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  1. In phonetic: [dyna] Because the "u" is pronounced [y] in my language --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_front_rounded_vowel
  2. While i'm not using (yet) this mod, if some of you have pictures of how you landed and assembled your base elements, I am really interested to see to learn
  3. Hello, I realized today that an old rover design i used for a while totally lost its performance in KSP versions after the 1.4.5. The design is basically a modified version of that with 8 wheels instead of 10 and with a 2.5m lab (~12 tons of weight): Until 1.4.5, it was able to climb mountain slopes up to ~45° slopes (there was traction issues in the mountains on some slopes in the mountain range close to the KSC, but i went up to the mountain monolith with it), I used it on the Mün for long distance trip (including crossing the larger crater slopes and even finding a way across the canyon slopes). In the 1.8.1 and 1.11 (stock), the same design is not even able to climb a 20° slope on Kerbin. My guess is that something changed in KSP on wheels, traction or friction since the 1.4.5, my question is what? What has changed by lovely rover in something useless?
  4. I use nearly the same design, but with 4 -LV909 Terrier, which provides high TWR on the Mün and around 2k delta-v for my Science Lander, that I use to make hops between my orbital outposts and the surface for Science sampling: Outside of that, on February 8th, I built a Nano Base, but also wanted to build a slightly lager version that could give the possibility of expansion: I finally found in the last days how to do it nicely: Lastly, after discussing with another player on Facebooj, I built on my own version of the Jamestown base of For All Mankind, trying to follow this video: I used the LEM landing engines of Bluedog Design, the Station Control Center of SSPE, the deployable solar panels (see second screenshot), the expansion slots, the rear structure, and it has enough delta-v to land by itself from low Mün orbit.
  5. After not playing for a while, I made on a small base for Mün / Minmus for my Career ~1030 m/s of delta-v to land from low orbit, RTG under the cupola for the long munar night, cost of 45k I tried to make it small but in the same time realistic for an small outpost. I'm considering to allow for extension with extra modules by docking, but not sure how in term of design / efficiency
  6. this new video is pure gold I love the new animations, the new expressions, their small screams. I feel that I will be even more attached to each of my kerbals, will be trying even more to save each of them after a catastrophic failure. And I loved the involvement and explanations of the dev team:
  7. Will we be able to change the color of the light in mission, or will it be fixed once out of the hangar?
  8. A lovely reference to I guess Margaret Hamilton and Margo Madison (from For All Mankind)
  9. Can I suggest to have this topic pinned in the Add-on Release section, and ideally to have a unique thread on custom colored suits?
  10. I played a bit today and had a lovely surprise at the end of the SCORE mission (I will not spoil what is it) I didn't know it was possible to set-up that but I really enjoyed it !
  11. I'm really happy of this new feature How does the custom suit color work? Can you edit the colors directly ingame? Working like a mod?
  12. Disappointed, that looks like stock parts with decals and not a real new set of parts I hope to get wrong, but the hype train has left and I was not on-board.
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