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  1. Lord Aurelius

    Is there a way to get KSP free legally or at least, really cheap?

    There's also the demo which has a fair bit of replayability and would let you start applying some of the online tutorials right away while you wait for a sale or save up enough for the full version. There's a new KSP expansion coming out at the end of the month and there's usually a bit Steam sale around this time of year, so you might not have to wait long to get a discount.
  2. Lord Aurelius

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    I'm in the same situation with owning MH but not using the mission editor. For me at least, I think the reason the mission never really took off was fundamentally due to the lack of an easy and convenient way to find and share missions (they solved this for craft sharing but didn't apply it to MH for some reason). There's lots of other problems as well with things like the inability link missions together to create story challenges and the lack of leaderboards for players to compare how they had done in challenges (something that's very common in community challenges that Squad didn't tap into at all for some reason), but IMHO the failure of this mode really came down to this lack of an easy way to discover and share anything created with the editor, which strongly discourages players from making anything with it in the first place. The fact that the MH parts were poorly done didn't help either and pushed a lot of players away from the expansion, further reducing the number of players participating in creating missions.
  3. Lord Aurelius

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    What you're suggesting is pretty much what I said about career mode. It would be awesome if that were overhauled and got a bunch of contracts and time-based mechanics (which is why I also suggested incorporating KCT so players also need to consider how long it will take to build a rocket). The story campaign missions I also suggested would be more akin to mission builder scenarios arranged to tell a story and including some cutscenes like we've had for launch trailers. Many of those cutscenes were hilarious and I would like to see a game mode that incorporates them and tells a funny story and effectively serves as a tutorial for the more open-ended modes. The existing tutorial could still be offered, and the campaign missions would jump off from there. This is not a replacement for the career modes, but another way to play the game. I like the extra complexity for life support personally as well, but there needs to be a balance. A lot of players in the past have downvoted me for even suggesting that life support should be stock, so any stock implementation of this would need to be relatively simple and completely optional. Probably should have a way to refill life support using ISRU units as well.
  4. Lord Aurelius

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    My electric planes for Eve will finally be a reality without needing mods. Combined with the robotics to have them fold up in fairings, it will open up all kinds of awesome new mission profiles.
  5. Lord Aurelius

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    Something relatively simple like Snacks is what I've had in mind for a stock life support template. Nothing overly complicated, but something to help better convey the challenge of long-duration manned (Kerbaled?) missions and to provide a check to the additional abilities Kerbals have over probes. I see contracts as a component of more "tycoon" style gameplay. My thoughts are that there should actually be two separate "career" and "campaign" game modes. Career mode would be more of the tycoon style gameplay and could fundamentally be similar to what we have now. There could still be some optional story contracts here as well (similar to what Novasilisko talked about years ago with regards to a storyline for the easter eggs eventually leading to a hidden planet and also the anomaly explorer contracts) for players to pursue and make use of the full tech tree to achieve them and to provide a way to "win" the game. A campaign mode on the other hand could be a series of highly scripted scenario story missions (including cutscenes similar to what we've seen for the launch trailers) that could serve as a solid place for new players to jump into the game and could also function effectively as a tutorial to prepare players for the more open-ended game modes. Early missions would pretty much tell you what to do, but later missions would be a lot more open ended and give the player a lot of creative freedom in how they accomplish the mission. Difficult optional objectives (that can change the mission progression similar to StarFox 64 or other games with branching paths) could provide extra challenge for veteran players and some replayability.
  6. Lord Aurelius

