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  1. You might try setting 'UNSUPPORTED_LEGACY_SHADER_TERRAIN = True' in your settings.cfg. I've never owned anything with intel HD graphics so I'm just poking about in the dark, but it can't hurt to try.
  2. "HP" and "71B" are ringing bells for me, It should be around here somewhere... A bit more than a calculator, and a bit newer too, so that might be fitting as an age-clue. I've never seen any core memory in person, but I was working on a machine with 4k bubble memory modules not a month ago. That stuff is like rockinghorse s* these days, and just as expensive.
  3. It was a suggestion on where to copy your install to. C: is a disk, KSP.bak is a directory.... you know, simple entry-level "how to use a computer" stuff. So am I, this is painful and my patience is at an end. Still no logs either... It's this kind of thread that makes me question responding to support requests at all. They always end up making me want to punch myself.
  4. You can help yourself, by not running outdated mods. I'd point out which of your mods are not built for 1.7.x (let alone 1.8.0), but since you've posted a lazy screenshot rather than a logfile and so I can't see version numbers or what is generating errors, that's a proper chore. Mapview Mono Sound in particular hasn't been updated since 1.3.1, and if not compiled against the correct KSP version is quite likely to cause this kind of problem. Ditto for anything else that messes with sounds. If that's not it, and you insist on running mods not built for the game version you're running, you'll just have to work out which is causing your problem by removing them one by one until it goes away.
  5. I was referring to when Activision and Blizzard were separate entities, I've never played an Activision-Blizzard game either. They seemed okay in the late '90s/early 00's, but I only played a couple of the games they published.
  6. The sad part is that all of those companies used to be pretty awesome, back when games were mail-ordered on physical media. Seems like all the big game studios are hell bent on behaving badly these days, I don't know if it's just a symptom of success or what. I truly do not understand this aversion to DLC that keeps springing up around here. What's wrong with charging for additional content beyond the base-game? Content costs something to make, right? Would you really prefer that cost was added to the initial price of the game instead? With KSP as an example, I haven't bought the DLCs because I don't really want what they bring (and mods bring it better anyway). You don't have to buy DLC either. It's a different story if the core game is intentionally crippled without it, or it gives a competitive edge in multiplayer, that's screwing the customer. We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Sounds straightforward enough to me, make a copy of your KSP install directory somewhere outside steam, then launch the game from there. Presto, non-steam KSP install to test with. The point of this is to stop steam from a) updating the game when you least expect it, b) putting files you remove back in again and thwarting your troubleshooting attempts, and c) loading a bunch of other stuff like steam libraries and overlays that muddy the waters when trying to locate a problem. To be fair, it's unlikely to solve this, but it's a good idea anyway and it won't hurt to try it.
  8. Read the support sticky I linked and follow the instructions, then report back with the information you collected. This is what I mean by not listening: You you clearly didn't read the thing I linked for you to read, or we'd be seeing some logs here and maybe even be making some progress. We're all volunteers, most of us are patient, but please try not to make us repeat things ad-nauseam. Also try VoidSquad's suggestion, as it will stop steam from trolling you as it as it likes to do from time to time. Even if it doesn't solve the problem, It can't hurt.
  9. Read it, then do what it suggests re. uploading and linking logs and system info. LGG informs me that the logfile name has changed to Player.log on all platforms as of 1.8.0, the location remains the same.
  10. All right, you're still not listening, I'm out.
  11. No, it's not, and I've advocated for this in the past. It is however beyond the ken of the average muggle, and something that we wouldn't have to do were it not for unity [snip]. My interest in having this muzzled at the source is threefold: Firewalls rules and hosts files are not something many gamers, especially the younger crowd, are familiar with. They do not deserve to be spied upon for their ignorance. Unity may change the domains they contact at any time without warning, switch to DoH, etc. and we will have to be eternally vigilant in checking and updating our blocklists. Firewalling KSP entirely breaks many harmless mods. Spying on your users without their knowledge or consent is evil, on principle. Sure I can block it, but driving a stake through it's heart is better than building a bunker. Having to rely on third-party tools to control the bad behaviour of an application I paid for also infuriates me, again on principle.
  12. So upload your output_log.txt, as detailed by the stickied support post I already linked you in your other thread. As VoidSquid said, it's also a good idea to copy your install away from steam into some unprotected directory (i.e. not Program Files). Why don't you at least try it? [grumble]Why is it always so difficult to get logs out of people around here? It's just a bloody text file, how hard can it be?[/grumble]
  13. While garbage collection is indeed inherent to a managed runtime (and mono's GC stops everything while it runs), there are ways to minimise the impact. Hopefully Star Theory knows what they are doing. Personally I agree that mono is a poor choice for performance sensitive applications, but the only alternatives I can think of are a limited scripting language for modding, or subjecting modders to old-school manual memory management - and all the difficult to pin down bugs that it will introduce. Well that explians it then. IMO yellow clock is bad clock, and physics running at anything less than realtime != "fine".
  14. Indeed it was cheap. Frankly I'd rather pay more and get a game that is a stable, complete product. If KSP's bug-count had been steadily decreasing since 1.0, I'd believe that someday we're getting a finished game and I'd be ecstatic to have helped fund development, not to mention getting it cheap. 1.8 fixed a bunch of bugs, but It also introduced new ones, worse new ones. That's been the pattern since day one, and it doesn't appear to be improving at all. What I paid for is access to a beta testing programme, an incredibly fun beta testing programme to be sure, but that's not what I signed up for. I signed up thinking I'd get a finished product out of it eventually. Now apparently it's time to move on to KSP2, and KSP1 still isn't sorted out. Just like 1.3.1 was very nearly a good minimally buggy release, but before the last few problems were squashed 1.4 came out and broke things all over again. Stupid things. Ridiculous things. Joystick support F.P.S. Things that get left unfixed until the next super-borked x.x.0 release, or in this case four major releases and untold hotfixes later... When they finally are fixed, they come with new and even more inane bugs... Like scrollwheels not working properly. I'm not playing this silly game again with KSP2, I'll buy it when it's good and ready.