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  1. MKS hab ring offers 497.5 extra hab-months for just 5.1888 tons dry mass, though. I understand the scale probably shouldn't be linear, but what should it be, and why?
  2. It's a bus. That is, the IVA is set up in two levels horizontally, and while it's fairly versatile, it doesn't look like a place meant to be used for long. A rover or a purely orbital station-to-station transfer vehicle. So it probably should have supplies, but the amount should match the available habitation levels. I tried tracking down the original NASA concept art that this was inspired by to find out what it was supposed to be, and while I know it exists, I haven't found the source.
  3. Dude! Haven't you been gone for like, a couple years?

    Glad to see you're around! :)

    1. Mihara


      I'm around. I'm definitely not back to modding though. :)

      Well, maybe juuust a little....

  4. There is such a thing as a mu->blender importer, so there's always some hope until even that fails. That, however, might turn out to be too much work.
  5. [1.2] Automatic Abort System (AAS)

    So I recompiled this for 1.3 and it works fine. Lovely plugin, though I would prefer to be able to set the abort conditions in the editor, which doesn't seem to work. Any particular reason this hasn't seen an update release? P.S. Oh, and the best way to use it in my opinion: // Install automatic escape controller into escape tower parts. // Other abort modes can live with the controller part. @PART[LaunchEscapeSystem,SDHI_LES,SmallEscapeTowerHGR,HeavyLES] { MODULE { name = ModuleAAS } }
  6. Woot, it's the new one! I was expecting to see the old one, not sure why. Does the IVA render at all? I see it's commented out, but the file is there. My take on the USI-LS config for the new centrifuge. Since there are no sensible balancing guidelines for that, I just took the numbers of the larger inflatable centrifuge from MKS and assumed the habitation bonus conferred as well as the electric charge consumed are proportional to mass, so take it with a grain of salt. @PART[centrifugeSmall]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport] { MODULE { name = ModuleLifeSupport } MODULE { name = USI_ModuleFieldRepair } MODULE { name = ModuleHabitation BaseKerbalMonths = 288 CrewCapacity = 0 BaseHabMultiplier = 0 ConverterName = Habitat StartActionName = Start Habitat StopActionName = Stop Habitat INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 7.2 } } }
  7. Got a bug report. There are now two sets of lifesupport patches in the distribution -- one in "lifesupport" and one in "patches". Both get applied, resulting in multiple copies of life support modules. I am pretty sure this confuses USI-LS at least, (two identical right click menu items collide, it starts lying about the remaining hab time) not sure about the others. Previously, life support configuration was part of the part config itself, so that's definitely new. Also, shouldn't TIorbitalorb have a hab module too?
  8. NyanCat 1.0 [KSP 0.25/0.90/1.0]

    What about the Sonic Rainboom one?
  9. I have been getting the same kind of log spam as listed above, which coincides with CommNet giving out entirely. It typically remains dormant for some time until I switch a vessel, whereupon CommNet abruptly is not working anymore -- all probes report they are disconnected and cannot be controlled -- and nothing will fix it short of quitting KSP entirely. This happened in the career mode, and it started happening after installing Community Tech Tree, but I'm not sure if these events are connected or not. Removing UPGRADE blocks in antenna configurations fixed this problem. It sounds like a stock bug that this upgrade configuration triggers in certain circumstances, though the exact reproduction steps remain elusive.
  10. I have also encountered the problem of CommNet breaking entirely upon getting a part upgrade for the antennas, every time I have loaded a vessel with an upgraded antenna. Removing the upgrade blocks in part configs solved it for me.
  11. I wouldn't want to turn this into a "please revive xxxx" either, you're doing enough maintenance work already. But 6S Service Compartment Tubes are still useful, have a compatible license, and need no extra work to revive -- the last post in the thread contains the requisite config changes which I am using in 1.3.
  12. Mysteriously, this particular plugin is responsible for dropping the FPS in tracking station all the way down to 4 for me. Ship's map view is not affected, and there's nothing in the logs. Any ideas?
  13. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Sure, ok. Will I have to ask for balancing guidelines a third time or will you agree that you will never explain what sort of balance you wanted to achieve and why?
  14. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    For point one, I'm not criticising, I'm asking a question: Why is this possible, what is the internal logic, what exactly habitation is meant to model? Because, yes, I can solve this issue in numerous ways, but it won't make the event that happened make sense -- the crew could turn the craft, but didn't, because they were too homesick, and then they stopped being homesick seconds before it was too late to turn the craft. I would love to see some life support balancing guidelines. The existing documentation is both out of date -- it lists the default habitation as a "month" rather than the 7 days it actually is -- and not clear on what means what. Life support values offered by various mods are all over the place too. For point two -- so why are the default grace periods are different for habitation and supplies, then, with habitation being lower than supplies?
  15. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    That's what it does, or at least should. I.e. if we're below this altitude over our homeworld, we're "on Kerbin" in which case most of the checks get ignored, if I'm reading the source right. I would love to see some balancing guidelines, to be honest. I want to know the reasoning why exactly is it intended to work this way, so I can correctly patch the life support into all the parts floating around which don't come with it.