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  1. Thanks for your comprehensive video report of your SSTO mission to Minmus @mrhexed. Recovering from the reentry spin encurred by the exploding air brakes showed skillful piloting, nevertheless the explosion itself unfortunately broke K-Prize rules, see rule 1 about not losing parts since exploding parts are considered lost. This qualifies the report for a gatecrasher link on the front page, on the list of gatecrashing infamy, plus quip and the right to display the gatecrasher logo. Which is quite a good deal. However if you would prefer you also have the right to have the gatecrasher listing expunged (or kept, your call) if you complete a successful K-Prize mission. The choice is yours and I will hold off on listing the gatecrasher for a bit in case you decide you want to complete the mission.
  2. Thanks for your mission report @doggonemess , you are right, spaceplanes are hard but that is why we do these things. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully and returning to the KSC runway safely, which merits kudos ... ... Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Mk2 SSTO Quad. Welcome to the role of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list. If you would like to report more advanced missions they will be very welcome.
  3. Thanks for clarifying @beomagi , as I said I think at a practical level the mission is a K-Prize winner (and I need to work on the rules), so thanks for your detailed report of an extensive mission and congratulations for ... - Astrokerbal Distinction (Minmus), Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with SP-6000. and welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list aka the role of honour. (FYI the Astrokerbal Distinction includes the Kosmokerbal Commendations for visiting SOIs since you have to visit an SOI to land on another planet/oid.)
  4. @beomagi in spirit I believe your mission is a K-Prize winner. Though there is one point of technical difficulty with it which perhaps you could clarify. Where did the fuel come from to move the "base mun" station plus SP 6000 (is that the right name?) around Minmus into a higher orbit? If the fuel came from SP 6000 then it is an interesting precedent, using it as a fuel supply boat. If it came from the space station then it technically ought to break the docking rule but it is not covered by existing rules. However I am minded to overlook it on this occasion because the SP 6000 went on to land on Minmus which was the opposite direction to the assist, so it actually cost dV and did not add towards a kudos achievement. However I will need to devise a rule to exclude docking to boosters because in order to compare craft capabilities they must proceed using their own thrust and fuel, which is the same reason the K-Prize is stock only.
  5. Congratulations @beomagi on completing the K-Prize mission successfully and returning to land with great precision on the KSC runway for which feat of daring do the K-Prize committee (me) awards the highly regarded Advanced Pilot Precision Award. Thankyou for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour.
  6. Thankyou for your second (in this version) mission report @hoioh You have earned both a K-Prize listing and a Gatecrasher's quip. As you may know you are entitled to display either, neither or both badges as you require and to request the removal of the Gatecrasher listing if you so wish (I just thought you might like to have both). I made up a name for your stock ship but will replace it with any you care to specify. So in the time honored tradition ... congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully with the additional accomplishment of hauling a space lab into orbit and returning to land safely on the KSC runway. Welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour. hoioh Utilitarial Commendation, Advanced Pilot Precision Award with By_The_Book. And here for the record is the Gatecrasher quip. hoioh suggested there was no such thing as bad publicity.
  7. Thanks for your interest and mission report @hoioh Is this intended as a gate crasher? Please correct me if I am wrong but apart from the not insignificant matter of an exploding airbrake isnt your sturdy and useful looking ship using modified parts? If so I must draw your attention to rule 3 and the K-Prize sister thread for modded missions. The reason I think it is using modded parts is the onscreen text in a dialogue box which indicates the presence of a SpaceY mod thrustplate as part of the engine array, as revealed in the blocking notice for the NearFutureSolar blanket PV array... also the cargo capsule is non stock, as all stock cargos have swing doors and this part is significant because it contributes to aerodynamics. Also I dont recognise the main wings as stock though its hard to tell with the part colouring mods available. Besides this the exploding airbrake, which sent the craft into a potentially disastrous spin from which it was skillfully recovered by the pilot, unfortunately breaks rule 1. So while I am grateful for your kindness in bumping the thread, I believe the mission should be linked as a Gatecrasher. Alternatively would you like some time to complete a stock mission successfully and expunge the Gatecrasher listing? Or would you prefer to join the ranks of infamy!? If you want to do a stock mission then I will delay until you are ready.
  8. Congratulations to ... @XLjedi Advanced Pilot Precision Award with SR-13 Venom. @g00bd0g - Utilitarial Commendation (72t), Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Mk3 Cargo. @JacobJHC - Utilitarial Commendation (324t), Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Heavy Cargo SSTO. @Box of Stardust Advanced Pilot Precision Award with AS-3A Skystreak. @Bitrefresh Utilitarial Commendation, Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Griffon Mark II. ... for successfully completing the K-Prize mission. Well flown all, thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the K-Prize Party guest list aka the roll of honour. It will be interesting to see the promised mission reports when your craft have landed safely @Thor Wotansen
  9. Oh no RedPandaz, that would have too many K's in it
  10. Be glad for you have earned the right to wear the K-Prize badge @Andetch ... o7 ... if you have a vuvuzela now is the time to bring it out, else a kazoo, party blower or failing that comb and paper will do, let the fanfare sound. I suggest copying from the thread linked below and hosting it somewhere like imgur to be sure of keeping it. I have just repaired the links in the OP since I didnt realise the BB transfer a while back broke them and all is well.
  11. Congratulations to @Andetch and @alex50caliber ... Andetch Pilot Proficiency Medal with Cave SSTO. alex50caliber Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Ampsk-1S. ... on completing the K-Prize mission successfully and overcoming technical flight control issues to land safely at KSC and making it back to the runway respectively. Thanks for your mission reports, hope you enjoyed the challenge, welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour.
  12. @Andetch did you land Cave SSTO safely on Kerbin with all parts intact? Without a landing report, either text or visual, its hard to tell.
  13. Thanks @Freshmeat for your transparency. I would comment that the payload appears to be modified since the stock Rockomax Jumbo64 tank holds 6400 units split between liquid fuel and oxidizer and I know of no way to switch to all liquid fuel in stock. However because it is the payload and is enclosed and is not used in flight in apart from its mass, I think it stands to reason that this is not a just cause to disqualify the mission. That said I ought to check that the same is not true of any of the other tanks used in the lifter section of the craft i.e. that they are stock and not modified. I am assuming they are stock, please advise if this is not the case. At this juncture, for the information of readers, there is a sister thread to this one for modified K-Prize missions run by JacobJHC.
  14. Congratulations @Freshmeat on the award of the highly regarded Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class, for docking Grey Goose in orbit as well as landing on the runway along with the impressive Utilitarial Commendation for carrying a full orange tank to orbit. Well played in overcoming adversity and achieving the mission. Thanks for your mission video and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka Roll of honour. Considering the space station using non stock parts such as the jumbo dome hemispherical tanks, that is OK as long as the spaceplane is stock and the physics unaltered. Since we are on the honour system and I dont want to play the martinet and the video skipped the transfer, it is taken on trust that the unfamiliar fuel transfer method was compliant with the challenge rules i.e. that the payload tank was as full prior to the transfer as at lift off and no fuel from the tank was used in the ascent. Please advise if this assumption is mistaken.
  15. @KingDominoIIIsure, whatever is possible in the stock game is OK. Since the game has widgets specifically to enable clipping its fine.