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  1. Too quote myself. A soundtrack is a take my money idea. Cause as we all know <crowd participation>Merchandizing is where the real money in the game is made</crowd participation>. KSP the Image album, the Orchestral Bombing of "The O-4 March", the waltz styled "Fireball Slide", the slow meditative "Coasting the Void", the power rock of "Test Flight Alpha", the mournful "Contact Lost", the canon "MOAR BOOSTERS!", and many more. ... Now available as a two LP, two eight-track, or two cassette tape set, from K-tel Records.
  2. Ain't sayin' it wouldn't be worth it. I know that 60$ is some industry magic price point. But, 60 USD (80-90 CAD depending on the day) is a bit over my impulse buy price point; which KSP-1 was at the time. It's even over the yeah I can swing it this month price point. This is in the i'm going to have to think about it and wait for a sale territory.
  3. Two words Pre. Order. Another two words Value. Pack. Last three words. Merch. And. Dising. ... What's dising... and how does one do it?
  4. Doesn't show on the Mk2 Cockpit or the clamp-o-tron port. But does on the Mk1-3 pod
  5. Those I've got. And neither what I'm looking for. The was/is a button available that when you clicked on it would cycle through, normal, reversed, forward, and would change the "zero" point of the nav-ball. Kind of found it. It is the button "control point" but it only appears to be available on probe cores.
  6. It used to be there... but I'm missing the button to change the orientation of the navball. I've crawl through the menu options but I don't find something that fits.
  7. Chapter 8.5 Linus walked down the hall past the accounting offices. He always found the floors that the offices were unsettling. The whole section was a stark matte white, straight lines, and right angles. He always felt that lines were too straight and the angles too right. A small part of him thought that something was wrong with geometry here. That, maybe, he could walk a circle here turning right only three times. Perhaps worse, walk the same loop backwards having to turn left five times. He walked past jars, each hand labeled with numbers in a precise script. He knew from previous trips they were filled beans. Occasionally there was a full jar with a small number. These were full of corn, rice, marbles, or something else. He paused in front of a new jar. It had two numbers on it. It was filled with peas. He shuddered at the thought of that fight, and that it could still be going on. Sometimes Mortimer and his staff scared him more than Katherine and her computers. He walked past one of Mortimer’s computer pools. The synchronized, metronomic sound of their adding machines furthered his unease. He felt his steps begin to match the pace of the calculations. He walked into Mortimer’s office. Mortimer looked up from the spreadsheet he was working on. “Good afternoon, Mortimer.” Mortimer paused. “Good afternoon Linus. Those are Wernher’s budgets?” “Yes.” Linus placed the folders on the desk. “Both actual and projected.” He paused. “I tried to clean them up. But, I don’t know how much it helped.” Mortimer opened one of the folders. His brow furrowed as he looked at the first few sheets. “Yes,” he put the folder back. “I would not fault your efforts, given the material you have to work with.” He sighed. “Your efforts are appreciated, even if for some they are unnoticed. If any clarifications are needed I will be in contact.” “Thank-you.” Linus turned to leave. He rushed past the computer pool before his pace could match theirs. Not for the first time, he wondered how someone could work with this group and not be driven mad. He worried, next, they may already have.
  8. They same way we do. The green colour of their skin is related to the two component reversible oxygen binding reaction in their blood. [I removed the in depth bio-chem explanation. It is available on the internet for those that want to know. -ed.] Since evolution isn't directed, but just a long series of bodges; as is evidenced by their hips. The exclusion of life support from the stock game is just one of those we could put it in but it wouldn't be as much fun as just launching rockets things.
  9. You're looking for general spelling, grammar, and construction... I'll feed it through my mills. What time frame are you looking at? I probably won't get much done until early next week. Have you done any filming yet? In case any edits need to keep the same length of speech. The tricky part for me for will be keeping my voice out of your text. I have a babelfished copy of the whole script, if anybody is interested.
  10. The staypuntik also does not provide SAS. The wiki has a good list:
  11. might be a corrupted part file. have you reinstalled/validated the files.?
  12. First, adding multiple VAs is a order of magnitude higher in the complexity and organisational levels than just using kerbish or yourself. I can imagine that the editing room floor was filled with little slivers of cut tape trying to get things to line up. Stanzi may not be the definitive voice for Val like Gregory Peck for Atticus Finch, but she has set a decent bar. That kind of bored exasperation tone fits well with my head-canon for Val. Small detail thing... install that life support mod. One of the displays was going oh crap you'll all going to die because somebody forgot a module on the surface of Kerbin. Distracting when you see it. As for the long camera shots, there is less of having left the camera running than Mohole 1. Though I will have to run the two to compare. They weren't Warholian, and weren't like the elevator scene in Eva, closer I think to some of the scenes in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. or the death of Kaworu, again, in Eva. I half think this might be an interesting discussion on how to work with/around what feels to be an inherent constraint of filming in KSP.