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  1. Congratulations to... Spaceception Advanced Pilot Precision Award with SSTO. @Spaceception herbal space program Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Expeditionary Astrokerbal Distinction (Duna) with Duna Moth. @herbal space program Thanks for your mission reports, text only is sufficient evidence btw as we are on the honour system but its always interesting to watch a mission play out. Welcome to the guest list for the K-Prize party, aka the roll of honour.
  2. This is happening to me now after the new loading screens arrived. Began on Monday 24th July. Very slow loading of stock version which has never had mods, over 10 mins and counting in x64 version in Win7. I verified the game files in steam and that did find and redownload one file but it hasnt helped. I only have one network adapter and it is hardware "Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller". This makes the game virtually unplayable. EDIT update, I was just now able to get it to load normally by restarting Windows and starting only Steam and then KSP. But it has done this before and then the slow loading returns.
  3. No you read it right, no worries. I was just waiting for a good time to read through the screenies. So congratulations on a successful mission earning the accolades as follows... zanie420 Exploratory Astrokerbal Distinction, Utilitarial Distinction (Gilly) with Klementine. Thanks for your report and welcome to the roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list.
  4. Exploding is against the rules !
  5. @icantmakemodels thats a fine landing but its not on the runway so it gets a pilot proficiency medal and not an advanced pilot precision award. All you have to do to get the latter is maneuver onto the runway, though its better if you land on it in the first place plus a mission report of a K-Prize mission accomplishments would be needed for awarding the prize fyi. That can be any medium you prefer, text, stills, video, possibly mime, depends on how good the make up is! jk
  6. Looks great but you know the K-Prize has a no refuelling clause? See page 1 for rules. @linuxgurugamer I am sorry but Tweakscale alters physics values from stock, so its breaking the rules. I dont know the physics stats for open cockpit, if its the same as a stock cockpit and is just an aesthetic change its allowed but if it has different physics then its gatecrasher material. @Spaceception So I take it you would like a gatecrasher listing, so here it is. You can have your gatecrasher record expunged, at your discretion, if you complete the mission successfully. Thanks for sharing your mission videos Spaceception came back down to Kerbin with a bit of a bump... and an explosion... or two...
  7. Well SF-01 looks like a little R&D went into it. Any (successful) mission report you want to make will be linked on the front page. ... for now, I am waiting to see what the promised KSP mission designer is like and if possible will transfer the K-Prize to an in game mission format so people can get a clear decision in game and I can have a holiday!
  8. So you made it through the whole mission @Joseph Kerman, is that right? Recovering from tracking station is also fine. Sounds like a K-Prize! So congratulations and thanks for your mission report and clarification... Joseph Kerman Advanced Pilot Precision Award with SF-01 Falcon. Welcome to the K-Prize roll of honour and guest list for the K-Prize party.
  9. Sorry @53miner53 didn't twig. So I am happy to convey the apologies of the K-Prize committee and congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully. 53miner53 Kosmokerbal Commendation (Mün) with SSTO 1. Thanks for your mission report and welcome to the roll of honour aka party guest list. I hope that is right now!
  10. @53miner53 OK where is that ? I dont recognise it, I thought it was a planetoid, is it Kerbin desert?
  11. Congratulations to... Fulgora with Minimalist SSTO 5. @Fulgora JacobJHC Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Expeditionary Astrokerbal Distinction with Dres SSTO. @JacobJHC - Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Expeditionary Kosmokerbal Commendation (Duna++) with the I don't know if this SSTO has enough fuel. Invisifly2 Utilitarial Commendation with Sparrow. @Invisifly2 @SuicidalInsanity - Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Flamespear Mk2. .. on completing the K-Prize mission successfully. Thanks for your reports and welcome to the K-Prize party guestlist AKA the roll of honour. Fulgora you have expunged the gatecrasher record but I will keep it here in case you want it put back as is your right. "Fulgora was confident that gantry launches would one day eliminate the need for wheels." @53miner53 didnt see a Kerbin landing so am assuming the mission was not completed yet. @Joseph Kerman Sorry that you didnt get to finish your mission with your nice looking craft SF-01 Falcon. FYI it is within the rules to play on from an F5 save. Am I right in thinking your craft is all stock but with clipping (which is also OK, just the engines look a bit different due to rotated placement) ? JacobJHC IMHO the not stock planetoid landings dont count but where the mission reached a stock planet it counts and meets K-Prize criteria assuming the craft and physics remained stock otherwise. Please let me know if I missed anything.
  12. The rules have the simple intent of creating a level playing field for comparison of reusable spaceplane designs. As far as I can see, clipping and alignment wouldn't break any of the K-Prize rules as long as they do not produce a kraken drive effect. The stipulation about horizontal takeoff is to encourage spaceplane development as opposed to rocket (as is the no decoupling rule). With gantries, re decoupling, its much the same case as loading kerbals into a flight chair prior to lift off and dropping the command pod, they do not count as part of the craft and if you can find a way to launch horizontally using a gantry then fair is fair and ingenuity is always interesting. @EliteGuy3 @Fulgora
  13. Congratulations to... @JoeNapalm JoeNapalm Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Vampire Mk1 SSTO. @JYNg JYNg Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Kaiser 4. @Skylon Skylon Advanced Pilot Precision Award with STP-2 'Javelin' Trainer Spaceplane. @EliteGuy3- with Corinthians I. ... for completing the K-Prize mission succesfully. Thankyou for your mission reports and welcome to the roll of honour aka the very exclusive K-Prize party guest list. @Joseph Kerman nice looking craft but you need to make a mission report of some kind for us to know that you did the mission. Same goes for your report @ccoel which does not state that your craft completed a mission and given the objections above I will wait for your reply. @Fulgora If you think about it using infinite fuel does count as refuelling so its a gatecrasher without a doubt but thanks for your honest report and if you are OK with it I will link it on the front page among other gatecrashers and other missions of infamy. Though I should also add that launching from a gantry has been done before and that was also a gatecrasher because the launch trajectory was not horizontal, as due to physics the craft dips on release no matter how powerful the engine if it is launched horizontally in mid air and not angled up. If you want to use that launch method then it has to meet the rules and plausibly launch horizontally, which would be all the more plausible if there was some graphical evidence to show how it works. You can expunge your gatecrasher if you so choose by completing the mission successfully.
  14. Can anyone tell me why my kerbals keep changing frame of reference and orientation in mid space? It almost looks like they collide with something invisible, e.g. as a rescued kerbal leaves the vicinity of their capsule, the RCS thrusters suddenly fire and they spin around and are suddenly facing a different direction and will not align to the camera and I have to steer them via 6dof rules. Then if they grab and release the rescue ship ladder they reorient to camera normally again. Feels a bit buggy.
  15. I took a little license there, glad you like it goes without saying that if you would prefer a different name you need only say so. PS @JoeNapalm I am sorry to say procedural wings comes under gatecrashing because it is a modified lifting surface. FYI it will be a week or two until my next update so if you want to avoid the gatecrasher listing you can complete the mission or if you say so I will ignore it else I will set about finding a suitable quip!