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  1. Thread to complain bout stuff

    lol! Another experience with DPD - so I wasnt in when a parcel arrived and they put a slip through the door, you know the one that says its waiting at the depot for collection for me to pick up? Pretty normal right? So I find the address and it is in the middle of this pretty industrial area. You cant walk in, you just have to sidle up the access road to the security barrier, the access road that their trucks use. Then a security guard see us looking curious and lost. "Oh you need to pick up a package, you'll need this high-vis vest...then he took us on a meandering walk through this literal factory, with caghed walkways etc to the "office" which is quite clearly the working office for the depot - think overburdened office drones rushing through mountains of paperwork amongst a collection of half empty coffee mugs. "Oh you need to collect a package -HEY ANGELA CAN YOU TAKE THESE FOLKS TO FIND THEIR PACKAGE?!" Long story short, it does not seem that DPD have a facility for civilians to collect their stuff, and they just wing it. Im surprised I didnt have to wear a hardhat and go through a safety briefing. *** On a positive note, my new phone did arrive, at 16:45 with the my landline in my hand about to raise heck with DPD. SUCH a close shave for them, I would have been devastatingly....polite and british about it (hey at least I picked up the phone!)
  2. Thread to complain bout stuff

    ok I have a complaint this time. My google pixel 2 was supposed to arrive to my office between 2pm and 3pm. Of course it didnt arrive. Of course it didnt. Why would it? When has any delivery company ever delivered a package on time? I cant remember ever seeing it happen. If any of you are thinking "Thats harsh, Ive had plenty of parcels arrive on time." - then Im pretty confident it was accidental, statistically that must happen sometimes. The delivery time has been updated from 2pm-3pm to 2pm-10pm. Good thing I had it sent to my office to make sure I'd be there to sign for it! If its not here before 5, when I leave, Im going to cancel the whole thing and stick with my old handset. I wasnt so much bothered about getting a new handset on the day of release, what I really wanted was a hassle free upgrade. I dont want to spend the next few days wondering when it will turn up, changing my schedule and spending hours waiting for it in a timeslot that they can change at a moments notice. If anyone interested, the delivery company is DPD. Dont use them, they suck.
  3. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Giving your opinion is always a risk, nobody is obligated to agree with you, or even support you in any way, but hey thats life
  4. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    And I heard a story once about a man who had his house burned down because his neighbours found out that he was a ped...iatrician. But that doesnt mean the whole world has gone crazy. And neither does this. The whole POINT is that there are people being traumatised by acts and behaviour that "we" have ALWAYS thought is "totally cool, because we're jus' joshin' about!" but in fact were very hurtful. Not wishy-washy "waah my feelings!" hurt, but really, seriously hurt. Its not because suddenly millenials cant take a compliment, this has ALWAYS been happening, its just that with todays interconnected world, people feel more comfortable bringing it up, people feel able to be heard, which is a good thing, because the opposite has been enabling predators for a very long time. There will always be people ready to make a stupid scene for attention, and they have always been around too. Its not going to ruin the world for people to be more aware of their actions, and vigilant for others. People will use their own judgement, no comment or poster or statement is going to MAKE someone suddenly call out everything as a sexual assault or harassment, those types of people are already that way. *** On a lighter note, I would have loved to see the looks on the moderators faces when they saw this thread pop up
  5. Yup, with sufficient power that is exactly what would happen, its less about the refraction, more just about travelling through a medium that is not perfectly transparent - a percentage of the energy is absorbed, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the frequency and properties of the medium. And as with most things, there will be examples at either extreme.
  6. What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    I cant take credit for this, I was put onto this one by someone else on these forums - I tried it and was very impressed, and its free! (for now) https://cosmoteer.net/index.html Then there's "FTL" which is best-in-class and you should definitely take a look. Im guessing you're thinking more "warship" than "fighter", so I'll leave out most of those. Starpoint Gemini Warlords (which I describe above) puts you in a series of ships starting from fighter and ending in battleships, with appropriately "shippy" combat. The "X" games (eg: X3:reunion etc. also described above) also have a selection of ships from fighter to battleship (and you can own+control a whole fleet eventually). I actually think the capital ship combat is pretty well done in the X games. Then there's Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, which is a real-time interpretation of the Warhammer 40K game, I got quite a lot out of that one, its pretty cool. Though to make it "shippy" and not too hectic (given that these are warships) I have it on "slow" the whole time. But satisfying combat. In this one you generally command a fleet of 3-5 ships, from frigates to battleships and carriers. "Void Destroyer" is also a pretty cool real-time stategy/space shooter hybrid which is done pretty well, again a selection from fighters to capital ships. Hmm...what else... I have also been on a search for "starship management" games for a while, they are a fairly rare breed, I think the only other thing I have on my books right now is "Starship Theory" which is a cute indie game still in Early Access, but looks like it has some potential.
  7. Is eccentricity a vector?

