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  1. Looks like garbage collection routines kicking in. But as for avoiding it... Not much in terms of options. Well short of having the code for ksp or <insert mod here> and a fair bit of coding chops.
  2. I'm seconding KSK on this one. You've got the book club blurb, but not much else. It feels like you are going to run some simulations in the background and post the results, ala the classic bar fight show "Deadliest Warrior" [link redacted due to section 2.2 potentials. -ed.] Unless your going for something like Star Fleet Battles, but given the fact the New York whitepages is smaller than the rule book that is a fair bit of work. Any more backgrounder information, or simulation rules?
  3. I'd be prepared to take a hit on graphics, textures, complex lighting and shading, water effects, ground effects, etc. Though I recognize that this won't speed up development much, as graphics tends to be a separate task stream from game code. At least on larger teams. And a lot of effects stuff is handled by the engine and not built in house.
  4. In the VAB no. At least not using stock parts.But But if you are willing to hack up a part there are a few solutions here.
  5. You've been playing too much... or playing too long in a single session. Either way you may want to consider invoking the TVTropes dive protocol.
  6. Closer to three, and 61% off the bundle
  7. You're playing it wrong... kind of. Well, I say that half seriously. As for the question at hand, backstory no, back'verse yes. Let me expand on that a bit to explain the difference. Backstory everything that happens to a character to before the story starts. For example Jeb is the top test pilot for Keuthan Aircraft, working for a mid size manufacturing firm because of PTSD and approaching burnout. Val is one the top Naval Squadron Commanders, and one of the top 15 fifteen pilots in the Naval Air Service. Bill is a recovering addict and a tool pusher but got a break and cleaned up, for the most part, when the offer to work with the program finally found him. I could go on, but you get the point. Those are just one line descriptions, full backstories really should be a few paragraphs for minor characters to pages for major characters. The Star Wars canon is a good example of this. And that is a mere bagatelle you may say, or at least you may say if you are of certain cultural persuasions. But, backstory implies forestory, or plot. That is where the real skill of the craft lies. The run, gun, and brown of modern FPS don't need much, either backstory or plot. But, for example, Alien Legacy is a game heavy on both backstory and plot. The mechanics of the game guide the player towards the plot. In this case about half the weight of the game is in the plot, the rest in mechanics. The extreme of this could be XenoSaga, very high on cut-scene*plot/gameplay ratio. Back'verse, or 'Verse, is everything. It includes that which is explicitly and implicitly in the game, in the manual, or never published but used as developer's notes. For example Cthulhu Mythos, Middle earth, Conan, Buffyverse, Star Wars, Dunivese, or the Whoniverse. All of these include that which directly plot related mentioned in book/movie/episode. For the sake of explaination I am going to slice plot and characterization of this, essentially all that is Backstory. But, this does not mean plot details. For example, out of the Star Wars' Verse the standing record for the Kessel Run is approximately 12 parsecs, with all the risk that implies. The safe route is at least 20, and maybe more depending on the ship. But... there is of course the villain of another story in which a child warren rat of an industrial world rises to become a top ace pilot and counter-insurgent operative to avenge his orphaning because some farm-boy got off a lucky shot. In that story the main events of the first Star Wars movie become the mere colour details of the 'Verse rather than the backstory. It really does depend on where in the 'Verse you stand what is backstory and what is 'Verse. Part of what makes KSP 1 what it is, is the lack of a backstory, any kind of backstory. And only the barest of publicly available 'Verse notes. Though, I do wonder how canon the singing skulls (Dia de Muertos at the Kerbal Space Center, are. Sure, one can just up and say, "sod this. Im'ma gonna make my own." But, there is a reason why fandom is occasionally fan dumb, and flamewars start, and the threat of backdraft is such a minefield. Now, all that being said. I am not saying hard no, for KSP 2. But, to do it right, and with in a decent production schedule, takes skill and resources. I'm not saying that Star Theory and Private Division haven't been putting what's needed into it. They have been playing things really close to their chests. But, this is one of those areas where you either have to go all out, or put in a polished minimal effort. There unfortunately no real middle ground.
