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  1. I'm not much good with Windows logs these days, but crashing in d3d9.dll doesn't sound like a mod issue to me. Do you have anything running that hooks the graphics stack? Overlays, FPS counters, GPU overclocking utilities, shader injectors? Rivatuner is the most common culprit, but anything that mucks about in there can cause the game to crash. If it is a mod causing this, we need output_log.txt. See here for location. CKAN does that a lot. Be very careful using it for 1.2.2, and check that the mods it's trying to install are actually compatible.
  2. Operating Systems Used for KSP

    Debian GNU/Linux v9.1 (Stretch). KDE desktop. Previously Debian 6.x, 7.x, 8.x. Smooth reinstall-free upgrades every time, including KDE major versions... Mostly anyway. KDE does tend to ship a few new minor bugs with each release. I'm not sure what all the fuss over auto updates is, my Debian boxes all run scheduled, unattended upgrades. Have for years. No problems whatsoever to report. I like to be around for dist-upgrades of course, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. Then again, most of the complaints seem to be from Windows users, so I wouldn't know. I got tired of the BS M$ likes to pull on it's "customers" a long time ago. Sometime in '99 IIRC.
  3. You don't, it's just a way to gouge a reliable revenue stream out of users without doing any actual development. There are perfectly good free software alternatives to the products you mention, and the only reason this 'subscription' shenanigans persists is because most users are too lazy to go get them. Worked well for many years... Then some bright spark realised that most users don't care what happens later, so long as they get what they want right now with minimal effort. Why deal with the hassle of storing installation files, or installation at all, the cloud is the future. And it smells like money. Pretty soon our PCs will just be dumb terminals, completely useless without a big-IT subscription and an always-on internet connection. Dunno 'bout you, but this sounds like a fight to me. This gradual erosion of user rights is why I dig free software. I probably pay more to the FSF in donations than a Microshaft subscription would sting me, but it feels a whole lot better. If I must have a non-free software package or game, it's DRM-free standalone download or nothing. I don't feel I'm missing out on anything here, and I can be reasonably sure my software will still work in 10 years time. And yeah, GOG is a move in the right direction. I have re-purchased many games I own on physical media there, simply as a show-of-hands.
  4. how to change forum name

  5. Given past history of SQUAD abandoning things as soon as they require any effort to maintain, let me say I'm not at all surprised by this. I'm not surprised the game integration has been abandoned either, there likely wasn't an out-of-the-box Unity addon to do it. We should all know by now that SQUAD can't do anything that isn't a unity feature. $2 'ain't much, but the brazen advertisement of a product that is known to be broken in modern browsers really rubs me the wrong way. Soon enough someone will be along to point out that this is a Unity problem and absolve SQUAD of all responsibility for continuing to sell a broken product. At least that's what usually happens.
  6. Your log being behind a login-wall is what's preventing me from attempting to provide such help. Suit yourself though.
  7. Leaving aside the properly bizarre idea of "opening" compiled code (e.g. DLLS) to begin with, screwing up the file association should have nothing to do with anything. Assuming you didn't save it with notepad, that is. All this has been said in your other thread already, what makes you think opening another will get a different result? I'd take a look, but your link demands I log in. Create a google account I most certainly will not. Since I have to guess, I'm going to guess from the 'notepad' reference that you're running Windows. Try killing your antivirus, it's just possible, however strange, that opening the dll as a text file has confused it into thinking it's not supposed to be executable. Posting your log somewhere I can view it without a login would lead to less guessing though...
  8. #1: Fix GC stutter. #2: Fix DOA console port. #3: Fix janky wet-noodle physics. #4: Reduce memory consumption. #5: Fix janky collision detection. #6: Properly guard physics calculations to eliminate NaN kraken & co. #7: Fix patcher. #8: Wheels that are round and don't behave like catapults. #9: Fix sliding while landed. #10: Update to current Unity version. #11: Fix bugs introduced by #10. #12: Fix horrendous lag during explosions / disassembly. #13: Improve miserable performance of aero effects. #14: Improve miserable performance in general. #15: Career mode that makes sense. #16: Multiplayer, as promised. #17: Clouds. #18: Something to do on planets etc. #19: GP2, as promised. #20: Some end-game goals. .... #237: Update textures. Textures are so far down my list, I might as well say "don't care". So I did.
  9. Switching to a ship or base I have not visited in a while, wondering if it's going to explode, sink into the ground, or just vanish into the NaN. Possibly deleting a bunch of other vessels in the process. Deploying anything that's mounted near a cargo bay, since it's a 50/50 as to whether it says "cannot deploy while stowed". launching anything with bi/tri/quad couplers, watching carefully for the spaghetti-copter effect. Switching to a vessel that is splashed down, for fear that it will "collide with terrain" and explode. landing with 'chutes, in case the game randomly crashes when I'm 50m above the ground and the 'chutes don't redeploy when I load it again. Loading a large station, waiting for it to start thrashing itself to death. Bugs. The most stressful moment is the bugs.
  10. What you will do if your KSP crashed?

