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  1. stock because I'm lazy.
  2. Somewhere in the mists of forum history there is a Kessler-Bomb craft. A few of these on counter orbits would create the situation. Though you'd need to be sitting one of the cloud to see any effects. The better example would be a station impacting a Kessler cloud.
  3. I'm surrendering on this one. Going through the arch from orbit is like hitting the small exhaust port right below the main one. It's impossible even for a computer.
  4. I can design and build for functionality reasonably well. I'm looking for tips on how to design for aesthetics in stock. Not so much building for aesthetics, there are many tutorials for that. So the next hop is building models of various ships. How do you take the design from that sketch on the back of an envelope to laying the first pieces?
  5. Dang. Trying this one... coming at the arch at [redacted] from very low Münar orbit is tricky. It's like trying to thread the eye of a needle... with a 20 ton thread, at high fractional kps, through a rock needle.
  6. Building small and light, and a launch that doesn't take less than 4.1 k/s dv
  7. I've got to find the arches first. But, I think that this challenge will be more entertaining for the failures then the successes.
  8. where was the science from? IIRC if the data is from a different SOI it incurs a malus.
  9. The labs will produce science when out of focus. Did you remember to start the research?
  10. True. But, you do get do get bragging points which is more important in the KSP meta-game.
  11. Pics, and maybe some craft files, would help us, help you, help us all. The stock craft in the came are a good starting point as well. Don't worry, it's like docking. Once you get it, it's easy to do. But, till then it is a bit of a slog.
  12. Have the mechanics for communications changed in 1.3? I'm loosing contact with stuff in LKO, 130-140 km and in planes near the poles. I used to be able to keep an OKTO in contact with the ground, without an antenna. Nevermind found my problem. the range modifier was set to .65... somehow. Now, I'm debating if I want to keep it there.
  13. How are we defining wierd? I've got a broad definition of mundane.
  14. the time before I can safely deploy the chutes.
  15. another one where the forum doesn't like albums... post line: album link: