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  1. A lovely reference to I guess Margaret Hamilton and Margo Madison (from For All Mankind)
  2. Can I suggest to have this topic pinned in the Add-on Release section, and ideally to have a unique thread on custom colored suits?
  3. I played a bit today and had a lovely surprise at the end of the SCORE mission (I will not spoil what is it) I didn't know it was possible to set-up that but I really enjoyed it !
  4. I'm really happy of this new feature How does the custom suit color work? Can you edit the colors directly ingame? Working like a mod?
  5. We will have to use the Pollux I guess to use the 1.875m ratio?
  6. Disappointed, that looks like stock parts with decals and not a real new set of parts I hope to get wrong, but the hype train has left and I was not on-board.
  7. I'm really curious to see the new parts linked to Ariane 5. 2.5 or 3.75m? Vinci engine included? With which stats?
  8. Note that the Moon Starship is not planned for Earth-reentry, that's why it lost its flaps / wings. Its another vessel (Dragon Crew or Orion) that is used to transport the crew from and back to Earth. The advantage for SpaceX with this situation is that the SuperHeavy does not need to be certified for human transport at this point.
  9. It would really be a killer-feature to have this possibility, even on a stock equivalent to your mod
  10. By curiosity, can you refuel on these airports? Has a mod even offered the possibility to refuel an aircraft at an airport?
  11. Indeed, I did not noticed and the forum was not sending me to this message, sorry and thanks So if I understand properly, there is currently no solution excepted to not click on the buttons, and just use ScienceAlert as a science alert?
  12. NASA report on the 3 selected propositions with strengths / weaknesses : https://beta.sam.gov/api/prod/opps/v3/opportunities/resources/files/3488c1f1556745cb87c046135d8ffe00/download?api_key=null&token= And this article: https://spaceflightnow.com/2020/05/01/nasa-identifies-risks-in-spacexs-starship-lunar-lander-proposal/