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  1. I think the original thread got eaten, but iirc the original use-case for Dirt vs. Substrate was provide a dirt common (literally), *highly* inefficient fallback resource for all the other raw resources in the MKS chain. e.g., if you're somewhere that's poor in silicates you can still sift trace amounts out of Dirt so you're not completely screwed, just kneecapped until you can setup a supply chain for the missing resource. Substrate emerged as a way to have an abstract raw resource that, while not as common as dirt, was still more common than minerals, rare metals, etc. MKS uses it as a pare
  2. Without Dirt MKS player do need ensure they have access to usable amount of substrate when selecting a site for their base. Either Dirt or Substrate are required for two of MKS's production loops -- without those loops your base will still require occasional resupply.
  3. Bluedog Design is largely based on historical parts.
  4. Blue Dog Has a standalone geiger counter part. It also has the geiger counter experiment available on a few other parts that have a historical analog.
  5. There's a mod which fixes that — last updated for 1.7 but it's running fine in 1.8.1
  6. You might want to ping @allista When MKS switched from EPL to Ground Construction (now Global Construction) it supported surface construction *only*. Allista added orbital construction comparatively recently hence the name switch over to Global Construction (GC). I'm assuming he added the separate workshopType parameter to differentiate a ground workshop from an orbital workshop and MKS just hasn't caught up yet. I'm not sure what happens if you try to use a ground workshop in space... possibly bad things as the DIY kit either expects to be docked or landed. The simplest change wou
  7. Scansat works differently than stock scanning. Scans happen over time instead of instantly like in stock. Each scanner part has different characteristics which affect the orbit you’ll need to use to scan a body efficiently: 1. Minimum and maximum altitude. Scans only happen while your satellite is above the minimum altitude and below the maximum altitude. 2. Field of View (FOV) is the angle of the scan beam. A larger field of view scans more ground in each pass. 3. The type of scan. Optical scanners only work when the surface is lit. Scansat comes with an excellent guide in
  8. Soundtrack Editor will do most of what you want And someone's already released an original score with body specific tracks
  9. That would probably be better be handled as a MM patch bundled with KSCExtended and TSC.
  10. Going off-topic here, but I picked up this trick of piping find through sed for formatting into a directory tree. Aliased it to `tree` find . -print | sed -e 's;[^/]*/;|____;g;s;____|; |;g' Could also install tree itself through homebrew if you want
  11. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/188816-zorgs-screenshots-and-customised-visual-set-up/
  12. Not who mentioned the issue, but I'v noticed that Karibou rovers are incredibly easy to roll. e.g, this guy will roll at relatively low speeds (6-8 m/s) at 1g. It gets even more unstable if throw some cargo on the multihub. Replacing the Karibou wheels with stock TR-2Ls and it's a lot more stable. Edit: The TR-2Ls do help lower the center of mass a bit, but they also have a narrower footprint than the Karibou wheels. irl you'd expect the wider base to be a bit more stable. https://imgur.com/a/2cqQMuN
  13. There's an option to do exactly that. Look through the settings in-game, the documentation on the web site is a bit out of date.
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