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  1. If I get MM errors reported on game loading, but everything otherwise loads fine, where would I go about finding details on those errors, since there's no crash log?
  2. That... is a really good idea. <.< (just take it as a complement that you're a visibly knowledgeable authority on the topic of MM scripts, so I missed the obvious action here)
  3. @Alshain any idea what to look at here? Google searches are failing me.
  4. So I, uh, borked something (and I didn't even add that new script yet), and now I'm getting over a hundred MM errors on load; looks like a lot of it is in tweakscale, but all I get from the loading screen is error totals. Is there a log to get details of MM load errors somewhere?
  5. You'd have to redesign it so that the crane is a single unit with its own framework, then have the rover attached by a decoupler or docking port in the middle, which you would unlink before lowering it on winches.
  6. If it's just part count, you could take most of that stock Avalon and chuck it into UbioZur Welding to combine into a single part.
  7. Okay, so let me try my hand at this... Would that do the trick? Edit: Okay, I see. Thanks!
  8. Can you add @TechRequired to module tweaks? I.e. adding "collect science" feature to all command pods, but only once you unlock the tech with the science container.
  9. Ah good. I hadn't been following the details of console development since I probably won't use it, but it seemed like progress had been made lately, so I suppose this is part of why. Oh yeeahh... I remember people saying Flying Tiger was... possibly not an optimal choice. Man, that was a while ago.
  10. Could get that on the descent end a upper-atmo hop, maybe. @HelmutK around to weigh in?
  11. What record is this? Highest sustained I was able to find at any altitude band was 1751.6
  12. Mine tended to melt when adding another 100 m/s on top of that. Wouldn't last the full trip.Granted, I was also using Mk1 parts so I had to be better about dispersing internal heat.
  13. It helps if you think of batteries as good capacitors.
  14. Am I blind, or does that spreadsheet not have 1.25m or 2.5m fuel tanks at all? Wonderfully useful otherwise though. Looks like structural fuselages might be the way to go for a proper pontoon. Wouldn't have called that one, with the open ends, but it seems like it's a rough model anyway.
  15. Empty fuel tanks, I'm pretty sure. But honestly, your typical problem is not floating, but sinking. Just about everything floats, to the point where negative buoyancy is rather difficult to achieve.
  16. Oh yeah, absolutely. But if you're not trying to push the theoretical RAPIER maximum velocity, the faring-nose trick really isn't necessary.
  17. Okay, firstly, the Mk2 has a significantly higher heat threshold than the Mk1. And from the album linked in the above post: 1450+ on ascent. Secondly: are you sure you aren't running 150% heat or something? Those are both at roughly the same altitude, a bit under 20km.
  18. Like so many others, I'm still holding out for a good career mode overhaul. Not holding my breath for a fully stock solution, but hopefully the new tools with the expansion will include letting modders play with some lower-level game mechanics.
  19. They're a lifting surface in stock, too. They're just way draggier than they should be compared to any other lifting surface. Posted on this a few days ago: I really don't know what people are doing to have such heat troubles. Unless you're trying to hit 1600m/s+ on air-breathing thrust, anyway.
  20. Yeah, that is one major note. A newbie can get to the mun without even creating a maneuver node. "Burn prograde at Munrise" is basically foolproof. It's just the major landing/takeoff dV requirement that makes Mun difficult. I have lost count of the number of kerbals I've stranded on Mun now.
  21. Fully. Like, nothing above-ground. If it had just been the wheels, it'd probably have exploded, not fallen into the core of the planet.
  22. What I want is the RoveMax Model M1 to be rebalanced as a bushplane wheel; non-motorized but good speed and impact tolerance. Then make ALL wheels go skippy-bouncy if you're not on a runway-like surface, but have "offroad" wheels handle it better with shocks.
  23. Okay, this has come up in multiple threads in the past couple days, so I really feel like I need to weigh in. There's nothing wrong with regular mk1 cockpit for re-entry. I just went back and tested this, throwing some rapiers on my old panther SSTO (because there's no kill like overkill) flight album here Aggressive direct re-entry from LKO No problems. I do shed my heat in orbit with a thermal control unit, but even that's not necessary. I tested again without heat-dumping and got a bit toastier on re-entry, but a bit of intentional tumbling shed enough heat to keep from anything going boom. I had more issues with overheating going UP than coming back down. 3 rapiers on this is about 2.5 two many, I think. The problem with what everyone's suggesting? You're spending too much time in the upper atmosphere. You don't need a higher PE, you need a lower one. Hit the thick air sooner, and you shed speed before you build up too much internal heat. If your PE is positive on re-entry, you're just slow-cooking yourself.
  24. I just wanna see an official SQUAD hole-shot