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  1. Well, you've got a couple of options there. First and foremost is a place to store it; at the not-Konkrete structure level, you can set up a Chuckwagon for dedicated Ore storage or you can have it selected as part of an OmniStorage selection. I believe a Hacienda configured as either an Ironworks or a Claim Jumper will do the trick natively (don't quote me on the IronWorks). Going into Buffalo 2 parts, there's a drill piece that will do the job, and of course you can always use the stock drill bits if you're so inclined. The real key bit is to make sure that the biome in which you're wanting to operate has Ore available as a resource (biomes have Ore more often than not). That typically means sending a probe equipped with a narrow-band scanner ahead of your colonization (i.e. actual base building) mission to do a full-body survey of each biome on the target world and then paying attention to what's available where. Me, I usually send the survey mission second in the colonization process; the first mission establishes global communications, while the third is an unmanned ground survey of a target site.
  2. There are a couple of recipes that will result in Konkrete; the easiest one to set up is the Ore Melter - just set up your Omni converter to that and flip the switch. You will need to have dedicated storage for it though, something like a configured Chuckwagon or space in OmniStorage. Other Konkrete formulas will depend on available resources. Rock Melter is available but generally only works where there are Rock resources (i.e. Mun only), and then Make Konkrete requires several ingredients; the specific formula depends on the mode in which you're playing.
  3. Sometimes this game annoys me... What did they want at the marked site? A surface sample, of course... I got it eventually, but I had to drop the emergency chute and cut off the engines up slope, get Val out quickly so she could do the job, get her back in and get the engines fired back up. Took me something like four tries to get the sequence down. Good news related to the Echo Flyer (the quadcopter in the pic) is that since then Bob's been to Minmus and back, I've got the S.A.F.E.R. reactors unlocked so the craft is finally back to effectively unlimited range. It's a lot more expensive now, of course, but so totally worth it... Got a whole log full of notes since November 13th, just most of it's not very interesting. I think I'll archive it and let y'all know if something actually noteworthy happens.
  4. Can I get y'all's help with something? I'm trying to build the TBD 7f base-seeding rover, using the TBD 7e (my old equivalent Buffalo 1 craft) as a guideline. What's the replacement for the old very-large Wagon storage part? The 7e had two of them, one that held Equipment, the other a huge KIS inventory which I used for Pathfinder parts - a screwdriver, a Saddle, a Pondy, a Casa, three Haciendas, four Chuckwagons, a small Buckboard, a Rangeland, 6 SAFER reactors and 17 Gaslights. You know, everything to get a huge base started (just not all at once). Here's the 7e's part list via KML. I can't get the B2 Logistics Module to give me more than 100L of KIS inventory, even if I configure it for nothing but that. I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong part or if I might have a mod conflict somewhere (which has been known to happen before).
  5. So, AVC is still playing mind games with me... I downloaded 2023/10.21.2, deleted the old directories and did a fresh reinstall. What you see on the left is the game startup immediately following the reinstall. I do still have the log file for this particular game start up if you need it, but this one seems more like a metadata issue to me. I'll still get you the log if it's helpful.
  6. K. I'll give that a shot and see if it affects anything.
  7. Howdy, @Angelo Kerman. It's been a while since I used Pathfinder/Buffalo/MOLE to colonize the Kerbin system and I've had a hankerin' to do it again lately, so I guess I'm back to asking questions when they arise. Had to sunset a lot of my old craft with the release of Buffalo 2; the one that stung there was the Echo Flyer, but I'm slowly working up a replacement. Anyway, this happened to me the other day while I was trying to figure out all the new bits. Trying to grok what might've happened. Any ideas? Any additional data you need from me?
  8. Try disabling Moderation and see if the issue persists. A lot of the time when I'm using AA and the controls get sluggish, that's typically what the cause is.
  9. I have not gotten into KSP 2 yet; as it was when I first starting playing KSP, my current financial situation is keeping me out of it for now. Can't really answer your question, I'm afraid. I like the B9 procedural wings (of course I've used them for nearly a decade now). You can set their length, chord, tip-length, thickness and sweep numerically and independently of another. Way more flexible than anything stock.
  10. Thanks, y'all. I'll give those a go and see if they help. I'm using B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings, version 0.44. They were originally a color that matched the Mk2 fuselage with a shuttle-like tile texture underneath; they've changed to that metallic color with one of the later mod updates (I started flying that plane with v. 1.3 - which is not the oldest piece of hardware in my still-used arsenal, that's still the Hellhound 7 rover I designed all the way back in 0.18). There is an option to re-color the wings in the latest version but I haven't fully explored it yet, and in the meantime I kinda like that metallic look to them. B9 is what let me build a cranked arrow wing design for that craft - there's actually three wing pieces making it up. I do have another mod installed called Textures Unlimited (which I don't recall actually adding to my build) that might also be having an effect. Yeah, the Auk I was my attempt to prove to myself that you could build a working spaceplane formulaically. I'd say I was successful there. Yet in eight years, the damn landing gear...well, I land it more often than I crash it at least.
