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  1. Nervs of steel

    Going to Tylo on Nervs is trivial and left as an exercise for the class. Given that Tylo has no atmosphere nervs will work. A mk1-2, 4 Nervs, and 5 mk1 fuel tanks give 4k/s dv which according to the subway map should be enough to land without lithobraking.
  2. It has been done. If you go digging around the forum for ultimate tour threads you'll find discussion and examples of ships. They recommend doing Eve last, and packing an ISRU kit. Though I have seen reports of it having been done without an ISRU back in 1.04.
  3. Go with the airbrakes. They look cool when you couple them with SAS.
  4. KSP Stock Engines

    5 dimensional data can be represented as a moving 3d plot with changing colour
  5. Preface: "They also serve those that stand and wait.", John Milton Everyone talks about those magnificent kerbals in their flying machines. What about those who stay behind building the machines, kerballing the bureaucracy, or sliding a cold one across the bar? These are their tales. The stories about how they put Jebediah, Valentina, and the rest up there, among the planets and the stars. Table of Contents: Chapter 1&2 First Small Steps Chapter 3 Why Chapter 4 The First Payment Chapter 6 The Blue Side Chapter 7 Two Eggs in a Basket Chapter 8 Linus and the Computers Chapter 9 Scimon and the Mün Chapter 10 A New Bird in the Flock Chapter 12 A Hand Into The Black Chapter 13 A Coming Drought for the Prairie Chapter 14 Pause Turn Go Chapter 15 A Perfect Answer? Chapter 17 Broken Bird Chapter 18 KOL Black Chapter 20 Ready for Their Closeup Q&A: - Where is chapter <insert number here>? Certain chapters didn't jell or come out as I would like. So rather than hold up the whole chain I've posted them out of order. Each chapter is fairly independent they can be read in any order. As the chapters are finalized they will be posted in the appropriate slot. This may end up having the side effect of changing chapter numbers as I go along. - Isn't that character name a reference to somebody? Maybe, some of the names are pulled from real NASA folks, some are authors. The character isn't the same as the person. The most aren't very subtle. But, just to prevent confusion, the list is: Khenry - Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. Katherine - Katherine Johnson Kisney - Mostly The Walt Disney Company RKO - RKO Pictures, I have yet to figure out what those initials stand for. The actual company's initials are Radio-Keith-Orpheum WBnWS. - Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Though here I've renamed it to Warner Brothers and Warner Sister. The period at the end is part of the name. Universal - NBCUniversal, though here I'm referring to the production arms over anything else. Kerne - Jules Verne Kurroughs - Edgar Rice Burroughs Kuttner - Henry Kuttner Kells - H. G. Wells - Are the designs real? Yes, except the helicopters in "Broken Bird". I had considered a jet VTOL for that chapter, but I didn't think they were suitable for Search and Recue work. The SAR choppers are on loan from and staffed by the local Coast Guard equivalent and aren't really part of the program, so they don't count. </hand wave> There are some liberties taken moving from in-game design to the story. Usually windows and doors where there aren't any on the in-game design. - I noticed grammer and/or spelling and/or continutity error, what can I do? Tell me the chapter and the location and I'll review it. - I want comment or ask a question. Where is the best place? There are two good locations. One is this thread. The other is the general writer's thread. If it is focused on the Groundbound story line, then here will be the better of the two places to comment.
  6. Chapter 14 Director Direc stood watching the rocket silently lift off the pad, a white dart atop a white cloud with a glowing yellow heart. The crushing rumble of the rocket engines rolled through the observation room. As the rumble faded Khenry walked up and stood beside Direc. They watched as the first boosters separated from the rocket. “How fares your flock of little birds Khenry,” Direc asked. “They fly true,” Khenry said. “We’ve got three stated to launch for Mun, and one for a very high molniya orbit around Kerbin.” “That’s our second Mun lander mission,” Direc said, seeming to not listen to the answer, or even focused on the rocket. “We should have boots on Minmus within the year, and then where?” Khenry looked at Direc. “Duna, Moho, the Joolian system, Eeloo.” “Yes. But, why?" “To study the goo.” “Yes. That’s the core. Why we started. But, is there more? Should there be?” Khenry shuffled to turn and face Direc. ”Sir… Direc. What’s going on?” “We travel the black,” Direc’s voice and eyes were far away and unfocused. “Should we come back?” “What do you mean?” concern coloured Khenry’s voice. Direc turned to Khenry, his eyes were focused again. “We’re going to have to change our design approach.” His voice was focused as well. “Small cabins will work for the moons, for a week. But, for a year it’s a bit of a tight space. It means we’re going to be pausing for a moment. “The probe work outside of Kerbin SOI will continue. We’ll pause any kerbaled programs beyond the moons. Instead we’ll focus on developing orbital stations.” “It’s a bit of a shift of direction.” “It’s a needed shift. We are near the limit of what we can achieve with what we have available. This will let us develop the next generation of ships, and keep us going further.”
  7. Chapter 16 The steel and aluminum docking port rang as it hit the concrete floor. It deformed and bounced slightly as it crazed the concrete. Amid the shouts Kyler walked calmly over to examine the destroyed prototype. He blew out a long slow breath. He looked up at the other docking port on the crane, slowly swinging overhead. It began to move off to one side. Someone had decided to lower it, before it too fell. As it moved he saw the torn metal on the locking ring. He saw a cylinder fall and bounce with a ring on the floor. He walked over and picked it up as it rolled across the floor. He frowned as he looked at the broken end. One of the engineers walked over to him. “What do you think sir,” Bermy asked. “What was the margin for the locking pins?” “Should have been one hundred percent.” “We’re going to have to adjust that. We’ll probably have to increase the number of pins. We should look at the design as well. Any off axis forces appear to lead to failure.” He handed her the locking pin. “Get that to metallurgy as well as two of the other ones. I want to know why it failed.” “If we increase the number of pins, we’ll have to shift the magnets around. We just got them balanced.” Bermy pursed her lips. “The computers didn’t like the last set of calculations we sent them.” “Most of the heavy lifting for the calculations has already been done. The shape of the fields will be roughly the same, and symmetry will take care of the rest. Besides, if Katherine has a problem with it, she can discuss it with me.” Bermy looked at Kyler, Katherine could be formidable if she chose. They walked over to the docking port that had been lowered from the crane. Kyler looked at the torn metal of the docking port. “Any suggestions,” she asked. Kyler shook his head. “It’s close to what my first guess would have been for a design. So I can’t argue against it, except on the one obvious point. Get samples from around the tears over to metallurgy as well. See if they have recommendations for something stronger.” “Off the shelf, researched, or proposed.” “Shelf and late research. I don’t want to base too much work on something that might not pan out. But, it isn’t a hard exclusion. If they have something promising earlier in the pipes, I’ll listen to it.” “Anything else?” “Yes. We’ll have to find a better way of testing these things. I don’t want to regularly rebuild my floor.”
  8. What free video editor is the best for KSP videos?

