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  1. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    @Ivanpedersen Er...it was a response to question about extreme decisions, many involving so it was in-context. The question revolved around "impossible" choices. Try and come up with an impossible choice that isnt unsavoury. It was also a very long time ago and obviously there is no trend of this kind of thing But yes, generally good advice.
  2. To be fair, they did have a "30% off when the spend 500k or more" voucher in their inbox, and thats a sweet deal.
  3. Can I ask why? And further, how does that extend to the administration of vaccines? If the disease is mutating annually, you cannot run multi-year clinical trials. You literally have limited time available. However, the flu vaccine is not invented from scratch every year. It is known how to create "a flu vaccine", they just harvest the newest strains each year to make it. It is known how to test the virulence of any virus, including those in vaccines. Multi year clinical studies are not required for each annual mutation. It is easy to forget just how dangerous a disease influenza is. Viruses with much higher chance to kill you get much more press. But these diseases almost by definition, limit their own spread. They burn bright and hot, briefly and small. Whereas influenze is EVERYWHERE, is highly contagious, precisely because it does not kill the majority of its hosts. But there have been global pandemics that have killed millions. In the last ebola "epidemic" FIVE people died. The last flu pandemic (2009-2010, thats WITH vaccine) is estimated to have killed somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 people, and the pandemic of 1920 (before vaccine, see spike in chart below) has upper limits of nearly 100MILLION deaths estimated, globally. US Infuenza death rates, 1900-2002: Guess when the flu vaccine was invented. Still want to slow down flu vaccine production for more testing? Our global health is not a steady, constant thing. It must be supported with continuous, hard effort. And sadly yes, there are casualties. As explained above, I am using the term "authority" to describe the "authority" that an expert, trained person has over a lay person, within their chosen field. A chemical engineer has "authority" to say that fishmonger Jeff's suggestion for the internal construction of a new hydrocarbon cracker, is not up to par. I am not using it in the same way that says, for example, a policeman has "authority" over you that has been assigned by society, independant of merit. [snip]
  4. What? Wha--ooops I've just dropped something....
  5. Doctors/People make mistakes, procedures can be outdated, things are never perfect. Absolutely, we require the right to question our authority figures. Im using the term "authority" rather broadly here, meaning generalised expertise rather than "official" authority like a government organisation. Thats a whole other discussion. But this type of statement: "I'm no biologist...but XYZ can't be healthy" ...is problematic. Logically, rationally, its a mess. Sorry to be harsh but the statement as-is has almost no merit. People in general, you, me, everyone, are far too reluctant to make this statement instead: "Im no biologist...what are the effects of giving 10+ vaccines in one sitting?" Yes, I am absolutely guilty of all of this myself too, as I am sure we all have been to some extent. Dont reject authority without reason. Reason, rationale. Question authority. Get an answer. Rejecting it and replacing it wholesale with gut feeling is not just a step backwards, its a running jump into the dark ages. Then if you dont like the answer, you can take that answer and stick it in someones face. @The Dunatian I believe this comment to be applicable to almost everyone, myself included, I wouldnt want you to think I was having a go at you I believe that if you are concerned you absolutely should question your doctor or your doctor's service about a vaccine "hangover" and if there was any reason you couldnt have them administered in several sessions instead of one.
  6. It is the rejection of authority itself. If they reject the concept of someone having authority, then no amount of "convincing" is sufficient as they do not believe in "being convinced". Personally, I believe it is a symptom of overpopulation. People, perhaps disadvantaged, become disillusioned with the idea that they cannot have an impact on the enormous global society (made worse that they can see it all happening through a bajillion different types of modern media, which has multiplied by orders of magnitude over just the last few decades) and they spend all of their time being told what to do, by politicians, nutritionists, 9 out of 10 dentists, "big pharma", "big government", "The Man", MumsNet etc etc etc. That is just my interpretation but the discussion over what it is and what causes it could go on all day, of course. I think we just need to stand fast and hold on to the idea that they are a minority and that despite setbacks, we are living in a *relative* "golden age" of enlightenment and science, although at times its hard to believe. Hopefully in time, the access to information will gradually whittle away at the impact this type of thing can have. Best we can do is continue to act rationally.
