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  1. p1t1o

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    What @Green Baron said. It would fire, but it wouldnt go "bang".
  2. p1t1o

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Neither detonate on their own, both are made to detonate in their main function. Cordite burns about as fast as a candle, black powder burns significantly faster, but very subsonic. But what happens in a firearm is that they are contained in a pressure vessel (the breech). As soon as the first tiny part starts burning, the gas pressure starts to spike. And reaction rate is proportional to pressure, so reaction rate rises as well - which increases the rate of gas production and pressure rise which increases reaction rate etc.... So what happens is that it starts to burn, but conditions rapidly change to increase the rate of reaction by many orders of magnitude, causing a detonation.
  3. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    You dont need an uppercase character and a number in your password to make it secure, you only need the option of using them...so finicky password conditions are total BS? By stipulating that you HAVE to have an uppercase or a symbol or whatever, thats actually removing a huge number of possible passwords from the pool, making brute-force hacks significantly easier. Is that right? Am I missing something?
  4. p1t1o

    Farewell, father.

    Trust me on this - your Dad was 13 once. I can almost guarantee that even when he was angry, annoyed or irritated with you, he even would cherish those things.
  5. p1t1o

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Middle age: "Must have slept funny last night, my spine is killing me in three places I can hardly walk." "Really? How did you sleep?" "Flat on my back on a high quality mattress." Or: "Im knackered tonight, today was exhausting." "Really? What did you get up to?" "I was awake for over 6 hours." Kids, keep up the exercise, brush your teeth and eat OK, honestly its worth it. Oh and dont smoke, addiction is a strong physiological effect.
  6. p1t1o

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    To be pedantic, there are scenarios where a petrol tank can be say, shot, and it would explode in a fireball, but you'd almost never meet those conditions with a car. Its the reason why large fuel tanks, like those you might find in a plane, often have "inerting" systems such as nitrogen pressurisation. But no, not cars. I'd imagine if you ever met the conditions with a car, the explosion would be small enough that it'd just basically rupture the tank and set fire to the car. Which is about the most you would normally expect to see. On the other hand, if you set fire to a car, without damaging the tank, you can set up a BLEVE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_liquid_expanding_vapor_explosion) scenario, and it can make a decent explosion, but it might take a little while.
  7. p1t1o

    Quantum Physics discussion thread

    lol yes, the one I have heard is "If you think you understand quantum physics, you definitely dont." I mean, some of the equations you use for various things, you can follow. Sodium and Chloride make a crystal, we know this, and the equations agree nicely. But when it comes to the fuzzy edges, or places where the hypotheses are less well developed (like quantum gravity for example) things start to get weird very fast. Dont get me started on quantum entanglement.... No, I mean DONT. I dont want to think about it!!
  8. p1t1o

    Quantum Physics discussion thread

    Quantum physics is not necessary only to do with esoteric "quantum weirdness", I studied chemistry for my degree and it basically permeates the entire field. 1 entire third of my degree was "physical chemistry" which is a bit of a weird way to say "the physics of chemistry" and its just pages and pages of the maths you need to describe normal chemical interactions. Take the simplest example of two atoms forming a bond, quantum physics is how you explain how it works, or make prediction on how it will work. Im not sure if I actually "like" it, theres too much maths. But if the weirdness is your bag, this is one of my favorite examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elitzur–Vaidman_bomb_tester
  9. Do you know how much a full set of veneers costs? PS: Im not sure where they come from, or if they are "canon" or whatever, but if you google image search "terminator exoskeleton teeth" you get a bunch of pics of them with real teeth. And they look....unsettling.
  10. p1t1o

    Best Quotes Ever

    Yeah, I was quite enthusiastic about it until I imagined the front row, consisting of Finaces grandma and mother and my Parents, along with probably a few other types and Im up there going... <lips too close to mic> "...YOU'RE SO LIKE ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER..." ...and the look on Fiance's face. She'll either kill me or have me sectioned, either way I'd probably be leaving in an ambulance.
  11. Yes, kinetic energy is only really applicable under certain circumstances, for certain things. Its not the only variable.
  12. p1t1o

    Best Quotes Ever

    Aw man, the terminator movies are masterpieces... I might use this for wedding vows: It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop... ever, until you are dead! (My Love, Im talking about my Love for my fiance) **edit** Now the wedding vow idea has got stuck in my head, theres a lot of material. You could do a whole speech. "Fiance, one of the reasons I stick around is because of the way you are like Dutch, from Predator. Because some damn fool accused you of being the best."
  13. However, a 7.62 round has a momentum of approx 9kg*m/s whereas a 2kg warhammer swung at 94mph would have momentum of 84kg*m/s. Now the bullet has more kinetic energy, but the warhammer is going to apply a much larger force to the target. This means that a bullet will penetrate much further (due to higher kinetic energy, required to break bonds) but that the hammer will accelerate the target harder, to a higher velocity (read - crush/impact damage). Practically speaking, this means that though a 7.62mm bullet has high kinetic energy, you dont have to match that energy with a 2kg warhammer to damage a human target a similar amount. And of course it does not have to penetrate armour. Yup, the difference between momentum and KE bakes my noodle too.
  14. p1t1o

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    Kinda feel like if an outside field was messing with the electronics, it would go haywire.
  15. p1t1o

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    How would I know a magnetic interference problem from any other kind of problem? What form would it take?