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  1. Looks too much like something designed for equipment from the turn of the century. Can we have the option to change the theme so that those of us with real screen sizes and decent resolutions use them.
  2. I'm going to generalize from youtube to video in general. 1. presentation. how are you presenting? dry prof? excited frat-bro? something in between? the presenter/narrator is as much of a character as anything else. 2. scripting. how tight and flowing is the script? a good presentation can save a bad script. but a good script makes everything easier. 3. story. yes this is part of scripting but does need to be mentioned separately. even if it is non-fiction you have to weave a story to keep people coming back. As for what would be interesting? dunno, what do you find cool a
  3. Try rebuilding it with _pure_ stock parts and see. But, rebuilding the craft is probably the quickest and simplest way to fix it. The only other way is to go in and hand fix the craft file.
  4. I used to get the problem in some of the earlier versions. Haven't seen it in a while though. Which version are you running?
  5. They can have it in mind, and I'd put a dolla' on the pickle barrel that they do. But, there are two reasons why it is difficult, even for non-console folks. 1. MATH! 2. computer SCIENCE! But as the king of all sciences MATH! is the biggest reason why it is difficult.
  6. Experimental Aircraft Design 108, Flight Designation: Pocket-108 Pocket-108 was an experimental design to prove the concept of a craft that could reach low Kerbin orbit with part of the launch path as a conventional aircraft. The one-oh-eight never proceeded further than the experimental design stage. However, many of the later spaceplane designs can find their roots in the one-oh-eight. Seen in Chapter 35: Unproven. Experimental. Prototype.
  7. Leaving aside the funds and rep, for lko -> hko not much. The ground stations will cover much of that volume. Though if you do not have multiple station enabled the reason for satellites is obvious. For munar and minion orbit, the reason for sats is to cover the darkside. As for kerbbed vs unkerbbed… I've always gone with unkerbbed. I save my kerbals for ships, stations and bases. As grammatical aside... is it kerbbed or kerbed?
  8. I've tried a couple of drops down from 1500km to 180km. But every time I enter a flak-storm and "land" at about 183km. I climb back up to 250km still landed and in a flak-storm. It's like I irritated some isolationist Joolian civilization.
  9. My current blueprint kit is Kronal Vessel Viewer, Paint Shop Pro, Blogger Sans (for the font), a blueprint PNG i picked up somewheres on dem der intertubes thing. As for the bird herself. right she's going to be tricky. As for the wings I'm going for style and cool.
  10. I'm trying to design a craft that can dip down into Jool's atmosphere, do Science!, and fly back up again. Am I on the right track with this bird? And how low should I aim for?
  11. The Shadow knows. <insert theme chords> The eight ball says "Outlook uncertain. Insert cheese and try again." Google says "Between August and September. But I am not familiar with the strain of date palm called KSP2." BRENDA says there is no listed enzyme with that code. [redacted by order of O-5] some guy on the street says "when it is ready." some other guy on the internet says "before it is ready."
  12. KER, KVV, Snacks!, Hyperedit, and I think one more but I can't remember what it is.
  13. Yes, and gameplay besides... except the Gull. That one is story only because of mechanics.
  14. The ARC-22S, Hopper 2-Sierra. An extended cycle version of the Hopper. This craft was designed to achieve two bursts to 20 km altitude from 3 km. The scientific instruments were controlled from the second seat, allowing the pilot to focus on controlling the craft during missions. A single seat variant was produced (ARC-21S) with a simpler scientific suite and usually used for high-G flight training. Seen in Chapter 4: The First Payment
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