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  1. Isn't it possible to keep the missions you removed as extra? They make easy cash, and I used them to test stupidly funny rocket designs. When i looked at the dependencies between missions, the main difficulty was that some crewed missions were dependent from un-crewed recon missions. I agree however that their repetition is boring, but some were quite cool, challenging or useful (like polar orbits).
  2. Not even the ATV-derived projects? Like Airbus Moon Cruiser, like the MSS concept or like the Advanced Crew Transportation System?
  3. For those interested, I made icons and .cfg file for reDIRECT for Filter Extension --> https://we.tl/t-zkxywFsfLP I used the beautiful SLS launch blue picture as base for the icon: @benjee10: feel free to use and share the 3 files. If the link gets down, please ask me to re-upload it, or if somebody has a permanent solution to store them, i take.
  4. Is there a list of functioning contract packs for KSP 1.8 / 1.9?
  5. By curiosity, has someone tried to install Knes 1.6 on KSP 1.8.1? Edit: It seems to work I made icons and .cfg for Filter Extension if it interests some of you: https://we.tl/t-19eCkCdDZe @Well: you are free to use and share these 3 files
  6. Hello, I've been playing for a while on KSP 1.4.5, and decided recently to switch to 1.8.1 (many mods are not updated for 1.9.1). Could you tell me what are the contract packs still working for KSP 1.8+ ? I've the impression that some of my favorites like Kerbal Academy are dead
  7. I am also interested to have this answer. I would also be interested to have the tree of missions, meaning which mission unlock which one, because I had the impression in my 1.4.5 save that some long duration probe missions (Mariner) were unlocking some manned missions, and i was obtaining some things feeling illogical in term of timeframe. Edit: I started to do such Excel file to see how the missions are linked to each other in the version 0.5.6 (and will compare afterwards the 0.6.0). It's long to complete, but will be useful to understand the links I already found that the mission R-7A required for Vostok / Korabl-Sputnik-1 is missing, and it blocks behind all the Vostok missions. Also Apollo folder is ... empt (it even disappeared in 0.6.0)
  8. That's where I saw it too, but was hugely surprised. When I saw the Developer Story Trailer, I asked myself why wasn't HarvesteR in it.
  9. Hello, is it true that HarvesteR was not informed for the development of KSP2 before the release of the announcement?
  10. The 1.7.x is becoming more and more impressive everyday Thumbs up for listening and finding a simple solution to this feedback of the community
  11. Now i can confirm you that this solution works (I didn't know it), so i thank you all for your feedbacks
  12. Not yet, but now that you have suggested it, I will try and bring a feedback
  13. And you think i don't? The lab is the part on what the cupola is fixed. But notice that i still play with KSP 1.4.5
  14. Presently, i've run the experiment and sent it to the Processing Lab, but did not expected after to now be able to do once agib the experiment with the same hydroponic module to bring it back to Kerbin. As i understand it, i've to send a new hydroponic module if i want to bring back the same experiment to Kerbin.