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  1. Uhhh... Dunno if I would call "go watch someone else's tutorial" a tip TBH. Pitch 45° which way? Why? How slowly? Gradually pitch how much more? When? What kind of menuver [sic] in space? When? Nothing on how to build something that can get to orbit (or a "tip" to use a stock craft that can)? No mention of TWR? Required ΔV? How to plan a circularisation burn? I mean if this is supposed to be a "beginners guide", shouldn't you cover the basics first, like how to read the navball, create maneuver nodes, that kind of thing? [snip]
  2. If you're not adverse to mods, you might look into ReStock. IMO it's a vast improvement over the stock (even with the recent revamps) art style.
  3. It's as local or otherwise as you configure it to be. By default it comes with a few (IMO not bad for defaults) filter subscriptions, but you don't have to use or update them. ABP used to be awesome, then they tried to find a middleground with advertisers... Then they got greedy.
  4. Probably, but at least they won't be from me for a change. Frankly I'd settle for a major release without major new bugs, we haven't had one of those in years. Actually fixing any of the old ones seems like a lost cause at this point.
  5. None of the above exactly, something between options 3 and 4. What I'm going to do is go play something with a native GNU/Linux port, and completely ignore KSP2 until it also has one. Then I'll wait to see if it's full of bees before I even consider buying it. If KSP2 doesn't get a native port, that'll be a solid "never going to buy".
  6. Oh look, "bugfixes" has a healthy lead in the poll... I wonder why that might be?
  7. Wait, what? There are ads on the internet? How come I never see them? Oh yeah. Rooted phone with OS-level adblocking. µblock origin + NoScript on the PC. DNS blackhole on the router for good measure. I see Zero ads, even on SpewTube, and so can you. Just install a decent adblocker, it makes the internet a much, much more pleasant place. :) As an added bonus, many adblockers have an element-nuking facility to remove those ridiculous "we use cookies" banners and any other non-ad irritants a site may contain. Win win. Ahh, so the usual tripe then. Telling people what they al
  8. IIRC it's Ctrl+D to download from the details screen, and "+" to install from the main screen. I don't have anything running macOS to verify that though, and the "+" might be problematic. You should get a keybind prompt alongside the "F10 - Menu" at the bottom of the screen anyway, so I suspect something other than just the wrong key is going on. Does CKAN emit any errors on the command line? Have you selected a KSP install? Does CKAN have write permissions in your KSP directory etc.? TBH I'm just guessing here as I don't really use the consoleui interface and I can't muck about with it f
  9. I'm late to this party again, but cats being called uncool (cats being cool by definition, hence the phrase "cool cat") just isn't cool... There's always (at least) one. Congrats, you fell for a rather old and rather harmless prank... One that only fires on a couple of days a year, and days which are pretty darn obvious if you take a moment to think about it. One is national Cat Day in Japan (est. 1978) and the other is April Fools. A cursory web search for the keywords "kerbal" "loading" and "cats" would have cleared this up in a few seconds, as the top result on both Google a
  10. Indeed it does. Yes, all log files are cleared and recreated at startup. As for your crash, it looks very much like the problem described in this bug report and the linked lengthy discussion. I don't know what the solution is (other than blaming Unity as usual) of if there even is one, but far wiser heads than mine have commented in that thread so it's worth a read.
  11. Because @sarbiancelebrates cat day, and so should you :P
  12. My desktop is running two SATA SSDs in a striped vdev (roughly equivalent to RAID0), and pretty much everything else is on a hybrid pool (24TB mechanical RAIDZ2 + 240GB SSD adaptive read cache) over NFS... Including regular snapshots of that fast-but-fragile RAID0. I've just about completely transitioned to ZFS as far as filesystems go TBH, nothing else comes close to the featureset or flexibility. One day I'll upgrade the desktop to something that actually has M.2 support, and no doubt that'll be ZFS as well. As for boot times... Err, what boot times? I think the last time I rebooted a
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