got back aboard Gilligan docked to Atreides, and then transmitted his report back to KSC, completing the exploration contract. Next exploration contract: spacewalk over Vall. Damnation... This morning I went ahead with plans to establish the Laythecomm communications satellite constellation. Atreides warped into a 460.1 x 388.6 kilometer, 91.9° orbit over Laythe and finished printing off the Pink Noise, which became Laythecomm Alpha upon launch. Occurs to me that it might be tricky to really prove that I'm over Laythe instead of Kerbin when I'm taking these screenies. KER's surface readout - specifically the biome - helps out in this instance... After Laythecomm Alpha launched, House Atreides got to work on ScanSat Laythe, which finished up just as my "shut the damn game off" alarm went off earlier this morning. Meanwhile I put Laythecomm Alpha into its final position in a circular polar orbit at 631.6 kilometers. Laythecomms Bravo and Charlie, which both decoupled from Alpha upon it reaching final position, are still heading to their final positions, having burned into a sixty minute and two-hour orbit respectively. Today I'm liable to be finishing up the Laythecomm constellation and I'll be beginning biome scans at Laythe (God, I hope that there'll be a good spot for a base in one of the land biomes...). Atreides is also liable to be heading back to Vall for the spacewalk, and then I'll see where I'm at as far as exploration is concerned; for all I know, I'll be heading back to Pol finally. I still need to resupply Eveport and get a warp ship back out that way to pick up tourists heading home (some from Gilly as well as Theosy and a few at Eve), and I've got an ore drilling con job to pull at Duna. Got an MC alarm about to expire; I'll see if anything interesting comes of it as well. Not much else I'm anticipating right now; see y'all on Monday morning unless something worth mentioning occurs before then.
  4. (1.6.1) I've had a pretty good last 24 hours all told. With the delivery of her passengers in the Eve/Gilly SOI complete and a good week or so before they would need to be picked up again, LSV House Harkonnen broke orbit over Eve and warped to Kerbin late in the day on Tuesday. I opted for a direct warp instead of the slow-warp process, which unfortunately means that I arrived going way too fast to enter orbit and had begun the process of warp-back maneuvers to slow down. Yesterday began with the continuation of that process - after a grand total of 74 warp-backs (i.e. fly up to about 1,000,000 m, warp back down to 300,000, rinse and repeat for a good 35 minutes), I finally got Harkonnen into a 582.1 x 491.1 kilometer, 3.75° inclined orbit over Kerbin. Once she was in orbit, the Bill Clinton 7c probe that was hauling Tomwise's Craft from Ike for a junk-and-kerbal contract departed Harkonnen, burning down to a 105.1 x 90.4 kilometer equatorial orbit. The G-LOC 7a craft that Harkonnen had hauled home from Pol departed next, and after burning down to a 108 x 97 equatorial orbit, I went ahead with final de-orbiting and entry. The probe came down safely about 81 kilometers to the west of KSC in the Highlands, completing the latest exploration contract. While entry was occurring, I received notice from the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus that the two ongoing colonization contracts out there had concluded (picked up eight new crewmen out of ten in the process, a pretty good haul), and for good measure I had the Scan Queen outpost on Ike transmit a surface sample report to fulfill a sci contract. Finally, the Clinton deorbited, coming down safely eighteen klicks east of KSC and bringing Tomwise's rescue contract to a successful conclusion. Five contracts all done in rapid succession. Can't be too mad about that. Wish I'd taken better screenies there; the ones I had were all crap. Went to Mission Control to pick up some new contracts next, obviously. Gave two of them passes with MC alarms set - picked up an ore hauling con job at Duna, a crew survey at Bop and the next exploration contract. I was thinking the next one would give me permission to orbit Pol, and it was an orbital contract...but for Vall instead. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I had LSV House Atreides conduct warp maneuvers for Vall from her parking orbit over Jool (she'd been there anticipating a go-ahead for Pol). She was able to enter orbit directly from warp last thing yesterday, having slowed sufficiently over Jool first. It was a fairly ugly orbit, but it was still enough to finish the contract. Next exploration contract: orbit Laythe, do a spacewalk and gather some science. While I'm anxious to do that one, it did occur to me that Atreides was already hauling a communications satellite carrier in her drydock and since she was there already, I could go ahead and set up the Vallcomm network. So this morning, I went ahead and put Atreides into a 382.1 x 267.7 kilometer, 89.3° orbit over the Mun that wouldn't be there if n-body physics were being utilized. Once in position, Vallcomm Alpha was released. Never mind the stenciling on the side that says "Polcomm"... After launch, Vallcomm Alpha burned to a 348.3 x 234.4 kilometer polar orbit. The carrier is currently en-route to apoapsis (which is at the target altitude), where it'll circularize and drop off the other two sats. Meanwhile, Atreides has begun printing up ScanSat Vall, and will be done with that print in 62 minutes. Atreides will be headed towards Laythe as soon as the second satellite is complete. I do need to keep my eye on Atreides - her exotic matter tank is starting to get a little low for my taste. I mean, it's not even half-empty yet, but I still may want to have her do a quick sundive to recharge the thing at some point in the near future. After setting up a circularization burn for Vallcomm Alpha, I got a call from the Alexander L. Kielland base on the surface of Eve - the print of the Zima 7 Eve Ascent Vehicle was complete. Zima on the pad. Somebody trade that out for some real alcohol, would ya? The base contains enough fuel for the much larger Beer Can 7, so fueling of the craft took place in fairly rapid order and I used Ship Manifest to load tourist Theosy Kerman aboard, his itinerary pretty much complete at this point. With no cause for delay, Zima 7 launched. Hey, I didn't blow up the damn pad this time!! Launch went pretty well - my third launch of a craft off the surface of Eve. I was a bit concerned about whether or not the craft would make orbit when I got down to the core stage, and panicked a little bit when it came time to get her periapsis up. As a result, the craft wound up in an 291.4 x 95.9, 0.76° inclined orbit, far more eccentric than I care for. Zima 7 over Eve. No, seriously - somebody get me some real alcohol... But an orbit is an orbit. One of these days I'll figure out a good launch profile for Eve...just got to keep at it. So today I'll probably begin by cleaning up the debris from the Zima launch, and then I'll dispatch St. Simeon Salus from space station Eveport to pick up the Zima payload (i.e. pretty much just the Lander Can) and haul it to Eveport. J. G. Backus is docked there ready to take Theosy back to whatever warp ship comes by to bring everybody home. I plan to drive or fly Tomwise out to the South Base outpost near KSC at some point today for assignment, and House Atreides is probably going to be heading to Laythe. I've also got satellites to position over Vall. Still looking for the go-ahead to orbit Pol; wish I hadn't short-circuited things there with inadvertent encounters in Jool's SOI these past few days. Then again, Pol's not particularly interesting to me (don't know why I feel that way, honestly - I'm still surprised the game wanted me to go to Jool before visiting Moho, honestly). Busy times right now - beats the alternative, though.
