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  1. Congratulations @camacju on completing the K-Prize mission eight times over in one launch with a prodigious feat of endurance demonstrating true dedication to the cause of reusability! APPA x8 it is, well flown, thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list.
  2. Looks good, I like the way you have the craters on the rocky highlands and glacial material filling the valleys.
  3. @tosha please consider your reputation on the K-Prize party guest list redeemed. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully with Comet-Nickel and bringing a payload of ore back to Kerbin runway from Minmus to earn the kudos of the much sought after (often missed) Advanced Pilot Precision Award as well as the highly regarded Utilitarial Distinction. Welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list, aka the roll of honour.
  4. Probably! Hehe, very well, here is your bespoke quip ! tosha told reporters that hacking the KASA mainframe was only to assist a refuelling maneuver, was very sorry it broke a rule but felt its easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission.
  5. So... @tosha do you want a gatecrasher? . . . Save file edit counts as modding IMHO and refining rules you know about, though its perfectly legit to pick up ore and transport it as payload, even refine it, as long as you dont use the fuel created which I am gathering was the case with this mission.
  6. With a game engine, as with the imagination, anything is possible. As I understand it, in the real world this is possible but very unlikely with a random convergence. Large planets like Jool which is analagous to Jupiter, are believed to be responsible for flinging other planets about in the early era of star system formation. A small moon sized planet like Eloo/Pluto cannot get close to a gas giant like Jool/Jupiter at orbital speeds without having its orbit around the sun bent out of shape by the huge gravity well of the larger planet. The small planet will deviate massively from its pr
  7. Weird is allowed. *bangs gavel* @camacju having flagrantly broken the K-Prize rules by blatantly submitting a mission report for a VTOL rocket "Untitled Space Craft" to a spaceplane challenge, the K-Prize commitee feel compelled to award the dubious dishonour of gatecrasher to add to your many achievements. FYI all previous achievements stand and technically exhonerate you from receiving a gatecrasher listing but since you went the extra mile to break the rules and submit a report it seems only fair to give the mission its own special gatecrasher listing with bespoke quip and confirm you
  8. Thanks, you are welcome, glad you are enjoying it, everyone needs a hobby! Congratulations on completing the K-Prize successfully with the Bactrian Salvage SSTO named for the camel I take it? (Which name I took from the imgur post title but can shorten it if you would like.) Also *SPOILER* for displaying missioneering ingenuity and careful management of risks in accomplishing two career salvage missions in one launch and returning to land safely on KSC runway thus earning the kudos of an Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class for docking in orbit and landing on the runway as well as an
  9. What an extraordinarily efficient design @camacju . Congratulations on completing the K-Prize successfully with a mission earning the unusual kudos of Advanced Pilot Precision Award x5! Thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize roll of honour.
  10. I am finding similar, but in an (unmodded) game save started before the update with ships built and put in play before the update. So its hard to know if a fresh start would fix it and I cannot make an official bug report without trying that first. When I add a part to a complex structure like a space lab space station, it imparts a significant velocity to the structure and often rotation as well and it looks like it gets a significant stress from somewhere, which may be what is causing your explosion. (AKA Kraken drive effects.) I get the physics need to be updated OK but the veloci
  11. In which case I am pleased to confirm a successful K-Prize mission! Congratulations @A Nicheling on orbiting with Goldfish and landing safely on Kerbin to earn K-Prize certification. Thanks for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize roll of honour, aka the K-Prize party guest list. Feel free to copy paste the badge into your sig if you so wish. (See account settings > signature.)
  12. Hi, thanks for submitting a mission report to the K-Prize @A Nicheling, I have to ask if that was an orbit or suborbital flight? This is because there is no confirmation of orbit in your post and the velocities shown in the screenshots are consistent with a suborbital hop to the edge of space, like Virgin Galactic. Is that right? To explain, an orbit means going fast enough so that the PE (lowest point) is above 70,000m and the ship can keep going around Kerbin indefinitely, like the International Space Station. If you look at the rules on the first page of this thread, rule #2 descr
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