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  1. My desktop is running two SATA SSDs in a striped vdev (roughly equivalent to RAID0), and pretty much everything else is on a hybrid pool (24TB mechanical RAIDZ2 + 240GB SSD adaptive read cache) over NFS... Including regular snapshots of that fast-but-fragile RAID0. I've just about completely transitioned to ZFS as far as filesystems go TBH, nothing else comes close to the featureset or flexibility. One day I'll upgrade the desktop to something that actually has M.2 support, and no doubt that'll be ZFS as well. As for boot times... Err, what boot times? I think the last time I rebooted a
  2. Voxels are recalculated by geometry changes that FAR is aware of... Which doesn't include the BG robotics, because Squad didn't include an event that FAR can use to detect that something has moved. IIRC the current workaround is to toggle the lights after moving robotic parts.
  3. I see. We're lust talking about asset compression and the like, not actual block-level optimisation. Sounds like a fairly trivial change to me, though frankly I could do without the storage bloat uncompressed assets will cause. Recon I'll take slightly slower loading over twice the footprint anyday, and just keep the filesystem-level LZ4 compression I'm already running.
  4. There are 2 machines on this desk right now, standard ATX and E-ATX respectively. Well if you want a tiny board, compromises are going to be made. I really don't get why anyone would care how "neat" the inside of a PC case is, once the covers are on nobody sees it. As for cooling, if a couple of dinky little SATA cables create an airflow problem there's something seriously wrong with your cooling solution. This old thing (since upgraded) has 2 CPUs, a non-modular PSU, no fancy cable-hiding compartments, 13 SATA cables... And zero cooling problems. I've
  5. Yeah, I still spend hours reading manuals, trawling forums and poking the thing with a stick before I'll admit defeat and post a question. I just kinda assume that's the way it's done, the whole learning something in the process bit and all that. Kinda makes me wonder just how screwed the google/social media generation would be if the internet went away for a while...
  6. I should probably clarify that: What I'd really prefer is an additional PCIE slot or two on the mobo rather than a dedicated NVME slot. If the majority of NVME drives were PCIE cards that's what we would have got. It's less about the NVME form factor itself, more about the continual erosion of the original role of a motherboard as a dumb backplane and incessant addition of extra (and rapidly obsolete) crap to it. I don't want motherboard audio, video, wifi, or idiotic RGB lighting either TBH, just give me standard expansion slots so I can add the things I actually do want... Like a nice SA
  7. As @jimmymcgoochiementioned, the log file(s) are far, far more interesting than the in-game debug console. A screenshot of your GameData doesn't list mod versions either, and those are important. ReflectionTypeLoadException(s) are indicative of missing or incompatible mod DLLs, but we'll need the log to tell which. My bet goes to incompatible mods installed, possibly due to a braindead steam "auto update"... I.e. the usual. How does everyone keep missing that big fat sticky "we need logs and list of mods with versions" thread anyways?
  8. Because marketing, and because it looks way cooler? Of course it can. my machine runs it's 100Mhz CPU at 33MHz with turbo off, and it most certainly is slower. The implementation varied, but the majority of 486 and early pentium machines just cut the clock multiplier as you say. Many ISA-only 286 and 386 machines actually ran at 4.7 or 8MHz (the original purpose being 8086 performance) with turbo off, but to get that low on a 486 you'd need to change the bus speed, and that louses up VLB and PCI cards. Also, most (ISA) 486 boards could do a 16 and 25MHz bus as well
  9. That's, ah, not exactly how I remember it... And it seems wikipedia agrees with me. The turbo button is actually there to make the system slower. Disabling turbo was what we did to run properly old software that used a CPU dependent calibration loop, most commonly thwarting the dreaded borland pascal runtime error 200 or getting old games to run at a playable (i.e. not insanely fast) speed. Later came moslo for the same reasons. I still have a machine with a turbo button (486 DX4-100), and when it's enabled the system runs at the rated 100MHz clock, not overclocked. I guess you could set
  10. 600MB/s (SATA 3) is fine for most tasks, since most tasks care about latency and IOPS far more than raw bandwidth. KSP with both expansions is ~4.8GB on disk (or 2.8GB in my case, thanks to ZFS/LZ4 transparent compression), so at SATA speeds loading should take less than 10 seconds if IO bandwidth is the bottleneck. That said, the PCIE bus is absolutely the way to go for local storage. It kinda annoys me that it's in the form of a special connector on the motherboard rather than an actual PCIE card, but whatever. I'm in no hurry to upgrade. I fail to see how one would go about optimi
  11. [snip] Fan? sure. It's a good game. It's also full of bugs, janky as hell, and suffers from various performance problems - most of which I have commented on in this forum before [snip] Scene loading taking 45 second's just isn't one of them. Either you're exaggerating wildly, or there's something else going on. Neither is call for rewriting core game systems in such a complicated way, especially considering all the new bugs it will inevitably ship with.
  12. Personally I think Lights Out, Editor Extensions, and RCS Build Aid should all be stock construction scene features. I'm not going to hold my breath though, considering how it took to get a stripped down KER into the game.
  13. A good thing medical research and the actual processes behind vaccine production and testing are not under the direct supervision of the idiot politicians who let this get out of control then, innit? Seriously though, even if a vaccine is rushed into production before final trial results are known, the worst that's even remotely likely to happen is that you get something that doesn't work as well as hoped. Nobody is going to put anything completely ineffective or dangerous into production, no matter the political pressure. Especially not a for-profit corporation, the backlash would utterly
  14. Ridiculous, illogical, and properly infuriating. Not particularly surprising though. Meanwhile, living on an island has it's perks. I imagine the arrival of a vaccine will be instructive as to just how many pig-headed wilfully-misinformed idiots live here too. Where there are people dumb enough to set fire to cell towers (because 5G mind control or some such nonsense), I'm sure there are considerably more who are dumb enough to refuse modern medicine for similarly moronic reasons.
  15. You must be running the game on a mechanical drive from 1994, installing every single mod on CKAN, or there's something horribly wrong with your install. I have never seen scene loadingtake anywhere near 45 seconds, and that with 100+ mods and on hardware inferior to yours. Also, this ^
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