  11. The Auk I rescue plane flies again! Here we see one on re-entry, having successfully plucked pilot Tiemone Kerman out of her stricken Mk1 Command Pod. The plane would go on to successfully land at KSC 09. Thought this was a beautiful screenie, what with Mün getting ready to set there. (On a side note, I could use a review of some good landing gear settings again - with the planes I've flown so far in 1.12.5, it's like I'm constantly landing on ice. The Auk I never had the best settings to begin with...)
  12. Started a new log for the current save last Tuesday so I could start bothering y'all about the same ol' same ol' again... Most of my past week was spent on my initial Mün landings. I had Val and Bob out there in a craft called the Kerblammo 7, which I designed to dock with a refueling cannister (which of course I unorginally christened Exxon Valdez 7) so they could make multiple surface excursions along the equator. Here we see Kerblammo 7 in the process of docking with the Exxon Valdez 7 fueling craft, itself just a big gas can with a docking port. The two ships would find each other three times before their missions ended. Kerblammo 7 making one of nine landings; this particular time it was targeting the Canyons in what was probably one of the easiest Canyon landings I've ever experienced in my decade of playing this game. Here comes the suppository! Jeb was off with a group of six tourists and Bill in another craft called the Tourbus 8 at the time in a high Mün orbit, and ultimately that mission would get back to Kerbin just a few hours before the Kerblammo made its final return to Kerbin. The return was itself not guaranteed and in the end Bill had to get out and push while Val kept the craft steering straight, but they did make it back and brought back nearly 4700 points of science from the nine equatorial targets, enough to get a good chunk of my more advanced gear back into service. Bunch of little things filled out the rest of my week into the weekend. I had Jeb go up in a Bad Idea 3 aircraft to take care of four high-altitude aerial surveys I'd managed to accrue. I accidentally hit the button to have him eject about seventy klicks east of KSC so I lost the plane despite having completed the missions otherwise. I completed a parts testing contract for a Skipper engine (having unlocked said part thanks to the Mün mission), did three satellite adjustment missions (two at Kerbin and one at Mün), and rounded out my weekend with the launch and retreival of a Kerbin polar orbiting probe that I called the Bullock 7, which took low and high orbital gravioli readings from all eleven of Kerbin's biomes. The extra 690 science points (missed one somewhere) were enough to get the Mk2 Drone Core unlocked, which was the last piece I needed to bring the Auk I rescue plane back into active service. I have a rescue mission on tap now that I'm hoping to do today (assuming I can remember how to fly the Auk I - it's definitely been a minute). I've got two tourist missions on tap to go for Mün landings but that's only for three kerbals; I'd like to accrue a few more before I do those. I've also got contracts for space stations at Kerbin and Mün that are on hold pending additional parts access, two parts tests that are in annoying locations, a couple of metallurgical analyses to tend to and a rover repair job that I'm not ready to do just yet. I also have a couple of survey missions on Kerbin that require landing; unfortunately since Angel15 retired Buffalo in favor of Buffalo 2, I've very reluctantly had to sunset the reliable Echo Flyer 7 quadcopter design that I would've used to do the job (I've also had to sunset the TBD 7e base-seeding rover, which I'd be more annoyed about if it didn't afford me the opportunity to address a few minor issues that design had). Equivalent parts from the Echo Flyer aren't yet available and I'm trying to build a worthy successor for the craft. I did have a quadcopter going for a while over the weekend, but the new craft is slower and has a much more severely limited range. I think it could do the job, I'd just have to be able to have the time to fly it out to the survey locations. Getting back might not be doable - I have yet to see what the final craft range is but the first iteration was only good out to five hundred kilometers, which didn't even get me out to the target zone. Minmus is up next on my exploration agenda - I have to do a flyby and return with some science. I'll also probably be getting that mission underway sometime later today.
  13. Alright, much obliged. I had that one installed for the Runway Project anyway so I'll be happy to be rid of it now that I'm back to regular play again (did seasons 4-5 of Runway Project and while I enjoyed season 4, season 5 made me want to cry a lot. In fairness though, I had gotten a whole lot busier by then). I might be able to contact those folks through Discord. Thanks for the help; I'll let you know if anything else turns up wonky.
