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  1. I made one for myself actually. Probably should have posted it here Here it is: Beans I'm not too sure how bays work with USI so It may not be 100%
  2. I don't really understand how to use github so go ahead
  3. Boamere

    [1.5.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    I keep being told this has been updated by AVC but it hasn't. As I have with most of your mods linux
  4. Thanks a bunch! Just managed to to do it manually by putting the engine in 3 mode with a 30 ton payload, with a tiny amount of fuel left in the primary boosters! Seems very cost effective too, overall the mission cost me 80k I think. and around 50-something without the payload
  5. Simple question, how are you meant to launch the falcon heavy, as in how do you make the middle stage lose less fuel. I'm flying manually
  6. Anyone else having issues with getting ascent guidance to show navball guidance on 1.5.1? Mine seems to be targeting my only station in orbit when I select it according to KER
  7. Boamere

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Just thought I'd mention for anyone using the space station redux pack, it has bugged habitation because of the new module manager code. I managed to fix it (I think) by changing it to the new format in this file: SSPXR-USILS.cfg
  8. It can't be that AS_* needs to be HAS*_ could it? Most likely not, I don't know any of this syntax
  9. Hey I've been looking into why the anomaly scanning pack isn't working with SCANsat like it should. Does anything about this cfg file stand out? (as it is causing errors)
  10. Just thought I should mention that this mod doesn't work with USI-LS habitation anymore, some update with the module means that none of the parts are giving multipliers or extra months Edit: specifically it's the SSPXR-USILS.cfg that needs editing. I'm working on copy pasting the new module for ULS to it now, I'll see if it works This Pastebin File is my edited SSPXR-USILS.cfg, I tested it in the VAB just now and it seems to work. I'm going to bed though so I'll see if it works in game tomorrow Works in game. not sure about the greenhouses Edit: just to reiterate this file is only for use with the Constellation pack version of the USI-LS as that is most up to date area of Roverdudes mods
  11. Not sure where to put this but universal storage II's dmagic orbital science parts don't scan for ore or biomes and whatnot like dmagics normal parts do. On top of that using them in clever sat contracts as a substitution for the non universal storage II variants means they are unrecognised by the contract ....but that is unrelated to this mod, anyone know how I could change the cfg to fix that? Edit: I believe it's because the dmagics orbital science universal storage variants are named "dmUS2X" and in the contracts cfg they add "dmUSX". I added a 2 to the part names and a 2 to universal-storage in the [has] section and that fixed the parts not having those modules(this was int the dmagic orbital science resources folder). Now I just need to figure out how to fix contracts Figured it out, had to edit my persistent save and edit a bunch of parts over the the new syntaxx
  12. Boamere

    [1.6.1] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Yeah I've been noticing a lot of bouncing with other mods for 1.5.1. Thanks for the cfg change, I will try that now
  13. Right, this is driving me nuts. Funny thing is it's happening to me too but I have only unlocked very basic tech nodes, not sure if it relates to the number actual parts you can pick or the number of parts you will be able to pick (when unlocked)in certain tabs (also seems to remove the buttons on the toolbar and make the words in them invisible)
  14. Not much sympathy from me, I feel like this "lack of positive feedback" is made up as there were a heck a lot of people using it and large amount of praise.... also this was not the best way to close the site at all(and this feels like a way of getting at squad) Other than the way this was dealt with, the site was an amazing alternative to curse and hopefully people can come up with an alternative.
  15. Yeah I'm not sure I want to download this update if that's the case, cause those science contracts are the only thing keeping me afloat due to all the extra nodes I have