  5. Eh, flying a rocket into orbit is like riding a bicycle. It's just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes...
  6. (1.6.1) Screenie-heavy post today. Consider yourselves warned. I wound up spending most of my day yesterday getting nine colonists to the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on the surface of Eve. Having landed the Cigarette 7 Eve Descent Vehicle last thing on Monday, yesterday began with the descent of the larger Cigar 7 Eve Descent Vehicle with six kerbals aboard. The Surgeon General advises that attempting to land on Eve may be hazardous to your health... The craft came down relatively safely about 34 kilometers to the west of ALK. The poodle of it is that this is the second landing - the craft came down intact on the first try but it got reverted later on. F5 is your friend, kids. With the Cigar safely on the ground, the next order of business - and what turned out to be the only other thing I managed to accomplish yesterday - was Next Objective's trans-Gilly injection burn, which went off without too much correction required afterwards. She's now on course for Gilly and should arrive at periapsis in just over 29 hours. That job done, I next went to the Echo 4 8-passenger quadcopter. I had moved the thing off to the south of ALK a few weeks ago before the Beer Can 7 launch (to help minimize any potential collateral damage from first stage boosters colliding into the ground), so first was a short flight over to ALK to pick up engineer Gilford Kerman (my first revert point of the day - the 'copter got going horizontal and I couldn't correct before it tore itself apart; second attempt was more successful). While I was at ALK, I also went ahead and took the opportunity to do a quick refueling mass driver shot to space station Eveport. Gilford running to Echo 4. Cue the Chariots of Fire music. Once Gilford was aboard, Echo 4 flew eighty kilometers to the east to the landing site of the Cigarette 7. Can't believe all these people leaving their used Cigarettes just lying on the ground. That's how forest fires get started, you schmucks... Gilford got out and detached one of Echo 4's Mineshaft ports, attaching it to the Cigarette and then linking the two craft together. Colonists Taning, Wenster, Stephanie and Connor Kerman transferred over to Echo 4, at which point Gilford detached the Cigarette and grabbed the Mineshaft off of it. That job done, Gilford was then put on litter pickup patrol. You know, smoking that much that fast is liable to kill you, Gilford... After Gilford re-boarded Echo 4, the 'copter then flew 107 kilometers to the west, to the landing site of the Cigar 7. Kerbolset on Eve. Now, did I have six kerbals on this thing, or just five? In truth I've lost count - so the question is, do you feel lucky, punk? (Paraphrasing a bit much there, I know...) Gilford did much of the same drill again with the Cigar 7, but stopped short of recycling the craft completely. Echo 4 only has ten seats in total, and after colonists Helvan, Jendun, Hadred, Valkin and Malnand Kerman along with tourist Theosy Kerman had boarded, all ten of those seats were full. It was thirty-plus kilometers to ALK from the Cigar's landing site and there was no reason to suspect that Gilford could hold on to the ladder all that way (and I sure as hell didn't try to do just that and had to revert again when Gilford inevitably fell off the damn ladder), so instead, Gilford improvised some extra seating - namely, he took two of the Mk-1 cabins off the Cigar and bolted them on to Echo 4, then recycled what was left of the Cigar. An ugly kludge, but it worked. Sure am glad those Mk-1 cabins don't weigh more than they do...otherwise, this would never have worked. Once Gilford got back aboard, the flight back to ALK was fairly routine. After a long day, the base was a welcome site, even with it still mysteriously floating several meters off the surface in spots... At landing, Gilford hooked up Echo 4 to the base and all ten of the 'copter's passengers disembarked to the Castillo module, where they'll sit for the next 36 days (the exception there is Theosy - a tourist, he's ready to go back to Kerbin at this point). Gilford detached the 'copter from the base, restored Echo 4 to its pre-kludge beauty, and then returned to ALK's Castillo Factory to continue work on the Zima 7 Eve Ascent Vehicle (i.e. Theosy's ride). Work there will conclude in another eleven hours. This morning, after a long voyage back from Minmus (I seriously would have to check my posts on this thread to see exactly when she departed), Strange Cargo finally got back to Kerbin with scientists Malgar and Pasted Kerman aboard. After aerobraking and flight to a 290k apoapsis, the craft put into her assigned berth at space station Kerbinport an hour later, with Malgar and Pasted transferring to the station's lab module. That task complete and nothing else going on until the Zima launch, I went ahead and had LSV House Harkonnen break Eve orbit and warp to Kerbin; she arrived going 17,232 m/s and immediately commenced warp-back maneuvers for braking. As of this post, she's completed thirteen warp-backs and has slowed to about 15 kps. Getting Harkonnen into orbit is my first priority next session. Once she's in orbit, the plan is to deorbit the Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe she's carrying, which itself is hauling Tomwise's Craft back from Ike. I also plan to de-orbit the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft that Harkonnen hauled out to Pol for flyby, with the hope of getting a go-ahead for Pol orbit. Should that occur, LSV House Atreides is already in orbit of Jool ready to head out there in order to deploy comm satellites into polar Polar orbit, and the process of selecting a base site will also begin. Aside from the upcoming Zima launch, the only other things on my KAC calendar are putting a Nostromo 7 resource lander into a high orbit over Jool in a few days, and Next Objective's arrival at Gilly. What all happens today is going to depend on what happens when the G-LOC comes down (intact), assuming I get to that point. Hoping to get to go to Pol soon.
