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  1. For all of you who are taking care of the people in higher risk, remember that the stuff you bring them is more likely to be contaminated every day. Buy only stuff that is packaged, and wash it in soapy bleach solution, then rinse, dry and put in clean bags before you give them the stuff. Remember the outer layer of the bag is also likely to be contaminated. Make a plan, think ahead. Don't enter their apartments unless you absolutely have to, and then make sure to have gloves on, gloves that did not touch outside world. This is very serious. Please think ahead of how you'll organize this.
  2. Now they need an enormous stick to poke it. You can't approach, you have to poke it and throw water at it.
  3. Folks, Folding@home offers crunching data on behaviour of receptor proteins for a model coronavirus. Folding@home was meant to be part of BOINC (like SETI@home and many others), but that never happened due to incompatibility and it stayed a standalone piece of software. For any information on how to help scientists model behaviour of these molecules, which will help greatly with fight on COVID-19, visit the site. I've created a team you can join, it's called Kerbal space program forum and its number is 238062.
  4. At least people around Po will have cleaner air.
  5. First fragment found. Location: Novo mesto, Slovenia. 203 g chondrite.
  6. Thanks to the many volunteers who have helped crunch data for SETI@home in the last two decades. On March 31, the project will stop sending out new work to users, but this is not the end of public engagement in SETI research. This is sad. I started back in 2001, before it used BOINC, but I don't run it anymore since I use a laptop.
  7. This is not the flu (caused by Influenza A, B, C, D), it just has some similar symptoms. This is COVID-19 and it's caused by SARS-CoV-2, also coronavirus, just like SARS-CoV which causes SARS. These distinctions are important since we'll probably have to live with this for a long time.
  8. Preliminary analysis by Croatian astronomical union - date and time: 2020-02-28 09:30:34 UT - estimated energy release equivalent: 0.34 kT - estimated speed: >20 km/s - estimated mass: 5.5 t - estimated size: 1.5 m
  9. As long as it flows and has negligible compressibility in working range, it's ok for hydraulics. For example materials with the consistency of lithium grease at room temperature - perfectly fine for force transmission. If you squeezed it through a crack into vacuum in free fall, it would get out like jagged snake, having some small degree of elasticity. That's why it reminded me of it.
  10. I was going for the way it oozes out, it doesn't matter what it's made of. Yeah time to eat. LOL
  11. Usually oils are used, so they aren't very volatile, but I have no idea which one these things use. If it leaks slowly, it could give off enough heat to turn pasty. Like this, only in weightlessness...
  12. It clinged... You know what, it does look like it appeared like toothpaste. What if it's hydraulic liquid from the grid fin system? It would behave something like this in vacuum. edit: and with leaking hydraulic system, targeting becomes difficult, thus failure to pinpoint the barge... It's plausible.
  13. I've noticed the thing too. It detached when thruster fired.
  14. It didn't even crash near the barge. That cloud on the right appeared gently. Hmmm...