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  1. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Looks like they have a few directly on writing, at least according to my public library.
  2. Dude! Seriously? You brought attention to it. Now they're going to nerf monoprop to utter uselessness. Just because you pointed out that inconsistency. You single handedly have destroyed the playability of KSP. <straight face fail> Nah. It'll probably just be easier to up the production monoprop by the isru 20%.
  3. steuben

    Another poll

    A KSP a crafter of tales I like the lack of story canon, but like the existence framework canon. The original four, the ordering of the planets, etc. What would a KSP story mean? <shrugs> It would mean that my stories would be different; maybe a Lower Deck focus, maybe something after the close of the story, maybe something different. For good and ill, a complete story would change the game. The story would have to be an Epic, perhaps something like Alien Legacy. But, these are hard to craft and craft well.
  4. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Excellent! Party on... oops. wrong generational movie. Yes, practice is half of where it is at. If I look at the stuff I wrote when I actively started to write almost 14 years ago... well to call it crap would be an insult to crap. Though the stuff I wrote shortly after was better. And the earlier stuff... eaten by the internets, or a grue, probably gave it indigestion.
  5. I've not seen the behaviour... but it sounds cool. I half wonder if it is related to fact that KSP moves the universe rather than the craft. When you change SOI you are radically changing the frame of reference for the ship. When this happens any slight FP errors would suddenly appear and then are zeroed out, as all the part locations are recalibrated.
  6. steuben

    6 hours of creating an space station

    Yeah, that might do it. Try it with grandparent instead. When you join up the modules heaviest part and root changes. The shudders are the sign the struts are changing attachment points; which causes all sorts of flexing.
  7. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Don't let the following dissuade you from continuing this craft. *laughs evilly, cracks knuckles, rolls shoulders, does that neck crack thing*... What? I'll be gentle. It looks like it's your first rodeo so it'll be thorough. Well... I'll try to be gentle. I won't dwell on spelling and grammar, as I am not one to sling such stones. Or at least sling them too hard. MS Word, or equivalent, has both a spell checker and a grammar checker, use them. Doing this on a phone or similar device isn't much of an excuse. Take the time and find a real computer and use that to do the edit. Never post a first draft of a story. Style and technique... This is basically an As You Know Exposition. A better way would be to have them in the briefing room being given the details by the wounded deskbound commander in a bored manner. Then have them bouncing along the terrain an hour before arrival. Tons isn't a unit of power. You might be thinking watts, or horsepower. But for reference an average car generates 150 kilowatts (200 horsepower) of power. Each first stage engine of the Apollo Launcher generated approximately 22 million horsepower or 16.8 gigawatts of power. A bit of a lack of scale, but so do many sci-fi writers. You will also want to rescale your scaling modifier word. In this case moving from kilo- to giga-, or perhaps tera given the context of use. Drop the angrily, and a descriptive to her departure. Something like "Vall slaps dooduki in the face and stomps off." You placed the right hook for this earlier with But the station pic earlier doesn't give much weight to the line of getting a 170 seat craft out the door in 10 days. You may have to rework this. Unless he's speaking in a second language having translated through a third. He could be Eloquent In His Native Tongue. But, you'll have to indicate that previously. Yes, And That's Terrible. Loud noises from inside a beer can in space, what's to like? Umm... aliens in the crew helping them to survive once they land. Not what I think you meant but a good example of rereading and reediting before you post. Show Don't Tell, this is the core and primary direction of writing. If you can do it great. But, don't trade quality for quantity. And beware of such an ambitious schedule. It can easily generate Schedule Slip, which begets an Orphaned Series, which begets a Dead Fic. For further reference and research you may want to hunt up "Robinson Crusoe", "Robinson Crusoe On Mars", and maybe "Swiss Family Robinson". The US Army's FM 3-05.70 will provide some additional planning support for you depending on how interesting you plan on things getting for your crew. Now since you are coming out of Spanish into English, I do have this recommendation. Use Google Translate. It does make hamburger out of idioms. But it can get you pretty close for the remainder of the text. It does have to be good Spanish in the first place for it do it reliably.
  8. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    What level of critique are you after? One of my authors of preference, David Drake, has done outlines of 60 kilowords, and has a librarian on staff to help, and keep him separate from any computers connected to the intra-tubes. And I'm sure the Hammer-verse and RCN-verse canon-bibles are in the 200 kiloword range each. It may be that you can't tie into KSP. If you have to do too much hand waving to get the canon welding, or worse just can't buff out the welds, surrender on trying. Just use KSP as the modeling frame work.
  9. steuben

    Rubber band joins at dockign port?

    My general recommendation is grandfather. When you auto strut to root or heaviest it can do weird things as the struts try to attache themselves, especially when you dock something else. In your case though I think you can get away with either one.
  10. It actually quite simple, A Fan Can Have Nice Things, but Fandom Can't Have Nice Things. And, to be a parent, [Redacted by order of O-5], and study hard to be able to get the good job to afford your own device.
  11. steuben

    autolanding probe

    Set the parachutes of the probe to the same stage as the one that separates the probe. You may want to increase the full deployment altitude to something more than the default one kilometer. There is one consideration however, you will need to keep the probe and the carrier craft within 25km of each other until the probe touches down. I'm recalling 25 km anyways.
  12. steuben

    why do you play this?

    1. It is the game I have been waiting for since my floppy disks failed and the 1541's drive heads misaligned. "Project: Space Station" you shall be mourned and missed. *pours a cold one on the floor* 2. I have a story to tell. <cues up... something epic, rocking, with some orchestral bombing, kind of like if "The Transformers Theme" by Lion, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and Nobuo Uematsu, were trying to out epic each other, and succeeding>
  13. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    My basic list: name, age, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, [redacted due to nature of source genre]. I then turn the characters loose and let them develop themselves. Dangerous, I know. But it's a pretty small sandbox so they can't get away from me. All of my characters will have the first five, and depending on how recurring a character it is I will also add little snip-its of personality. I won't do whole Lucas thing and do a three paragraph biography for someone who gets at most 30 seconds of screen time. Of course, if as I go along I get someone like Daine Jir, man that guy... coconuts and chome steel, I fill in the bio. Something else i'll do is take a character from somewhere else, and play with a little bit in a different setting. Not so much a cross-over, as what would the character type do here. From there I'll fill in the character if it works out. It means i have a prototype already and can just make the note of like <insert character> from <insert wherever>, except. These might help a bit for designing characters The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines, 45 Master Characters, and Make Interesting Characters.
  14. steuben

    Looking for Artist

    If you can find a copy Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature might help as well. And with proper citation, and creative writing, might save you the work or provide additional references.
  15. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    As for culture I try not to delve into it too much. That's a pretty deep rabbit hole to go down if you are not careful. If you do go down that hole, tell the cat I said hi. The area of Kerbin I'm interested in for the Greenfields series is kind of like 1950's America, with more current takes on race and gender. There are other culture "families", probably about three or four. I haven't defined them since they haven't come into play yet. They are beginning to break out of a tech-stasis with the discovery of the goo. Something like the forty years of tech development we had prior to World War 2 took place over four hundred. I'll chuck my Greenfields series on the table, Tales of the Groundbound.