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  1. steuben


    Only if you hear it with a solid Yiddish accent.
  2. steuben


    KSP the T-Shirt KSP the Mug KSP the Mousepad KSP the Calendar... yes they could do one of those kinds of calendars too. KSP the Colouring Book KSP the Lunchpail KSP the Flamethrowa! the kids really love that one. The merch is where the real money from the game is made.
  3. I've hare some luck with OBS. But, I don't have the graphics or CPU horses to run it and KSP and get a good frame rate capture. Still looking for something better. Long live my seven year old potato powered toaster.
  4. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    My take is that it is like things before The Great Videogame Crash Of '83, with my program being one of the eventual survivors. A glorious and exciting time to be a rocketeer. Or for you yungins out there. Like things before the tech crash shortly after the turn of the century. (Dang still feels weird to mean that period 1999-2001 to mean turn of the century.)
  5. Check your keyboard mappings. It is a stock setting, no need for any mods.
  6. steuben

    KSP Challenge: Terminus challenge!

    Here's the Bad-Boy sitting on the pad. some mission pics in the spolier. Full album here:
  7. steuben

    0 Isp No thrust Engine?

    They are older methodologies, remaining dominant up until the mid-eighties,. They were supplanted a bit earlier in some fields. But used very extensively in the early space programs.
  8. steuben

    0 Isp No thrust Engine?

    The mod is Principia. You might get better results using it than stock KSP. Stock makes a fair number of approximations and shortcuts with the calculations. But, I too am curious about what result you're aiming for with your experiment. My high-school level physics half predicts that your orbit will get wider, since you have reduced the mass but kept your velocity the same. I think the effects might be most noticeable in the steeper sections of the gravity wells rather than flatter space. You might want to use the chartam-calamum calculation methods to confirm any results you get. Though I've heard good things about the tabella-album approach as well. As for the opposing engines... you might get into weird spaces of floating point errors. So hacking up an engine to zero thrust will be the better approach. Hacking up a battery to have a larger capacity and running a fuel cell, to completely remove the possibility of thrust. oops ninja'd
  9. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Quick answer: yes. Two word answer: write anyways. Longer answer: Short stories and novels are two different beasts. A novel is about twenty times larger, and about four times more work per word. The techniques used in one won't necessarily be well applied in the other. My recommendation is this, if you want to write a novel. Wait till you have some practice. It is difficult and painful to rewrite the beginning when your skill level is different when you are finished. I've got one that I should redo... but I wince a bit at what I've got put down. Start with short stories and... sketches, really is the only word I can think of for it. You can set them in the same 'Verse as the novel. They will let you get the feel of the characters, rules, mechanics, etc. and function as raw writing practice. As you go along make notes, plot points, themes, awesome scenes, noodle incidents, etc. Once you have a solid note book for the novel then start writing it. Sure you could pants it, and it has been done, and done successfully. But, I can only recommend it if you are skilled, lucky, or both (or a publishing mangaka). That all being said. In here we've all got a bit of rodeo time under our seats. So you can ask for comments, suggestions, etc. at varying levels of detail on your work. Novels... I aspire to writing a novel length someday. For reference a novel weighs in at at least 40 kilo-words, depending on genre. Though I am working on the sketch for one in [redacted due to content restrictions -ed.]. I hope that it will break 40 kilo-words. My longest, in a different 'Verse, is around 14 kilo-words. Mostly I start with a scene, trope, music track, elevator pitch, a cool line and work backwards to figure out how they got there. One of my trickier ones is a row of jars filled with beans, labeled with numbers, on the way to Mortimer Kerman's office. If it bigger then about three or four scenes, or is very complex, I'll sketch it out in point form, and write it from there. For much bigger stuff, I'll haul out my preferred writing planning tool, the 3x5 index card *epic fanfare music*. Ah, there are the effects guys, it's been a while. You put one scene with notes on each card. you then lay the cards out in order and "read" the story. Shuffle them around as needed, sometimes a scene works better earlier or later than initially thought, foreshadows things better, or just doesn't work as well as you thought and needs to be cut. Once things are laid out, number the cards, and tie them together.
  10. I've got a _very_ early design. It can do one hop up to 19km-ish. It requires, Aviation, Engineering 101, Basic Rocketry, and Stability. You can add in Survivability for the PresMat for a bit extra science. You strap a pair of Junos either side of the Swivel, four FL-T100s, a pair of Mk-0 LF tanks, and enough bits and bobs to get it to fly and land... if you want to. I'll bang up a blueprint when I'm on my usual machine.
  11. Are you guys using the Steam version, or the ksp store version? store version Where is ksp installed? Under Program Files, or somewhere else? Many places. A folder off of C:\ , off a usb key. Though I may have to try it under prog files, just to see if it makes a difference. And are you running the launcher or one of the ksp executables? Both. The launcher will end up tripping the prompt when the game gets run.
  12. I get it on both my laptop and desktop. According to Microsoft it is something that is baked into the build itself, Information for Vista but is most likely preserved across versions. An annoying thing sure, probably a trivial fix. Well, trivial given my knowledge of programing; but I panic compilers with the "Hello World" code. However those two aspects, annoying and trivial, give it a low level of importance on the scale of things to fix.
  13. steuben

    Flying to the end of the game

    Negative numbers, like negative zipcodes, are fine... mostly. It is the imaginary numbers, and the surreal numbers that keep me up at night.
  14. steuben

    Kerbal Commercial Launches KCL

    Of course all the above being said... decent, excellent, and needs work fan fiction is welcome. pop over to the fan works section.
  15. Efficiency has many measures, part count, time count, cost count, ease of maneuverability, etc. But if you have part obey crossfeed turned on then it won't work. I don't know if that is an option on the console versions though. Efficiency is nice... but if you can go for style.