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  1. I don't check in to the forums very often these days, but the mod is definitely not derelict. Still fully functional and ready for use with the full mod list. There haven't been any game-changing patches in years so most mods are just coasting through to the sunset now.
  2. {snip} The mod is configured correctly. Try playing with the mod for more than a few hours before you draw any final conclusions about the design. It is meant to impact an entire career after all. If you still don't like the mod, uninstalling is a very simple process. If you look at the CBSM multiplier chart more closely, Kerbin is noted as 1.5 for SpaceAny and 0.8 for AllElse. The notes are right there in the chart. Have fun!
  3. PBC has no patches for Mechjeb (it didn't need any) so it should be whatever the default CTT node is defined by Mechjeb. I think I recall some of the drip-fed tech-unlocked features of MechJeb don't actually display in the tech tree, they just sit silently in one of the nodes I think. Attached to the Probe Core branch of the tech tree? But now my memory is really stretching...
  4. Thanks a bunch for all the kind words! It's really amazing to me that KSP continues to have such a large fanbase after all these years and PBC continues to see regular downloads everyday. It's a really awesome feeling knowing that my mod is a part of making that experience better for a lot of people. Your stream sounds like a lot of fun and sorry it took me 2 weeks to reply, things have definitely slowed down around here so I forget to check in sometimes. You really made my day friend, thanks again for taking the time to share your praise. Cheers!
  5. You're combining mods with PBC that weren't meant to be used with it so trial and error is your best bet here. PBC's whole layout is pretty dependent on the assumption that you're playing with the stock Kerbin Solar System, it's an important part of how node positioning was determined. I've never used re-scaling mods so I don't have any experience to share, perhaps others who combine the rescalers with PBC can provide some tips and best practices. Just going on a blind guess, I'd probably adjust the difficulty to be a little easier with large scale systems.
  6. @FloatingMongoose It's hard to say. I shaped the antenna ranges around both the planet distances AND the anticipated point in your career you'd unlock them. Both of those variables change with JNSQ and I'm not familiar with it. Since JNSQ increases distances considerably, its probably best to start with the safer assumption (JNSQ's recommended 4) and turn the value down as you test it more. 1.4 might end up not being enough in the end.
  7. Sounds like a separate issue. PBC has no effect on the career buildings.
  8. The answers @Qazerowl provided are pretty much perfect. For added clarity - PBC includes not only the submod that allows you to change the science multiplier values, but ALSO includes the preset multiplier values intended to be used with PBC already applied. So you don't need to mess with Celestial Science Modifiers in-game unless you intend to set your own personal custom values (or maybe you want to return the values back to vanilla for some reason, you can do that too).
  9. Are you stacking antennas or just trying to use 1 for the whole ship? And have you set your DSN modifier to 0.35?
  10. Thanks for mentioning PBC here! I should mention that my mod doesn't add any primitive ww2-era parts like you requested, but it does allow you to pick and choose which mods you wish to use. It also provides a custom-made contract pack designed for use by PBC. Integrating a pre-start-node-parts mod like you mentioned could be done, just depends on how many parts you intend to add. Cheers.
  11. @Vexxel This config looks good at a glance, nicely done. My contract pack still won't do anything new or special with OPM, but other OPM users can at least grab a starting point for the science multipliers. @BTAxis As has been mentioned a few times before, Restock+ is not supported by PBC. Most people just plug it in anyway and it seems to sync up for the most part, but there will be oddities here and there. Additionally, the HG-5 antenna is a stock antenna, it is not provided by Kerbalism. Several vanilla antenna values are altered by PBC, the only exception is if RemoteTech is installed, in which case all antenna values defer to RemoteTech. Details on this can be found in the "Recommended Settings" section of the OP, I recommend you read through it as there are suggested settings to go along with the antenna changes.
  12. Welcome to the forums @MontesVerdes. Glad you were able to resolve your issue with the tech tree. As for the contracts - it looks to be working to me. You have Contract Configurator installed and that's the only requirement, and I see the contract group "Kerbalkind Achievement Records (Offered: 1)". That group of contracts [Kerbalkind Achievement Records Agency (or K.A.R.A for short)] is provided by PBC. You have to click the group to expand it and show the contracts within. The first one should be "Leave the Launchpad!". P.S. - I'd be curious to know which video you saw that led you here. You are the second person I've had mention Mike Aben here but each time I go glance at his channel I don't see any of his video's featuring PBC. Cheers!
  13. Welcome to the Forums @LaureeGrd! Glad to read that you are enjoying the mod. For the DMagic contract issue that you pointed out, are you referring to the long term survey that requires the vessel stay in orbit for several months? The reward output for these types of contracts generally doesn't bother too much since they require the passage of a considerable amount of time, and the science that you get from parking a satellite in a specific orbit isn't too much unlike over-time-science received from all the ScanSat scanners. However, I'll agree that ~80 science for a single contract to the Mun is a bit high in the early game, even after 4 months parked in orbit. I don't like to make patches for other contract packs as they are too many and too varied. But I can certainly point you in the right direction to fix this for your own install. Open your KSP install folder, navigate to your DMagic Mod folder in Gamedata. The file you want to edit is "DMContracts.cfg" found within "\GameData\DMagicOrbitalScience\Resources". The top half of the file (from line 199 back up to line 1) contains the 5 contract types offered by DMagic. Each of these has their own science and funds output, you'll see the labels "Funds" and "Science" above each section. Change these as you see fit. I suspect you encountered the "DMMag" contract as the "BaseReward" for that is set to 24, the highest of all 5 contract types. I'd probably just cut it in half down to 12 and you should be all set. Lemme know how it goes for you, have fun!
