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  1. OMG YOU LEGEND!! This is going to make triple screen Kerballing so much more heavenly. Many thankus
  2. Thank you PhineasFreak for you response. Ive been looking up the orbit bug you mentioned...I know Ive heard mention of it before but cant find a thing on it. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions as to a fix or to point me in the right direction? I am aware of the RCS issue but I know its not that. The burn will continue at the same thrust after engine shut down...no RCS involved. Its a weird one. I guess thats what a bug is lol
  3. I havnt spotted my problem in this thread anywhere but im sure its somewhere and I missed it... Firstly, what a mod to this game! I have caught myself physically smiling at how good it looks and feels to get something into orbit and beyond. Its the 'beyond' Im having trouble with. I can get my payload into orbit but as soon as I try to make a burn for a planetary intercept with say, Mars, the burn happens ok. I shut down the engine and without any thrust it appears to keep burning. Its not burning or using any fuel but my orbit increases and the dV figures just keep going up. This basically means I cant get to any other planets as I cant do a precise burn. Im using a few added mods but the engines im using in this case are just the stock engines with RSS configs. Im sure others have had this and maybe someone has an answer. Any donations greatfully received
  4. just on the whole interior exterior sound thing... I created my docking sounds as though you are sitting in the pilots seat inside the capsule. I tend to do as much docking from the pilot seat as possible. I just imagine all these steam punky clunks and bangs going of as docking happens...specially in the kerbalverse! now all I need is some hydraulic contraption to shake my chair as the docking ports contact
  5. oky dokes, my 2 cents worth. Its these little mods that make up the big picture. I decided to throw abcouple of my own docking sounds together...maybe with ablittle bit of a stock-a-like feel? Not ment to sound real as humans know it. More how kerbals know it https://www.dropbox.com/s/caajo3nv306amf2/dock%20and%20undock.rar?dl=0
  6. Now if only our governments could work as fast as people like this! thankyou very much. brilliant!
  7. Firstly, as has been said...just wow! beautiful work. I think this is the way forward for a program like this. This is a wonderful gathering of some fabulous work. I do have a problem with the update (I think)... The external camera you had included (I don't have the name now) appears to be missing from your latest update. Is this intentional? If so, I shall have to start my station build from scratch again Love ya work!
  8. Thankyou for the response Crzyrndm. I was only using AmbientLightAdjustment as an example. Its all good I have sorted the issue...as usualy happens just after I post the question. Its weird how posting a question can make a light bulb go off in my head lol. Thankyou again
  9. Hey gentlemen. Ive looked through the thread since V 1.0 kicked in and havnt seen anyone else with this issue. (My apoligies if there is...) Ive tried everything but MM just dosnt seem to want to work for me in 1.0. Ive gone right to the point of verifying my steam game files (all good) and even just started out with MM and AmbientLightAdjustment to get one mod working... The game shows MM loading at the load screen but no modules loading. Now, back in .90, the AmbientLightAdjustment icon would come up and I was able use the slide to adjust. Nothing shows up and I cant see anything to do with the MM. Am I doing something wrong or is something new I don't know about? Any help greatfully received.
  10. Racist?! pffft What is wrong with you?! paranoid much? I didn't accuse anyone of anything. Get over it! Im done here. farout!
  11. @ Rune. You Spanish are touchie hey!? I only see about 3 landed craft on Kerbin out of all you've made but I dont much care either way too! This thread is obviously not intended for you as you have your own thread showing your genius! I like ya wacky craft though. nice work!
  12. @ sparker. Im loving that baby! simple design always works the best!
  13. haha a slight weight distribution issue? Where are your air intakes on that craft? ...and how are you getting 12.00 as a max on those air intakes that I cant see?
  14. holy crap!!!! @KissShOt:sealed: But when I'm showcasing it, I choose the most awesome pic, and that's usually in orbit. Then how am I to believe you've landed it? I don't believe till I see!
  15. Alrighty then. I shall prove my point and start off the new challenge by putting my money where my mouth is. As I don't seem to be able to post my pics on here (fraps goes in the to hard basket for now), Im providing links... ...so this is how I launched my craft. Completely ssto although it took all the fuel I had, bar about 200 kerbal measures to get it into orbit. You will notice in this shot I have 3 LV-45s (think that's what they are called) on the main fuel tanks. I wasn't happy with those so I swapped for one big mainsail which you will see in the landing images. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7rwbxx5glpnk2n/screenshot14.png I launched it a couple of days ago and have been reluctant to fly home for fear of failure! lol So to deorbit I used every last drop of liquid fuel. Fortunately, I had crap loads of jet fuel left to assist my landing! This next file is a GIF I thru together of afew screenies I took on re-entery...I took heaps! Just click on download in the upper right corner of the "dropbox" window to download or view the gif. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1t4wq9rohim66o/ssto%20landing.gif Got it on the running safely with nothing broken and Bob safe and sound. Landed it first go!! I couldn't believe it!! ...and yes I now concur, I will only be building larger craft for runway landings in the future. Ill be interested to see how big we can go before a huge failure!! This beauty came in so easily I was amazed! I think I must have fluked the build design lol. I repeated the landing a second time to make sure I hadn't fluked the landing. Sweet as pie! ...So, screenies don't seem to hard to take! lets see some of those big suckers landing!