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  1. steuben

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    Define impossible. Cause I can imagine some pretty impossible stuff. Like SCP level impossible, or are we talking stuff that would make Escher go have a lie sideways.
  2. steuben

    What personality do you give your Kerbals?

    The general sociology is kind of like a TV version of the 50's in the west. That's 1950's not 2050's, now get off my lawn. Though many of the attitudes about race and gender are closer to modern. At least for the kerbals running my space program. I haven't though much about the rest of Kerbin, as there isn't a unified world government. I should really lay down some deep canon about that for the Greenfields series. The kerbals of the design arms of the program have a different design ethic, at least relative to ours. Best described as, from out side the game looking in, is this design contra-indicated by the game engine? As for individual Kerbals... I try not to focus on the fab-four, but Jeb can fly anything with wings, and somethings without. Best summed up with the line "If Jeb can't fly it, slap some wheels on it and call it a car." But, Jeb's on an informal psych-watch. The only thing keeping him on the active list is that he is that good. Both him and the top-ranks know that this is his last job. He's only leaving in a box, hopefully not an empty one, or on a straight up medical no-fly evaluation. Val is a top pilot, definitely among the top ten. More than being a crack hand on the stick she is the leader that was needed among the original space crew. In the old timey war and space opera movies she's the one on the bridge calmly giving the orders while things are far more... exciting than they really need or should be. Probably destined to be part of the country's leadership's advisory council on science and technology. I haven't thought too much about Bob and Bill. I do try to focus on the other ones. Gus, head of the steely-eyed rocket men kerbals. He's not the smartest or cleverest of the lot by any measure. But he can come up with an answer quick. It won't be the best, but it will be good and it will work. Nine times out of ten an answer right now trumps the best answer later. Especially when the answer right now when the brown stuff is flying will get you to where you can find a mop. He worries about that tenth time, since he's gotten away with it for so long. Walt, the interface between the program and the real world. He's the one that has to talk to the world when things go well and when they don't. He has a file with preassembled announcements for various things. The famed shot is from just before the first suborbital passenger flight. He was near the pad during fueling. They were using red fuming nitric acid for the fuel at the time, which is futzing nasty stuff. Mort, the kerbal is creepy. Not in a psychopath kind of way, more of a something is slight off kind of way. He doesn't like circles or curves. The offices of the accounting group are eldritchly square. Some of the other kerbals joke that the office hallways don't have Euclidian geometry, something about there being too many or too few right angles on a path depending on the direction you take. Well they joke, but some worry that it isn't a joke. Linus, this is his first real job after school. He's good enough to get a serious position anywhere else. He just doesn't realize it yet, or just hasn't been liquided off by Wernher enough yet. A little bit dense when it comes to social interactions. Still hasn't figured out why some of the computers keep asking about his slide rule. Sure it is thirty centimetres long and a decent six centimetres wide, but it's nothing special. No, I'm not going to tell you either. Wernher, the kerbal thinks he craps sunbeams, and isn't afraid to let everyone know. That being said he does have a fair bit of basis for that opinion. In-verse I have him as the kerbal who is heading up the research into the mysterious Goo. Though it is just an excuse for him to research into other things. He does do enough of it to justify his continued employment in that regard. He suspects that in "suitably flat space" it may exhibit properties that will allow side stepping of lightspeed constraints. Like Jeb he gets away with it because he is that good.
  3. steuben

    How do kerbals reproduce?

    So you're asking how kerbals multiply? Using a base eight number system of course.
  4. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I'm going to skirt the rabbit hole with this one. The general reaction to flight or fight stress in a kerbal will be the same as human. This excludes colour changes, as these will be dependant on blood colour and base skin colour. Nervousness can be considered similar to flight or fight differing only in degree. Bare in mind as well there is great variation in us humans in similar situations depending on culture, upbringing, general and pathologic psychology, etc. Reasoning as follows: 1. it is doubtful that kerbals were an apex predator, in their original evolutionary environment. Though with technology they are an absolute apex predator. As us jumped up plains monkeys can attest. 2. the general body plan of kerbals is similar to ours 3. natural selection will strongly favour similar physiological responses to ours; shunt blood from the limbs to the core and large muscle groups, shut down digestion, amplify longer range senses (sight and hearing), mute pain responses, etc. Once you get of the classic human body plan then you have more variation possible. Consider the Pierson's Puppeteer. Their threat response to turn away from the threat, spread their "hand-heads", and if close enough strike using the hind leg (example graphic description result in spoiler) However, culture has corrupted that particular behaviour into a complete flight response, with fight being the domain of the absolute nutters. In general though I have been lazy and not thought about it, and defaulted using the basic human responses.
  5. Feels like your anti-virus or anti-malware choking on the download. Though given you've tried on two different computers that might be pushed down on the list. What is your primary OS and primary browser?
  6. steuben

    Sat contracts and LAN of moons

    Seconding ZL647's response. Get the bird there, then fine tune the orbit. I don't think you'll save much delta-v doing it in a single burn. And it would be a GAN (_G_lobal _A_rea _N_etwork) rather than a LAN (_L_ocal _A_rea _N_etwork). At least on the Duna or Kerbin segments of it. The standards body is currently... debating... vigorously as to if the moons count as part of the parent body GAN, or they should each be their own GAN. Yeah, I know a bureaucratic distinction that will fade in the field.
  7. steuben

    edit craft description outside of game?

    Yes. 1. open the .craft file in something like notepad. 2. Edit as desired. 3. save. 4. ??? 5. Profit. You can use other software, but you have to remember that you need to save it as raw text or ascii.
  8. steuben

    KSP now uses all my CPU cores

    I noticed that it felt peppier with a couple of my larger craft.
  9. steuben

    !!!! I Need Help With Something !!!!

    Oddly mastering maneuver nodes pretty much means you are most of the way there to orbital rendezvous. Launch windows and launch rendezvous just mean you are trading time in orbit for time on the ground. When you try, what happens?
  10. I use notepad to do a bulk changes of autostruts, deploy state, etc. A simple search and replace will get you what you need. I've used Excel as well for it. But it is a bit more of a setup to get it done. I usually do a could of different changes at the same time if I have to invoke Excel. The magic word is "autostrutMode = " I've done all the work in the craft file. But, if you are careful and use backups, the principle should work as well in the persistent.sfs.
  11. Do you have autostruts enabled? If so what are they set to?
  12. steuben

    toggle node snap

    I knew about the left-alt. But, it's like F with respect to SAS. I'm looking for something like T. I'm working with bigger sub-assemblies on higher value symmetries,, eg. 100 parts on 6 fold. So when a section tries to surface mount KSP coughs, pauses, and says go away for a bit while I work on this. Since I just attaching them to nodes rather than surface, for most of the build, it would make things simpler if I didn't have to hold down the alt key.
  13. I don't think I'm missing it. But, is there a key that toggle node snap on/off in the VAB/SPH? .. or a mod?
  14. <goes rummaging for his flame suit and some popcorn.> <Jaime Hyneman voice>What? it's private in there </Jaime Hyneman voice> Yeah, I got into that argument once... with a bunch of hardcore Star Wars otaku... irl. Five days days later, after invocation of the several levels of cannon and semi-canon, the agreement was: Friends don't let friends watch "The Star War Holiday Special." There was some disagreement on if "sober: should have been added.
  15. steuben

    Satellite Rotation with external Data

    You mean draw the eular angles in KSP itself? Or something else.