  7. (1.6.1) Fairly quiet day, at least when compared to the busy weekend I had. Began the day by ordering up the print of a Pink Noise 7 communication satellite carrier aboard LSV House Atreides, which was still in orbit of Eve at the time. Total construction time took two hours and twenty minutes. In the meantime, Eunice Howell burned for a rendezvous with space station Eveport, having collected rescue pilot Leo Kerman from low Eve orbit late in the day on Sunday. Flight time to the station was 41 minutes, with the rendezvous and docking occurring without incident. Upon docking, Leo along with pilot Rodhat Kerman disembarked from Eunice Howell and joined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked at the station. Gilligan then departed Eveport and burned for an intercept with Atreides, reaching the intercept point 25 minutes later; a burn for rendezvous then occurred, with the rendezvous itself occurring 94 minutes later after two orbits. On second thought, this probably wasn't the best camera angle with which to attempt to capture this moment. Not that docking's all that exciting anymore anyways... With Gilligan docked and the decision made to leave Eunice Howell behind at Eveport as a ready auxiliary craft for the Eve/Gilly SOI, preparations were made by zombies for Atreides's departure from Eve (when you attach "by zombies" to a sentence and the sentence still makes sense, it means you used passive voice - a grammatical no-no and y'all's lesson for today. No, I haven't finished my morning coffee yet - why do you ask?). The Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve's surface shot fuel supplies and Rocket Parts up to Atreides via mass driver, and about that same time the Pink Noise print concluded, with Atreides fueling the probe in preparation for its launch. At that point, House Atreides secured her receiving-end mass driver, engaged her Alcubierre Drive and broke orbit, warping to Jool. She arrived at 11,500 m/s and required three warp-back maneuvers to attain orbit, and inadvertently flew past Laythe on her way in. Oh for crying out loud...which dolphin put another damn planet in the way?!?!?!?! Like the inadvertent fly-by of Vall last week, this event will preclude any chance of a future fly-by exploration contract for Laythe, but on the other hand those aboard got the related XP for a Laythe fly-by. Meanwhile, Atreides attained a 5,213.4 x 4,976.3 kilometer, 2.39° inclined orbit over Jool. At this point she's waiting for LSV House Harkonnen to deliver the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft that visited Pol to Kerbin so she can get the go-ahead for orbit and deploy the Pink Noise at Pol. Meanwhile, House Harkonnen had been awaiting a window to warp from Duna to Eve, with all of her business at Duna completed late in the day on Sunday. Harkonnen performed broke orbit and performed a direct flight to Eve, arriving at a speed of 17,750 m/s - far too fast to enter orbit. A total of 48 warp-backs were required for her to slow down sufficiently for orbital insertion; she eventually attained a 697.5 x 613.8 kilometer, 2.79° inclined orbit over the purple planet. At that point, it was time to shuffle some folks around - pilot Jedbrett Kerman, engineers Monty and Jubald Kerman, scientist Herby Kerman and tourists Chadbus and Hayby Kerman joined pilot Eridred Kerman and tourists Kelely and Calmore Kerman aboard Next Objective docked to Harkonnen, while pilot Aldler Kerman and engineer Luddorf Kerman were joined by tourists Geofbret, Verrim and Theosy Kerman aboard J.G. Backus (also docked to Harkonnen). Backus departed Harkonnen and burned for an intercept with Eveport, reaching intercept 38 minutes for later and rendezvous 30 minutes after that. Meanwhile, Next Objective departed Harkonnen and burned to align the plane of her orbit with that of Gilly. This morning, Next Objective set up a burn that will take her to Gilly in five days; that burn has not yet taken place. Backus arrived at Eveport, docking without incident. After the station transferred fuel to Backus, Theosy - the last kerbal to arrive scheduled to visit Eve's surface - transferred to the waiting Cigar 7 Eve Descent Vehicle. The Cigar and the smaller Cigarette 7 Eve Descent Vehicle both departed Eveport at that point for landing near ALK. The Cigarette went down first. Now don't y'all worry - there haven't been all that many folks who have died trying to land on Eve... Glad I didn't miss this mark by more than I did...another ten klicks east and this thing would've splashed into the Explodium Sea... Damage? I don't see any damage...and even if there was any, at least y'all are alive, right? The Cigarette touched down about ninety klicks east of ALK, with the landing occurring without incident right up to touchdown - we lost three airbrakes there. Better those than the crew cabins, though. Up next is the landing of the Cigar 7, which will either be followed very closely by Next Objective's burn to Gilly or occur one orbit after said burn. I'm leaning towards the latter - by the time the Cigarette reached the ground, the Cigar was already over the far side of Eve - landings can take a while and Gilly's not the easiest thing to reach. Since it'll be at least five days before the Gilly tourist missions - including one landing - occur, I'm thinking about going ahead and having Harkonnen head back to Kerbin for a little bit and at least get the G-LOC down so I can start setting up infrastructure at Pol; Harkonnen is also hauling a Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe with Tomwise's Craft attached on a junk-and-kerbal retreival mission, and it'd be nice to free up the docking port it's using so I can go pick up Necessary Evil from Ike. I'm also going to have to get engineer Gilford Kerman at ALK out in the Echo 4 quadcopter to go pick up the Cigar/Cigarette passengers. That will put a little bit of a delay on the ongoing construction of Theosy's Zima 7 Eve Ascent Vehicle so he can go home, but as I said, I've got some time to kill. The other nine kerbals going to Eve's surface are going to become permanent residents, with six of them looking like they'll make fine additions to the staff once their colonization contract concludes. Plenty going on right now - looking forward to knocking down some of these contracts I've got going on right now.
