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  1. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    Because this needs to be fixed in the core game, by those who introduced it. Because irony in having a custom controller in the launch video while breaking controller support. Because I am utterly tired of every single major release shipping with BS regressions and game-engine bugs. Because, as much as I would otherwise like to, I will not buy the DLC if Squad keeps up the broken releases. While we're on questions and AFBW, if nlight and yourself are capable of implementing proper input support, why isnt't Squad?
  2. Right, crashing on loading then. Are all your mods compatible with the game version you're running? Mods compiled against the wrong game version can and often do crash mono.
  3. I was trying to suggest that you do something about your free memory situation before digging any further, to eliminate the obvious. This is almost certainly not causing crashes. MM rejected some patches is all. Is this crash occurring on startup, scene change, or randomly? Where's output.log.txt?
  4. You are absolutely sure this is not the cause of the problem? If so, we're going to need logs 'n stuff.
  5. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    I stopped caring what other people think of me a long time ago. Particularly on random internet forums. Feel free to be annoyed, I won't hold you back. I'd prefer yo do it without quoting me though, as barring any interesting news I'm through here until the next dev note.
  6. steve_v

    Help me escape the atmosphere

    A properly designed lifter likely won't have the TWR in the final stage to circularise in time anyway. which leads to: A bad launch profile will probably cause design problems.
  7. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    There are mods and mod updates that I want to use which only support 1.4.x. Why should I take any notice of you? I have asked nicely, I have provided information for the bugtracker, and nothing whatsoever has happened. I now intend to spam and heckle until Squad puts some big-boy pants on and fixes their screwups.
  8. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Space Junk

    How about an example that includes restoring joystick support on GNU/Linux and fixing the landing gear? Unless you think that blurry textures nobody has noticed are more important? Still waiting for that regression-free release...
  9. steve_v

    Help me escape the atmosphere

    Then why bother suggesting it? Unless you have zero control authority in atmosphere, it's just a stupid thing to do. If you must use an all-SRB first stage, steerable fins are cheap and unlocked early in the tech tree.
  10. To cover the blindingly obvious first, you do have ModuleManager installed, right? Also this, as usual:
  11. steve_v

    Will YOU be on the first BFR manned moon flyby ?

    This is a rhetorical question, right?
  12. steve_v

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Regardless, you have just motivated me to replace that horrific font. All further attempts at communication via crayon will be rendered (more) unintelligible... wingdings unintelligible. Hooray for userContent.css
  13. steve_v

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Unless there's a way to enforce it, it won't happen. Nobody reads the support stickies. How about a form to fill out when posting a topic in the support subs, with a menu for OS, mandatory log upload, etc? The number of variations I've seen on "Halp it donst work" is depressing, and the first reply is almost always a request for information. While we're at it, a remote shock delivery system for people who don't use capitalisation or linebreaks would be nice too... With a lethal variant for users of comic sans of course. As for GNU/Linux specifically, I don't really see a need to segregate support requests by OS. You can spot a support request from a Linux user by the presence of useful information.
  14. Frankly, both those bug reports suck. They read like personal anecdotes rather than technical reports, and if there is a set of reproduction steps buried somewhere in there it's not exactly obvious. #19511 is especially appalling - If you want people to read your stuff, at least use linebreaks and proper capitalisation. The return key exists for a reason. There is a heap of information on the 'net WRT writing useful bug reports, and duplication is the least of concerns here... But I don't have a console, so I'm not about to clean them up.
  15. Huh. Your definition of "working" must be different to mine, I don't see any developer commentary on there at all. None on the other report either, but that's about what I've come to expect.