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  1. I needed this as a counterweight for centrifugal stations, thanks.
  2. OK I get it for Murph, but why does Klaus have such huge surface gravity? Also, Klaus spins as 1 Hz which makes it a slow rotating neutron star, not a fast one as it says in the description. Basically all neutron stars are spinning like crazy. BTW can I prune the planetary system without the rest getting wonky? For example if I remove the star, will Murph and Klaus remain functional?
  3. I usually have OPM or Realistic atmospheres, but not always, and I never removed Kopernicus... somehow I forgot what requires it and what doesn't. Oh, boy...
  4. Wait a minute. Did I use Kopernicus for no reason all this time? Was Scatterer always independent of it? My framerate issues...
  5. I like the concept, but there are some design issues with it. Black hole has 56 g at the surface, and neutron star over 172 million g. Escape speed of the hole is 0.0009 c, and of neutron star is little over 0.033 c. These values make no sense. Also, in my humble opinion, there is no need for this many planetary bodies.
  6. How exactly does this work if Kopernicus still doesn't support latest KSP?
  7. Oh, that. Yes, that will work, but gamewise, that tank is not inside the service module. I thought you put the tank inside, and then pulled it outside, my bad.
  8. That doesn't work since translation doesn't shift actual "what comes first" thing. It's still in the order in which it has been joined. Solution with the pipe is so simple, but many people, me included, never thought about it.
  9. Oh, in the meantime I found a solution. Connect the fuel tank directly to the service module using the fuel pipe, as if it's another fuel tank. That worked for me.
  10. So what you're saying is that you fell for an capitalist entertainment advertisement and you're angry because you got tricked? If I were you, I'd be angry at myself for being so naive but that's just me.
  11. OK I watched it and I can just snort and sigh derisively towards people who got their nipples twisted about it. It's, again, a problem of folks who come to watch a film expecting one thing, and then they squeal like babies when they get another thing. It's like hearing people complain about "First man", saying: "Boo hoo, I expected a space movie!". I suppose they'd get the same reaction with Soviet SF classics like Tarkovsky's "Solaris" because "the rocket is wrong" or some other stupid complaint like that. The film is an SF drama. It deals with parental bonds and final coping with loss. What struck me is how very little annoying cliches it has and how calm it is. It truly lifts itself above the mediocre of Hollywood because it's so oddly calming in the way it guides us through what's happening. Not much is happening in general; there isn't some intense, larger/louder/brighter than ever thing, no DUN DUN DUUUUUN reveal. It doesn't try to please the audience numbed with fast camera, loud noises, excessive emotions or mindnumbing blather. It has a zen quality to it and doesn't make you mentally tired from trying to follow the plot. It just is and it manages to do it in a visually appealing way. There are some things in the facts department that could've/should've been better without much expense, but they are not sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, there are things that producers seem to be picking up after "Gravity", namely in the sound effects, which is a very important, immersive thing. I recommend this wholeheartedly. Watch it in a cinema if you can.
  12. Indeed, I've misread it. I've seen many new players claim this so there's that. I still don't understand why the knuckle cracking is problematic.
  13. I'd be ok with such treshold, of course. Bloom does appear when conditions are right - high apparent luminosity and high contrast. Combined with necessary disappearance of skybox it would be a good visual tool to indicate brightness. BTW I've added vignetting to the list.
  14. You're absolutely wrong. They always had fingers. Even in the Kerbalizer program they had them.