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  1. So, this would create a reason to make long spindly ships - move the radiation source far enough away, and the inverse square law is the best shielding!
  2. Keep in mind that the high-res pictures of Uranus were taken at the solstice, and may not be representative of it most of the time: viewed from Hubble 20 years later, it has cloud bands and looks more blue:
  3. The physics engine should handle it just fine. However, kerbals probably won't be able to walk on it.
  4. I suppose, in theory, you could approximate changes in atmospheric conditions by increasing/decreasing the scatterer effect (basically, multiplying the depth buffer by some value to increase/decrease the atmospheric depth and thereby change the amount of haze).
  5. Wow! The reflected sky is, I think, what the ocean seemed to be missing when I was asking about Scatterer applying to it earlier.
  6. Great work as always! ...Wait. The LV-1 was a turbopump-driven engine? Who is making these miniature turbopumps??
  7. I don't know about 1.1 - I didn't buy the game through Steam, so I can't update it until the full release is out.
  8. @BahamutoD Perhaps the code from Extraplanetary Launchpads might be able to help with the launch clamp issue?
  9. I also am really hoping for this to be brought back, it just adds so much to make docking really sound solid.
  10. I did note that the ship itself seemed to be casting godrays in one of the webms. I suppose exhaust clouds would be more difficult, given their transparency.
  11. and, failing that, for 1.1 to come out and bring 64-bit to everyone.
  12. Okay, I'll take your word for that - the last time I did anything with shaders was like 10 years ago when GLSL was a new thing.
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