    For some values of free: Adobe Premiere/Creative Suite. Depending on how fast you can work, you can work within the trail period. And there is that one [DATA EXPUNGED, O-5]. There probably is FOSS equivalents of it out there. If it is very basic level stuff. I have used Virtual Dub in the past. But it is most cutting, splicing, and laying in a finished audio track.
  9. What free video editor is the best for KSP videos?

    What level of editing? Simple splicing? graphics/audio effect?
  10. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    I got round trip, Kerbin Surface to Kerbin Surface in 300d 2 hrs. I'll try and post pics to formalize the entry later. Though it was approx. 1.8 Kt and 15 k/s dv at 90 parts. No elegance in the design, timing, or trajectories, just umpf.
  11. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    though thinking about it... the condition: no refuelling would most likely from Kerbin surface.
  12. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    From LKO or Kerbin surface?
  13. 0 degree inclination is equatorial. if completing a contract burn engines until your orbit matches the coloured ellipse.
  14. Chapter 17 Jebediah and Walt stood in the observation lounge overlooking the tourist flight control centre. Each had their own reasons for being there. “Dancers, Taxi 132-Heelo,” a tinny female voice came through the speakers it had a slightly excited cheerful tone. “Beginning dump burn. Get the pot going. I’m going to want a double-double when I get back.” “2-Heelo, Dancers, copy that,” one of the controllers. ”You’re projected for Eliza. Catch you on the brownside.” “Dancers, 2-Heelo. Bingo fuel. I’m ballistic till landing. She’s whispering now.” “No,” Jebediah whispered. His hands clasped the railing. His knuckles were white. “It’s cursing her.” Walt glanced over at him. A grunt and the sound of tearing metal came through the speakers. “Danc — “ Her voice shifted to have a faintly folksy slightly bored drawl. “Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Taxi 132-Heelo. Taxi 132-Heelo. Taxi 132-Heelo. I have lost one of the control fins. Felt like some of the hull as well. Do not know if there is other damage. Still have remaining fins. Wheels look to saturate and leave me short of authority. Going to keep damaged side high and in the shadow. Heading, 90 Tango. Angels, 51. Surface speed, 1.9 kilo. Position 0.1 North, 155 West. Five kerbals on board. Taxi 132-Heelo.” “Taxi 132-Heelo, KSC Tango Actual. Copy that 2-Heelo. SAR has been alerted. You will have radio blackout in approximately two minutes. We have your radar track. Advise us if there are any status changes.” “Wilco. And Actual? Make that double-double kirish. Break.” Her voice shifted back to the slightly excited cheerful tone. “Okay folks. I’m glad you’re strapped in. We’re in for a ride that would make a Kisney E-ticket pale. This will be one to tell the grandkids about.” She laughed in response to something said in the cabin. “Lots of time to find someone for that when we get back. The first round at the Plant will be on me.” Walt looked over at Jebediah, “Will they make it?” He didn’t respond. He stared through the far wall of the control centre. His hands had clamped to the railing. His arms trembled trying to drive controls he wasn’t holding. The sound from the speakers dissolved into static. Later, Walt stood looking out a window of one a Search and Rescue helicopter. He had to push to get on. The co-pilot eventually tossed him a helmet with a curt, “stay out of the way.” He listened to the regular calls to 2-Heelo. Nothing had been heard back from them, yet. He watched hoping he would not see a crater. He feared they would. “SAR-12, 2-Heelo,” came over the radio. “I copy. We’re all here, just a little bit knocked about. We’re sitting nicely around a campfire.” “SAR-12, copy that 2-Heelo. Send up a flare when you get a chance. Break. All SAR, SAR-12. We have comm with them. Everyone came down.” Walt saw the flare out of the corner of his eye. He started to say something, but they were already banking towards it. As they flew over Walt saw only two of the three parachutes were draped over the brushes and ground. The side of 2-Heelo facing up on the ground was heavily scorched. Someone whistle over the internal channel for the helicopter. “One worthy of Jeb,” someone said. “Nah,” someone else said. “He would have brought it back unmarked, and on the dot besides.” Walt looked towards the KSC. Someone had once described Jebediah using the phrase coconuts and chrome steel. Walt wondered again about the truth of that, or if there was a different reason.
  15. C88-88 with 3g ground station should be able to talk to Eeloo without much trouble. CommNet, wiki. But nothing will be able to transmit through a body, just to it. You'll need a relay to transmit to the Kerbin-relative dark side of <insert body> here.