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  1. I'm working on a patch that extracts a resource amount from the module and uses that to calculate the part's volume for another new module, then delete the IFS module. Thank you for the help.
  2. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch]]:NEEDS[ConfigurableContainers] { @MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch] { @resourceAmounts ^= :^(\d+),:$1: } @description = #$MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch]/resourceAmounts$ } I'm trying to get this regex to pull a specific string from InterstellarFuelSwitch in parts like this (in this case I would want the description to be 756) but I end up getting the entire resourceAmounts string in the description The expression works in regex testers so something about my usage of MM regex must be causing problems; help would be appreciated.
  3. HL is a form factor in B9 that resembles MK3, the parts have an option to change shapes slightly which changes the volume and the default fuel-switching module accounts for that. That's good to know, I'll pm you a link.
  4. The HL parts have a slight volume increase when switched from the standard HL shape to round but CC isn't picking up on that with the cost and mass patches enabled. The difference is negligible but I wanted to know if that's expected behavior. Edit: Also the B9 patch is done.
  5. Thank you. This is a much more elegant solution than deleting the entire module and adding a copy without tankType.
  6. How would I make a patch to delete all the tankType variables from this? MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch moduleID = fuelSwitch switcherDescription = Tank Setup baseVolume = 14740.0 SUBTYPE { name = Structural transform = STR } SUBTYPE { name = LFO tankType = B9_HX_LFO transform = LFO } SUBTYPE { name = MonoPropellant title = MonoProp tankType = B9_HX_MonoPropellant transform = RCS } SUBTYPE { name = Battery tankType = B9_HX_Battery transform = Capacitor } }
  7. Glad to see this mod back, AGX is overkill for someone who just wants to change the action groups that exist.
  8. You could think of it as RP-1 and liquid oxygen if it puts you at ease xp
  9. I think that's good for preserving the experience that the creator of the mod intended. A lot of non-fuel tank parts hold fuel in B9 though. For the last part, maybe you could forbid things like radioactive materials in wings? That wouldn't be very kerbal though
  10. Yes, do you think that cargo bays should have a small amount of fuel? Also I think that mono-propellant containers in cockpits could be changed to a simple gas container with a mono-propellant default.
  11. @allistaI'm in the process of making a B9 compatibility patch if you're interested. The mass patch variable doesn't seem to be working with the procedural wings though.
  12. Does this mod have any compatibility with TweakScale or do the 2 mods just overwrite each others changes?