    Restart it. I'm used to KSP crashing or randomly bugging out. It's "when", not "if". If it crashes too many times in a play session I'll ragequit and stop playing KSP KCP for a week or two. This is why I'm mucking about here, rather than playing.
  11. Use a less annoying operating system. I recommend a UNIX derivative. That message is Windows UAC (User Aggravation Controller) warning you that (shock and horror) KSP is trying to write to the hard disk. Why it sees this rather mundane activity as a problem is a question to ask Microsoft. My guess is that it's getting excited because a) you're running KSP as administrator, or b) KSP is installed in a "system" directory (e.g. Program Files). If KSP is in a system directory, moving it somewhere else might be a good idea. I think the desktop is probably safe, but you never know with this thing. UAC is fickle and easily riled. Alternatively, you can kill UAC popups permanently from the Windows control panel, under "User Accounts". Do so only if you understand the implications.
  12. The patcher built into the launcher is broken and has been abandoned. As no valid reason for this has been offered, I'm assuming a certain game vendor is simply too lazy to maintain it. Don't use it, it won't work. The current "update" procedure is to download the (entire ~700MB) new version from wherever you got KSP in the first place (e.g. kerbal store, GOG), unpack it somewhere, and copy your saves over. Not sure how well save files from 1.0.5 will work in 1.3 though, they're supposed to be compatible, but YMMV. Probably just the usual game engine screweyness we all know and love. So much so that the phenomenon has a cute name: The Space Kraken. Back up your saves regularly and avoid doing things that freak out the physics calculations, such as trying to land on Kerbol... The game will probably implode sooner or later anyway, so back to point one: Back up your saves. Indeed, but you might as well say "update to 1.3", as it's functionally the same thing. Evidently SQUAD finds distributing patches or fixing the updater far too difficult. Yes, I'm going for equine mince here. The "I'm using the patcher and it doesn't work" question is still appearing, so I guess it's not quite dead yet.
  13. No log, so speculation it is... * Open the debug window (MOD+F12) and see if anything is logging errors when this performance drop occurs. * Install Memgraph, see if the framedrops line up with garbage collection runs. If they do, it's almost certainly the crappy (and ancient) managed runtime that Unity uses, probably exacerbated by poorly coded mods. That it occurs every 5 seconds and gets worse as your career game progresses (more craft in flight) makes it sound like this is a likely cause. This problem exists in stock installs, is exacerbated by mods, and lies squarely in the 'too hard' basket as far as Squad is concerned. No fix. Only mitigations are to remove mods that create a lot of garbage and/or use Memgraphs 'heap padding' feature. If there's no correlation with either, start removing mods a few at a time until you isolate the culprit. I'd start with math heavy mods (e.g. USI, KER, Trajectories) and graphics mods, if you have any installed. Are you running the same list of mods you were in 1.2.x? Are they all properly 1.3 compatible? Using mods that aren't built for 1.3 will create all manner of problems. As you have not mentioned which OS you are running, I can't really comment on potential external influences. That said, if it's Windoze, check out the usual suspects - background services, antivirus and the like, and use whatever system load monitor it ships with to see if something else is chewing up CPU time / disk IO.
  14. ModuleManager is required by (and bundled with) heaps of mods, and I'm sure NF is one of them. You have ModuleManager.2.8.0.dll in your GameData directory?
  15. So reinstall it? Nothing special needed here, just delete averything but your saves/screenshots etc. directories, reinstall KSP, then reinstall your mods. Make sure you also install their dependencies. If you think you have mod issues, just add mods one at a time until you identify the problem. Automatically (or otherwise) 'fixing' a modded install is more trouble to do right than it is to just nuke and rebuild. Using CKANs export / import feature can be a time-saver here. That said, your current list of problems does sound like you're missing some common dependency, you have got ModuleManager and co., right?