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  1. I didn't know this was a feature on any controller until I stumbled on it in the rhythm game, Mad Maestro. It requires pressing buttons with the specified pressure at the correct timing as directed by the symbols on the screen. Not an extraordinary game by any means but when the tutorial told me to press the buttons harder or softer, I was surprised. It was very difficult to do 'light' presses consistently when also trying to keep up with frantic timing.
  2. Hey, is there any known funkiness with the shielded docking port's camera? I was getting weird results last night. The not-shielded docking port of the same size worked perfectly, but when trying to activate or cycle to the shielded one, I instead got a random view of space (not in the direction the port was facing) without any overlay and couldn't backspace back to ordinary camera view without switching vessels. There were other mods in play and I haven't even looked at the log, so don't take this as a proper bug report. Just fishing to see if anyone else has encountered this behavior. If I have time to play tonight, I'll get more details.
  3. YES. My wife started imitating that sound bite while watching me play and now we use it all the time.
  4. JumpsterG


    I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so I keep following. Love ya, dude. Don't forget to have fun!
  5. JumpsterG


    I told you, "still got game". Thanks WhackBot! Have details about the new job been shared? (I haven't been around much, myself, been crazy busy)
  6. "Thread Tools" -> "Subscribe to this thread..." Looking forward to more.
  7. To clarify what was asked and confirmed: In addition to supplies, Kerbals require electriccharge at all times, otherwise they will throw a tantrum. Don't know if this is what was happening to you, but good thing to look out for. At some point, the original post should probably be rewritten a bit to include all the little details like this, but the mod is still growing and changing, so not much point just yet.
  8. They probably should have a little less drag if they're beat by a 1.25m nosecone stack but they're still pretty useful. In career, I got to a point where I wanted to lift a good sized load (some 40T thing). I had 2.5m tanks but didn't yet have the Skipper. I improvised a high thrust engine using a T-30 and a bunch of MK55's placed/offset/rotated such that they were below the fuel tank, in a circle around the T-30. I THINK they were protected from forward drag this way (Does occlusion work for radial parts now or just inline ones?). I'm not sure if it was more efficient than making additional 1.25m stacks to attach engines to, but it worked pretty well. It seems to be an oddball part that doesn't really fill a specific niche, but is very easy to integrate into designs since it can attach anywhere. -Need more thrust but don't want another 2 stacks alongside your central one? MK55s -Need some gimbal without changing your existing stack engine? MK55s -Need vacuum engines but don't have stack space (double-ended tug, small spaceplane)? MK55s If you're looking for the most fuel efficient designs, you might never use it, but if you're lax on the efficiency requirement, I bet it can be used to simplify designs at the expense of some additional weight/fuel.
  9. I like it. The feedback on holding a button down is very nice when rotating camera views. It would be nice to be able to scale it up/down in size (along with the rest of the UI elements in the game - I can't play on my TV from my couch because of the tiny text). I think a toggle for using the OS default pointer is important for some non-aesthetic/non-arbitrary reasons. Players using windowed mode, or who tab out to other windows may find it easier to keep track of the mouse if it is not changing from one screen to the next. Allowing OS pointers may be helpful to users with certain disabilities, since there are high-visibility pointer styles they may use. TL/DR - Pointer is great, but more UI improvements could be made all-around.
  10. JumpsterG


    Wanted to remain respectful and not drag the conversation when you're down, but clarification: 1) You still got game (the dating scene is still open for you) 2) There's a world out there waiting for you, when you're ready. and throwing this one out there, too: 3) We're here to talk at if you need us.
  11. JumpsterG


    Big bummer at this junction, but at least you now know you're still in the game. Drown your sorrows in the vice of your choice and wake up ready to fight again in the morning.
  12. I have the sudden urge to start a career mode, pretend there is only 1 RT-5 in my inventory and include it on every mission as though it were a crew member (must recover!). "Pet Flea Mode" could be very amusing.
  13. That's a good idea! Thanks, I'll update the file when I get a chance.
  14. Posted this earlier in the thread, but here it is again. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100018891/UmbraSpaceIndustryAdjustments/AddSuppliesToCrewedParts.cfg Adds 15 days worth of supplies per crew slot to command modules and 30 days per crew slot to non-command crewed parts. Adjust to taste by opening with notepad or your equivalent text editor of choice. In \GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\LifeSupport\ you should find Settings.cfg. I haven't tested it, but if you change SupplyTime = 324000 to SupplyTime = 0 you should get instant grumpiness. As of right now (18:20 EST May 3) I see it on CKAN, listed as "USI Life Support". Look again? Maybe it got posted since you last checked.
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