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  1. If you look in the saves folder and then what ever you named your particular run of the game, there will be a pair of folders VAB and SPH. It should be in one of the two. If it is the apostrophe might be giving KSP fits on the files name at least. Try a rename and run from there.
  2. Chicago Manual of Style appears to say no, section 7.28 in the 16th edition and rummaging on stackexhange points to CMOS 8.170 that actively says no.
  3. All parts, in stock, suffer from Critical Existence Failure and silly fast Regenerating Health As long as you don't go past the thermal or impact speed limits the parts will last until the heat death of the universe.
  4. Delete them. Assuming you have well behaved mods the only thing in the gamedata folder you need is the Squad folder. But, remember if you have anything launched/design that uses parts from those mods well... zany-wacky hi-jinks will ensue.
  5. It feels a bit long for a sentence. Perhaps something along the lines of: All Mosenbly needed was to wait forty days till him and his unit were rotated back to the capital, Heisenburg. Steven King once said, "the second draft should be ninety percent of the length of the first draft." Try to cut out extra words and rework things along those lines. You don't need to be sparse with words, but we aren't paid by the word here either. Not so much code as message. And you can't decode static, by rough definition. But, you can clean it up, though it does depend a bit on the tec
  6. the thumbs are the little pics you get when you are choosing which craft to launch/load. Been around a while. Usually they get generated when you save a craft.
  7. Quick answer: you're hosed. It's gone. Less quick answer: try the previous versions tab in the folder properties. Long shot, but if that weird back-up thing that windows can do is turned on,.. Longer answer: you're going to need a greater degree of magic to bring it back than many will feel comfortable providing over the fora. Mostly because you can _really_ foul things up if you have to go rooting around at that level of the file system manually. There are some third party utils out there that will let you undelete files. But, the longer you take to get them in the less likely it is
  8. Not very weird. Not everything stacks. And you can't fits some parts in some containers because of mass/volume constraints.
  9. Quick answer: all of them. Longer answer: Each of the SAS presets, which you are referring to, has a purpose, and a best time for use. Sure you could use one, or none, all the time. But that would make things trickier for you.
  10. 5. Two words, IP Leak. Okay maybe that's three. But there are other aspects that make it more problematic then the proposed zeroth approximation seems to indicate. So let's break it down. - Which file share service? What accounts to they use? If you don't have one you'll have to make one. And then how do they figure out if the acount that is created is the one that should have access? - Cost. Cause this ain't gonna be free for them. Google's file share, for example, will cap out at around 500 downloads of the current version of KSP. At least for the personal use. Paid service might be hig
  11. One of my emails chokes on attachments over 10 MB, another on attachments over 25 MB. Version 1.8.1 masses at 1,321 MB. The exact problem and potential solutions are left as an exercise for the reader. Based on what customer service premise exactly?
  12. The KSP store/My Account is broken. Or atleast _very_ firewalled. As for conversion to Steam, et al., not possible. All other recommendations are sealed, and require authorization of [expunged] for individual release.
  13. Nope, still not a thing. I think there is just enough overlap of of the seps that once they detach they collide with each other with the usual spectacular results. Why are you blowing off the lower tri-coupler?
  14. Copy the KSP folder from it's existing location to another one.
  15. I've thought about it. But, I've always put it in the realm of action movies, and chrome steel and coconuts.
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