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  1. Hi guys, thanks for keeping this mod going! TBH I'm still slightly annoyed that this functionality hasn't become stock yet :/ I haven't been very active in KSP, KSP modding or the KSP forums as of late, so I hadn't even noticed that a new version of KSP had been released. I half expected the mod to keep working in newer versions as it always did, but today when I popped up ckan I noticed your "community continuation" I think the mod is better off in the hands of somebody who plays and thus tests more frequently, so have fun! I'll link you in my original thread. Since you changed my version number scheme, the new name (Community Edition suffix) is probably a good idea; you may use the original name if you want, though.
  2. I'm just saying, maybe a wild guess/downscale from RSS might be better than not having any gravitational quadrupoles in the Kerbol system at all. Nope . You've spent so much time doing gravity stuff in inertial reference systems that you totally forgot about the rules that apply on the surface of rotating bodies (no offense ). Kerbin should be oblate because it's rotating, but it is not because SQUAD simplified things. In real-life, if Earth was suddenly spherical, all oceans would flow towards the equator until Earth has returned to its proper oblate shape. This effect can be measured in-game, because the centrifugal force is simulated properly by the engine. At 45 deg N on a sphere it has equal upwards and southwards components, so the effective gravity vector is not perpendicular to the surface.
  3. Can't the oblateness of a body in hydrostatic equilibrium be "easily" "calculated" from the radius, rotation period and density curve of a body? e.g. I think you can safely assume scaled earth-/mars-/jupiter-like density profiles for Kerbin/Duna/Jool. I once did an experimented where I placed a ship at 45 deg N on Kerbin and watched it drift towards the equator at 7mm/s due to the forces caused by Kerbin's spherical nature.
  4. Can anybody confirm whether this has been broken in 1.0.4? Unfortunately I don't have my development environment or KSP available right now.
  5. @jd284: I can't answer your question, but I _can_ tell you to find the answer yourself by simply trying it with a sample craft on the runway.
  6. Quite strange. I have re-installed the mod, this time installing the "official" version first, and now it works... maybe you _did_ forget to package one file? Edit: Looks like the only difference, apart from some conf file changes, are the files > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_VSILINE.png > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_THROTTLEBAR.png > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_RADARDIAL.png > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_RADAR.png > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_OVERLAY.png > ./NavInstruments/PluginData/NavUtilLib/AI_LADDER.png that have been added in your version. Maybe I failed when installing this for the first time, though I can't think of any way I could have.
  7. Are Toolbar and/or RPM hard requirements? Do I need to install the "official" release and overwrite it with your patch? I'm on Linux, so maybe case-sensitivity is the issue?
  8. @Ser: Your build doesn't work on my system. As soon as I click the NavUtilities stock toolbar button in flight view, all GUI elements disappear. When switching to IVA, the IVA view is black, and I see the NavUtilities configuration GUI - that is, until I toggle the "show overlay" option, upon which all GUI disappears. Maybe I am missing a dependency? The KSP.log gets flooded with this: After removing RasterPropMonitor, I have some weird issues in IVA (but at least it's not black anymore):
  9. @Postremus: It looks like this mod was once KerbalStuff mod #628, and the netkan config by dazpoet uses the KerbalStuff mod: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/master/NetKAN/KerbolPlus.netkan But for some reason the mod was deleted on KerbalStuff.
  10. Well, doing drag and drop for about 20 mods, all with varying zip file structures, manually checking whether all depends are installed or whether maybe two conflicting versions of a depend got auto-installed, and manually checking the forum threads of all of my mods for updates gets tedious quite fast.
  11. It's nice to see that this mod still gets some love, even though it's actually quite finished.
  12. I'd like to see a 'RCS d-v' read-out in the vessel section, independent of the whole staging simulation code. Just walk over all control thrusters to determine their average ISP, and calculate the monoprop d-v from the current vessel mass / current amount of Monopropellant. Do the same thing for Verier thrusters and sum up the results.
  13. I had not released a new version of the mod, because the old one continued to work perfectly fine (at least on my machine...). I have "officially" released that re-built version now.
  14. Looks pretty... nullbytey to me. I can't think of _any_ reason why that should happen... maybe your filesystem is broken? Some bug deep within mono?
  15. I can't reproduce the issue. Does the indicator actually work? Try this re-compiled version, which should hopefully give some more debugging information: http://pub.sft.mx/NBDAI7.zip
  16. I'm eagerly awaiting an update... even though I never used this mod, it seems truly useful for all aircraft stuff.
  17. @kdavis7141: In these modern times, you should simply use the CKAN mod manager, which will worry about such things for you. You'll notice that the KIS .zip file has a GameData subfolder; just move the contents of that GameData folder to KSP's GameData folder.
  18. Currently, this mod's page is quite confusing... it says that version 2.06 is available, but CKAN says "1.5.5", as does KerbalStuff. There's a warning not to use the GitHub download, and GitHub doesn't have the compiled plugin (but I guess the sourcecode works, and there is version 2.07 there?)... finally, buried deep in the thread, there's this Mega link, which just says "2.0"...
  19. A few requests: - offer angle snap when surface-attaching (just press C to toggle it) (maybe require a higher-level engineer to do the precision measurements?) - allow detaching, and grabbing, entire subassemblies (instead of displaying an error message "can't grab; there are two parts attached")
  20. Just posting to tell you how absolutely awesome this mod is; it adds an entire new layer of gameplay. I just unlocked the screwdriver and disassembled an entire airplane on the runway, because I can. This must have been an awful lot of work, and I truly appreciate it.
  21. Somehow Trajectories doesn't appear in CKAN right now; please fix that Update: ah, it's because KerbalStuff still has the outdated version. Please fix that too
  22. This already works with KSP 1.0.2 (and I assume that even the very first version of the mod would still work there; though I didn't test it).
  23. - SRBs are a lot heavier - They are usually side-attached, so decoupling them might be risky - You can't turn them off - They don't provide control
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