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  1. I'm sorry here that hopefully you two will be able to get together soon either way this is one of the nicest IVA's i've seen and would love to be able to use it.
  2. does anyone know where I can get more details on this, I can't find anything else about it, is it a separate mod, is there a WIP version I can use
  3. alright thanks, I guess ill look for some alternatives, and post what a list of what still works. does anyone another mod with stinger missiles?
  4. the seats on the bell cockpit are rotated to the side for some reason, does anyone have a fix for that?
  5. could you make an SST cockpit for the new 1.5 size parts? maybe one that looks like more like the TU -144? I'm not sure if its ok to make requests so sorry if its not.
  6. would you be will to make a flat version of the Cradle style base frames? somthing that would work well with structural panels or the "Planetary Base Systems" mod parts.
  7. that did it. thanks man that was a lot of work for a problem only effecting one person
  8. Im guessing its a mod Conflict, but i've got no idea how to figure out witch mod is causing the problem. should i try renameing the part or something?
  10. for some resson the Draco Lander dosent show up in game no problem with any of the other parts
  11. Check the first post, he's got a public alpha coming up
  12. What other mods will be required to make one this work?
  13. Would any of those new parts be a nuclear engine for the SC-IVB? because I've been itching for a nuclear upper stage
  14. alright then, itleast its not taking as long now
  15. if "enableRTsupport'' in KerbalKonstructs.cfg is set to false assumeing thats what turns on and off RemoteTech support, "disableCareerStrategyLayer" on the other hand is set to true (i'm pretty sure i changed it from false in an atempet to fix this)
  16. sorry Kopernicus is for Astronomer's Visual Pack, I think