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  1. My buddy bought me Heat Signature for my birthday, I finally installed it Thursday night and it is literally crack, I've put down 15 hours so far despite family holiday activities. Also bought myself a new gamepad for Christmas, just waiting on the Dead Cells release, should be soon.
  2. Hahahaha, oh man, I should have known. I'm out.
  3. I liked TLJ's explanation of the Force, makes much more sense than midifloorians and fits the earlier narrative. As far as Rey's power, at least force-wise, I don't see her doing amazing feats like astrally-projecting across the universe, she's basically just using simple telekinesis (and a mind trick at one point) and it's clear that even her raw power in the Force is no match for someone like Snoke. And as far as feeling as if she's in danger, even my five-year old recognizes that "it wouldn't be called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if Charlie got kicked out!" Ultimately the viewer has to give in to disbelief in order to accept that the hero is in any way in danger, and tbqfh you've got to be in a state of disbelief to watch a space opera with space magic in the first place. Which isn't to say that the hero shouldn't grow, but to me Rey's journey isn't one of power or learning how to fight (I can accept that someone growing up alone and abandoned in a place like Jaku could become a badass, and nicely explains her confidence and self-control) but more of history and understanding her role in the space opera. She grows from being a solitary nobody to being a bonafide hero. Contrast to Luke who grew up on a farm shooting womprats out of boredom and can't recognize a deflector warning light suddenly being thrust into the middle of an epic space conflict and ultimately saving the day with little to no training in how to fly in combat, and somehow not being completely mind-flooded and panicking. We all accepted that for some reason but Rey can't be martially competent? Please...
  4. A much better film, agreed. On par, entertainment-wise. A big reason we (my friends and I) loved that was the build-up hype and mystery. Finally figuring out the film was a huge reward. I look back on the movie itself and it matches Star Wars: TLJ in terms of the entire premise being a plot hole so I judge it on entertainment value. Better. Saving Private Ryan was a garbage film with a thin plot. The entire reason people fawn over that is the Normandy landing sequence. E: This was unfair and I was drunk when I wrote it. Saving Private Ryan is not "garbage", but it was not a good film. Objectively speaking they're entertaining, which is pretty much my measure of quality when going into any movie where the entire universe is literally a plot hole.
  5. Eh, I'll take these any day of the week over that weak-sauce second trilogy, and I think they compliment the first trilogy nicely. These are fun, well-written, artsy, and engaging. They humanize legends and make legends out of nobodies. I can't ask for much more out of a basic AF space opera. YMWV obviously, but I am thoroughly entertained.
  6. After reading this thread and other opinions out there on teh internets I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people are mad about these new films because they just realized Star Wars is, and always has been, a basic AF space opera, and that anyone with decent writing skills and a solid set of editors can crank out a halfway decent Star Wars film.
  7. I thought we were talking about Delta-IV, not New Shepard...
  8. Yeah, I agree on that point, but my point is that if you're going to claim "super-heavy launch vehicle" then put something "super-heavy" into orbit. Don't get me wrong, Falcon Heavy is going to be a joy to watch, I honestly can't wait to see it go, and it's going to make oodles of money for Space-X, it's just disappointing in the lifting department.
  9. The more I look at this thing on the pad, the less it looks like an SHLV. I don't think we're getting any huge LEO payloads out of it, at least not any time soon. OTOH it will offer some superb masses to GTO and beyond for pretty cheap, so there's that. I assume there are plans for a much larger fairing? How wide can it get? My dreams of LEO workshops now rest on New Glenn.
  10. Almost ready to be on a "Rockets of the World" poster. Almost.
  11. I finally saw it and totally loved it. Great film, tons of fun, wonderful hand-off, plenty of throwback touchstones. Biggest gripe (props to my wife for driving this home) was Laura Dern who just didn't fit into the movie at all. Adam Driver is seriously murdering it, love his acting, and Daisy Ridley plays a fantastic counter. Also, that alien dude who flies with Poe, that's my bro, love that guy. Also: the bomber run felt stupid until I remembered that Star Wars is a space opera with a pre-internet technology-mindset to create exciting battles. I do have to question everyone standing in front of the closing hanger doors while ships race towards it, I was literally waving my arms like "THE EF IS EVERYONE DOING?" in the theatre. Props to Lucas for getting this started but it was clear to me with Episodes 1, 2, and 3 that he just had no idea what he was doing without people really pushing back on him. Especially Episode 1 which was pretty much entirely useless to his story. You want to talk about gratuitous filmmaking for the sole purpose of making money, that would be my bid. I have no illusions about why the new films are being made but they're better written, better editted, and better filmed than Lucas did with his second trilogy, which were hot garbage. I was so glad I rolled up to the theatre for those in a cloud of smoke and promptly forgot how terrible they were until I saw some fan edits. Glad to see my kid will get to grow up with some great space opera.
  12. Yes, with caveats. You can likely play it on fairly high settings so long as you're nowhere near a planet; the terrain shader that KSP uses doesn't work well with integrated cards. This means you'll probably experience slowdowns and lag when flying in atmosphere or launching. Also, the GPU shares memory with the rest of the system so make sure you have a good amount of RAM.
  13. Oh, it's in the hanger? I thought it was on the truck there...
  14. That's funny, the Youtube stream has a countdown. E: It's not a stream. I am failing so hard today, it's a wonder I'm holding down a sysadmin job...
  15. I see a countdown, has it launched already? The reason I ask is that the POCKOCMOC page on the FB reported a successful launch (or FB's translation routine is garbage). E: Looking into the times it doesn't seem to have. Maybe the FB is just garbage.
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