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  1. hey there zzz sorry to bother you but the download links on this page

    seem not to be working, I just want to check out the ring station parts. Is it possible for you to get new download links?

    1. Deimos Rast

      Deimos Rast


      I just checked every link on that page and they all still work, just fill in the missing letters that got removed (see here for a hint). ZZZ hasn't been around in awhile, but feel free to PM me if you have trouble with it still, and I'll give you a dropbox link.


      And thanks again ZZZ for these marvelous parts.:)

    2. techstepman


      im sorry but I read that thread and maybe I missed something but I don't understand what missing text I must add. I want to download the ring station parts from that page. its the 8th pic in zzz's opening post.

  2. I'm try to make sort of KIDS for my self, is this way is legit or I mess up things? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEnginesRF]]:final { @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { @CONFIG,* { @IspSL *= 0.6 @IspV *= 0.6 } } } It seems to works somehow, but I'm not sure what I'm doing and is I'm doing it right.
  3. Perfomance is better now, I didn't test it intensively but at least no noticible difference from at launchpad. Thanks.
  4. Not sure why but I still have noticeable performance hit from 0.5.1, less then 0.5 but still. same rocket at launch 0.4.42 - time rate 80% 28 fps 0.5.1 - time rate 50% 16 fps No log spam, very messy setup with ton of mods It's not proper report - so I do not ask for help or support. Just saying:wink:
  5. Got it. Thanks. Never look at this tool this way, cool ability. It's hard to tweak to get exact result but got more or less stable(some roll instability at extreme angles) up to ~60 AoA, slows much better now, still some bounce up couple times, not smooth descent curve, but much better, reliable and cold now (RSS-lite(x6.4)).
  6. I not said it necessary fly or how ot called, but it object of aerodynamic and gravitational forces anyway, I asked how it made it. If it somehow shift mass to keep balance in needed position at different mach this the trick and answer.
  7. Nope. Well, I will ask another way - do anyone have any craft capable to keep AoA 45 at Mach 12-15 without canards, cheaty gyro and RCS? Just to take a look at CoL - CoM - control surfaces scheme
  8. Maybe stall is wrong word but it's not work for me, I could not to make anything with such wings keep AoA more then ~20 regardless of deflection angle of control surfaces and CoL position, what's the trick?
  9. But how? I examined pictures of it's control surfaces and didn't understand how reproduce it. Any control surfaces at the end of wings will be useless at this angle because of stall, maybe with canards but it do not have canadrs.
  10. 2oktav I didn't looked at ksp forums last months but accidentally went(?). Fractal didn't have sources of most models. If I understand correctly you want radiator model isn't it? It was ages since last time I launched unity and don't clearly remember how all this work but I think I put correct files and hope you can sort out how to use them and it will somehow help http://www./download/m7mr6760czgbr5g/h2.7z But if I remember correctly such separate animation(to make unfolding animation and separate heat) is not work well, but maybe with help of some dll magic. I allways thought best way to
  11. This is not what I'm talk about. Only somehow change of rules since it become popular was electricity for sas but it's not matter much and do not change anything drastically. How terrain looks and how sas good don't change anything -you do the same things in the same way. Make things looks better and control easer it's just another part of making it more accessible for general public. And this is not about harder. FAR is not harder then stock just more resonable and DR is not any hard - but this is not as it used to be,- this is the main concern
  12. And as well as for heat it's also reason why ksp will never have more resonable aerodynamics. This "placeholder" was a reason why there "crazy and creative ships" in first place and now it's image of KSP and in this way it's become famous. And now you can't change it to not "ruin magic". ----- Well if you don't touch anything then - this is how it's used to be, everyone love it, maybe we wiil change it but who know and there also mods if you want, you know. But if you will touch anything, basic rules - everything will be ruined forever, it's not as it used to be, "all" will be angry. Squad p
  13. This picture is better demonstratration of intake spam I'm personally usually use 1:1, 1:2 and try to make it look somehow reasonable. It's still easy enought to get in orbit with it, maybe less effcient.
  14. I don't know about topic, but want to notice, maybe you know what you doing or I didn't see somethnig, because no one is talk about it, but details you try to bake looks like is not very suitable for normal map by itself. I mean mostly perpendicular plains. Normal maps didn't work this way, it's not height information, it's more like slope angle information. I mean perpendicular cube at plain even if correctly baked will produse nothing on normal map.
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