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  1. The TO-2 with the TO-4 Variant, The O-Basket The O-Basket was early production design to take passengers on brief orbital excursions. The design was later adapted for use as an rescue craft for low and high Kerbin orbits. The lifter saw production and use in the launch of satellites for a long time Seen in chapter 17, Broken Bird
  2. given the floppiness of docking ports you're better off hauling two or three modules at a run to the mun.
  3. KSP merch? (Shut up and take my money)

    <Yiddish accent>s/movie/game/g |< Spaceballs!Yorgurt!merch quote></Yiddish accent> and there was much rejoicing
  4. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    You've got the characters, what's the plot? Just a elevator pitch would do. Ask for content, what of the darker and edgier themes/tropes are you thinking of?
  5. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I started a screenplay adaptation of an author of preference`s book. As I think about it, it probably could have been done as stage play as well. I`ve read books on screen play writing as well as a few scripts... I should really post my library. That section survived the recent trimming that I had to do at the behest of the missus and one of the kids. What I have found is, what I`ve gleaned from the screen writing books and the book writing books have been complementary. First because what makes a good story is common across all medium. Second the direction on pacing, scene blocking, speech, details, etc. from one helps in the other.
  6. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    obligatory reference post. POV (warning here be TV Tropes) works history: I don't think I've written something in the first person. The second person I know I've never done. As for the third persons... I tend to work with the Limited/Subjective. I think I may done a couple of Objective/Dramatic. I have used multiple thirds once, that I can immediately recall. Not in the KSP 'verse through, over here "Olwen's Travels". I haven't played with the omniscient ones... it feels like it would be a lot of work to write and write well. Holding with the basic third person POVs is a bit of laziness on my part. They're simple and easy to keep track of. I just strap the camera and the mic to the shoulder of the character and away I go. A lot of the stuff that I've read on the craft would poke at people who shifted viewpoints without warning... even within the same paragraph.
  7. Kerbal Space Crusade: A Fan Story

    *wince* Writing is a marathon not a sprint. You've got 200 words and picture. You've got a start. Once you've got more laid down we'll see.
  8. Kerbal Space Crusade: A Fan Story

    Comment pending more. However, if you looking for focus/general feedback/techniques come over to the writers thread for a chat.
  9. Why build large passenger vessels at all?

    1. Why not? 2. for the cool 3. for the challenge 4. for the realism 5. for the awesome 6. the general build stuff liquiding contest 7. for the cool 8. because we can 9. ??? 10. Profit!
  10. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    In the Groundbound the original four are there, but only as walk-ons in the later ones. I ended up putting together an excel sheet that can build kerbal names, so I could staff the rest of the program.
  11. UnHohmann transfers

    citation or proof required.
  12. UnHohmann transfers

    There exists a Δv such that when the planets are aligned is the global minimum Δv to go from edge of SOI A to edge of SOI B. Let us call this point of global minimum Δv Able. Let us call this Δv Harry. For Harry there exists a Δv Harold such that Harold is greater than Harry. Harold allows two things. The first is to shorten the transit time, the other is to allow the transit from points away from point Camp. There also exists a Δv such that when the planets misaligned is the local maximum Δv to go from from edge of SOI A to edge of SOI B. Let us call the point of maximum Δv Charlie. Let us call this Δv Tom. For Tom there exists a Δv Thomas such that Thomas is greater than Tom. Thomas allows one thing, to shorten the transit time. Between Harry and Tom there is a Δv Dick. Dick is greater than Harry, but less than Tom. As Dick gets closer in value to Tom the point in the orbits that Dick will just get from edge of SOI A to edge of SOI B gets closer to Charlie. I'm looking for Tom.
  13. UnHohmann transfers

    You may not be interested in the upper bound. But I am. And running it as a torchship was ruled out in the OP.
  14. UnHohmann transfers

    Actually chucking Oberth and Δv conservation is what I'm after. The capture and ejection Δv are trivial and well solved problems, which is why I'm ignoring them.