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  1. Dude. I don't want to criticize but I have to say something. I think your mod is getting way too bloated. Pretty soon it's going to be too much for you to control and it's also not fair to your following. You're making your people wait for the stuff they've come to rely on, so that you can add a bunch of stuff that they don't necessarily want. So much of it in fact that you'll be crushing bugs for the next year. I would suggest breaking your features up into modules/minimods like USI does. You can even collaborate with other modders that way.
  2. Anyone else having trouble with control/lifting surface modules not working? For me the modules are not applying to STX parts only.. stock parts are fine.
  3. What can I do if I want water to be a requirement for my kerbals? Have you thought about doing anything to give us more control over your plugin via config files? Your mod sounds like exactly the life support mod this game always needed, but with a modding community this large and active, it really needs more flexibility. For instance I'd like beer and tacos from KIS to some how keep my kerbals sane on long voyages.
  4. Okay, figured it out. It's an incompatibility with Tarsier Space Technology. Which sucks because both mods rock, but playing without TAC isn't even an option. So I just went with Cacteye and this long forgotten gem right here. If I had only read back about 20 more pages I could have learned that from this thread but I didn't, so hopefully this will help anyone who has the same problem before page 234. Cheers.
  5. So TLS works fine for me in sandbox and science modes, but not at all in career mode. I can't find any information on this any anywhere. Anyone know what the problem is? I'm using the latest versions of TLS, toolbar, and MM. There is no crash or anything so I can't post a log. The toolbar button simply won't show up in career mode, and the settings window won't show up when I start a new game. All the parts and resources are present but nothing is consumed after launch, but like I said, they all work fine in science and sandbox.
  6. I love your telescope plugin. I'm trying to get it to work with other models, but not having any luck. (Specifically the old Ordan Industries small telescope model).You're model is great, but I'd like to build a more traditional Hubble style satellite. Any thoughts on how I can get it to work?
  7. So I keep loosing outrageous amounts of money and effort, because I'm used to reverting flights the standard stock way. I'm going insane. You guys remember that old G-lockflight plugin? Anyone know how I can tweak the config for that to cover up the stock KSP flight revert buttons. Or hey, Malkuth, if you haven't found a permanent solution for that by your next update, maybe you can just place the MCE GUI revert button over the stock ones. That way the only way to revert a flight the stock way is to disable the MCE plugin. Just a thought. EDIT. As fate would have it, the old G_lock flight plugin already does cover the stock button. At least enough to to say "hey! Wake up stupid." when you go to ruin your career mode save file. FYI if anyone else has this problem. I'd link it but a can't find it anymore. I had to dig it out of my .20 backup files. EDIT AGAIN. (found it)