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  1. It's [1.8.x] Docking Camera KURS Style Re-Adopted (Fixed in 1.9). I took a look at the code and it does exactly what I suggested above. That code could be used. Only thing that needs to be done is to set the location of camera object to the hullcam object location. Edit: Ideally you want just extend that class or you could even merge the 2 mods.
  2. It might be possible by creating a 2nd camera object, render it's view to a texture and have that texture displayed on a window.
  3. Which keys are you trying to change it to?
  4. You can actually change the buttons through the settings.cfg in GameData/HullCameraVDS/Plugins/.
  5. Can someone push in the right direction to get Javascript running with this add-on? The plugin protion works, but how do I get .js files to run? I tried the example but is says: "Error: Cannot find module 'krpc-node'"
  6. Oh I see. It's ollowDockingLong3, possibly others too, but I only need that one to work.
  7. It's BahamutoD's reusable fairing mod, which was abandoned a long time ago. It uses standard KSP modules so it's no custom code.
  8. Like the title says, I think it's a mod model part which causes it. I just can't figure out why. It's basically a tube docking port. Anyone one an idea why this is happening?
  9. Trying to make a reusable rocket, but fairings aren't really reusable.
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