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  1. Its set to yes. Ill try lowering it, ty. I know Parallax can chug with alot of lights and because of that I avoided Engine Lighting. Yet I suppose they still give off some kind of light. Maybe its Waterfall?
  2. Im sorry for asking a question that's probably been answered, but my searching of the subject eludes me. I am suffering from an FPS issue, but only on the surface with multiple engines running. The usual suspects of visual mods. Restock, waterfall, etc. Full list. Oh and Magpie reflections as opposed to TURD. LOG.
  3. Remember when we were all chomping at the bit for every launch years ago? I cant even keep up anymore. This is is insane. I hope SpaceX can keep this pace. And I hope the employees aren't being driven into the ground too hard..
  4. Does Waterfall work okay with Rocket Sound Enhancements? My search attempts reveal very diverse results.
  5. We'll see... I hope I'm wrong. I really am. But Take Two does not inspire confidence to say the least.
  6. Yeah until a modder makes something they intended to sell.
  7. I'm sure they said alot of things. "Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!" Lol.
  8. Because KSP was an existing game. Now that TT is publisher for KSP2 from the ground up? Beware. I would even bet their the reason updates/news is so slow. Probably fighting with the devs to chop the game up for monetization.
  9. I think Take Two being the biggest scum bags in the gaming industry will shower KSP2 modders with DMCA and cease and desists.
  10. I get a -10 fps hit compared to other visual packs. What exactly is there about AVP that makes this so?
  11. I dont seem to have a Spectra_Configs in my installation. Just Spectra_EVE and Spectra_Scatterer. Seems to be working okay. Edit: This it? Edit2: I had the thought to copy AVP's color profile, but when I opened the atmo file it was the same as Spectra. Lol. So I suppose that might not be it.
  12. I swear I remember seeing cloud shadows from orbit at some point. Has this been changed? Im just using BoulderCo, but there was none with AVP either. Edit: They do seem to to appear on land, but not over water.
  13. Ive been wondering if this was possible since this mod first releases almost a decade ago. In the sunlight I slide the dimmer to max so no stars. When in shadow I zero it for full stars. I wish so much for this mod to do this automatically.
  14. When it comes to the existing visual packs that use EVE ( AVP, Spectra, ect ) will they need to be reconfigured/updated for the volumetric clouds?
  15. Has anyone tried this with Parallax 2.0? Any issues? Is there an order of operations in terms in the install? Because Parallax uses its own textures.
  16. How does this mod pair with the surface textures the various visual mods? Is there a certain order they should be installed so that Parallax takes priority?
  17. Congrats on this release Linx. Really something else. I never would have thought this game could achieve this state. My only question is.. Do you or anyone recommend any visual packs to go along with Parallax? Ive been running AVP for the longest time. Id like to try something new and less resource intensive. I'm kinda out of the loop in terms of the new hotness.
  18. Wait.. has there been a new release? Github says no. But the pictures above and in the OP say yes.
  19. Is Parallax its own visual pack of sorts? Or does it need to be paired with AVP, SVE, ect?
  20. Well this is a blast from the past. I remember this! Dang... How do folks even find these old threads?
  21. Forgive me if this is a silly question. When it comes time for this update to drop what system can we expect it on? The stock Kerbol system or Beyond Home?
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