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  1. Mine does that too. Though usually after I've had it running for a day or so. After it crashes, a restart brings things into line. But delays in launching are proportional to the size of craft. My standing record is about an hour, on a 30 kilo-part monster.
  2. Easter-egging: n. to change components and/or settings of a device at random in the hopes of resolving a problem. verb form easter-egg. ex. - I don't know how she fix the terminal. It looked like she was easter-egging it. - No. She's a wizard, and really groks the deep magic on the gear.
  3. Rummaging around it's known issue, and unpublished behavior. You may have to easter egg the power settings on your laptop windows or brand specific battery utilities to find the right combination. The only other option I can think of is not recommended and will void the warranty.
  4. VTOLs are hard with stock tools. Something like KER will help you balance out the torques.
  5. Yes... Ike is [redacted] jealous about Duna's orbital space. It will kick out anything and everything.
  6. Field trip! Check the dampers and the springs. They are found under advanced tweakables. <obvious pun> Carlos! I knew I should have stayed home. Wahahoo!
  7. Well if you to take the story from par to birdie feel free to ask in here:
  8. There maybe a refresh required. I don't know if it is real time or not. (having just checked it is real-time) As for translation... grandparent is two parts closer to the root part. So not the part it's connected to but the one after that.
  9. Root can/will change sometimes when building stuff out of modules. So relying on first part can be problematic. Alt F12 to go to the Debug Menu/Physics Tab/Visualize Autostruts, that will let you the see auto-strut map. With the rules of caveman however... I think it might be allowed. But that is something for the jurists there to decide. But short of running EVA struts, if you strut to grandparent across both sides of the join, should tackle most of it. Then when built you run a couple of struts to root from each module, it should work.
  10. Screenwriting is just a different angle on the Craft!. It's all bout telling a good story.
  11. Forgo the gravity turn. Just luanch straight up and turn right.
  12. Try again on the download. I managed to pull down three of the packages without a problem. As for the cert.. panicking is always a good option. But, wait until you've got that fresh copy in and see.
  13. Yes and no. This is one of the reasons why rocket science is hard. There is a whole bunch of Math! there that I will skim over. Because, I half understand it, and couldn't explain it. But if you want to you can look up PID controllers. There are better ones... but the math is very much heavier. IIRC, this is what the KSP stability control system use, and NASA in the Canadarms. In KSP, most oscillations are caused by "ship flop". I'm guessing on the code, but when the SAS tried to do its job, based on your settings, it looks at the shape of ship, mass, available force vectors, and distance to setting, all of which is relative to the "Point of Control", at that slice of time. It does it mathamagics and spits out the controls to the various devices. Now with a perfectly rigid spherical cow in a frictionless vacuum, it isn't a problem. The math can be solved over an espresso. But, in KSP we've only got one of those things, a frictionless vacuum. The ships have varying degrees of floppiness. This, means that in every time slice the ship has a different shape, which changes the force vectors, which changes the torques they generate. These changes can either increase the available torques or reduce them. Which then changes what the SAS has to work with. Depending on Factors! this will usually cause the SAS to drive the ship through it's desired setting, and then starts the oscillations that you see. I think there's something as well with regards to there being too much control force available... But that'll require a deep dive into the literature and something I don't want to do standing at the kitchen counter making lunch.
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