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  1. Thread to complain bout stuff

    It might be worth popping down to the nearest Lego store, they may have it on-site.
  2. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Oh Ive got a good one about writing papers. At uni, in pharmacology class, we had to write a few pages on a particular drug - our choice - in pairs. My partner chose MDMA - Ecstasy - which seemed like an interesting choice. We only got half credit because my partner wrote exclusively about how MDMA was fun and we should all try it and drugs should be deregulated. I mean, the regulation of drugs is an interesting topic for discussion, but this was a pharmacology class...
  3. Help with Relationships Thread

    Well I've found love...and Im quiiiite happy....what was the next part? Was it gaming because if so then Im set.
  4. Help with Relationships Thread

    I mean, it'd be weird if this wasnt the case
  5. Thread to complain bout stuff

    The state-of-the-art when I was at uni was to create a document in word, with anything in it, maybe copy a wall of text (literally any text) off the internet so the file has some size. Then open the file in raw-code or ASCII format and delete a few random strings and save. Now the file is corrupt and wont open! Mail it in with a nice title and wait for feedback. In theory, this buys you 12-24 hours grace before the professor finds you and was like "I couldnt open your paper" and you'd have it ready and be like "Oh was there a problem? Must have gotten corrupted in transit, Ill mail you a fresh copy!" Cue the university adopting a "zero tolerance" policy so if you didnt electronically submit something that could be read and marked by the very second of the deadline (emailed it in 10seconds late? you missed it sorry you get a zero), thats your problem and if you get a zero because of legitimate computer problems, you get a zero. And as you of course are repeating in your head as I speak - you've got all week, dont submit it at the last minute!! Oh the sweet sting of young person problems!
  6. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    I did a little reading on this and I think the bottom line is the "limit" is a bit higher than I thought, but only sort of. Bullet speed is indeed limited by the detonation velocity of the propellant and by the speed of sound in the resultant gases, but these maximum values can be in the Mach 10-20 range. However it is a case of severely diminishing returns. It is quite complex because it involves propellant density and overall mass, projectile mass and dimensions, breech and barrel geometry and shaping. What it boils down to is that the "limit" is Mach 3-4, for a reasonable breech pressure and mass of propellant. The theoretical absolute-maximum limit is somewhere near the detonation velocity of the propellant. The theoretical absolute-maximum limit is physically impossible to achieve in practice and it requires an excess of energy to approach it. Kinetic tank cannon achieve velocities in the Mach 5 range using very large propellant/projectile mass ratios by way of a sub-calibre sabot thingy. The HARP gun achieved Mach 6+ by using an UNHOLY amount of propellant in a similar manner and a very long barrel. It should be noted that a breech cannot be made infinitely strong by adding more and more material. Beyond a certain point, a high enough pressure will crack the interior walls no matter how thick and strong the casing. And once its cracked, further shots would be....ill advised. "But p1t1o? With a detonation velocity on the order of Mach10+, cant we achieve higher muzzle velocities than merely Mach6?" Sure, if the barrel is 100% frictionless and the projectile has zero mass. Its also worth remembering that the energy from the propellant combustion has to accelerate not just the mass of the projectile but the mass of the propellant as well. So if you have 3 times the mass of your projectile, of propellant, a full three-quarters of the energy has to go to accelerating the gas rather than your projectile. That is one of the things that leads to diminishing returns when it comes to adding more propellant. So to conclude - There is a maximum limit to the speed of conventionally-propelled bullets. There is also a practical limit, which is a somewhat lower - overcoming this limit requires a large excess of engineering and energy. You cannot increase the range of a weapon (beyond some modest limit) by increasing barrel length alone - the weapon has to be designed as a complete system, the properties of the breech, barrel, bullet, propellant etc all have to work together to achieve an optimum result. Not to mention that other things that affect how the weapon performs, such as weapon harmonics - how the weapon (especially the barrel) flexes and vibrates on firing. Sorry for wall of text, I just wanted to draw a line under all that
  7. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    The ammunition struggles of the minigunman: "IM HERE MOTHALUVVAS TIME FOR SOME REVENGE AWWWW YEAH LETS GET THIS REVENGE PARTY STARTED!!!" BRRRT .... .... ....
  8. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    I have heard anecdotally from an RAF pilot that you are never supposed to hear the 3rd "eject", because if you havn't pulled the handle after the 2nd "eject", the person giving the command will have.
  9. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Rocket-boosting the projectile is cheating ***EDIT*** I looked up some paperwork on this and apparently the early Martlet-2 was not rocket boosted (until Martel 2G1 - pictured above, 2nd from bottom) and achieved the specs you mentioned. I also looked up the propellant used, and it turned out to be fairly standard, mostly nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose, basically cordite, similar to most firearms even today. What I said about mach limits is still definitely true, Im going to have a wee look and see if I cant find out how the HARP gun was able to achieve such high muzzle velocities. Maybe Im off on the range of where the upper limit lies, but I didnt think I could be that far off. It did use eye-opening quantities of propellant (650-850lbs), but then the projectile weighed 400lbs. I might come back on this. PS: Since Im very cynical, and since the HARP project was the brainchild of one Gerald Bull, I cant dismiss the possibility that the results were falsified. Part of me is protecting my ego, I know, but there you are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Bull Though I think the most likely explanation is that the rules can be broken if you use a large excess of energy, or perhaps the pressure was so unusually high in this device, that the local speed of sound was much higher than in conventional firearms. *********** None of these suggestion require a 50-70m long barrel, and sniper-like accuracy at 11km is probably impossible regardless, without active guidance.
  10. Excellent point! How would we go about discovering whether or not this is true? (that we are functioning as neurons in a larger uber-mind) How can a neuron discover the nature of the mind it is a part of? Is it like matrix-style universe simulations, the existence of which are by definition impossible to prove/disprove from within?
  11. So what song is stuck in your head today?

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  12. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    @everyone but particularly @ARS On barrel length: There is a maximum speed that you can propel a round via gas pressure. It is limited by the speed of sound in the medium - not in air, but in the combustion gases. You cant push the round faster than the gases want to expand naturally. Note that a pile of 100tons of propellant does not produce a shockwave that goes any faster than that from 100pounds of propellant. With explosive propellants this tops out around Mach 3-4. To fire projectiles faster you have to use propellants with much higher sound velocity, so you use a "light gas gun" which uses explosive to compress hydrogen, this hydrogen can then be used to propel projectiles up to around Mach 20-25, commonly used in hypervelocity or high pressure physics research. To fire rounds further, you fire a heavier round. So, the gun with a 50-70m barrel that can snipe out to 11km is total BS. I mean, a 20mm round might be able to travel 11km, but not out of a 50m barrel, and not particularly accurately. I would imagine that due to, amongst other things, air not being a smooth field (pressure variations, wind, turbulence etc.) that theres an upper limit to accuracy that can be achieved with unguided projectiles. You cant just keep arbitrarily scaling up weapon parameters infinitely.
  13. What if humans are unaware of their true roles neuron-analogues in a gigantic super-conciousness and memes are its thoughts?
  14. Sure they do. One nuke per debris object. Everything is vapour. Problem solved. This may be tongue in cheek.
  15. I've never heard of *motion* being part of the whole "spooky action" thing, but this sort of thing is approaching the edge of my knowledge. With standard quantum entanglement, IIRC, the spooky action does take place at the same time (ie: "superluminal") but it is not possible to transmit information in this way. Or something. The XKCD science forum is a good place for stuff like this, there's some folk there that are super into quantum stuff.