    Agreed. You are not describing a spacecraft but a complete orbit. A single numerical figure describe the orbits eccentricity in its entirety, it doesnt matter that the longitude of the periapsis could be any value, the value describing eccentricity does not change. Two orbits identical except they are each retrograde to the other, both have the same eccentricity too. You can even have completely different orbits with exactly the same eccentricity, described by the same single figure. Theres no reason it should be a vector, unless you package extra information into the statement, like "eccentricity in the direction of..."
  8. On an extremely serious note, do not remain silent!

    Well said, no discussion required. It IS a weird place to put it...but then where isnt...the whole point is dont keep sweeping it under the rug: "Oh I dont know where to say/post this...." Copy + Paste same statement for racism. Speaking up is not always a simple matter, but a lot of times, it really is. *** Discussion may well spark argument, inevitably, but if the mods lock it, at least its here to be seen. *** #metoo It happened to me. It was not serious but by god it was eye opening. The psychological injury is orders of magnitude worse than the physical assault. And men, if you think you can shrug it off, you cant. Luckily mine was minor, I cannot fathom what happens in the mind of victims of more serious events.
  9. Thread to complain bout stuff

    <groooooooaaaaaaaaan> Falcon 9 heavy is....84feet tall? Woops! And that is not the SLS. And...oof...mixing feet and metres....no Or use sharp edged tools unsupervised....or stairs...or doors....y'know, to be safe, just dont let them out of your sight.
  10. Is eccentricity a vector?

    I dont think its a vector since it can be expressed with a single figure, eg: "-26.1degs"
  11. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Games...dont live forever....dunno why you'd expect them to. Minecraft is over 6 years old, its doing pretty darn well. Complex RPGs....I might have agreed at some point in the past, but there are actually a lot of really good ones if you wade through the crap and look, though I suppose it depends on your personal definition of "complexity". Personally I feel that it is our standards that have risen, rather than complexity falling. Just to be OT: Games dont live forever!
  12. Could the "infinite velocity" mean the velocity at which the orbit becomes open-ended/hyperbolic, ie: no longer an orbit? Doesnt mean much to me without more figures.
  13. What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Some sandbox style games offer an option to "retire" which essentially just halts the game and gives you a nice ending screen with some relevant statistics of your career on it. I like that. For some reason, for me AP doesnt "count". Something to do with it being an "interim" game or something.
  14. What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    For me its less that there is little to do late-game, more that there is no defining "success" objective. But those are universal problems for all open-ended or sandbox style games, KSP included. And hence, mods, in both cases
  15. What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Just in case you werent already aware - Theres a coupla big total conversion mods, XRM and X-Tended, they expand the game hugely (ships, stations, missions, economy, graphics [a little], tools, stats, scripts, weapons. Its quite impressive), you might like checking them out. X-Tended for Terran Conflict is essentially a full sequel with a whole new plot and new universe whereas XRM is more a re-vamp of the base game. lol I wouldnt worry too much about steam, theres no protection on the files, you can copy it over to a non-steam install just like KSP.