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  1. It's been mentioned a couple of times already, but I'm not actively working on RealChute at the moment. If StageRecovery is causing issues by interacting with RealChute, I can't do much about it even if I wanted to.
  2. Because the update is not compatible for KSP 1.8. If you are on 1.8, stay on the previous version of the mod. It doesn't say it's compatible. I'm not currently developing RealChute in it's current state, and I'm sure as hell not touching the rat's nest that is the current UI code. RealChute 2 is on indefinite hold as of right now, but new UI is within the scope of it. Make sure you have the right version of RealChute installed, and updated versions of the other mods.
  3. The update for KSP 1.11 is released Changelog: January 21st, 2021 v1.4.8.2 -Updated version filter to not include versions prior to 1.11, recompiled as such January 18th, 2021 v1.4.8.1 -Recompiled for KSP 1.11 Cheers all, hope everyone had good holidays
  4. I've been at this for nearly 8 years now, so it's not my first rodeo. What was rather unusual this time is that I also got harassed on my personal Discord server dedicated to my WIP game. Kinda shortens the fuse. The tl;dr is that I now code for work. While I love my job and what I do, I've also just finished my penultimate Uni semester, and I'm on Holidays vacation, so I'd much rather avoid programming while it lasts and I'll get back to it after.
  5. The warning reads that the mod may not work or be disabled. In my case, it is always disabled completely on new version. It's not that it doesn't work, it's that it won't work, because it's designed to shut itself off. If you see that warning pop off and the mod suddenly appears to be not present at all, that's a pretty good indication that you should wait for an update.
  6. The warning is a standardized thing across mods. Modders are then free to leave the warning as is that it may be broken, or they may decide to intentionally disable parts of the mod should it be flagged as on a new version. I prefer disabling everything, because if something is seriously wrong, you'll know too late. If the whole mod is disabled, and parachutes are hidden away so that you can't use them, you won't have a chance to get there.
  7. It's quite literally letting you know when you start the game the the mod is incompatible. Every update this comes up again. The mod is intentionally disabled on new version of the game. Wait for an update.
  8. That's not what I'm talking about. The parachute looks for specific transforms and animations on the parts, and these names are unique per part. It already does.
  9. If you just copied and pasted it then yes, that would not work as there are several names that must be appropriately configured for each part.
  10. It's most likely not properly configured then. It needs a ProceduralChute module additionally to have the action groups menu, you should take example on the stock MM patch of RealChute
  11. Because they're not MM patched to work with RealChute, they're using stock parachutes.
  12. There's an included MM patch that adds RealChute to stock parachutes. If the models change for RealChute, it'll be from Sumghai's new parts, not reverting to stock. On another note; good news, I might start having some ~free time~ some time in the near future! I've been hired as a Unity Developer at Behaviour Interactive as of two weeks ago, and I finally start having some time for myself instead of working crazy hours at a retail job! I still have my bachelors to finish, due this April, but things are looking up
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