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  1. p1t1o

    Lasers, Mirrors and Star Pyramids

    (Its "Casaba" ) Im sceptical about those too, if you dig a bit you can find information on some nuclear tests designed to investigate the principles (accelerating projectiles with nukes) and whilst there were some results that resembled the popular picture of the weapon (ultra-high velocity shrapnel, long range), it was judged to be ineffective at long distances (the angular spread is quite tight, just not tight enough to make probability-of-kill a useful value) and there have been some order-of-magnitude errors between the published results (what little has been published) and what has made it into popular knowledge. Its very difficult to beat a fast moving mass for moving energy from one place to another without dissipation proportional to distance. (I wish I had the documents to back all that up to hand, all I can really say for now is that Im sceptical)
  2. p1t1o

    I'm bored

    I'm bored. I'm the chairman of the board. I'm a Lincoln monologue, I'm livin' like a God, I'm bored. I bore myself to sleep at night, I bore myself in broad daylight, 'cause I'm bored. Just another slimy bore. I'm free to bore my well-bought friends, And spend my cash until the end, 'cause I'm bored! I'm bored! I'm the chairman of the board. I'm sick. I'm sick of all my kicks. I'm sick of all the stiffs, I'm sick of all the dips, I'm bored. I bore myself to sleep at night, I bore myself in broad daylight, 'cause I'm bored! I'm bored! Just another dirty bore! Alright now, face, come out and bore me! I am sick! I am sick of all my kicks! I'm sick of all the stiffs, I'm sick of all the dips, I'm sick! I'm sick when I go to sleep at night, I'm still sick in the broad daylight, 'Cause I'm bored! I'm bored! I'm the chairman of the board! - Iggy Pop
  3. p1t1o

    I'm bored

    Im the chairman of the bored.
  4. p1t1o

    Lasers, Mirrors and Star Pyramids

    What I'd really like to see is a treatment of what would the distances really be like in a "realistic" space battle/war. Lasers may be great at 10,000km but what if the average distances are 100,000km+? Then lasers are useless, or you have to multiply power (and related issues) by some significant amount. Or what if the analysis turns out that distances rapidly close to <1000km? Then other weapons may have advantages over lasers. I'd like to see how lasers stack up against various other types of weapon (kinetic [small & large], nuclear, particle, radiation etc) up against an analysis of how distances would vary in a space battle with near-future tech level. I used to think lasers were the weapon of the future too, when I was small, but it hasnt quite turned out that way. Their effects can be awesome, but they have a lot of drawbacks.
  5. FunFactTM: Some nuclear warheads have solid gold outer radiation casings which can be several centimetres thick (I think it maximises X-ray emissions for exo-atmospheric use...or something)
  6. Super-heavy elements are not always super-dense - eg: Osmium is the densest element, but not the heaviest atom. Density is what makes good penetrators or armour. For interest, the reason Osmium is not used in military applications is likely due to cost.
  7. p1t1o

    How to Safely Download Shareware Games?

    It was cool right? Remember getting like 20 games with PC magazines? Shareware games is how I learned computers.
  8. p1t1o

    I Big Joke!

    Do me! Do me!
  9. p1t1o

    Ozone oxidiser?

    0_0 Thats the best fact I've read in a long time.
  10. p1t1o

    Ozone oxidiser?

    Thats a good point actually, should have thought about LOx turbopumps straightaway. Its not like a fluorine/ozone turbojet will always run hotter than a conventional one, just that the chemical environment inside will be much more harsh. Yes, definitely, I cant remember off the top of my head which one has what, but there are various ones. I have a vague memory of one of them even having an atmospheric pressure similar to Earth, I forget which. I think it might be Titan. *googlygoogle* Yep, Titan has a surface pressure of 1.45atm, mostly nitrogen, and with a surface gravity of around 0.1-0.2G, flying there would be easy as pie. If you get propulsion to work.
  11. p1t1o

    Ozone oxidiser?

    Noice *** Ooops, made the classic mistake up there ^^^, typed "fluoride" instead of "fluorine". Thats the chemist version of accidentally calling your teacher "mum". And the dentist version of really, really screwing up at work. **edit** Heh, look at that, turns out turbine blades are already made of inconel...
  12. Its hard to say, whenever I look directly at it, it disappears.
  13. If the plane does ever take off, does it sound more like someone saying "Yanny" or someone saying "Laurel"?
  14. What if its a tank, which has pre-installed wheel-speed-matching conveyors on both sides? On a conveyor. Going uphill. Underwater. At the North Pole. Now where is your riddle god?
  15. p1t1o

    Ozone oxidiser?

    Metal fluoride passivation sounds like a pretty good answer actually, assuming that the mechanical properties of the layer are sufficient. Teflon probably wont get damaged by ozone/fluoride (IIRC all those fluorine atoms protect the C-C bonds from oxidation) but it is an oxidiser in its own right and would probably react with the fuel. Very heat resistant, but in the presence of strong oxidising agents? I know that Tungsten Carbide reacts strongly with chlorine, unsure what that says about WHfC in Fluorine.