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  1. I'll start a separate thread when it's ready. I'm developping it right now on a private GitHub repo, with only a handful of people having access to look at it. I'm trying not to get people to speculate when/how it'll be ready and what's going to be in the new features, I have a long history of jumping between projects. I'm also working on a game itself during the summer so my time will be split between this and the game. Everyone will know that it's ready when it is
  2. The mod is RealChute. The goal is to create realistic chutes. If your chutes cannot deploy because they actually aren't in the airflow, they shouldn't. I won't add an option to make the chutes less realistic. I'm not developing this version anymore anyway, any new features will be in the RealChute 2 package. Now, use the stack chutes to make a CSM, that's exactly what they are for.
  3. Recompiled to KSP 1.7. I didn't test it out extensively, but I doubt anything broke really. April 13th 2019 v1.4.7.4 -Recompiled for KSP 1.7 Get lit fam
  4. You're back?!  Welcome Back!!

  5. That's weird, but I've talked to Taniwha and apparently the solution is much simpler. The buttons have two name fields, catergoryName, and categoryDisplayName, and we are currently using the later. The first is never localized, the second is. We should probably switch to the non localized name and save ourselves a lot of trouble.
  6. @Starwaster Yep I'll take a look at the localization file... yknow... in case they changed it EDIT: doesn't appear they have, so not sure what the problem is this time around.
  7. Small incremental update October 16th 2018 v1.4.7.1 -Recompiled for 1.5 Should work without any problems in 1.5 Enjoy!
  8. Yep, hard coded, it should also have displayed a message as you launched KSP. Major version changes are very prone to breaking KSP completely, often because of name changes. I'll see if anything broke this time around and then see about releasing.
  9. I was told this sometime in 2014, so if it's still there... yeah. It probably ain't going.
  10. Having asked about this a long time ago, I've been told they were very very deeply anchored into how the game loader works. Something along the lines of them being harmless and that removing them could be more of a headache than anything. A bit like how a lot of old management systems are in COBOL but replacing them would be insanely expansive. Yknow, don't fix something that works. I guess. Also... why not just use the Versioning class?
  11. As Starwaster pointed out earlier, you had downloaded the source of RealChute, not the mod. Can you confirm that you have downloaded the mod correctly by giving us logs again and a screenshot of your GameData folder?
  12. Okay, that's the part I wasn't too clear about. That makes a lot more sense actually. I've been working a lot with the new object based UI lately on personal projects and yeah I do agree it's probably gonna be a lot more handy to have an assembly directly into Unity. Thanks! Other than that, is there any particular reason it seems to be recommended to anchor in the top left? Just as a convenience or does KSP handle it's Canvas in a specific way that makes this more convenient?