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  1. So, this would create a reason to make long spindly ships - move the radiation source far enough away, and the inverse square law is the best shielding!
  2. skykooler

    [WIP][1.0.5]* RSS Visual Enhancements (RVE)

    Keep in mind that the high-res pictures of Uranus were taken at the solstice, and may not be representative of it most of the time: viewed from Hubble 20 years later, it has cloud bands and looks more blue:
  3. skykooler

    [WIP] O'Neill Space Cylinder

    The physics engine should handle it just fine. However, kerbals probably won't be able to walk on it.
  4. skykooler

    First Flight (Interlude)

    Great work as always! ...Wait. The LV-1 was a turbopump-driven engine? Who is making these miniature turbopumps??
  5. skykooler

    [WIP] Air Traffic Control

    I don't know about 1.1 - I didn't buy the game through Steam, so I can't update it until the full release is out.
  6. @BahamutoD Perhaps the code from Extraplanetary Launchpads might be able to help with the launch clamp issue?
  7. I also am really hoping for this to be brought back, it just adds so much to make docking really sound solid.
  8. skykooler

    [WIP][1.0.5]* RSS Visual Enhancements (RVE)

    and, failing that, for 1.1 to come out and bring 64-bit to everyone.