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  1. What a great reason to send a child to space. I guess in the Sudan they have to fight in wars and stuff too so I dunno what Im worried about really.
  2. @Pawelk198604 Did...did you just compare the risks of going to space to skateboarding? Sentimental claptrap. You know who cannot afford to be sentimental, and have to be by the exact-letter-of-the-book-at-all-times or many people die horribly? Astronauts.
  3. I did leave a visible clue in the post guys! I was more concerned about it seeming disrespectful (which of course was not my intention.)
  4. People here generally happy to answer questions, or they dont bother commenting, you won't hear "RTFM nuube!!" very much here Pretty much all the questions have been asked at some point, by someone, so dont feel bad. If you ask me, wikipedia is a good start for most things, and most pages will have plenty of links to further info. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_turn There are two links you need though, if you are playing KSP. They are a bit more advanced, but if you get into KSP for more than a couple of weeks you will want the info contained within. (and they are by far THE most referenced links on this entire forum - ok I cant prove that, but you get it...) http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/ - This website, intended for people writing science fiction stories, contains a huge amount of material describing real-life and near-future technology in terms of space travel. Also has extensive sections on hypothetical combat in space. The propulsion tech section is also highly relevant. https://library.sciencemadness.org/library/books/ignition.pdf - This is a book. Its a legit link, dont worry about downloading it. It is a history of research into rocket fuels, written by a scientist who worked on the forefront of it. It is actually quite a fun read and is written in a very easy to digest manner (its not full of maths or theory you need a degree to understand). It brings a lot of rocketry into real perspective. Welcome to KSP!
  5. A gravity turn is an efficient ascent - a gentle curve all the way up with almost constant acceleration, not a vertical section followed by a turn and a more horizontal section. A gravity turn begins almost as soon as you clear the tower, but you will have cleared the "lower atmosphere" before gaining too much of an angle. Its drag though, that you are avoiding, heat should not be a concern since the lowest part of your trajectory is also the slowest. In KSP the heat/flame visuals display at quite low velocities though, but IIRC do not necessarily represent a damaging heat flux. Having said that, with a proper gravity-turn ascent and acceleration profile, you shouldnt even get the heat/flame visuals as the acceleration should be fairly gentle (~2-3-4 Gees). There is no point in blasting away at many Gees, then you WILL lose a lot of dV to drag.
  6. Did they? How'd that work out? RIP Challenger + crew
  7. You know, experimenting on children is generally frowned upon. Whilst the first crewed missions had a generous helping of propaganda value, its a YUUUUUUUGE stretch to make a comparison between that and this. *** Instead of sending a single child to space, how about we send ten thousand to space camp for the same price? In terms of "inspiring a generation" it would be vastly more effective / ethical / safe. *** Apologies to all of those kids reading that would love the chance, I want you to go to space, just
  8. Im going to go out on a limb and say this is a pretty stupid idea. Pure marketing. Its not that there wouldnt be any benefits, like I got a benefit when my dad took me to see the captain on a flight to canada when I was 4, but the factors against are significant and numerous. And for what? Give a single child a unique experience? Generate publicity? Sentimental tosh.
  9. I supposed you could call the B-52 mothership of the Pegasus launch vehicle a "jet powered stage". Amongst various other similar arangements.
  10. Ok so Bonny Tyler will be performing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during the event onboard one of those eclipse cruise ships. Sometimes all is well in the world.
  11. Like it. Why is it called "Mandela"?
  12. Sometimes when I turn my computer on, the desktop will start to my main monitor, with my secondary monitor active. Sometimes when I turn my computer on, my main monitor will remain inactive and the desktop will start to my secondary monitor at 800x600 resolution. There does not seem to be a pattern, or anything I can do to affect which outcome will occur. I just have to turn it off and on until I get the right one. Computers. Does anybody really know how they work?
  13. Not exactly. IR works well in space, especially at long ranges, but approaching a planet you'd be vulnerable to detection by radar, it'll take more than a coat of radar absorbent material to disguise a large ship.
  14. Batteries are not a power source, they are power storage/buffer. To illustrate: an Li-Ion battery stores maybe 460kJ per kilogram of battery. Potato chips contains approx 20-30MJ per kilogram. Gasoline, ~45 MJ/kg Plutonium (from decay) ~ 2.2TJ/kg (2,200,000 MJ/kg) Something like a solar panel - hypothetically infinite joules/kg So as a power source, batteries are woefully inadequate.
  15. Nah they already tried that with milkyway bars and nobody eats those anymore