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  1. Does Eve have life?

    You would have to resize Kerbol in some fashion to arrive at relatively realistic solar system no matter what you did. If we resize radius and SMA, which is the normal means on this forum of making sense of a tiny solar system with impossible densities, and we use a flat value of 10 for a multiplier (Kerbin can be denser than Earth, that's fine), we end up with a Kerbol that is roughly a mid-sized B-class main sequence star. If we go from luminosity Kerbol has less than about 1/128 that of our own Sun; I'm not sure how that scales up but it is likely tied to radius. From stated temperature Kerbol is hotter than our own sun. Its mass is completely out of whack based on all this. In the past I have assumed a middle-tier K-class main sequence star for Kerbin which I arrived at by scaling the radius up by a 6.4 multiplier, based on that old modder's rule-of-thumb for sizing realistic parts to KSP, which means it needs to be sized down considerably in stock. But then you run into the problem of Kerbin itself. Scaling its SMA by the same factor that one would scale its radius to arrive at Earth (a factor of 10.6) would put it 5 million km closer to Kerbol than Earth is to the Sun. If Kerbol is a G-class star with its stated temperature then Kerbin would be much hotter than Earth. If Kerbol is a K-class star then Kerbin is much too far from it to support a temperate habitat. If Kerbol's radius is scaled by the same amount then Kerbin is a very hot rock indeed. It's so hard to make sense of this solar system scientifically. Scaling its luminosity is probably the best way to go but by what factor do we do it?
  2. Kopernicus tutorials for stars?

    Thanks @OhioBob, that's very much appreciated. I was actually looking at what was done for GPP this morning and it was very impressive; I had hoped to emulate it at least in part.
  3. Are there any good tutorials for Kopernicus stars? Like how to edit light intensity curves and such? Realistic values focused? TIA
  4. vOv maybe volcanic activity? We're talking about an impossible solar system on pretty much every level, you can't even scale it up properly because the star is so out of whack. Seriously, we have a planet with atmospheric oxygen in the outer system because speisplains need a destination. The Kerbol star system makes very little sense on a scientific level, asking where life may be is an exercise in fan fiction, not science.
  5. Most magical moments in your KSP

    All of my missions to Callisto. Orbital ballet in the Jovian system is fun.
  6. None of them. Kerbol is impossible, even scaled, so we really can't judge the system based on real world analogues. But if we ignore that ... I'd say only Kerbin. Eve is clearly meant to be an analogue of Venus and Duna is clearly meant to be an analogue of Mars, so maybe Duna in the past but we haven't established any evidence of life on Mars yet. Laythe has no real world analogue, doesn't work out scientifically in the least, and is meant purely as a destination for speisplains so clearly it can't have any life. Eeloo might boast a sub-surface ocean, making it about the only good candidate of past or current life beyond Kerbin.
  7. Does Eve have life?

    Since Kerbol is an impossible star, making it entirely impossible to even estimate the habitable zone much less the temperature of Eve, with an impossible star system orbiting it, I'm going to go with "no".
  8. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    I'll check it out, thanks.
  9. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Exactly. I've gone back occasionally to before my time to listen to bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service and it's fantastic stuff, but I like the more modern production values in general.
  10. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Basically. Stoner/psychedelic/space rock. E: I'm a big fan of bluesy rock with intricate guitar work, but I also prefer it to have a strong, stable backing, a toe-tapping, head-nodding beat. That beat can switch up (Elder is really good at that) but not quickly or in a jarring manner; the music must flow.
  11. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    This, pretty much: The entire album has been on repeat for much of the week.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Prepared for the Sarnus mission today. This is Josephine, a much better designed craft than my recent previous stuff. I really tried to focus on what it should be doing rather than bring along the kitchen sink, kind of like my earliest expedition craft to Duna. This is a dedicated expedition vessel, with orbital science instruments, powerful antenna, and good hauling capacity to bring along landers. In fact, you can see that I launched it with one of the landers already in its bay. Here I'm bringing in the second specialized lander. The one already docked on the left is designed for Tecto and is basically a carbon-copy of the Laythe lander but with two fewer engines, and actually packing science equipment. It also has ladders. This one has no need for the large heatshield used on the Laythe lander due to the slower orbital speeds which is fantastic as I have no need for counter-balancing mass on the other side. The one on the right approaching for docking is intended for landing on Slate. Without parachutes and airbrakes it has more delta-V but it needs it for the propulsive landing, and it will use all of the fuel in the deorbit modules rather than simply ditching them once a good trajectory is achieved. The central lander is for the other small bodies and is basically my standard lander updated to include some RTGs for outer system usage. In the second picture I've tilted the craft to better show the profile. Josephine comes in at 372 parts and has some 30km/s of delta-V with payload (and actually has a pretty decent TWR); I'm finally into the really powerful engines in KSPIE but there's still a lot of tech tree left.
  13. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    Going back to your original example of giving a compliment to someone based on the way they look, it can be contentious not because of immediate trauma or discomfort but because of built up trauma or discomfort. If the only thing someone ever gets complimented on is the way they look, something that is based entirely on genetic rolls of the dice rather than personal accomplishment, that can have a negative effect on their self worth and what you think is a compliment can come off as offensive. I suppose it's a matter of outlook but for me finding compassion and understanding for my fellow human beings makes "the world burning" a bigger deal. The lack of compassion and understanding in the world (which has really always been there) is a big part of "the world burning" to me. Yeah, just remember that tiny marks do exist and they add up on a person. Which was really the point: Do you value this person only for how they look? Looks are a very biological response but they aren't the measure of a person, and if your only intention is to give a compliment maybe there's a better place to start than their genetic luck. No, you were quite clear, maybe I haven't been. It's a tough one to have, for sure. Sometimes you can feel attacked for stating a concern when someone is really trying to show you a different perspective. I think we need to start listening to people better. As I understand it women have experienced general disbelief or indifference to their stories of sexual assault, learning that nothing usually gets done about it, while men feel like they'd be ostracized by their peers upon reporting something. Maybe if we believed them first and took the matter seriously, and did something about it, we wouldn't be in this place.
  14. SpaceX SFR: The Small Falcon Rocket

    This stupid forum won't let me split your OP quote for some dumb reason... 16 to 20 tanker launches is terrible, how about one (basically) BFR launch? Before BFR is built it can still dominate the medium launch market, afterwards we can send large payloads elsewhere. Would have an empty delta-V of 8,955m/s. I'm beginning to think that Musk's launch cadence is designed solely to handle refueling of these things in orbit. It's certainly a viable strategy to reuse upper stages but I don't see it being considered, ever. Musk has his eyes set on Mars, owning the medium launch market wouldn't satisfy him.