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  1. steve_v

    Override maximum thrust mod request

    Probably not difficult to do with ModuleManager, since it's just a case of messing with part configs. I don't see the point though. If you want more thrust, just use a bigger engine. All this would achieve is changing extra engine mass for more thrust to extra radiator mass for more thrust. It's also unrealistic and silly, IMO. There's already a better solution wrt nukes: The LANTR in Atomic Age. More thrust at the expense of efficiency and oxidiser.
  2. steve_v

    Time for KSP 2.0

    I'd back a KSP2 on one condition: No Unity3D. I'd settle for a KSP 1.x free of unity-related recurring bugs and general jankiness.
  3. steve_v

    Terrible sounds in 1.4.4

    Why yes, yes they are. Not a particularly serious problem IMO, but certainly not an improvement.
  4. steve_v

    What is everyones favorite ksp site?

    This forum, closely followed by Spacedock and KerbalX. Sometimes github or too.
  5. steve_v

    crash on launch

    Really wish people would stop spouting this particular "advice". "Run it as admin" is almost never a solution, and almost always terrible security practice. If permissions are screwey, fix them. No, it's not. A picture of a generic crash dialog is totally useless, please upload your logs and post a link.
  6. steve_v

    "Classic" Intellimouse re-released

    I acquired a stash of new-old stock 1.1a intellimice(?) from ebay a while back, after failing miserably to find a worthy replacement for the one I wore down the buttons on. I've tried at least 5 different "gaming" mice, and frankly, they all suck. Gimmicky, fragile, heavy, and the wrong shape. I particularly hate "handed" mice, as I tend to use whichever hand is nearer at the time. Might try one of these new ones, if they are indeed the same shape and layout. IMO the original is the best mouse ever made, and the only worthwhile product Microsoft ever made. The only thing I didn't like about them was the unnecessary rear-facing LED in the base, but those are easily removed. I see the new one has an even more superfluous and annoying white LED, which I will also have to eviscerate. Ed. Wait... Gah! The new intellimouse is not symmetrical, it's "right handed". Screw it then, not a replacement for the 1.1/1.1a at all. Honestly, why can nobody do a simple, reliable, symmetrical mouse any more? This: Is how you do it.
  7. It could also be anything that interferes with the rendering path, such as GPU monitoring overlays or shader injectors that hook or override the DX dlls. @Defectum: You don't happen to have RivaTuner or some other GPU utility running, do you? They have been known to cause KSP to crash at startup.
  8. steve_v

    USB Ports Get Hot And Stop Working

    Get a powered hub and you will quickly discover whether or not it is a power supply problem. A USB3 PCIE card with it's own internal power connector would do the same. Measuring the current delivered (possibly into a dummy load) would also be worthwhile, if the USB ports fail to meet spec you have a bulletproof warranty claim. Devices to do this are cheap, or you could just butcher a USB cable and use a multimeter. USB ports should not get hot when delivering rated current. Devices plugged into them might though - if you haven't already, get that power hungry wifi dongle away from the port on an extension cable and see where the heat is actually coming from. Check out your cooling in general too, it's just possible there's enough heat coming from something nearby on the motherboard to kill the USB controller or voltage regulator when under load. I've seen laptops that have the GPU heatpipes practically on top of the USB ports. What kind of machine is this anyway? USB2 spec is only 500mA. USB3: 900, unless they implement one of the charging port standards. Most are indeed good for ~2A, but it would pay to check the hardware specifications - particularly if talking about a laptop or rear ports on a cheap motherboard.
  9. steve_v

    Reinstate minimum ten-character limit.

    I don't see the benefit of a minimum character requirement, but I would like to see a requirement for help requests in the tech subs to be written in comprehensible sentences with punctuation and linebreaks.
  10. steve_v

    Kerbal Joint Reinforcement -- gone?

