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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered but is there a list of planned parts for the X-15, are you going to make an XLR11 or the external fuel tanks X-15A-2?
  2. And now i need to figure out how to get a Shuttle ET to the Surface of the Mun and Duna. Are you going to make a horizontal Converter? it would be nice to have some with a ladder or some stairs to use in FreeIVA
  3. @CobaltWolf @Zorg there hasn't been an update or a progress report in awhile, did you guys move on to other projector or are you just taking a break? No judgement, I just feel like I might have missed some news, and I was really looking forward to the Atlas revamp.
  4. We could really use a 5m to 3.75m adapter to link the NLSUS-XL5K to the Shuttle ET, a truss interstage for it would be nice too.
  5. the story behind was posted to an alt history forum and a lot of renders for it were made, that page is down unfortunately but here's a link if you want to keep an eye on it. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/boldly-going-a-history-of-an-american-space-station.502152/ the best of the illustrations came from here https://www.deviantart.com/aedwardbaker/gallery/76593885/boldly-going also if your willing add it, a tunnel like in the illustration that latches into the front landing gear bay of the shuttle and connects the nose cone of th shuttle ET would be real nice to have.
  6. I think what they are referring to is the ogive shape LOX tank which was turned into one big wet workshop accessed through the shuttles nose.
  7. For some reason i can't get the PLV to separate without it blowing up the shuttle ET, has any else had this problem?
  8. Can you share any links or anything about the ULV, it’s such a generic name I’m having trouble finding anything about it
  9. Has anyone made a patch for this and Blackrack's volumetric clouds?
  10. Are you guys going to make the banana peel for the M55A1? I don't know much much about how modding works but its seem like it could be done using the same setup as the insulation panels on Centaur-D. Then again it would just be aesthetic since solid propellant temperature doesn't matter in game
  11. Is anyone else having trouble geting these two images to load? I love that we're getting these parts, i just wish i could see them.
  12. I know you just mean things like the Orion 38 and that technically it was never in the "family" anyway, but I'm still holding out hope that we get this beautiful abomination in game.
  13. Is anyone working on an addon for this mod to work with Blackrack's new volumetric cloud mod?
  14. love the mod so far, would you consider adding the EDO-pallet?
  15. Are you considering adding a recovery only experiment to the camera so we can recreate Surveyor 3? we already have a materials bay and a goo container I’m not sure what you can do
  16. Is anyone having trouble with the Ballast not showing up in game? the files for it are there.
  17. I've starred playing carrier and i've noticed a problem with contracts when using JNSQ. On the Nimbus contract it has all the experiments listed as being done in low orbit but request a high orbit. it's impossible to reach the orbit required, 815 km , with with any of the Thor or Delta rockets that carried the satellites IRL. this is the only contract i've encountered so far that does this but from looking at the i suspect Lunar Orbiter and OGO might have the same issue. Does any know a guide to how to write contract .cfg's I think I can fix this.
  18. i don't have that issue, looking for a simple solution are you use the right part? there's a fake one on top of the the part the real one attaches to.
  19. There's a small bug with the model for the Mercury drogue chute. the chute works but its model is broken, the actual parachute part deploys way down on the bottom with the cable its supposed to be attached to going through it.
  20. you're going to have to realign the engine in the VAB/SPH download "RCS Build Aid Continued", set the NERVA as the first stage so the yellow arrow is coming out of it, then use the move tool to shift the engine up and down until the torque in the RCS Build Aid tab is as close to zero. then stick on a couplebig reaction wheels for good measure.
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