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  1. Has anyone had an issue with CTT and Probes Before Crew? Atm the parts and everything else work great, but I don't seem to have upgrades for the TB-75 in my tech tree
  2. Is anyone else who uses these parts having any issue with the Netherdyne University? When I feed it science experiments I don't get a Total Data/Max Data or any projected science increase, but I do have the yellow button with +0 at the bottom. Tested it at the end of the stream on the launchpad, first trying a mk2 science lab, then the netherdyne university. I happen to already have a current output and KSP log from reporting another bug earlier, so please disregard the screenshots - the logs can be found here via Filebin @linuxgurugamer
  3. Np! Figured it was a known thing, but probably just a conflict with someone else I'm using. The easy workaround is to not use an SSTU part for the root part of the vessel. Only problem outside of that is the shuttle parts don't have windows that light up. Here's screenshots of the in game log with and without an SSTU root part (probe core, command pods etc - all the same) only happens when I activate the lights "U" key. Also included is the KSP and output logs File Download via Filebin Thanks for taking a look
  4. What about an inflatable heat shield like the science ship over venus in The Expanse? I'm also having a funky thing happened, but idk if anyone else has run into it outside myself and one of my viewers. When I use an SSTU part as the root part of a vessel and enable the lights I get a cubemap nullref. In a craft without the SSTU part it's intermittent, occasionally getting a flicker across the screen when I turn on the lights but not as frequently. I've got over 100 mods, so it could totally just be a conflict. Anyone else had that problem?
  5. I can confirm that, but it'd probably be better to get a log from someone with fewer mods. For Some reason I don't get a message anymore on the final craft/pod, but if I look up the flight history the craft did crash and the pilot did die. Works as intended for the entire ascent part - tbh I figured it was just me and using JNSQ/Tweakchute
  6. ah something similar to this mod what I tried to do for stage recovery was hide a heatshield internally, so it has 100% ablator remaining to trick stage recovery into working - recovery failed and I didn't actually get a message from stage recovery at all. Ship just poofed lol
  7. try including a probe core with an active connection and leaving them enough fuel for a propulsion assisted landing. the problem seems to be the overall speed it takes to get into an orbit. Personally I gave up on it and just went with the heavy industry strategy from Strategia, it provides a 75% discount on launch costs which basically makes recovery completely OP and irrelevant for most things (you could actually make a profit on the recovery, the discount is so low - so there's no need for a recovery).
  8. Sigma's latest TweakChute release should take care of it https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-TweakChutes/releases
  9. Looks great! Tested fine - but someone who isn't using research bodies (I'm avoiding spoilers on everything outside Mun/Minmus for myself and the stream) could test this on a thin atmosphere planet - and also it wouldn't hurt to test it with SSTU Great work tho
  10. It's a Plugin for JNSQ called TweakChute. It does a final rename that keeps Stage Recovery and SafeChute from working as far as I can see
  11. o/ I was wondering if this mod was still supported? I'm having an issue with it in a 2.7x scaled solar system (Gallileo's new JNSQ) For whatever reason it just doesn't take you out of timewarp on chute deployment or at the minimum altitude set in the config - but Idk if the mod actually works in 1.7.1. I haven't played KSP since 1.4.5 and this was one of my favorites Figured out the issue, it was another mod conflicting by changing the name of chutes. I'll get ahold of that mods author
  12. just a visual problem, but I haven't replicated it in a clean install yet so I didn't report the bug. If it's the same one I'm having, switching resources leaves the previous resource listed in the tanks information until you click somewhere else and go back into it's info where it displays the correct contents
  13. Thank you sir! It's probably a residual problem with Atomics, I'll have to take one or the other out probably. Could that also cause the magneticfield info issue?
  14. @FreeThinker Howdy sir! I've noticed another oddity but I'm not really sure if it's Interstellar related. Some of the ion engines don't seem to be able to use fuel and have 0.0ISP stats I also included a screenshot of that missing magnetic field scrolling error when the dual technique magnetometer is in use. It appears to be fine around Gael, but once leaving Gael's SOI it spams that error in the console log Screenshots Output Log
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