  14. It's been sitting at the top of the voting poll for over a year. Current status of a Restock+ update remains: Unlikely. Reasons being: KSP2 is nearly ready for us, the parts list for Restock+ is massive, I don't personally use Restock+ The caveat to this would be if an outside contributor felt like prepping the patch file for Restock+ with all the parts pasted in my usual patch-file format. That would be like 80% of the work done and then I'd just need to plug the parts into their correct places. I hold zero-expectation for that though, so you probably shouldn't either.
  15. Looks like you are missing the module manager .dll file. Make sure you pull the "ModuleManager.4.x.x.dll" file out of the folder and place it directly in your GameData Folder. The ModuleManager Folder itself doesn't need to be in GameData, just the .dll All features will work except for the custom contract pack, which will continue to expect the vanilla bodies. The other issue you'll need to be aware of is balancing the rate of science collection yourself. Otherwise the tech tree will do what it's been designed to, just the same.
  16. Big thumbs up for that very helpful post @Jacke, thanks for posting. As I've said before I don't use CKAN so I appreciate the assists on these questions. Just to add to what you've said, Celestial Body Science Editor has been thoroughly tested and in spite of it's slightly out of date status it's working perfectly with PBC and KSP 1.12. So for Celestial Body Science Editor specifically, just make sure you apply the manual fixes mentioned by Jacke above.
  17. @amarius1 exactly as kcs123 said above. We need more information to help you. Either post your log files or a screenshot of your GameData folder. I have a feeling you've nested your folders incorrectly, but that's a wild guess without more info.
  18. You're right about the github repo being very out of date. It was never used after I made it and PBC updates are rare these days, so its been neglected ever since. I appreciate you submitting the pull requests though. I can't say if/when I'll be able to look over new support patches for currently unsupported mods, the handful of recent "maintenance" updates (2.91 - 2.93) that I pushed were a rare exception of free time. But I welcome these submissions because I never know when I might find that extra time again. Glancing through them, it looks like most of what you've submitted is support for the solar-system overhaul mods - very cool. I'll leave the github up for now if any risk takers want to just grab your extra .cfg files to toss in with their PBC folder to give your configs a shot. If anyone wants to give this a go, please let us know how @whitespacekilla's configs worked out for you! If you're open to it, a cfg with support for Near Future - Exploration would really be the most helpful right now. I know the antenna ranges and part placements for that one are not in sync with PBC right now and it may be awhile before I'm able to update. Even a rough draft written in my usual format with all the parts listed would be a huge time saver. Many thanks if you do, no worries if not. This is partially incorrect. PBC can be updated from an old version to a new one in a running save without problems (unless explicitly stated otherwise, which hasn't happened since before KSP 1.8) You can test this right now by starting a game with PBC 2.90, save it, close out of the game, replace your PBC folder with PBC 2.93, and you will see the changes to your tech tree in your saved game when you load it up. However, @kcs123 is correct in that the CTT itself cannot be added or removed from a running save. You must start the new game with ModuleManager and CommunityTechTree already installed. @amarius1, Doublecheck that MM and CTT are installed alongside PBC in your gamedata folder, and if you're still having issues post your logs.
  19. Welcome to the forums @DPOHbl4. The command chair placement is by design. You aren't meant to have access to build a functioning aircraft until you unlock the cockpit part, which arrives 1 node sooner than the command module parts. This was a gameplay over realism decision, early access to the command chair leads to grinding science points at the KSC and I've never liked how gamey that feels. You can absolutely make aircraft before interplanetary travel, the T4 node that unlocks the cockpit part provides all the necessary parts to make a functioning aircraft. You just have to commit to the aircraft/SSTO branch of tech if you wanna build something bigger than a Cessna clone. @mor128 ahh you've just pointed out a new NF pack I was not aware of. NF-Exploration does not have a PBC patch yet so I'll need to take a look and get it added. Thanks for reporting.
  20. Welcome to the forums @TheOldGamingMachine. I do not maintain the USI Sounding Rockets mod and it isn't officially supported by PBC, so the issue with SR's contracts and launch stick will need to be reported on the USI thread.
  21. Thanks for clearing that up @UnanimousCoward. (And also for reminding me my edits for SPM are via MM patching, it's been awhile! ) So nothing new here, CKAN users should be in the clear.
  22. CKAN for PBC was initially setup by a helpful somebody a while back, I've not messed with it much on my end as I've never used it. I will say, that this mod does package and include Celestial Body Science Editor (made by DMagic) in each release since PBC2.5. But its not something you have to download separately if installing PBC manually, it's just included in the mod GameData folder (along with my custom values for it) - so I'm not sure how CKAN handles that. FYI, you can see what those custom values are on the front page More Details spoiler if you're curious. Maybe a more experienced CKAN user can chime in here, but I think that's why it's named in CKAN.
  23. It's part of the anti-exploit patch. This error is just letting you know it didn't find the new part since you're running KSP 1.9. The MM will continue patching normally afterward so it can be ignored. Did you manage to get your MS-1 scanner issue resolved as well? Not sure which part that is, unless you are referring to the MS-R from DMagic Orbital Science. That part is unlocked in the Advanced Exploration node.
  24. Hi Nertea! I've just updated Probes Before Crew with your 38 (!!) new parts and wanted to let you know I spotted a typo while updating my support patch for your mod. sspx-greenhouse-5-1 is looking for "experimentalScienceTech" for its tech node, which doesn't exist. I'm assuming you meant to use "experimentalScience". Apologies if its already been reported. Cheers!
  25. Version 2.93 released //// Version 2.93 Changes Added support for 38 new parts from StationPartsExtendedRedux (thanks for the heads up @Cholerix) Updated Core Chart with SPER image Wow! SPER has added a lot of new parts, all filling in the gaps at the 1.8m and 5m ranges. This update really filled in the tech tree chart nicely. Enjoy!
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