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  1. Thanks @Nazalassa In which case @Admiral Fluffy congratulations are in order for successfully completing the K-Prize mission with the capable looking Lurker and returning to land safely at KSC on flat terrain which earned the greatly respected kudos of a Pilot Proficiency Medal. It is the tradition of the K-Prize that those who report a successful mission and win the K-Prize after gatecrashing have the option to choose whether to keep their gatecrasher listing or have it expunged. Your call, if you say nothing I will do nothing! Thanks for your mission report and welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour.
  2. Now if only Reaction Engines can do the same! Well flown @OJT and congratulations once again on completing the K-Prize mission successfully with a the Lightweight Manned SSTO, even timing reentry with enough left over to land at KSC runway for a well deserved Advanced Pilot Precision Award. However it is my duty to report that Lt_Duckweed has the minimalist record (which does not distinguish between kerballed and unkerballed missions) at 0.835t. So there is your target.
  3. So many puns & I like the interesting Pompidou vibe going on there. But there is the small matter of breaking K-Prize rules with a vertical take off and first stage separation, also the whole not landing thing, so it will have to be linked in the OP as a gatecrasher, with a well earned customary quip. @OJT consider yourself entitled but not compelled to display the gatecrasher badge of anarchic iconoclastic rebellion.
  4. Apologies to @OJT for missing your X-24 mission report tucked away in the spoiler. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize with another X-plane recreation, reaching orbit and returning to land safely at the KSC runway, earning the prestigious Advanced Pilot Precision Award with a slick looking ship, one of a lifting body series which lead to the development of the space shuttle if I am not mistaken?! Thanks for your mission report.
  5. Welcome back @camacju and congratulations on completing a slingshot tour de force via Eve and Moho to land on Moho and return to land safely on Kerbin at the KSC runway, which earned the prestigious kudos of an Advanced Pilot Precision Award and the very highly regarded Expeditionary Astrokerbal Distinction. Thanks for sharing your comprehensive video report and welcome back to the K-Prize party guest list aka the roll of honour. PS I named your craft Orange Tank in the absence of more reliable data, if you have a different one in mind let me know and I will change it.
  6. Well flown @snkiz thanks for your thorough mission report. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully and earning the special kudos of an Advanced Pilot Precision Award for docking with Luna in orbit of the Mun, a Kosmokerbal Commendation for reaching the Mun SOI and a Utilitarial Commendation for delivering a relay and transporting kerbals with Stubby Joe SK. Welcome to the K-Prize party guest list aka roll of honour.
  7. Ummmm, OK, an equipped modern kerbal weighs 94kg so I guess they have mass now, was not always so. I think the test should be, is it hard to do i.e. does it have mass and is it potentially useful. The Utilitarial rules should apply, delivery to location or return from location just to make it consistent with hardware rules and so pilot doesnt count as payload and I am going to say kerbal equipment can count as payload along with parts as long as its a delivery or retrieval. The relay sounds like it would also earn utilitarial kudos.
  8. Great video, really nice to see the crew who are working on this. Hi guys, thanks for all you are doing! I would certainly buy a lifetime pass for anything they had plans for, up front and would not have a problem with parts and functionality expansions like we had for KSP1 and even extra star systems as I will just buy it all np. I bought KSP for about $15 at around version 9 but I bought it several times over after that just for the fun of throwing money at Squad and HarvesteR (bought Balsa too ofc). I think multiplayer will just have to be version compatible like most coop games, I dont think this is going to be like MMOs, more kind of small groups of friends as they will need to sync timewarp with some kind of democratic vote-when-ready system which is never going to happen if you have more than half a dozen players.
  9. Congratulations @OJTon successfully completing the K-Prize mission with X-29 with recognisable visual echos of the Grumman experimental model of the same name, with forward swept wings. Nice that it reproduces the yaw instability and ease of recovery characteristic of forward swept wings in the KSP physics environment. Thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the K-Prize hall of fame aka the K-Prize party guest list. The mission kudos and link have been added under your previous entry with Concorde.
  10. Sounds like interstellar burns can be left running while time warping, which would be nice. There would probably need to be some way to plan the burn and stop it when completed, or an interrupt like the node alarms. Its good the collision physics have been improved too... wouldn't seem right to scoot through a planet at a significant fraction of C.
  11. Order, order! *bangs gavel* It has come to the attention of the K-Prize committee that the mission director knowns as @4D4850 did blatantly attempt to gatecrash the K-Prize party with aforethought and puns, by parachuting into the back garden of the Dog&Booster from a vertically launched rocket. It was only due to a fortunate gust of wind that the attempt failed and the defendant landed in the goat paddock of a nearby petting zoo where they were discovered surrounded by a herd of young goats, where the defendant spoke to the arresting officer saying "I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids." Thankyou for attempting to gatecrash the K-Prize and the truly dreadful mining related pun! I linked the mission on the front page under gatecrasher listings with its bespoke ScoobyDoo themed quip. You are entitled to display the gatecrasher badge should you choose to.
  12. Hi @Admiral Fluffy thanks for sharing the screenshots of your neat little ship and its capable pilot. I am all for minimalism where functional and I hope this does not seem pedantic but assuming this was intended to be a mission report entry, FYI it needs more information, please, to qualify as a report. Specifically the images without HUD do not show orbit nor is there any text to say it was an orbit. So there is no report of orbit which is essential for the K-Prize mission. It looks like it probably was orbit but I recall we have had suborbital hops among gatecrashers before now and without HUD info an orbital screeny is indistinguishable from a suborbital screeny. So if you could confirm in text that it was an orbit and the screens are a record of a single mission then it will count as a mission report. The relevant rules are in the original post for the thread, as follows. EDIT, Feb 6, I have linked this photogenic report in the OP as a gatecrasher.
  13. @Kekkiethanks. I dont know enough about what RSS modifies wrt rule 3. If it is just a graphical mod then it would be OK, if mission performance still compares like with like. If component physics, atmospheric and gravity model for RSS Earth are altered from stock at all then it would have to be a beautiful gatecrasher! With a beautiful quip to match
  14. Congratulations once again @NyetiArtson completing the K-Prize mission with the eminently functional robotic spaceplane Sittang, earning a Utilitarial Commendation for retrieving a career salvage mission turboshaft engine part from Kerbin orbit (one wonders how that got there!) and returning with it to land safely at KSC for an Advanced Pilot Precision Award. Well flown, thanks for your mission report and welcome back to the roll of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list.
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