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  1. Congratulations @QF9E on acquiring the Altitudinalist Record at 1005Tm (= 1.005 Pm) with Nuclear Beast and returning to land safely on KSC runway with all landing gear deployed. This earns the extra-special one of a kind kudos of Altitudinalist Record Holder as well as the professionally esteemed Advanced Pilot Precision Award. The Altitudinalist Record was previously held by @camacju and prior to that @dvader for pioneering flights which illustrious history may set the stage for things to come in KSP2. Thanks for your mission report and welcome to another ticket for the K-Pri
  2. Well I hope that was just a warm up @QF9E because camacju already claimed 242,000 Gm. i.e. 242 Terameters. Nevertheless congratulations are again in order for achieving an unusually high altitude and safe landing against the odds with the front gear failing to deploy, which has earned a discretionary crisis management award from the K-Prize committee. Also an Advanced Pilot Precision Award, Utilitarial Commendation (40t) with The Beast for taking a usefully large payload to orbit and the highly regarded Advanced Pilot Precision Award 1st Class with Utilitarial Commendation (40t reco
  3. That is really nice. The glass is beautifully done and also the head movements within the helmet are just right, no bits of hair poking through, though guys are easier than the gals for that in KSP and the head moves within the helmet and the helmet also moves but not as much. Good job. Also the grass is definitely greener on the other side of that hill ! I want to sing the sound of music !!
  4. @QF9E of course the K-Prize commitee forgives innocent misunderstandings, but I am sorry to have to inform you that awarding the extraordinarily prestigious altitudinalist record can only be done for a mission which was flown, as I recently explained to @camacju ... who later took the altitudinalist record to new heights using bettertimewarp mod, which it looks like you already have installed. Can you do better !? Meanwhile further congratulations are in order for two extraordinary missions, one with the very capable Wasp to land on distant Dres and a shakedown cruise to explo
  5. The more the merrier @QF9E It looks like your "Leave Nothing But Bootprints" campaign is compatible with the K-Prize when using a spaceplane so feel free to make as many mission reports as you like. More congratulations on landing Hornet on Ike in Duna's SOI. This nets an Exploratory Astrokerbal Distinction, as well as an Advanced Pilot Precision Award for bringing Hornet back to the KSC runway. Thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list aka roll of honour.
  6. Congratulations to @camacju on completing another K-Prize mission with the remarkably small payload lifter "cheap mun" which lofted an even smaller kerballed Münshot vehicle into orbit and returned to land safely on KSC runway as did the Münshot vehicle for an impressively low total mission cost. This mission, while designed for a different challenge, abides by the K-Prize rules and kudos applies to the lifter, earning an Advanced Pilot Precision Award and a Utilitarial Commendation. Thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list, aka the roll of hono
  7. You are welcome, hope you enjoyed the challenge. Payload depends where you left Avenger. You stated bootprints only so I assumed it landed with Hornet, which means it is treated as a craft entire, because no payload was left behind. Also if fuel from the Avenger was used to move the Hornet then it is part of the Hornet. You mentioned running on fumes?
  8. The K-Prize committee are delighted to offer their congratulations to @QF9E on completing two successful K-Prize missions with Avenger and Hornet in addition to a previous successful mission with Queen Amidala. These craft comprise a capable duo but FYI the rules mean that in the case of subcraft separation the K-Prize kudos are awarded up to the point of separation and continue after reintegration. Hence the highly regarded award of an Exploratory Kosmokerbal Commendation for achieving orbit around Laythe with Hornet and returning safely to Kerbin in addition to the sought after Advanced Pilo
  9. Thanks for explaining @dawg , that all makes sense now. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission and achieving a Pilot Proficiency Medal for landing on KSC terrain and an Advanced Pilot Precision Award for orbital docking in the same mission, a rarely seen combination. Thanks for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize roll of honour
  10. @dawg can you please clarify, the linked account is not self consistent and I would like an explanation before recognising it as a K-Prize mission. How did the SSTO achieve anything related to the primary Jool 5 mission if the mothership was at Minmus and the SSTO was in LKO? Did I miss something? Did the SSTO navigate to dock with the mothership or did the mothership navigate to dock with the SSTO? If so how many times and where, was there any fuel transfer, if so which way? Did you not use a spaceplane to land on Laythe? If so did you have two spaceplanes named Indefinite? (Th
  11. No need to apologise for participating in the K-Prize because here at the Dog and Booster we are pepped for take off! Sol Mk.IIc did remarkably well but as you should know by now, losing parts due to explosions is against K-Prize rules, see timecode 24:15 +> for dual exploding Gigantors. So do you want this linked as a gatecrasher, with suitable quip? Or would you prefer it was quietly brushed under the carpet. You can choose since you already shared a successful K-Prize mission. Either way you can now display the gatecrasher badge if you so wish, if that was the shiney medal
  12. Congratulations to @Reinhart Mk.1 on completing the K-Prize mission earning another Expeditionary Astrokerbal Distinction for Duna (including an Exploratory AD for Ike) as well as an Advanced Pilot Precision Award for landing Gloria Mk.IIc safely on the KSC runway. Congratulations also to @camacju on achieving the altitudinalist record with a very big AP over Kerbol taking the trophy from @dvader with a five fold increase. Sorry to say the utilitarian mission report did not mention landing again, if you could clarify the status of Tern at the mission endpoint then it will be possible
  13. OK I am glad you found a way to avoid a tedious stock timewarp flight but an altitudinalist record can only be achieved as part of a completed K-Prize mission. The minimum K-Prize mission is make orbit and return safely to Kerbin. The screeny is interesting but does not show a complete mission. For the altitudinalist record to count, a mission report is needed (images or text if you like, we are on the honour system here) recounting how the craft reached an altitude and completed the K-Prize mission by returning to land safely on Kerbin.
  14. Congratulations @camacju on completing the K-Prize mission successfully with the supremely efficient and useful Tern design and earning the highly regarded kudos of an Astrokerbal Distinction for landing on Minmus and Advanced Pilot Precision Award for returning to land on KSC runway. The potential apoapsis above Kerbol demonstrated was prodigious but sadly does not count for the altitudinalist record if the mission craft did not actually go there, sorry. This is because the K-Prize has to be awarded for missions actually flown, else people could submit a high dv design from the SPH spec
  15. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission with a carefully researched and developed mission profile and craft design @Lt_Duckweed for Tiny SSTO building on the design of @tseitsei89 's Special Speck of Dust and refining it to achieve a lighter takeoff mass of 0.835t to earn the special kudos of minimalist record holder and take the crown! Which is a fine example of how friendly competition can foster progress. So thanks for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list.
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