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    Awesome, this expansion is actually attempting to directly address many of the problems with the game. Expansions should do things that are difficult to do with mods, and the new ground science system definitely ticks that box and potentially solves one of the major issues with the base game (boring planets) if done correctly. Stock robotics will be very nice as well, especially for building highly compact payloads that can be unfolded later like are used IRL. Also look forwards to seeing all the insane robotic contraptions people come up with. My only complaint at the moment is that I bought the game one month too late to get the DLC for free... Anyways, really pleased with the direction the devs are continuing to take the game with actually addressing many of the problem points that should have been worked through before 1.0. Now the game just needs an (optional) life support mechanic (same idea as the optional comm network feature), Kerbal Construction Time integration (IRL you can't build a rocket instantly), career gameplay overhaul (give us long-term goals beyond just filling out the tech tree, and rethink/rebalance the tech tree, building upgrades, contracts and part costs in general), a good story-driven campaign (effectively a bunch of interesting related scenarios with cutscenes in between that can also serve as a fun tutorial for the full game), a full part overhaul (including rebalance and adding new parts to fill holes), and an audio/graphic/QoL/polish pass to bring everything up to the same standard of quality. Still lots of work to be done, but at least now I can tentatively check "give us something interesting to do on planets" off the list.
  7. Very glad to see the continued development and focus on fixing/tuning/polishing the game to be what 1.0 should have been. Tuning/balancing a game after launch is always difficult once players get used to doing things a certain way (which is why I'm so hard on games that launch/leave early access with blatant balance issues) and I'm glad to see the new devs aren't afraid to touch the placeholder part values that weren't fixed before 1.0. Would like it if they were a little more aggressive though, especially with the OP spark and would consider engine upgradeability as part of the pass (and rework the useless Flea SRB into something like a vacuum kick booster instead of it continuing to be something you use for your first flight and then never again). I say this after every update, but what I personally would like to see in a "complete" version of KSP (not the FINAL version with no further expansions/development, just a version that doesn't leave me feeling like parts of the game are still missing/underdeveloped) is Life Support (for realism and to balance probe restrictions with comm networks and power), a totally revamped tech tree that actually makes sense instead of feeling like someone threw parts in there randomly and doesn't start off with Kerbals right off the bat for your first flight, full part/art/audio/systems balance/polish pass (including new parts as needed to fill holes), more interesting surface science on planets, and an overhauled career that plays like other tycoon games with open-ended scenarios and some real management decisions (including time-based systems like the RCT mod provides) AND a story-driven campaign (like some of the early ideas from NovaSilisko) instead of just being an upgrade all buildings, fill-out-the-tech-tree and maybe put flags on all bodies simulator. Still, very glad to see that after each successive update my list of "essential" mods grows shorter and shorter as the devs continue to address issues with the game.
  8. Lord Aurelius

    So I ran KSP on my new laptop...

    Minecraft has been rewritten in C++ . All the current versions for console, mobile and Windows 10 are based on the same "Bedrock" edition (which is written in C++), although the legacy Java version is still supported and kept up-to-date for MacOS and Linux (and mods). The core Unity game/physics engine is likely C++ for performance reasons, but all the game scripts that the devs use to build KSP on top of Unity are C#.
  9. Lord Aurelius

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    Agreed on the concerns of the long-term profitability of KSP. We don't have any information on this at the moment on what the long-term plans are for the franchise as there hasn't been any talk whatsoever of additional DLC or any hints at all on anything like KSP 2. I know that the Making History expansion didn't go well, so if they are planning additional DLC they could have had to scrap whatever plans they had and reevaluate to avoid another PR disaster. In the meantime, the current crop of updates that's causing me to be cautiously optimistic might be an attempt to win back trust from the community before they announce the next big thing. The Kerbal franchise still has a huge amount of potential for spinoff games that could appeal to a much wider audience, and Take Two might very well have some secret development projects behind the scenes with a different studio entirely.
  10. Lord Aurelius

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    My view on the current state of the game is that it's slowly getting better now that we have a mature game company running things. From my perspective, Harvester hit upon a brilliant game concept with KSP that was unexpectedly popular and drew a lot of attention. This attention and the lack of game development experience at Squad led them to make some unwise business decisions (the whole console port fisaco), which really hurt overall development with the need to rush to hit the console release deadlines, resulting in the 1.0 alpha release. Many times it also felt like there really wasn't much of a development plan (at least from my perspective as an outsider) and the devs were often winging it from update to update. On top of that, nothing against Harvester personally, but this was a personal project to him and that emotional attachment seems to have affected his judgement with some of the game design decisions (not including a dV readout because "trial and error is fun" for example and the wobbly rockets). As much as I didn't like to see most of the original devs leave, in many ways the house cleaning and handing control over to a mature game management team is probably what KSP needed. Other than the MH fiasco, with Take Two in charge, the devs have actually been doing a good job of systematically going back through the game and fixing things that should have been addressed years ago (and they finally added a dV readout in stock). After seeing the last few updates, I'm cautiously optimistic for the future of the game.
  11. Lord Aurelius

    Stock part edits

    I've considered doing something similar for myself and would be interested in seeing what you've put together. If it's just a bunch of config files, maybe just compress the folder and share it using Google Drive or similar.
  12. Lord Aurelius

