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  1. Sigh.. yet another history of Kerbin... eventually... maybe... How do you present a Kerbin history that isn't just a list of years and one line descriptions of events? Probably a better question is, how to write it so that it isn't a boring slog? Okay, it's history, so I know that will be an uphill battle against boring. I know that part of the answer is slicing out the huge tracks of geologic history and pre-industrial history. This would leave us with roughly the time between the turns of the centuries. Roughly the English Edwardian Era to the 90s for us. Not that, wi
  2. reboot and try again. then check your av logs there maybe something in there.
  3. Actually they take less time to get to their destination then stuff going to Münar orbit. Well using conventional Δv trajectories or me screwing up the transfer burn. A few hours vs about a day. As for useless, I have found them a good source of early game funds, rep, and a bit of science. Leaving aside game engine restrictions. IRL this technique has been a point of active discussion since the middle of the last century. (A phrasing I find mildly distressing. [Me too, ed.]) The raw technology has existed for about as long. And on a fly-by analysis it does have its merits. Howev
  4. There was a name generator website a while ago. But i think it has long since gone off line. I did manage to teach Excel to generate kerbal names based on some information some where in the forums. If you rummage around you should be able to find something though.
  5. Quick answer with that question posed: You don't. If you don't know how to fix the file, you don't attempt to fix the file. Longer answer: With lots of work, trial and error, guess work, pen and paper, knowing what to look for, and a solid backup of the original. Doing any kind of complex work within the craft file starts at magic and _very_ quickly moves into voodoo. [http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/V/voodoo-programming.html 'cause few people understand voodoo within the coding context, ed.] The problem is that there is no easy way to know what the problem is, where it is, or how to fix
  6. The only alternative I can think of is hand editing the craft file. Which is doable... if you know what you're doing. And prepared to create mistakes that would cause the Kraken to recoil in horror.
  7. Sounds like a weird condition developed in the ship itself... a proto-kracken if you will. Your best bet would be to rebuild the ship in the VAB/SPH and try again.
  8. The following language packages are available through the KSP website: Spanish Japanese Russian Simplified Chinese French Italian German Brazilian Portuguese English
  9. Can't steal what is freely given. Though malware, no. Leaving aside some of the edge-case softwares which to the best of my recollection have been removed from the code. Translated into English i) your data maybe going to or through countries that have fewer restrictions on how your data is handled that where you are living right now. ii) we get to post your gameplay iii) we get to use your gameplay when taking to hardware makers, hosting companies, and the ad guys iv) we're going to change this as needed/wanted Don't like it, the recycle bin is right there. As for it
  10. Options are as follows: 1. Check you Recycle bin or OS equivalent. 2. Redownload it 3. if using steam check files... or what ever it is in there 4. Panic.
  11. It is an easter egg baked into Module Manager.
  12. Not sure exactly what it means, but the contracts will accept module construction.
  13. To answer the question simply, True... mostly because the way you asked it wasn't in an exclusive or. In which case it would have been false. I tend towards using both, for reasons outlined here:
  14. For me the translation convention applies for most cases, so it is snack, pl. snacks, vb. snack. Like the phrase "chrome steel and coconuts" doesn't literally mean the same thing in kerbish and infact is probably a word salad. But, when the metaphor is translated it comes out as that.
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