  8. Do you have them both spinning the same way? If so, try getting one to spin the other way (assuming it's possible to arrange things that way) and see what that does for you.
  9. (1.6.1) Had a pretty active weekend with the ongoing interplanetary tourist and colonization expedition. Pretty long post ahead for y'all. The day on Friday started with the completion of the Crater Maker 7 8-passenger lander at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike, which was built specifically to transport a group of colonists to the base from space station Ikeport. The base transferred fuel to the new lander, which then had to sit there for a bit to await a launch window for the Infans Calcitrant Yards also in Ike orbit that didn't interfere with any of the umpteen rendezvous and transfer maneuvers I had going on at the time. J. G. Backus was the first of these, rendezvousing and docking with LSV House Harkonnen in high Duna orbit having returned there after a quick 3-kerbal excursion to the Dunan surface. After a burn of a Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe to align its plane with that of Harkonnen (the probe hauling Tomwise's Craft to Harkonnen from Ike), Eunice Howell arrived and docked at space station Kerbinport, where it picked up colonists Taning, Wenster, Stephanie and Connor Kerman. Kerbinport transferred its remaining reserve stores of fuel and monopropellant to Eunice Howell, which then departed for an intercept with LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit. Next up was the rendezvous of the Spamcan 7 Bop grabber/lander with Deoly's Capsule, which was already known to be a defunct Pathfinder Hogan module, in an inclined retrograde orbit over Bop. You chose the Box! What's inside the Box?! NOTHING!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! STUPID!!!! YOU'RE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! (And if you got that reference, you're either really old, a Weird Al fan, or probably both). The 'can grabbed the Hogan without issue, then began maneuvers to take it to the Bohai 2 base on the surface. Eunice Howell arrived at her intersect and plane alignment point over Kerbin for House Atreides and burned from there to head to rendezvous; flight time to rendezvous 22 minutes, during which time the Infans Calcitrant Yards completed the Crater Maker Crew Adapter 7-passenger add-on module it had been printing. Monopropellant was transferred to the module, which then launched from the station's drydock and docked safely at one of the station's docking ports. Next Objective then completed a burn to take it to a fast rendezvous with House Harkonnen while in a sub-orbital trajectory over Duna, with flight time from burn to rendezvous a mere seventeen minutes. Eunice Howell then rendezvoused and docked with House Atreides safely, and the Clinton completed a rendezvous burn that would take it to Harkonnen in just over one Kerbin day. It was at this point that the Crater Maker's launch window for ICY came up and the lander finally was allowed to launch from the base, putting it on a ballistic trajectory over ike that would take it to rendezvous in a mere seven minutes after launch. This unfortunately put the rendezvous uncomfortably close to Next Objective's rendezvous with House Harkonnen, which happened next. Would've sucked to have been these guys had I botched this rendezvous... I conducted Next Objective's rendezvous burn with Harkonnen, then immediately had to switch over to the Crater Maker for its rendezvous with ICY. I love it when a plan comes, what is up with me and the eighties references this morning? The Crater Maker docked successfully with the Crater Maker Crew Adapter at ICY; the composite craft departed after taking on fuel stores from the shipyard, heading for Ikeport. Next Objective was then docked to Harkonnen, which would await the arrival of the Clinton before it was ready to head out. The Spamcan 7 Bop then affected a landing at Bohai 2. Owing to the fact that I forgot to turn up the dampers on the landing legs again, the craft bounced away from the landing zone by quite a little ways... I hated everything about his kludged up POS...but at least it did the intended job. Engineer Gemul Kerman at Bohai 2 EVA'd in an attempt to inflate the Hogan, but the ability to do it wasn't there anymore - that's how defunct the part is. Since nobody's got a can opener and the plans to print one aren't available, it'll be necessary for me to transport the whole piece of garbage to Kerbin to get Deoly out of there. I left the box sitting on the ground right by Bohai 2, and in the meantime recycled the Spamcan 7 Bop; its job was done at that point. After 63 minutes of flight time, the composite 15-passenger Crater Maker 7 arrived at Ikeport, docking safely. Colonists Sieski, Joebin, Muncott, Napont, Derny, Edbas, Melely, Newski and Henely Kerman boarded the lander and the station transferred enough fuel to the lander to fill the tanks up, after which it departed the station for landing at Scan Queen. The landing took place first thing on Saturday. It was a Good ThingTM I was paying attention to the Time to Node Burn; KAC would've have had me sail right through it. Doesn't do that every time but it's annoying when it happens. Landing was a success (after the craft stopped bouncing, of course). Outpost engineer Thombles Kerman hooked up the lander to the outpost and the colonists all disembarked to the Castillo module, where they'll stay for the next 21 days. (It's slim pickings for this group on the smarts front but I'll probably be able to re-train four of them as scientists when everything's said and done). The lander took on fuel for the return trip after all the passengers were offloaded and Thombles detached the lander from the outpost, where it waited a little less than half an hour for a launch window to take it back to Ikeport. Meantime, the outpost had produced sufficient Konkrete to inflate one of its two remaining Castillo modules - the Factory was inflated and immediately set up as an extra nuclear reactor. The lander returned safely to Ikeport by the end of the day, but not before the completion of G. Grant at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin. G. Grant took on fuel at the shipyard, then launched for rendezvous and docking with space station Kerbinport. Yesterday was relatively busy for a Sunday, beginning with a resupply mass driver shot between Scan Queen and Ikeport and another one between the South Base outpost near KSC and LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit; the latter was hauling a TBD 7dB base-seeding lander destined for Pol in her drydock but had yet to finish a full resupply (and it didn't finish a full resupply then - turns out South Base hadn't been making any monopropellant, which was desperately needed). Pilot Gregald Kerman also logged a crew report from the cockpit of Necessary Evil docked at Ikeport. With Gilligan and Eunice Howell having delivered all her intended passengers during the day on Friday and having finally hit the first waiting period where nothing was going on long enough