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  1. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Its worth noting that the "attacker" is probably an automated bot that is "attacking" several thousand accounts at once. Its not personal. Its just that this week, your number came up. That is some kind of superpower and if I could do that I certainly wouldnt need that text file! Truedat, if you have data that is truly confidential and it isnt air-gapped, you cant complain if it is ever compromised. Thats like saying getting into my house is easy if you have the key, and what I mean is, if they have a key, no point in making the door stronger. If someone has physical or remote access to your computer, no password is safe anyway, no matter how it is stored. Even the palm tablet wont save you. You are already past the point of "trying to be secure", the horse has bolted, the call is coming from inside the house. Physical access and true remote access are the most serious, but also most rare type of attack. I dont need landmine sweepers on my car.
  2. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    If we are just talking unwanted pop-ups, I like to think I have the minimum level of savvy required to avoid this even with an unprotected computer, largely because not very much sensitive data passes through my machine though and the contents of my harddrive is largely replaceable. Passwords/logins are obviously sensitive but I tend not to spurt them out whilst up to my armpits in dodgy websites. Unless there is a risk I am not understanding? *** The best, and most common, advice I have heard for password security is to make them all different (natch) and unreasonably unguessable (eg: 459546FsfgsFhGfd#f+d8gf7f8*Fpd? - probably overkill but you get the idea) but keep them saved in a text file on your desktop for easy access. Because if someone can suck that text file straight from your desktop, you have much larger problems to worry about than someone hacking your amazon.
  3. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Hmmm...thing is, if managing it approaches the same level of inconvenience as the thing it stops, what use is it? Popups are not a security issue for me, so convenience is all. Sounds like a nuclear option, but I'll still check it out when Im home.
  4. p1t1o

    How to build real small rocket?

    Cant believe I forgot to put this in my original response!: Welcome to the KSP forums! Heres a link to an excellent book that answers a lot of questions that are common on this site, its a link that is shared very often amongst us: https://library.sciencemadness.org/library/books/ignition.pdf If you're interested in the construction of any kind of liquid-fuelled rocket, it is required reading (dont worry, its not an academic textbook, its a good read). It might give you some insight into how good an idea it is to build a rocket from scratch without industrial support and a great deal of expertise. **edit** I tried googling for pictures of injuries recieved whilst experimenting with rocket fuels and/or explosives. Hint: do not google this if you want your stomach to feel ok today. Saw some stuff I really didnt need to see, and I was looking for something gross.
  5. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    Do McDonalds put 7 nugget in 1 out of every 100 (or whatever) boxes of 6 on purpose, to increase the "magic" of the experience of buying nuggets? I've heard that they keep the McRib a randomly seasonal item to maintain its "specialness" even though they know it would sell well as a main menu item.
  6. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Cool thanks, I'll take a look. Its like an arms race with these things though.
  7. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    You know what I think is worse? Those people that ring up old folks and tell them that their computers have been compromised and use a load of garbage language that is very alarming like "criminals have gained access to your personal information you need to install our software now" or "criminal activity has been detected on your computer and the authorities informed" and then charge them a lot of money (often after asking how much they can afford and then surprise! They juuuuuuust have enough money to be able to pay for this lifesaving service! How convenient!) I hope every single one of them trips on their front doorstep and breaks both their ankles. That goes triple for auto-popup ads for similar "services" that autoplay a voiceover that "warns" you of all of the above, AND calls up a "login" window and the window cant be closed and keeps playing the damn voiceover unless you hit escape and close the window in the half-second before the login box pops back up. I even had one of these that was coded so insidiously that it kept playing the audio voiceover even after I closed the tab AND shutdown the browser! I mean Im almost impressed by the ingenuity of deception that these people have. I know its hard to believe anyone falls for those but if you arn't "into" computers like we all are, how would you know what is or is not legit? It isnt fair to expect everyone to have a minimum competence in everything. For the 1 in 10,000 people that these ads hook, it must be a terrifying and very expensive experience. Its literally the equivalent of a doctor telling you that you have a rare and dangerous disease but luckily he has this total cure for this heavy but just about affordable price. Oh and that happens too. I dont think anyone would shed any tears if these people took an accidental fall down some long steep stairs. Made of concrete.
  8. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Its all one attack, you arn't being targeted by multiple hackers that have just decided to pick you this week. I had an attempt on my ebay and paypal accounts not long ago. You already know what to do, change passwords, activate 3-factor authentication where possible (eg: text authentication for steam account). Tip-top-tip: if an account records your telephone number, check it hasnt been changed. After I had secured my ebay account I noticed that it had been altered. I dont know why, although I can guess, but I almost missed it. And if you are feeling dilligent, contact whoever the account is with (steam, ebay etc.) and let them know that an attempt has been made and that the most recent account updates (you securing your login details) are legit.
  9. p1t1o

    How to build real small rocket?

    You cant find cheap vodka? I havnt heard of a vodka rocket before, so stop me if Im wrong, but a 60% water solution doesnt sound like it will make a rocket work. Someone managed to shoehorn politics into this tiny thread? Thats some dedicated work!
  10. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    Probably the cowboy jedi has a light-sabre lassoo.
  11. p1t1o

    SpaceX moon landing.

    FunFact: if you put ejection seats into airliners, you will significantly decrease their safety.
  12. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    I heard it also contained 6 trench runs, 43 exploding death stars, a cowboy jedi, a samurai for some reason, at least 4 seperate instances of ancient weapons (spear, bolas etc.) being "spacified" with lasers and chapters and chapters glorifying religious sacrifice. jk
  13. p1t1o


    A book is a screen. It just has a limited refresh rate and runs an extremely rudimentary operating system. But the graphics fidelity is off the charts and it has an advanced haptic-feedback interface. There is also an olfactory age-indicator.
  14. Boy, are you in the wrong place... Fact is, stealth is a MUCH different question in space than on Earth, the factors and consideration are all different. Are all different categories. The current "REAL MILITARY" does not and has never, fought in space. It is a reasonable debate. But to be fair, you are totally correct.