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  1. Patch 1 after 6 months of Musk development: Removing anything even hinting at female Kerbals. Re-introduced noodle rockets.
  2. Any idea why I can't get region info to load? Nevermind, I see now that I tried the RA-2 and RA-15, but those are both visual map only. Still having a weird problem where scan progress resets when I switch away from the satellite.
  3. I remember it used to be much the same thing in KSP1. I figure balance tweaks are down the priority list a ways. Good to keep noting it, though.
  4. Continuing to appreciate the new approach to communication. Thanks, folks.
  5. So what's the problem with the solution that the mod types had on like... day 2? Just upping joint strength x10 or more. (not actually meant as a 'gotcha' here, I'm actually curious if there's a reason that solution isn't ideal)
  6. I love the inherent humor when someone posts a poll positing a "correct" answer, and that gets less than 10% of the vote. Feels like Tumblr in here today.
  7. I have no problem with interviewing with small creators, honestly it's pretty cool. But how is it supposed to work when nobody knows it happened? Finding it accidentally through a *like* on twitter? How many people even look at that? Nate interview scavenger hunt next?
  8. Posted 7 hours ago with all of 27 views, no announcement anywhere... am I missing something obvious here? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Found it only because the KSP twitter liked a post mentioning it.
  9. Given the publisher constraints that Nate almost certainly contractually can't talk about, the release has honestly gone fairly well. And remember, they're seeing the day-to-day bug fixes and improvements that we don't get to, along with the feature dev that's being done in parallel.
  10. Supply routes will primarily be abstracted. You won't be seeing cargo ships flying around at feature release, if ever.
  11. I do hope this will be updated soon. Either make thickness a cosmetic thing only, or give it a purpose. Having it just be a "voluntarily fly worse" slider is just... bad.
  12. They keep saying they want people to go out and get science, rather than getting much from around KSC. I really want specific science-related goals for specific technologies. Give us a reason other than "I need points" to go places.
  13. On the topic of the big rovers, I suspect the long-term intent is to have them built in place at colonies. Just like huge interstellar ships are to be built in orbit. Much easier to handle physics there, too.
  14. They did say that you could "Rogue One" an orbital station with a pusher ship, even if colonies couldn't mount engines, so there's some kind of simulation. I expect it's just simplified and/or has larger component chunks. Like that hydrogen storage array there - that could have dozens or more parts if built in the VAB - could be a single Part. Likewise those identical residence rings.
  15. On the topic of that giant station screenshot, that's almost certainly an orbital colony and isn't simulating all the individual parts physics.
  16. "We've talked about it a lot, and for the moment, we don't think life support will add much to gameplay for the majority of users. We expect that when modding is more accessible, that gap will be filled for those that want it." (wording not 100% accurate) - Nate Simpson on AMA
  17. I mean, "releasing the same DLC for every game" worked wonders for The Sims =/
  18. I can fly a spaceplane to orbit and back now without my CPU melting, so I'm calling it a win.
  19. Time to wait another three weeks to play the game, then. Ah well, Steam sale means I have other things to play.
  20. Just wanted to make a note for people complaining about "lack of regular communication compared to Squad on KSP1" are just making me want to despair-laugh. Back in 2017/2018, we would have killed for once-weekly updates and discussions of future plans.
  21. "Give it to me straight, doc. I can take it." "You have stage 3 Asparagus, I'm sorry."
  22. Steam released new guidelines for exchange rates, and lots of games made updates at the same time.
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