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  1. Reminds me of the time I introduced some friends of mine to a bridge building game, back at school. Should have been more careful about that. They were studying civil eng. I think one of their girlfriends is still mad at me.
  2. Not in the stock game. There are mods that will let you do it. I'm not sure what they are, but if you wait a little bit someone will post links to them.
  3. They sit there, smile, freak out, and, if you have the mod, east snacks. First you have to have send a kerbal to a location and back. So you will only get sub orbital contracts if that only where you've been. You've orbited Minmus you'll get orbit and fly-by Minmus contracts but not orbit Mun contracts.
  4. There used to a bug in which the docking ports would get "stuck" and wouldn't dock. You had to back right off wait a bit and try again. Don't know if it was fixed. But it might be what you're seeing here.
  5. Depends on what you're aiming for, how you've structured it, and paced it. Is it a single block? Is it a series of escalating fragment-reactions to the full reveal? Which way is he fighting the recall? Some examples for study and reference that I can quickly name - "The Majestic", towards the end where Luke!Peter recovers his memory. - Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep01 and Ep02, the second half of Ep01 and most of Ep02. Been a while since I've seen it.
  6. Don't know about Kerbal-Intelligent probe cores in my stock head canon... But, before the dominance of digital electronic there was analog electronic computers. The experts in the field could do with a handful of basic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, op-amps, and switches) what today we would use a microprocessor and a few hundred lines of code. Frickin' wizardry when you look at it. The orient to position and simple engine on/off would have been well with the capabilities of an analog computer. So my head canon is that the early probe cores are analog electronic while the later ones are digital electronic.
  7. You may not have enough for the trip. Mun landing and return to orbit takes about 1800 m/s 600 up, and 600 down with 600 for fighting gravity on the down trip. Again conservative numbers. You might want to consider another stage, or drop tanks for the mun-craft.
  8. I've been staring at a similar question for a while, but from a slightly different angle. While I know the technical answer to the question is, yes... the practical answer might be "I need a frickin' drink", or specialized tools will be needed. My reflex thought is that the craft would be printed as a monolithic block, at least as near as printer volume will allow. And as hollow as can be structurally allowed, cause hey printer feed is expensive. My question is on the difficulty of breaking a model down into something closer to the classic plastic model kits. Then taking the parts and gluing them together. Though the tech has come a fairways since I've started looking at it. I think that it would reduce the amount of printer feed needed and the cost of misprints.
  9. A quick mock up based on the pic in a stock ksp, and guessing at a Mailsail at the bottom of the stack, and a poodle in the middle. KER reports ASL/VAC dv S3 1139/3193 S2 1911/ 2079 S1 821/3193 The RCS is really hurting you though. Pulling that out added 1200 m/s ASL dv across the whole stack.
  10. Scrap the RCS, most of the function of it you can replace with reaction wheels for less weight. You can trim one of the batteries you've got. Move the launch clamps to the first stage. And don't throttle all the way up on launch; wait until the solids have burned out to do that. I don't recognize the nose come you've got. What mods are you using? Or is it one of the DLC parts?
  11. Multipling the request for pics... assuming you are not on the console version. And you are playing near stock KSP. But getting something to the Mun or Minmus and back is really two problems, well three but landing is a trivial one to deal with. With slightly different design goals. The first is making orbit. The second is getting to the Mun. Tackle the second one first. You will need a craft that has a vacuum delta-V of about 2400 m/s, and a TWR of about one-half. The delta-v is a _very_ conservative number, and assumes that you want to make orbit. With careful orbital planning and practice you can shave that down. But, it will give you lots of slack to learn how to do things. This will be the place to shave as much mass as you can. It will help with solving the second problem. You need to get your Mun-craft to LKO. For that you will need a craft with a ASL delta-V of about 4000 and a TWR of about 2. Don't go for elegance here. You're going for pure LIFTING! POWA! Mua-ha-ha-ha! *cough* If you want to refine the design... Once you can reliably get things to orbit without needing to use the engines on your mun-craft. Take a look at the fuel you have left in that last stage. Revert back to the VAB and pull that much fuel and oxidizer out of the tanks, without pulling out more than that. You'll want to repeat it a few times, I'd recommend about three. Don't forget to downsize the fuel tanks as you go along. You can use a similar process for the mun-craft as well. Once you have that suitably tweaked you can go back and refine your lifter again. There are paper based approaches to this. But, I've never really been able to wrap my head around them to any great degree.
  12. Merch merch merch merch; Merch! Merch! Merch! Merch merch merch merch, merch merch merch. Me~~rch merch merch merch. Merch. [ed: ?] *cough* Sorry translation software got stuck. Anyways, as I've ranted before a proper OST is a case of Take! My! Money!, and merch in general where OSTs are a subclass, are where the real money on a game can be made. Depending on the release method(s) it can be an avenue for revenue neutral advertising for the game.
  13. As opposed to figuratively having the two DLCs and the listed mods. But yeah, there's not much you can do, short of either buying a new computer, or investing in cryogenic cooling and learning about extreme over clocking. Even upping the ram won't do much for you. it'll buy you some head space but that's about it.
  14. On one box I've got 128 MB, and another 2GB. So you're running better than me. Though to flip around Harry's question. What are you aiming to do with your system and KSP?