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  1. There actually is. You can see the stack chutes are already doing it. It's just not automatic, kinda janky, and is set in the part config. You could do it with an MM patch to create extra parts with an offset angle, but idk how much success you'd get and it might not work as good as intended.
  2. It's not really configured for that, the tool in game sets to aim for a specific speed once it reaches the ground, which gas giants do not have. You can switch to manual mode, a 20m drogue chute should do the job. You probably don't need one though, and an airbrake should give you all the time you need to do your science and does not risk melting unlike the parachute It's independant from the stock parachutes, and should be independant from ReStock
  3. Holy crap. I thought FASA died out years ago. Uhhh, download this MM patch and see if it works. I deprecated it assuming FASA was no longer with us.
  4. Update is up, fixes a handful of bugs and a couple of QoL things Changelog August 1st 2020 -Recompiled for KSP 1.10.1 -Added DragCube handling for different sizes and when the cap is blown off -Parachutes smoothly move towards the drag vector rather than instantly -Parachutes now look for both horizontal and vertical velocities before cutting -Fixed issue where parachutes would sometimes break due to aero forces underwater -Compatibility back to KSP 1.8 has been enabled -Legacy MM patches removed Thanks for your patience with this one! Cheers
  5. You can always track my progress from the GitHub activity. Short answer is no the fix didn't make it in, but I'll just do it myself, at least I know where to go to fix it. RO is on 1.8, and this mod is compatible with 1.8 if you have the right version. If it's not in GameData, it's not installed. You may also be seeing the RealChute implementation done for FAR, which hotwires all stock parachutes with RealChute. You can't disable that, this is an integral part of FAR.
  6. Left click to repack from EVA. Has to be a lvl1 engineer in career, you can modify it from the settings menu.
  7. Unless you know how to compile a mod, no. The mod is intentionally disabled on new versions, and cannot be reenabled without a recompile. 1.10.0 has a lot of issues as of right now, so I'm waiting off for the first patch before updating, especially since it'll bring me a fix I want to implement. You can ask Steam to revert you back to 1.9, and you will most likely find backups of your save files in your saves folder that you can revert to, the game creates backups regularly.
  8. @AxleGreaser @cordilon I'm currently working with JPLRepo to fix the issue permanently, and most importantly, without hacks. Next RealChute update, which will come with the next minor patch, will hopefully have this fixed. Im still not sure how to reproduce it consistently, but I'm hoping fixing the problem at the source handles it for all cases!
  9. Unless I get steps so I can reproduce it and a full bug report with according logs, I can't really address it at all even if I find the time Still haven't experienced it myself.
  10. First thing I'm noticing is the use of the stock chutes. They have an MM patch applied over them, and that might be what's conflicting. Try using the RealChute parts instead and see if that works. FAR's RealChute implementation also does not use an MM patch, so that would make sense why they work. Otherwise, that does not sound like a RealChute issue, and I doubt I would be able to fix it locally, that's not in my code. Even if I was, as it has been mentioned in the previous pages of this thread and per the disclaimer in the OP, RealChute is not currently under development Your best bet
  11. I simply can't reproduce that though. I've been active out here because I've started playing KSP in personal time again for the first time in nearly two or three years. I've logged about 100h over the past two or three weeks, and I've sent lots of different missions, with splashdowns on laythe and kerbin. I have not had a single parachute breaking up in this time. A very bright and clear message appears on the screen when it does, I'm confident I'd have noticed it. Without being able to reproduce it reliably, I can't try to fix it. I do want to make some time this summer to put out the new par
  12. I've mentioned this before, but this mod is not in development anymore. This code has been stable and functional for over four years now, the parachute code is mostly unchanged itself since 2014. I'm not supporting this mod anymore, and therefore I'm not making an update with a patch that has the potential of causing far more trouble than it is solving. It's hard to predict how this will impact otherwise, and I'm not willing to release it as I am not going to be supporting it, and if something were to go wrong, you end up with angry users without support. I'm sorry, you are free to patch
  13. The parachutes only use convective flux and emissive flux for temperature calculation. Conductive flux is not used at all.
  14. It is in fact in the action group windows. Put the parachutes you want on your craft, select Duna in the action group menu, and put in your landing parameters. When you hit apply it'll tell you if it can fit such a big parachute. If it doesn't, you can try to use a triple canopy, but things will be getting very expensive for very little return. You can also try using kevlar to help. Landing only with parachutes on Duna is hard, I suggest you instead try to use drogues to slow you down and stabilize and do a final burn to stop completely. It's actually always ASL. Parachutes are ground
  15. @AxleGreaser This mod is nearly seven years old. It has not been significantly updated in nearly three years. I'm not supporting it anymore either. The bugs have been ironed out a very long time ago, and with no new features being added, I believe it's safe to say that no new bugs are being introduced. I suggest you strip your install of other mods, and test on a new save file. If you can get to reproduce something on a a clean install reliably, document it, and get me the log files. I'll take a look then. But for now, I can only assume that this is local to your install. Yes, that's t
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