to warp, House Atreides broke Kerbin orbit and warped directly to Eve, arriving over the purple planet at a velocity of 18,202 m/s. It took nearly fifty warp-back maneuvers to slow the craft down enough, but she ultimately settled into a 721.9 x 700.2, 1.86° inclined orbit. Once in orbit and with fuel supplies transferred, both Gilligan and Eunice Howell departed Atreides for space station Eveport. Mrs. Howell is Slender Man!! Partially explains why her hut was so nice and how she managed to have such an extensive wardrobe, I guess... The two craft arrived at nearly the same time, with a mere twelve seconds difference between their scheduled rendezvous; naturally I boned up Gilligan's rendezvous for focusing on Howell's, but eventually I did get both ships to the station. Gilligan at kerbolrise over Eve, with Eveport in the background. Just to the right of Eveport is Eunice Howell - looks kinda like a couple of dead pixels in the skybox at this range. Both ships were brought into dock successfully and refueled, while their passengers were loaded into the waiting Cigar 7 and Cigarette 7 Eve Descent Vehicles. One of Harkonnen's passengers is heading down to the surface as well, so at this point the nine Kerbals loaded into the EDVs are tapping their respective feet waiting for him to get there... South Base finally refined sufficient monoprop for Corrino's supply, and after transferring it over via mass driver, Corrino broke Kerbin orbit and warped to Jool. One warp-back was required to bring the ship into a 5,643.2 x 5,244.8, 2.09° inclined orbit over the green giant. Corrino will remain over Jool until the delivery of the Pol outpost crew takes place - and wouldn't you know it, those guys are also aboard Harkonnen... With some time to kill this morning, Eunice Howell departed Eveport to conduct a low Eve orbit rescue mission for pilot Leo Kerman, who was retrieved from a Buffalo Short Passenger Module successfully. Eunice Howell is now on her way back to Eveport. Meanwhile, the Clinton finally arrived and docked with LSV House Harkonnen, which means Harkonnen can finally leave Duna. The plan is for Harkonnen to break Duna orbit as soon as Eunice Howell docks at Eveport; she'll head to Eve, where tourist Theosy Kerman will head to Eveport for surface touring. The remaining tourists aboard Harkonnen are more interested in Gilly; the intent there is to send Next Objective that way to perform that part of the tour, getting the passengers down and allowing the Pol crew to at least add orbits at Eve and Gilly to their resumes - I might go ahead and have them land and plant flags there since it's pretty easy to accomplish (if slow). Theosy has an Eve Ascent Vehicle of his own under construction right now (the Zima 7), which should be ready for launch in three days - he should be back at Eveport before folks return from Gilly. House Atreides will be headed to Jool next with comm satellites in her drydock for Pol; once again though, things will ride on Harkonnen, whose next stop after Eve/Gilly is home to drop off passengers and hopefully unlock Pol orbit contracts.
  10. (1.6.1) Had a pretty active past 24 hours with stuff getting to where it's going and then heading out again. Kicked off the day with the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop completing their print of a modified Spamcan 7 monoprop lander, which I dubbed the Spamcan 7 Bop (real imaginative, I know). After taking on fuel, the lander launched from the outpost. Truth be told, I was more happy that the base didn't blow up when I loaded it than I was about this launch. I had set the WBI airbrake last time I was here and didn't disengage it before I left - Kraken ate the last three bases I've built in a row when I've done that... The lander launched to a 86.1x47.1 kilometer, 174.67° inclined orbit and burned to rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule later in the day; flight time is expected to be 95 minutes. The modified Spamcan will grab the Deoly's Capsule (a Hogan, which is a deprecated boxed part from the Pathfinder mod) and either use Ship Manifest to get him out of there or take the whole thing back to Bohai for inflation. Next up was the return of the Spamcan 7b from the surface of Duna, which had gone down there with tourist Geofbert Kerman, pilot Jedbrett Kerman and engineer Luddorf Kerman on Wednesday. The craft rendezvoused with space station Dunaport just as another Spamcan (a 7a in this case) rendezvoused with space station Munport (that one having delivered three colonists to the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun's surface early in the day on Wednesday). I took care of the 7a docking first, then completed the docking of the 7b. The three kerbals from the 7b boarded J.G. Backus docked at Dunaport and proceeded to level up with the station's lab. Backus then departed Dunaport and burned for a rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in high Duna orbit. Flight time to Harkonnen will be an hour and forty minutes. Next Objective and Necessary Evil both arrived over Ike (in that order) next, both coming in fairly inclined (45-60°); I had to do some close range maneuvers to bring them into equatorial approaches (because I wasn't paying attention when they actually entered Ike's SOI), but both craft were brought onto intercept courses with space station Ikeport in rapid order. Next Objective at one minute to rendezvous burn for Ikeport. Tried to get a screenie of the actual rendezvous burn but I was a little slow on the draw there; the station had already sped past by then... Next Objective arrived first, docking safely. After taking on fuel supplies from the station, NO dropped off colonist Henely Kerman and then departed the station - the three remaining passengers aboard with active itineraries are all heading to Eve and Gilly. Next Objective burned to return to Harkonnen just this morning; her current course will take her within thirty kilometers of Harkonnen before reaching periapsis at Duna (which is good, since the craft is on a collision trajectory otherwise) and should have sufficient fuel to affect a high delta-V rendezvous burn. She'll hit her ascending node with Harkonnen ahead of the close approach and I'm hoping to set up the intercept there later this morning. Eunice Howell arrived over Kerbin next this morning, and after aerobraking she was put onto a course that will bring her to rendezvous with space station Kerbinport in about 25 minutes. Howell is scheduled to pick up four Eve-bound colonists for delivery to LSV House Atreides in Kerbin orbit, which is already carrying five more Eve-bound folks. Atreides will be heading out for Eve after Howell docks up as soon as a window for a warp transit opens up - things are pretty busy right now... Last thing that has happened so far today is the arrival of Necessary Evil at Ikeport. You can tell it's Necessary Evil thanks to Val having busted off one of the ship's antennas a month or two ago. I really oughta get to replacing it one of these days... After docking, I went ahead and leveled everybody up. Since this bunch did flybys at