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  1. I use notepad to do a bulk changes of autostruts, deploy state, etc. A simple search and replace will get you what you need. I've used Excel as well for it. But it is a bit more of a setup to get it done. I usually do a could of different changes at the same time if I have to invoke Excel. The magic word is "autostrutMode = " I've done all the work in the craft file. But, if you are careful and use backups, the principle should work as well in the persistent.sfs.
  2. Do you have autostruts enabled? If so what are they set to?
  3. steuben

    toggle node snap

    I knew about the left-alt. But, it's like F with respect to SAS. I'm looking for something like T. I'm working with bigger sub-assemblies on higher value symmetries,, eg. 100 parts on 6 fold. So when a section tries to surface mount KSP coughs, pauses, and says go away for a bit while I work on this. Since I just attaching them to nodes rather than surface, for most of the build, it would make things simpler if I didn't have to hold down the alt key.
  4. I don't think I'm missing it. But, is there a key that toggle node snap on/off in the VAB/SPH? .. or a mod?
  5. <goes rummaging for his flame suit and some popcorn.> <Jaime Hyneman voice>What? it's private in there </Jaime Hyneman voice> Yeah, I got into that argument once... with a bunch of hardcore Star Wars otaku... irl. Five days days later, after invocation of the several levels of cannon and semi-canon, the agreement was: Friends don't let friends watch "The Star War Holiday Special." There was some disagreement on if "sober: should have been added.
  6. steuben

    Satellite Rotation with external Data

    You mean draw the eular angles in KSP itself? Or something else.
  7. steuben

    cruise suggestions

    The other night the missus said to me, "Steubie." I'm going to note here that she was using that purring modulation in her voice that women either know instinctively or learn from cats. "Steubie, in that cruise spreadsheet of yours do you have any shore excursions listed for star gazing. You know the kids would like it." Now I know that if the ship leaves from, or arrives at, LA, Galveston, or Orlando, I have JPL, JSC, and KSC, respectively. But, does anybody have any experience with star gazing on the ship itself either ad-hoc or cruise activity. I know those things are pretty lit up, so it might not be much better than looking up from dense suburbia. My google-fu is only turning up that 30 sec Princess spot, a set of avoid this one cruise/line reviews, and a very general how-to.
  8. steuben

    Ending mass?

    They don't get used at the same rate. But, there is proportionality more oxidizer than liquid fuel in the tanks, equivalent to the difference in the usage rates. And in a weird quirk of design and engineering, the sum of the usage rate of liquid fuel and oxidizer, is two mass units per unit time.
  9. steuben

    KSP Storylines POLL

    Well, can't say as you gave it much of a chance, just under a day. But then, the gripping hand is that you should write the story that _you_ want to write, and that you can write.
  10. steuben

    Asking for electronic advices

    It wouldn't... but then it wouldn't really care. All the underlying operating system sees is a key-down notification, and a key-up notification. What it and the application does with the notification (though I think the current vernacular is "event") is their problem. Usually the OS just passes the notification up the chain to the various applications to do with it what they want. All KSP would see would be <insert key + modifiers> being pressed. The information about which keyboard that it came from would not be passed to it. Unless it bypassed the OS and went closer to the metal than is usually worthwhile it wouldn't even be seen.
  11. steuben

    Asking for electronic advices

    Windows will tolerate two keyboards quite nicely, since the days of '95 iirc. I haven't pushed it beyond that, that would be silly. However, my guess is that it will probably accept many more.
  12. I don't think it's JSON... it's probably something custom built, with similar logic to JSON, XML, csv, <yul brynner!siam accent> etc. etc. etc. </yul brynner!siam accent> But since is at its core raw text, you can use the basic text reading and parsing functions within language of preference [don't start the language holy-flame wars... again -ed.]. I know they ain't the newest shiniest code library out there. But dang [language -ed.] it, they work, work well, and ain't got no deep hidden bugs... well none of real note. As for has anybody built anything. There is an app/website... that would strip a launched craft out of a persistence file, and put it into a .craft file. I managed to teach Excel how to read .craft file so I could do some heavy bulk edits. <anthony daniels!c-3po>.craft files are similar in most respects to the persistence files<anthony daniels!c-3po>
  13. steuben

    Stratolaunch Problems

    Define problematic. Don't forget that in atmosphere anything further than 25 km and is still moving will get deleted.
  14. Don't worry about it being an area of study. You're closer to it then I am, who is thinking in terms of rubber sheets and bowling balls, and read a Brief History of Time thirty years ago. I have to try an figure out something with enough string, glue, and gaffer tape for the concepts to hold together till the reader gets to the fridge. Okay... If I'm reading it right, and doing the math right. using the Sun at Earth's orbit I get something like 9.3 10^-60, and using Kerbol at Kerbin's orbit 1.3 10^-57. Either I'm going to have to deal with Ningis, or figure out a renormalization.
  15. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I don't think there is a manual for colloquial English. or at least on that I can easily find... or a simple to use one. and but you may need to run them through google search vs translate to see if they work. Alternately you could ask in here to see.