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  1. A stock SSTO spaceplane? Not really. The first time's a kick, but after that it's another day another LKO mission. On console updates, I find the situation pretty bogus TBH, and it's been bogus since day one. I guess that bug where the game gets all screwed up when you transmit science on eva is still unfixed? Like all the other unfixed bugs in the console port?
  2. What you ran KSP on originally is not relevant, KSPs minimum system requirements are. As for "every flagship mobile device", Samsung's flagship S9 and their fanciest tablet both have 4GB of RAM, shared with the GPU. This does not cut it. Considering that said device is 8 years old, I expect so. No kidding. Gratuitous use of ellipsis does not detract from the meaning in the same way. At this point it's pretty clear that you're not listening, so I'm done here.
  3. True, though in my case I really didn't like either. A more primitive launch facility would be great, but less rusting car bodies and less redneck / "kerbals are dumb lol 'splosions" feel please.
  4. steve_v

    [1.5.1+] Tweakable Everything Continued (replacement)

    Thanks muchly. I'll let you know if I have any further problems with docking.
  5. Again, good riddance to the trashtastic aesthetic and amateur-hour art. This was indeed an unfortunate, and I expect unintended, side effect. Perhaps if Squad had presented that barn in a halfway presentable state it might have been better received.
  6. Not anywhere near that image, that's for sure.
  7. That's less than 56k modem speed (and hilariously misspelled). v.90 went out in the '90s dude.
  8. What it is is largely irrelevant, the point is that it has one. There are texture options for many of them if you want to stylize or personalize. KSP parts were mismatched low-fidelity eyesores, they looked terrible in screenshots, and all they were bursting with is gigantic rivets. Let's just disagree then. *Cringe*
  9. I like my rockets to look like rockets, regardless of the occupants skin colour. Rocket engines look like rocket engines because that's how the physics works, if little green aliens were to design some with the same materials humans use, I am sure they would look very similar. Rocket nozzles are a particularly good example of this - the geometry isn't "artistic style", it's physics. Likewise tanks, one doesn't use an old oil drum for a rocket fuel tank (jumbo 32 anyone?), because it would be unsuitable on a practical engineering level. One doesn't make stage decouplers a random mismatched size either, because aerodynamics and structural engineering both say that would be a dumb idea. The original KSP parts look like a collection of unrelated amateur art projects from a number of different artists, created with no unifying design guidelines at all. Several parts might as well have been from a different game entirely, as they don't remotely match up with anything else.
  10. I recon Nertea has you pretty well covered @1Smug_stand-up guy. Fancy nuclear rocket engines in Kerbal Atomics, and nuclear jet engines in Near Future Aeronautics. Ed. Holy W.T.F. The profanity filter even mangles usernames in tags. @SQUAD, "b*stard" is a perfectly normal English word, not necessarily a profanity. As with much of the language offensiveness is all in context, please stop being ridiculous.
  11. If you are referring to the craptastic mismatched "junkyard" look, good riddance. Personally I think that that is a sorting problem, not a part-design one. Leading to "cobbled-together from a junkyard" looking spacecraft, see comment 1. Visual cues to size and purpose are fine though, the orange in the image I posted could just as easily be used to denote, say, "2.5m vacuum engines" as "Rockomax". I prefer the latter really, but whatever.
  12. steve_v

    [1.6] GPOSpeedFuelPump continued v1.8.18

    The patch 'Fuelswitch.cfg' shipped with GPO seems to be adding GPOSpeedPump to resource-less parts that have ModuleB9PartSwitch only for texture/mesh switching, such as those from SSPXR. This code will catch anything using B9PartSwitch, regardless of what the module is used for: // B9 fuel switch support @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],!MODULE[GPOSpeedPump]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch]:FINAL { MODULE { name = GPOSpeedPump } } Should we not also be checking that it is for fuel switching, e.g. by looking for 'moduleID = fuelSwitch', or maybe 'baseVolume = foo'? Ed. How about this? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[#moduleID[fuelSwitch]],!MODULE[GPOSpeedPump]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch]:FINAL { MODULE { name = GPOSpeedPump } } Seems to clear it up for me.
  13. steve_v

    [1.5.1+] Tweakable Everything Continued (replacement)

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are after, do you mean me to confirm that modifying these values causes affected ports to work/not, or do you want the values from my game? I don't believe I have modified or even looked at those sliders as yet, on any craft. I assumed the defaults to be at least close to stock behaviour, so I left them alone. In case of the latter, here are the settings from the VAB on one of the the craft involved in my earlier docking failure. The other is identical, i.e. defaults. Aside, I notice that GPOSpeed is applying a pump module here for some reason, that's something else I'll have to investigate. Ed. This will be it: // B9 fuel switch support @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],!MODULE[GPOSpeedPump]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch]:FINAL { MODULE { name = GPOSpeedPump } } Time to go bug @hab136 about that...
  14. steve_v

    New GC in Unity 2019

    Still no modern GC? Sigh. Small progress is progress I guess. I wonder what functionality will be sacrificed at the altar of unity upgrade this time...
  15. Squad: Nertea & co: I know which one I like better... Squad's parts are getting better, but they're not there yet. Still pretty "Meh" by comparison to many of the mods out there. Waiting impatiently for the "restock" terrier.