Bop, Pol and (inadvertently) Vall, they all had a lot of XP built up. Pilot Gregald Kerman had accumulated 64 XP - exactly enough to join the five-star club - and his colonists all leveled to four-star status. They'll make handy additions to the staff at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike once their colonization contract has expired and I can get them retrained. So as y'all can probably tell from the KAC schedule on my second screenie, I'm probably going to be pretty busy today. The lower section of the Crater Maker 7 lander is complete at this point and I need to get the thing up to the Infans Calcitrant Yards in Ike orbit to join up with the upper section still under construction there, so that I can bring my colonists down to Scan Queen from Ikeport. Eunice Howell will be arriving at Kerbinport fairly soon, and Backus is about ready to make her rendezvous with Harkonnen. I've got a Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe hauling Tomwise's Craft to Harkonnen for transport back to Kerbin and I hope to be making its intercept burn later today. I'm also hoping to be able to pick up Deoly's Capsule today as well. Longer range, I've got House Atreides and House Harkonnen both heading to Eve as soon as their respective passengers are aboard, and I'm planning to send LSV House Corrino currently in Kerbin orbit to Jool at some point. Corrino will be meeting up with Harkonnen later after the Pol outpost crew (currently aboard) has finished gathering experience, and from there the plan is for Harkonnen and Corrino to get operations established over Pol culminating in a ground outpost there. I'm also anticipating the launch of G. Grant at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard over Kerbin and the return of Strange Cargo from Minmus in a few days. Got a lot going on right now; how much of it I can accomplish is going to all depend on how much time I find to play over this coming weekend.
  11. (1.6.1) Another day, another dozen chances missed to hit the F1 key at key moments. Translation: no screenies today, y'all. Sorry. Began my day with a pair of mass driver shots, one between the South Base outpost near KSC and LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit, the other between the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun and space station Munport. South Base's shot was intended to resupply Corrino in the wake of her construction of a TBD 7dB base-seeding lander destined for Pol, and is fairly unique in that I had to shoot all of the outpost's available monopropellant up and still didn't have enough for a complete supply, so I'll have to send up more when the base has had a chance to refine some more. Piper Alpha's shot was a comparatively simple fuel resupply, though some Enriched Uranium for the station's SAFER reactors also made its way up. I'd left LSV House Harkonnen in Duna's SOI travelling too fast to enter orbit (having warped there from Jool towards the end of the day on Tuesday), so my next order of business was warp-back maneuvers. It took seven warp-backs to finally bring Harkonnen's speed down enough for the craft to enter a 541.3 x 381.5 kilometer, 6.32° inclined orbit over the red planet. Once in orbit, J.G. Backus undocked and departed from Harkonnen, beginning maneuvers to take her to space station Dunaport. Necessary Evil and Next Objective (which were also docked to Harkonnen) made their preparations for departure as well, but not before the Spamcan 7 lander I'd dispatched on an aborted rescue attempt over Bop on Tuesday returned to space station Bopport, docking safely. Necessary Evil departed Harkonnen first, burning a largely radial burn to take her to Ike; flight time to a 15 kilometer periapsis will be 3.5 hours. Next Objective waited for a more traditional burn window and should arrive in two hours and forty minutes. Finally, with a ship available in the area to take it back to Kerbin, the Bill Clinton 7c probe hauling Tomwise's Craft that was docked at space station Ikeport departed and burned for a rendezvous with Harkonnen; rendezvous is not yet set there, but the craft will arrive at the ascending node in 4.75 hours. It was at this point that I realized I had nine kerbal colonists coming down to the Scan Queen outpost on Ike and the only available lander would only be able to bring down four at a time. To that end, I ordered up the components of a Crater Maker 7 passenger lander at both Scan Queen (handling the original 8-passenger lander) and at the Infans Calcitrant Yards in orbit (which was handling the 7-passenger expansion module). Scan Queen should finish up its print first after 4.25 hours, at which point it will be brought up to ICY; ICY's print is going to take closer to five hours, so the business end of the lander should be up there by the time that's done. Both NE and NO will likely have arrived at Ikeport by then, so from there it should be a simple matter to fly the craft over to Ikeport, pick everybody up and then head back down to Scan Queen. Last order of business for yesterday was the landing of colonists Malfen, Stadous and Giller Kerman at Piper Alpha, whom Eunice Howell had delivered to Munport on Tuesday (hence the morning refueling shot). The three colonists boarded the station's Spamcan 7a lander, which departed Munport and landed safely at Piper Alpha's designated landing zone. Outpost engineer Haydorf Kerman attached the Spamcan to the outpost and the three colonists disembarked, taking up residence in one of PA's two Castillo domes. Fuel was transferred to the lander for the return trip, after which Haydorf detached the lander from the outpost. The lander then took off again, burning for orbital insertion and rendezvous with Munport near simultaneously; time to rendezvous is about seventy minutes. Backus arrived at Dunaport this morning, and after she was refueled from the station's stores, pilot Jedbrett Kerman, engineer Luddorf Kerman and tourist Geofbert Kerman boarded the station's Spamcan 7b lander, which departed the station and landed safely somewhere in the Highlands. Both Jedbrett and Luddorf individually got out and planted flags, and at this point the lander is waiting for Dunaport to come around for return launch. That'll likely be one of the first things that happens when I get the next opportunity to play. I'm also hoping to get my colonists down to Ike today so I can get on with the next phase of Harkonnen's tour, which will take the ship to Eve and Gilly. I've got Eunice Howell scheduled to return to Kerbin and from there deliver a second batch of colonists to LSV House Atreides over Kerbin hopefully later today, at which point Atreides will be heading to Eve. At some point both Atreides and Harkonnen are both going to be at Eve with a total of ten folks heading down to the surface between them - nine are colonists headed to the Alexander L. Kielland outpost down there, while one's a tourist whose Eve Ascent Vehicle (the Zima 7) is already being built. Not sure how much of all that will happen today, but I promise to at least remember and try to hit the F1 key when it happens...