  7. Rockets dont spend a lot of time accelerating in-atmosphere, in fact they are supposed to get out of the air as soon as they can, so much of that extra plumbing is dead weight for most of the trajectory. Missiles (with certain exceptions, such as ICBMs or ASATs) travel in a much more horizontal path, spending the entire time within the atmosphere where they are able to take advantage of atmospheric oxygen.
  8. Thats a problem I have with loot in RPG games.
  9. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    Actually I was thinking....well I was browsing steam and I was like "there are a flipping TON of games that I cant even tell what they ARE let alone recognise them! I wonder if Im missing gems that I would never otherwise notice?" Like literally pick a random title from ALL games (or some very large subset). Eg: Lets do a quick random search of steam... I typed in randpom word "doors" and picked page 3 of search results. First coherent title (that wasnt a DLC or a cheap mobile nothing) called "Command Ops 2: Knock on all doors Vol.6" Take a look, how good at it would you be if you picked it up right now and launched a campaign game? No manual No practice No tutorial (or maybe yes tutorial, but that time counts) Yes, dealing with bugs and crashes would be part of it. How good is your "Force restart/Reload Savegame" game? How often do you regularly save? How often is optimal? Its be SO much more interesting.
  10. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    If I was still doing the online dating thing, I'd actually add it to my profile I honestly wish I could offer that service, I actually think I'd get a lot of business *** Fresh shower thought eSports Being expert at one game is so....not "e" The REAL test of a TRUE gamer? They should have mysetry game for every competition. Competitors would have to train a variety of games and skills in order to have a chance? Oh? Your reflex-jerk FPS aiming is pixel perfect? Too bad, I hope you know how to train a MyLittlePony. Clicks per minute are off the scale? Well...actually you might do ok, its DinerDash this year. Software is not football, or physical exertion, you can [quite literally] "game" it. Learn the intricacies of the program in and out. Then it just becomes an exercise in who can memorise enough of it and click with fine enough accuracy. A boring comparison. Besides, games come and go, you'd have to retrain eventually anyway. Its not like the javelin is going to be replaced next year with a sequel, eSports are different and should BE different. That is all.
  11. Saw it yesterday. sitting behind us was a row of 9 teenagers, who were very vocal. But actually, it made it epic! They didnt talk much, or at all during quiet scenes. In fact there wasnt much noise at all. But when They went ab-so-lutely ballistic (the whole theater might have been, but I couldnt hear) And it made one of the best cinema-moments in my life, it just worked. Obviously, after that Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Any other context, you'd hate to have screaming teenagers anywhere near you, nevermind in a cinema, but something about the momentous* occasion and how they were screaming what we we all thinking made it just awesome. *for something based on comicbooks
  12. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    3 - count'em - 3 of my ex-girlfriend's immediately met and married the love of their lives after breaking up with me. Its a gift I have. But I dont think I worked out anyones issues for them, might have added a couple
  13. Honestly, I dont know. A lot. All I can do is estimate where on the scale of bad-to-good it is in terms of a barrier material. I rate it roughly equal to air, and significantly worse than water, as a barrier material. Because a (Im assuming water-air) foam is mostly air with a few percent water. I dont think the form-factor of it being arranged in bubbles would have much of an impact (apart from making it harder to get a sufficient mass between you and the bomb). Its difficult because you cant just work out the mass of water necessary to absorb the heat or radiation produced. Because the heat/radiation doesnt disappear, its now a megaton of radioactive mist expanding very, very quickly towards you - which is almost as dangerous as a nuke in and of itself. And my assumption, is that if you used a mega-excess so that the steam explosion was itself blocked by an even greater mass of foam, that you would be further out from the burst at this point, than the minimum safe distance with just air in between you and the bomb.
  14. Lance Henrikson would've made a weird terminator cos hes got all those weird floppy tubes filled with gallons of milk, they needed a metal framed one to pull of the "indestructible emotionless terminator" feel.
  15. I happen to know that HP merch massively outsells SW merch these days. "Brand Fatigue" apparently, people are becoming bored of endless spinoffs, series, teasers etc.