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  1. Fantastic news! Can you already shared expected computer configurations needed for it?
  2. Dear players, As I am not totally sure if it's a bug or a feature, I'm posting that here. I noticed that after transmitting partially science with a probe, and do not get the full science, when i recover the remaining science with a lander and bring it back to Kerbin, the remaining amount is not obtained, and I stay with these partial sciences: It's problematic because some contracts ask to send probes to other planets and send science, but if I can't recover the missing science afterwards ... Here is my mod list: I thank you for your support
  3. I posted several links on SUSIE in the Arianespace thread. Even a picture of a SUSIE-Moon.
  4. New Kerbal challenge : https://www.space.com/europe-reusable-spacecraft-susie-ariane-6-rocket
  5. The video on which the pictures are based.
  6. Please note that this is a concept but that there is unfortunately no funding on it yet. The goal of Arianespace with this announcement is to push for interest for manned spaceflight by Europe, and get funding for it. But it's honestly an original concept. Let's hope EU to join the manned spacerace.
  7. Thanks for the info, that's what i was asking myself: I have this amazing field of rock under my eyes, but the total absence of feeling of it is a bit disturbing. That also bring more challenge when landing: i was forced to hover over them with my lander to not land on it and played with RCS to move laterally. That's a bit what Apollo XI had to do just before the touchdown.
  8. I was referring to this line of the wiki for ExperimentUsageReqs, explaining my question:
  9. Same issue with Waterfall for me: fainted flames on some ships since I installed Parallax 2.0.
  10. I am also looking for the explanations concerning the laser "to be manned". I tried to use it with a scientist next to it, but not working, and the vessel used is manned.
  11. I found another performance issue with VOID. It can kill the FPS (the arrow is precisely when i activate Head-Up Display in the VAB): Interestingly, when I have this FPS drop, going in the tab Crew put back the FPS to normal, and then going back to parts just kills back the FPS. It does not start immediately in the VAB interestingly, but once there, the game even in flight becomes unplayable. Should I send you back the Player.log?
  12. That's what I did and shared to linuxgurugamer (just a 8Mb log file with a random satellite opened for a couple of minutes), enough to generate 8k lines repeated.
  13. It is in flight. I made this morning a short session, I send you the log by PM. I expect other potential issues in this log considering the amount of mods. The console spam by VOID can be seen between the lines 58760 and 64880 of the log. Here are the mods in my game: I don't, I don't
  14. The latest logs were around 30-40Mb and filled mostly by these lines repeated over and over. I've to determine how to share such a file. I noticed that these lines stop to appear when 'Enable Engineering Calculations' is disabled, but then, no more TWR or other useful infos.
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