  12. It was. Thanks for the link - won't help me this time around of course but it should prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Meantime I do have a plan for this - it involves using a grabber and Ship Manifest to do a crew transfer. If that fails the grabber will land at my Bop outpost and I'll try inflating the Hogan (hoping I can recycle it afterwards). Push comes to shove I'll just haul the whole thing back to Kerbin.
  13. (1.6.1) Yesterday was a fairly interesting day, though it started off with a simple fuel supply mass driver shot between the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop and space station Bopport. I may not have had the station fully supplied before the Spamcan 7 lander departed yesterday, but at least there'll be fuel for the first set of guests when they arrive. The Spamcan itself made a final burn to take it to rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule in an inclined and retrograde orbit over Bop, with flight time just short of 2.5 hours. Gilligan then performed a rendezvous burn to take it to LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit; flight time there was two hours exactly. With some time to kill before those two rendezvous take place, I had a window with which to have LSV House Harkonnen begin the interplanetary portion of her current expedition. The ship warped out of Minmus's orbit and headed to Jool. I needed an orbit - any orbit - to fulfill a tourist contract and ultimately got one at 497,199.6 x 10,846.6 kilometers and 7.13° inclined (i.e. a really, really nasty one, but it did the trick). From there, Harkonnen warped over to Bop for a flyby (again for a tourist contract) and from there it was on to Pol for the historic first flyby. There's a meatball what looks a couple of weeks too old... Pilot Aldler Kerman transmitted a crew report from the Pol flyby and Harkonnen slipped out of Pol's tiny SOI a few minutes later before warping to a somewhat more reasonable 6,491.8 x 5,814.0 kilometer, 2.88° inclined orbit over Jool in preparation for a warp to Duna, the next stop on her itinerary. Gilligan completed her rendezvous and docking with House Atreides, at which point I ordered up a Minnow Docking Adapter - it occurred to me that I'd have both Gilligan and (probably) Eunice Howell docked to Atreides when she finally was ready to ship out to Eve, and I only had one docking spot available for Minnow 7b touring craft. Printing took 63 minutes to complete, during which the Spamcan rendezvoused with Deoly's Capsule. Minor problem. That's not a Pathfinder Castillo...that's a damn Hogan. How the hell do you get a kerbal stuck in a deflated, defunct part in the first place (let alone get them out again)? The Spamcan wasn't equipped to grab the box, and so reluctantly I had it turn around and start making its way back to Bopport. Flight time to Bopport will be two hours and fifteen minutes. Shortly after installing the new Adapter on Atreides, Eunice Howell arrived at Mun, conducting orbital insertion and rendezvous burn with space station Munport at the same time. Flight time for Howell from orbital insertion to rendezvous was 43 minutes, during which time LSV House Corrino in orbit of Kerbin finished printing up the TBD 7dB base-seeding lander destined to establish a new outpost on Pol when the time comes. Supplies of Rocket Parts and Enriched Uranium were sent to Corrino from the South Base outpost near KSC via mass driver; the rest of the supplies Corrino needs to finish fitting out the lander (mainly monoprop) will be brought up later this morning. Meanwhile, Howell affected a successful rendezvous and docking at Munport, staying just long enough to refuel and to offload colonists Malfen, Stadous and Giller Kerman to the station's Spamcan 7a lander before departing. Munport with Eunice Howell just departed. Actually took this screenshot so I could tell just how much I needed to send up via supplies but I still thought it looked a little bit interesting... Eunice Howell completed a burn to return her to Kerbin; flight time to a 47.5 kilometer periapsis over Kerbin will be a little under 6.5 hours. Howell will definitely return to Kerbinport before the scheduled delivery of G. Grant or the return of Strange Cargo from Minmus, so she is now set to deliver five more Eve-bound colonists to House Atreides once she gets back. Makes me glad I ordered up that Adapter... This morning I did a quick redesign of the Spamcan 7 lander to include a grabber unit as well as a docking port, adding lander legs for good measure. I then ordered up construction of this Spamcan 7 Bop craft at Bohai 2; it should be complete in 3 hours and 26 minutes, after which the intent is to try the Deoly rescue once again - the plan is to bring the Hogan to Bohai 2 so it can be inflated and Deoly extracted. I'm hoping to be able to recycle the Hogan at that point. The crew cabin was left intact in the Spamcan 7 Bop, so it may even be possible to use Ship Manifest to extract Deoly upon grab. That would certainly simplify matters a bit. House Harkonnen also made her warp to Duna this morning after finding the "sweet spot" in her orbit where the relative velocity to Duna was minimized. She still arrived at 2,380 m/s, too fast to enter orbit, so warp-backs will commence in the next session. I'm also miffed that the ship made an inadvertent Vall flyby on her way - that's a contract I'm not going to get paid for when it finally comes up. The only upshot there is that my current Pol-outpost crew will get credit for the Vall flyby when I finally get around to leveling them up, and I suppose that's true for all the kerbals in all craft currently docked to Atreides. Today I plan to get Harkonnen to Duna orbit so we can start delivering folks to Ike and start sending some tourists down to the surface. I'll also be ready to send my three colonists down to the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun once I get some fuel up to Munport, and I hope to get Eunice Howell back to Kerbin so she can make her delivery and I can send House Atreides over to Eve. Eve's finally emerged from the far side of Kerbol relative to Kerbin, so a direct warp transfer shouldn't be as big of a pain as it has been in the recent past. Still, I'm not looking forward to two sets of warp maneuvers in one day. Could potentially be that House Corrino's got the Pol lander ready to go, she'll need to pick up the Pol crew at some point, with either Eve or Jool the logical place at which to do that. Can't think of a good way to wrap up this post, so I'm just gonna end it cold and with a probably unnecessary ellipsis...
