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  1. Congratulations to @GRS for completing the K-Prize mission by the skin of your teeth with ProtoTaxis 2, earning a well deserved Advanced Pilot Precision Award for a drogue assisted landing at KSC runway and a place at the table among the honoured guests of the K Prize party at the Dog and Booster. Thanks for your mission report and welcome to the roll of honour.
  2. Congratulations to @purpleivan on completing the K-Prize mission successfully with Space Plane K earning a Utilitarial Commendation for the innovative personal reentry vehicle launch and an Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class for docking in orbit and navigating back to KSC runway to land safely. The well framed and sized screenshots are worthy of a special mention because they present a commendably clear, readily understood record of the mission, involving photogenic craft designs, no doubt helped by the EVE mod but owing much to the eye of the mission director. Many thanks for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka the Roll of Honour.
  3. Congratulations @Tallinu on completing the K-Prize mission achieving a satellite launch and station rendezvous with a safe landing at KSC runway which unquestionably deserves a Utilitarial Commendation and the Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class for the flight of the Prometheus Low Tech SSTO.
  4. @Tallinu yes, you are right, as long as the mods dont alter craft physics from stock then its fine. The purpose being to enable comparison between missions and permit meaningful competition for some of the kudos titles. I havent tried Atmosphere Autopilot, but if it simply stabilizes and guides the craft as it appears to then its fine, MechJeb is OK too. You have a striking craft design which from the sound of it has already completed the K-Prize. I will wait for the promised video in the hope you will supply a name. I am afraid Kerbal transfer doesnt count unless you leave their cabin at the station... The problem is a pilot swap would be a zero mass Kerbal transfer achievement and it would require complex rules to make sense of passengers which I am not going to get into. So payload delivery is what counts for utilitarial kudos. Hope that makes sense
  5. Do not despair @HeroBrian_333 for here with some piloting tips is Calman Kerman, rescuing Tanlin in a career game working search and rescue spaceplane called Gogitem. Took a while of R&D to work out how to use the RAPIER with new atmosphere physics as I have been playing this career a while on hard and so only recently acquired RAPIER technology. I am awarding myself an APPA for making orbit and landing on the runway.
  6. @TheFlyingKerman re: first mission (Jan 26 mission ) sorry if I missed a 1st class there. In my defence tbh the screenshots you are using are so small and blurry they are difficult to decipher and I could not see what was going on clearly and the text did not mention docking. Are you saying that the "installation complete" screeny is of ship and payload all docked with an existing station core which was already in orbit? If I might make a suggestion, such fine vessels and elegant piloting deserve slightly more detailed screenies. Have you tried IMGUR ? So to today's mission erm... I am hoping that was a Utilitarial Commendation to Minmus with APPA please let me know if I am wrong. Congratulations anyway and sincerely thanks for you mission report and for participating in the K-Prize.
  7. @TheProfessor2112 OK, I can see why you might have missed it as it is only in the small print, I will revise the rules to make the no refuelling bit clearer. If completing the mission is how you want to play it then that is just fine, thanks for saying, please take all the time you need, np.
  8. @lapis it would help if you described what you did in the way of completing the K-Prize mission @TheFlyingKerman looking good, congratulations on another Utilitarian Commendation with APPA for HKA-6B. Thanks for your report. @TheProfessor2112 Great craft and nice mission but I would like to draw your attention to the rules on the first page, specifically rule #1 provisos B and C as I am sorry to say refuelling is not within the K-Prize rules. So you can choose to have a gatecrasher listing or complete the K-Prize mission as a successful mission, which supercedes a gatecrasher and grants you the right to expunge your record. I will wait on your decision. The minimal K-Prize mission is to take off to orbit and land safely.
  9. Not modded in any way. This is how it ended up after the update. I checked composites and metamaterials and they are also listed there in research but I have not researched these yet. I guess what has happened here is that I unlocked them before the devs moved them to higher tier research and then they became locked again, but were not removed from the unlocked listing in Advanced Construction research panel. So hopefully all I have to do to get them back is unlock the higher tiers. Thanks that helped
  10. I have a problem with my Steam version career save after the latest update which relocked a lot of parts in my ongoing game. Unlocking again I can cope with but some parts are completely absent now, like EP-50 Engine Plate for example. It is not visible in decoupling or by searching in the VAB but is showing as owned in the research building interface. Furthermore ships built using the EP-50 are showing a warning when trying to load them that they are missing a part named "EnginePlate3" but they load perfectly well and contain EP-50 even though it is not available to build. Does anyone know what is going on and is there a fix? I tried looking at bug reports and saw none about this yet. I tried verifying the game and it redownloaded two files but this did not fix this issue. If I go to a sandbox game save all the engine plates are available as they should be, it just seems to be the career game which is bugged. I would prefer to rescue this career game because it is on hard settings and I have spent a while getting this far, also there is no guarantee a fresh career game will be free of the bug.
  11. Merry Christmas to the intrepid crews of Kerbal Space Program, may the Christmas star guide you all to a safe touchdown! best booly
  12. In which case, congratulations once again @Aquaticfantastic on completing another successful K-Prize mission which has been listed beneath your previous with the following kudos... - Utilitarial Commendation, Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with the R8-ZR. ... for completing a K-Prize first and delivering fuel to an orbiting ship. Thankyou for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour.
  13. OK @Aquaticfantastic if you want to include that delivery mission for listing and kudos a text report will do, just need to know the name of the ship and details like dock/transfer in orbit and landing location and that no parts were lost etc.
  14. Congratulations to @Aquaticfantastic on a successful K-Prize mission resulting in the award of the highly prestigious Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with the R8-ZR. Thankyou for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list, aka the roll of honour. Regarding the question of delivering monopropellant to a space station in orbit, I think that counts as a Utilitarian Commendation, because it is transporting mass into orbit just like the release of a small satellite. Interestingly though there is no precedent for that as noone has done it yet to the best of my knowledge and so it is not included in the rules, so I will amend the rules.
  15. Congratulations to @Bitrefresh on completing the K-Prize mission snatching success from the jaws of doom with the following accomplishments (added beneath the first mission listing). - Utilitarial Commendation, Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Condor Mark VII. - Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Merlin Mark VII. Thanks for your engaging mission report and welcome back to the roll of honour aka K-Prize party guest list. btw I left the Merlin entry as a standard APPA as I was not sure where it landed and took the mission log at face value for KSC terrain. If it landed on the runway then its an APPA 1st class and this can be corrected in the listing.