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  1. This is me exactly except when I'm making an actual RO replica. Sometimes I get fanciful but my names are almost always some variation of "Crew Shuttle" and "Duna Tug".
  2. Even if they did, what legal recourse do they have against something they have precisely zero knowledge of? If it's all private between a few parties and no one's advertising the pack as their own or some other shenanigans then as far as the mod author is concerned it's just someone using their project as intended. It's not like you can magically tell a copied install apart from a manual install...
  3. Eclipses are pretty mundane in stock.
  4. Look, if the OP is just sharing the GameData directory with a friend then mod licenses hardly matter; it's basically personal use and it's a bundle between friends, probably falls under Fair Use. Just zip up everything but the Squad folder and send it on its merry way. It's an easier way than making a mod list and compiling all the personal changes so someone else can do the same. OTOH if OP is planning on making that available to more than just a few frienda who want to share a common install then they need to pay attention to mod licensing and possibly support concerns. Bottom line: Keep it personal and there's nothing anyone can really gripe about. Make it public and you run into usage concerns.
  5. Earth time, always. That's the way it was and that's the way it will always be. Keeps things in perspective when it takes a little over a year to get to Jool.
  6. So ... that's the finished product or is it still work-in-progress?
  7. We officially don't have placeholders.
  8. It's a work-in-progress.
  9. KSP's planets are already pseudorandom in a sense. Sure, there's a heightmap but for pretty much all of the planets in the game it's basically just Perlin noise, IIRC. Plus, the PQS mods all use procedural generation, probably with a static seed. Biggest problem for procedurally generated planets in KSP would probably be the biome maps, any well-written generator worth its salt could equal the bland planets we have now. I mean, look at NMS, you wouldn't need a fraction of that for KSP. This is probably the best way to do it, have a pool of curated planets that get generated into a random solar system. Varying the PQS seed would provide the needed randomness to ensure that visits to the curated planets aren't exactly the same as the last save game. Probably a lot of other randomized enhancements that could be made. Hell, they'd probably end up looking better than the planets we have now.
  10. Expendable rockets all day every day. And planes. I like planes. Falcon Heavy would fall under reusable rocket, IIRC. And Falcon Heavy hasn't flown so it's not comparable, in the slightest, to Saturn V. When (and if) it does fly we can talk. And its (not yet real) lifting capability is less than half that of Saturn V and slightly less than the (equally not yet real) SLS block 1.
  11. Off topic, and on that note, I would have stopped playing this game literally years ago if I didn't have mods.
  12. Real Solar System (10.6x). Sure, I enjoy farting around on Kerbin and sometimes start up a stock save, and yeah, I am the guy who made the original 6.4x Kerbin (not like it's anything special to multiply numbers...), but nothing beats launching from Earth with all the graphical goodies. Kerbin just can't compare.
  13. [citation needed] I go to Dres every time I start a new stock save. As for the rings/asteroids, I don't particularly care one way or the other.
  14. Would like to know this as well.
  15. Eh... I'd rather just go to a gaming con in general. Having one specifically about KSP doesn't sound especially special.