  8. Suggestions for mods and supporting software... Others will be able to do that. But, I've heard good things about OBS, virtualdub, and the Adobe suite. As for equipment, well I'm old school so I'm going to recommend pencils and paper. Sure you could use one of 'dem 'der fancy new fangled word processing softwares, but I could never get 'em to work. What you will want to do is write a script, and plan. There is a saying that for every fifteen minutes spent planning your video you save roughly three hours of shooting. Of course there is an upper limit, but moving from no script to a moderate amount of script you will save yourself a lot of reshoots. Learn about storyboards. They will help you to frame each scene in the video. And, let you order the shots for the best flow. Sure, you could do it without any of that if you are skilled, lucky, or both. But, when the skilled, lucky, or both do it, that's when the great videos happen.
  9. Conspiracy: KSP and it's successors is really a chocolate covered manhole cover.
  10. Why do you think there is only one? There could be any number... except fractions that would be just weird and icky. And they are like the Great Old ones. By asking of their existence you have attracted their attention and their … interest. By knowing which they are you will attract their action, and their morals and ways are beyond our comprehension. Oh wait... you meant that Star Theory. Nevermind. It isn't me then.
  11. Gene sat with his feet hanging down off the end of the dock. He flicked the fishing rod in his hands causing the bob to dance on the surface of the water. No one knew who built the dock. Every time he came here he thought whoever built it was immensely skilled in esthetics. The dock and landscape looked like something out of a Kriedrich painting. He turned around hearing footsteps on the wood. “Hey Jeb,” he said. “Hi Gene.” Jeb walked over and leaned on one the pilings. “The conservation folks’ll have fits if they catch you fishing.” Gene chuckled and reeled in the line. “They’d have to catch me.” He held up the bob, a darning needle hung down from it. “But, I’d also have to catch something first.” Jeb guffawed. “It’s more about the mediation of fishing then the act of fishing .” Gene put the rod down and fished around in the cooler by his side. He pulled out a beer and held over to Jeb. “Sorry,” Jeb shook his head. “Got a maintenance flight in a couple of hours.” Gene nodded, “next time.” He cracked it open a drunk a mouthful. Jeb nodded, “next time.” He looked out across the water, past the horizon. “Hey, Gene,” he said after moment. “You’ve been there, right?” Gene froze for a moment. You didn’t ask someone that. You either knew or you were told. “Yeah,” he said carefully. “I was there. I flew he-vac before I … I transferred to flight ops.” “No shame there,” Jeb said. “Even us daring fighter drivers thought you he-vac guys had them made from chrome steel.” Gene chuckled. “Yeah.” He looked over at Jeb. He wondered where the question was coming from. He looked back out over the water. “It was few years after I got off the plane before I finally came home.” He took a long pull from the can, draining it. “Even then, some nights I’m back there.” He put the can in the cooler. “But, fortunately not as frequently as I used to.” Jeb nodded. He shook his head as if to clear it. “How did you know it was time?” Gene shook his head. “Knowing it is the last time isn’t the trick. If you live through it, you know. The trick is figuring out the second last time.” He looked at Jeb. “You wondering?” Jeb looked down at the water. “More than I care.” He nodded his head up to the sky. “Up there is one of the few places where I am sure of where I am.” “Then it isn’t. When you stop wondering then it might be time.” “Yeah,” Jeb shrugged. “I figured. Thanks.” He started to walk back up the dock. “Hey Jeb,” Gene said over his shoulder. “There’s a bunch of us that meet at the rec center alternate Wednesday evenings. You know, if you need to talk, or want to listen.” “Yeah thanks Gene, I’ll be through if I need to.”
  12. Camelot, it was a silly pla^H^H^H rocket.
  13. Do these and the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Choose to dedicate yourself to delivering a kerbal to Eeloo and returning him safely to Kerbin, using only level 5 tech. Recast rhetoric aside, why did you start a new save?
  14. My reflex is let it live. But then there's this argument against that,