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  1. @kananesgi while the fact that RealChute 1 indeed cannot do what you asked about, RealChute 2 however... https://imgur.com/a/g4F4cLv
  2. Alright, hello everyone! Short stream update, so I've decided on a schedule on which I will be streaming some development of RealChute 2 Fridays at 6pm EST Saturdays at 12pm (noon) EST Come join me! Always happy to have some company during these streams Cheers!
  3. I was mostly arguing the point of paid mods not being the spawn of satan, but Creator DLCs are very different yes. Integrating a mod is a very different process and has very different expectations as far as quality is concerned, yet again.
  4. Well yes, but I am not sure how this applies to an independent paid mod.
  5. That's just the concept of a free market, and it's fully expected. As I mentioned, a significant step in quality, support, and content is to be expected from a paid mod, otherwise people will just... not pay for it. No one will pay for a cash-grab cheap mod. The Unity Asset Store is the same idea. There are plenty of free cheap packages to use. But no one expects them to be free, we're simply thankful when they are. Those that aren't free have an increase in quality and support. The paid one without the quality uptick simply do not sell.
  6. This argument is both a hasty generalization and slippery slope fallacy. Donations are not a platform that the average modder can survive on. Modders do not owe anyone free labour if they do not wish so. If a modder wants to use his platform to make ends meet, he should not be crucified at the stake for trying to earn a living. The concept that modders are undeserving of pay because the concept of community is bigger than us is flawed. Feel free to not reply if you do not want to participate, no one is forcing you to. Portal is a good example of successful paid mods through A
  7. Modding absolutely does not deserve do stay free. Beggars cannot be choosers. Modders are humans and content creators that deserve to make ends meet, and if modding is the way forward for them they should have a support system to put their skills to use. Most modders will be glad to do this in their spare time and for their own enjoyment, but expecting from them to do this completely for free is honestly quite insulting to the sheer amount of work that goes into most mods. Modders do not owe the community the mods they create.
  8. I do not want nor need RealChute to be monetized, because I am fortunate enough to have a career that takes care of that. I also do not care how many people use RealChute, I wrote it for myself. However, this is not the case for everyone. Modders are content creators, and everyone's life situation is very different. Dismissing so easily the the idea of them being able to be compensated for hundreds to thousands of hours of work is quite silly.
  9. Hello everyone! Small announcement, RealChute 2 is back on the menu I will be doing a development stream on Twitch tomorrow at 10AM EST, everyone is more than welcome to join! https://www.twitch.tv/stupid_chris Cheers!
  10. There is literally a documentation section in the OP of this thread.
  11. Make sure the canopy and cap names are the correct ones, as well as the correct animation names. For the ProceduralChute module, don't use texture libraries unless you configured one for these parachutes.
  12. Yes, that should do it. MM shouldn't be creating conflicts that break the parachutes, you probably have something else going on, but it's not really possible for me to diagnose just from this. Yes and no. The parachute icons will tell you pretty clearly if it is safe or not to deploy by their colour in the staging list. Thing is, even on pretty fast reentries, you should be going at safe speeds to deploy Kevlar chutes (usually on drogues) by 18km, and Nylon chutes (usually for Mains) by 15km. Thing is, the earliest you would probably want to deploy drogues is probably 6-7km,
  13. The stock parachute modules are replaced by RealChute modules, so all your in flight vessels with parachutes will be broken. Edit: To make it more clear, stock parts have their default behaviour replaced by RealChute, so it cannot be reverted once in flight. RealChute is meant as a complete replacement of stock parachutes, as it has the same behaviour and base features with extra advanced features and more realism.
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