    Uhh, whut? Doesn't look "lost" to me: As for "rocket crashed into page 1"... There is no official 1.4 release, on the forum or on github. You might try compiling it (possibly pre the revert commit) against 1.4 or using one of the forks mentioned in the forum thread. If you want to know why ferram4 reverted those commits, you'll have to ask him.
  11. steve_v

    Where do you live?

    Don't be so sure...
  12. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    If your product is advertised as running on linux, you support linux. If you do not, I don't buy or endorse your product. If KSP on linux gets 1% of the support, I expect to pay 1% of the price. Otherwise, percentages are of no interest to me whatsoever. The same goes for any other "supported" platform, I was critical of the console port debacle as well, for much the same reasons. I'm also real, real tired of hearing "Unity problem, wont fix". It's been going on since alpha. It'd make me not purchase anything from Squad again, and a lot less likely to support any other game in early access.
  13. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    Your eyes have lids, and I can't stop you from using them if you wish not to see something. You're also quite entitled to use the ignore function of this forum, 'tis no loss to me. OTOH, since this appears to be the same old complaining about complaining, I might avail myself of those options too. Ed. I'll be sure to complain in every weekly from now on, until this is fixed. I think I missed a couple back there, how lax of me.
  14. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    Okay... so why are you arguing wrt things you don't know about again? A few moments with a search engine would have saved me much typing. AFBW is MIT. Don't see a problem here. Of course the real reason is that AFBW uses non-unity APIs. and includes *gasp* platform-specific code. Which Squad is apparently incapable of even looking at. Squad have not asked, and they can use a search engine just as well as I can. They are likely more capable than I of finding things on their own official forum. I'm not going to put such links there myself, as that will just encourage the "fixed by mod, case closed" attitude. No. I'm not buying the DLC until this is sorted, so I have no use for 1.4. Besides, it's Squad's problem to fix, work around or hassle unity about. Whether or not I'm willing to use mods to work around stock bugs, I'll still bag Squad for not fixing them. It's their game. I'm perfectly okay with mods adding new functionality, but I'm not at all impressed when "there's a mod for that" is used to excuse a bug - especially one as ridiculous as this.
  15. steve_v

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    I guess anything is possible. It's possible that Squad somehow missed the year-old discussion over on the unity forums. It's possible they also missed the memo that unity 2017 is using SDL2s GameController API exclusively and therefore won't even attempt to initialise devices that SDL didn't identify as a gamepad. Hell, maybe everybody failed to notice that the GameController API itself is still a draft, and has a boatload of missing features. It's possible that Squads linux test boxes (if they even bother) somehow don't exhibit this problem, despite so many users with different hardware and distributions confirming it. It's possible that nobody at Squad has bothered to look at the AFBW code or read the SDL2 API docs to learn how to fix this. It's also possible that Squad was aware of some or all of this and decided to go ahead anyway, because linux users are a minority and are probably accustomed to being treated like this. IMO, given the apparent lack of progress or updates and the thinly veiled blame-open-source attitude in the bug report, this is far more likely. I'd be happy to be proven wrong. We have not one but two mods here that can access an ordinary joystick just fine on linux, and they're free for the copying. So either Squad is not competent enough to do the same, or they're simply not trying. Again, please show me some evidence to the contrary. As the vast majority of input devices out there do not work with SDLs GameController API (no, I'm not going to accept some idiotic mapping of my joystick to an Xbox controller, and it doesn't work anyway), I expect this to be extremely easy to reproduce, and there are many joystick models mentioned in the bug report that will do it. I have reproduced it myself with 2 different linux distributions and 4 different controllers. That's just what I had lying around. GNU/Linux users who own joysticks may be a small subset of users, but they're users who paid the same as everyone else for a game that supposedly runs on their OS. Having joystick support borked by an update and ignored for months, regardless of whose fault it supposedly is, is a slap in the face - particularly as work is currently being done to improve steam controller support on windows. "Unity's fault", "Linux's fault", "SDL's fault", I've heard it all before and it's horsecrap. Unity screwed up input support and Squad decided to use it in their product anyway. Squads product, squads problem.