  14. (1.6.1) Log sure does look busy for yesterday, but that may be because I wrote a bunch of names in it. Bunches and bunches of names... Began my day yesterday needing to send up a batch of Mun-bound and Eve-bound colonists to space station Kerbinport. Not wanting to overly tax my box (an office laptop, mind you - not really set up for KSP without cooking a little), I decided to go ahead and land the Auk VII 16-passenger spaceplane that I'd left docked to the station anticipating the return of tourists from the current interplanetary mission. Nine surface-bound kerbals were aboard the plane so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip. The plane departed the station about the time that Eunice Howell rendezvoused and docked there, having freshly arrived from LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit with nobody aboard. The plane then deorbited and affected a harrowing but otherwise safe landing at KSC 27, fulfilling a tourist contract and unlocking a rescue contract over Bop. At that point I put an Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane out on the Runway, with colonists Malfen, Stadous, Giller, Jelvan, Jendun, Hadfred, Valkin, Malnand, Taning, Wenster, Stephanie and Connor Kerman aboard. Six starts, the beginning of what I'm sure will be many, many headaches... The plane took off for rendezvous with Kerbinport, docking at the station successfully. Once the plane docked, Eunice Howell received full supplies from the station's stores and pilot Rodhat Kerman took the helm, with Malfen, Stadous and Giller embarking into the craft's back seat. Howell then departed the station and burned for Mun; scheduled flight time to a fifteen-kilometer periapsis over mun is six hours and sixteen minutes. The return of the Auk VII also brought down the kerbal staffmembers that had been shuffled home from their assignments to Mun and Minmus. An Echo Flyer 7b quadcopter was put out on the Runway next with pilot Lutop at the cyclic, with pilots Patrod, Geofbles and Suly Kerman, scientists Tefrod, Kathald and Lenbal Kerman and engineer Janbles Kerman taking seats in the passenger modules. The Flyer proceeded the three kilometers south to the South Base outpost and landed, at which point Lutop hooked the craft up to the base and the staff members piled out to join up with the outpost's current staff. While still hooked up, tourists Robro, Beagun, Tesby, Peggy, Teddrin and Podnie Kerman boarded the 'copter, their "colonization" contracts long since completed. Lutop unhooked the 'copter from the outpost at that point and climbed back aboard, at which point craft recovery took place. The recovery of the Flyer brought to a close the current crew reshuffling, something I'm hoping I can avoid doing too much more of in the future... Next up was the printing of a Nostromo 7 resource lander at the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop followed closely by the printing of the Cigarette 7 4-passenger Eve Descent Vehicle at the Caue Serpente Yards over Eve. Focus was given to the Cigarette first, which took on fuel from the shipyard's stores and then launched, burning for rendezvous with space station Eveport. Flight time to the station was forty minutes, during which J.G. Backus finally arrived at a rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in a high and eccentric orbit over Minmus, docking safely. A load of Rocket Parts were also shot up to LSV House Corrino over Kerbin from South Base during that time, and Gilligan departed LSV House Atreides also over Kerbin and burned for a rendezvous with Kerbinport; flight time there was 67 minutes. The Cigarette then rendezvoused and docked safely at Eveport; would've took a screenshot there but (naturally) it happened at night. With the Cigarette secured, I went back to Bohai 2 for the launch of the Nostromo. Nice to be able to launch things without blowing up the pad in the process. Just saying. The craft launched to a 51.3 x 50.1 kilometer, 3.19° inclined orbit over Bop with a load of 2600 units of Ore aboard in the side tanks. Once everything was set, the craft's engines burned again, this time to break Bop orbit. The craft's burn will put it to a 45,000 kilometer periapsis over Jool in seven days and four hours. Current contract only requires the delivery of 2,050 units of ore to Jool orbit from Bop, which I'll have done as soon as it leaves Bop's SOI, but I've got another drilling and delivery contract to Jool orbit from Pol, see... This morning I had the Spamcan 7 lander docked to space station Bopport depart to go rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule (the aforementioned replacement rescue contract over Bop), and Gilligan arrived at Kerbinport. After refueling, Helvan, Jendun, Hadfred, Valkin and Malnand joined Jeb aboard Gilligan and the craft departed to return to House Atreides. The other colonists still aboard the plane are awaiting a craft to take them over to Atreides - whether that's Eunice Howell returned from Mun, Strange Cargo returned from Minmus, or G. Grant currently under construction at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard over Kerbin, whichever happens first. Atreides will be heading on to Eve once all her passengers are aboard. Meanwhile, House Corrino is printing up a base-seeding lander for Pol and House Harkonnen is finally ready to get underway on the interplanetary mission since Backus is now docked up. Harkonnen is likely to head to Jool first and then head on to Duna from there, where the bulk of her current passengers will be heading on to Ike for colonization. I may head back to Kerbin at some point to drop off a few of the auxiliary craft she's hauling - part count's currently up over 250 which I try to keep as a hard limit if I can at all help it. Not much else going on to talk about right now; definitely anxious to get on with the interplanetary expedition and to begin the process of establishing a base on Pol.
  15. Ah. So kinda like the original one, eh?