  14. Took me a while to remember how to use the command prompt to search for things; Windows Explorer search is stupid... Anyway, for good measure I went ahead and got ZeroMiniAVC installed on my build. Here's the state of things right now - I can only find the single instance of MiniAVC anywhere in my build, and at this point it should be nonfunctional, right? Or do I need to go into the WorldStabilizer directory and actually delete that dll entirely? Didn't notice any effect. Latest log file. EDIT: I did note this little tidbit in the CHANGES.md file in Precise Node: 1.2.4, 2016-10-15 - Updated for KSP 1.2.0. - Please note that the 32-bit version of KSP will no longer be supported. 1.2.3, 2016-05-02 - Updated for KSP 1.1.2. - Now uses KSP-AVC for version checking. If KSP-AVC is not installed, the bundled MiniAVC will be used. 1.2.2, 2016-04-21 - Updated for KSP 1.1.0. That's a bit old, and there is no MiniAVC files in the PreciseNode directory. But, would it be possible for an instance to be hidden within the PreciseNode.dll file itself? If so, I could try disabling PreciseNode to see what happens.
  15. Howdy, Lisias. I'm getting a Tweakscale Warning and AVC seems to think the TweakScale Companion for Firespitter is not up to date, this immediately after erasing the GameData/TweakScale Companion directory and the module manager cache prior to installing the latest version (2023.10.21.2) of the TweakScale Companion "UberPaket". (GIMPed together an image with as much of the relevant data in it as I could get). And here's my log file; didn't do anything besides fire up the game to see if any borked. Says to report it, so I am. Any idea what's up?
  16. Trying to get back in the saddle again. This was a seven-passenger tour bus mission to get into Münar orbit. Not really all that great of a shot frankly but I still thought the craft itself looks pretty okay. Using bits and bobs from Pathfinder/Buffalo/MOLE as always. She's in orbit now anyways and I'll be shooting her back towards Kerbin at the first opportunity. I did have my first Münar landing mission go off late yesterday, with Val and Bob scheduled to conduct a series of equatorial biome hops. Their refueling craft in orbit didn't quite make it on the first pass so they're currently waiting for it to finish making its maneuvers so they can get on with it. Meanwhile they're enjoying the view of the East Farside Crater at night. Hoping to be able to continue that later today and in the meantime I've got my initial Minmus exploration mission contract (always prefer to go to Minmus over Mün, frankly...).
  17. Yeah, I was going to say that you needed to straighten up the stabilizer a bit and consider swapping them out with an all-moving part such as a stock Tail Fin, or at least adding a bit more in terms of movable rudder. You might be able to clip the Vectors into the wings, though that might interfere with the large elevons. The other alternative I can suggest would be placing a second pair above the wing. You'd have to turn whatever nacelle bit you stuck it onto into the wing slightly to maintain your aesthetic, and then you'd have to be able to fuel the fresh pair of engines (which is usually not that big of a deal).
  18. Looks like you've got a pair of Panther engines inboard for atmospheric flight and...I can't tell what kind of engine you have for rocket flight. They look like Shrimps? Guessing I'm completely off the mark there - an SRB wouldn't be what you'd want to use anyway, because you'd then have the issue of what to do when it was time to come back down again. The rocket engines look like they're out of vertical alignment with your center of mass, just at a glance. That might be causing whatever issues you're experiencing. What other "quirks" does the craft have? It's a very nice looking spaceplane.
  19. Ideally, the yellow line is as flat as you can make it and there are no sharp changes in the green line; a craft with those features is well "area-ruled". The cyan line is going to indicate what parts of your craft are generating the most drag. Typically that'll show one towards the front of the wings and the front of the tail. On the craft shown, try widening the fuselage as you approach the wing front and sweep the main wings back (if you can do either/both depending on what other mods you're using), and see what that does to the curves. It should smooth out the green line and reduce the magnitude of the cyan one. Save your current iteration of the craft first if it's working for you as is, of course.
  20. For static stability, the exact figures don't matter all that much. All you really need to know is that green is good, red is bad. Mw in the red means you've got a flip-prone plane; move the CL aft and/or the Cm foreward. The other one I usually see in red is...N? (it's been a minute; I don't remember exactly which one it is off the top of my head), which means your plane will have a tendency to wobble and/or spin out easily. That's typically fixed with more vertical stabilizer. The dynamic stability graphs are similar in that it's the shape of the graph that matters. An oscillation that damps down amplitude over time (i.e. the sine wave gets smaller left to right) means stability. One that stays the same is neutrally stable. One that ramps up or goes completely off the rails from the get-go is unstable.
  21. Solar won't be enough, not unless you're in close proximity to Kerbol anyway (like within Moho's orbit). But yeah, don't try to operate the drive and recharge exotic matter at the same time. It doesn't work out.
  22. Yeah, I'll be sticking with the original KSP for a while. That's par for the course for me though - I bought a new box that could (in theory) play Star Citizen in 2020; before that the last box I bought was in 2010, and that's the one I had the vast majority of my KSP exploits on. Maybe I'll try out KSP2 in 2030 when I get my next tech upgrade, but I do expect to be dead by then, so maybe not...
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