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  1. Can someone push in the right direction to get Javascript running with this add-on? The plugin protion works, but how do I get .js files to run? I tried the example but is says: "Error: Cannot find module 'krpc-node'"
  2. Oh I see. It's ollowDockingLong3, possibly others too, but I only need that one to work.
  3. It's BahamutoD's reusable fairing mod, which was abandoned a long time ago. It uses standard KSP modules so it's no custom code.
  4. Like the title says, I think it's a mod model part which causes it. I just can't figure out why. It's basically a tube docking port. Anyone one an idea why this is happening?
  5. Trying to make a reusable rocket, but fairings aren't really reusable.
  6. It's an old mod and never got out of WIP state, but it's fairly usable. The mod includes a docking ring to attach to a top stage and allows a engine to be connected inside. The 2nd part is a dockable interstagefaring which connects to the ring. It's great for for reusable rockets. The problem is the links doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have a copy lying around?
  7. It's an old thread, so sorry for posting in it. But does anyone have a copy of the ? The link in the first post seems to be gone.
  8. Found a solution: Smart Parts Continued Using conditional action group triggers to trigger the docking port when the tank is empty.
  9. After years of playing I finally found out that you can enable advanced tweakables, which is great for having the docking port in the staging. It works great as an alternative for decouplers. Though what I was hoping for is to hook 2 stages back together and then being able to fire them again, which sadly it doesn't. So here's the question, is there a way to reset a staged item to fire it again, or an other way to solve this problem?