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    Very pleased to see those awful stock craft finally getting some attention. I always thought it was ridiculous that many of them had intentional flaws for the player to fix, but this is mentioned absolutely nowhere in the game (which is awful game design IMHO). Between this and the new dV readout, I'm happy with the current direction the game is headed in. Also, I'm glad to see that the MH parts are being tuned to be more in line with the base game, but honestly I still feel like the base game tuning still needs a lot of work. Part costs in general seem to be more related to the tier they're unlocked in instead of anything to do with the part itself, so even relatively simple structural parts in high tiers like the quad coupler are often unreasonably expensive. The cost of engines vs other structural elements also doesn't really make any sense. In the early game, 3 of the fixed winglets cost MORE than a 1.25m rocket engine. There's also stat problems with other parts as well. MK2 and MK1 tanks have exactly the same fuel capacity, but the MK2 tanks have substantially more volume that is apparently wasted. I'll often use MK2 cargo bays with a 1.25m inline tank and 2x radial 0.625m tanks on the sides just to maximize the fuel capacity. The Kerbal pods are backwards with the beginner pods having the best weight per Kerbal ratio, with more advanced pods being effectively worthless from a gamplay standpoint unless you're really pinched for part count. Not to mention how little sense the tech tree in general makes with the order that parts are unlocked in. The remote guidance systems in particular have always bothered me with their location in the tech tree. These looks like rocket guidance systems used starting from the V2 rockets from before staging was used, but for some reason they're not available until the end of the tech tree, well past the point where they might have been useful for early sounding rockets (which need to use that awful Stayputnik part that really needs to be used with a fairing). Not to mention how silly it is that your first flight (where a new player is most likely to make a mistake) MUST be manned so there's a good chance they'll kill a Kerbal right off the bat instead of, you know, starting with an unmanned rocket like ALL real-life space programs did? That and how poor of a beginner engine the Flea is. WAY too much of a kick for a lone MK1 pod (and its poor stats make it useless in the rest of the game as well once you get any other engine) unless you use tweakables (which isn't taught, but what is taught based on how few parts are available is to use excessive amounts of thrust to splatter your Kerbals on the inside of the pod). I won't even get into all the problems with career mode in general. Anyways, hopefully this is just a step in the overall tuning process to fix the worst problems in MH before doing a more comprehensive look at the full game.
  13. Lord Aurelius

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    I think there's a balance here. Mods are great for extending the game and fixing things the devs haven't, but at the same time it is a pain to maintain modded installs once you get beyond a handful of mods (especially since CKAN doesn't work with all the mods I would like to use). Nearly all mods are balanced around stock and can only depend on the player having stock features, so unless there's appropriate compatibility patches it can be difficult to get everything working properly. As much as I like mods, I play KSP infrequently enough that the game has often updated since the last time I played and my mods don't work properly (yes I know about copying the game folder and not playing out of the Steam directory, but usually the reason I'm playing it is to try out a new update). At that point I'll usually just play stock and not bother with mods. So ultimately I greatly appreciate what mods offer, and the next time I'm ready to properly sit down and play KSP for a few weeks I'll definitely take the time to set up a modded install with a bunch of fixes and new features to make my "perfect" install. However, most of the time I just want to hop on occasionally and mess around for an hour or two, in which case having new features and fixes come in through Steam updates is much more desirable. Plus it makes sharing whatever wacky contraptions I build or missions I pull off MUCH easier to share. Not to mention each new update improves the base game a little more (even if it's two steps forwards, one step back due to bugs) and the end result will be a better and better game (with or without mods).
  14. Lord Aurelius

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    I haven't played any of those recently myself (with the exception of AOE2). However when I have gone back and played them I didn't have any trouble with the controls (maybe the super zoomed in camera in the RTS games due to the hardware limitations of the time). Most of these games have remasters now (or in the case of TA ground-up fan remakes) which don't touch the core gameplay (or controls for the most part) and still have thriving communities, which I guess is my point that there's some 20 year old games which are still heavily played to this day (also forgot to mention StarCraft and Red Alert 2 in my earlier list) simply due to how great the game design/story was (or at least the fun factor).
  15. Lord Aurelius

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    There were some pretty awesome games from 1998 that still hold up well today. Ocarina of Time, Thief: Dark Project, Total Annihilation and Baldur's Gate come to mind for examples (and Age of Empires 2 came out a year later).