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  1. lajoswinkler

    Kerbal Space Program Update 1.5 Grand Discussion thread

    I wouldn't rely on promotional images at all. They're always made to look neat, and it's something that happens with almost all games. They even use mods to make the game look pretty, something I find controversial. I was playing it when the update notification came up so, after exiting, I quickly set the version to 1.4.5 and avoided the update. As much as I like the new look of some parts (new Mk1 is superb and is directly influenced by Porkjet's Part Overhaul, which engines I use instead of stock ones), I like playing it more, and I use quite a lot of plugins, so... I'll wait.
  2. At least bacon is tasty. Ryugu probably tastes like ash.
  3. lajoswinkler

    We have come one step closer to finding Nibiru

    [snip] Pluto demotion was not a surprise to anyone understanding a bit more than basics about the Solar system. It was an oddball we classified as planet because we had only one data point. As decades went by, more and more data was gathered and it was becoming obvious something doesn't add up. Even 25 years ago my professor of geography and an amateur astronomer was saying Pluto shouldn't be called a planet and that it's probably part of large family of icy building blocks we're gonna detect with better and better telescopes. Prophetic? I don't think so. Just pure reason.
  4. lajoswinkler

    Obscure pop culture refeferences!

    If you guess this, you get an Internet cookie.
  5. Just the other day I was thinking of how carbonaceous chondrites are almost certainly carcinogenic. Billions of years of exposure to harsh UV in vacuum, sooty crap all over...
  6. lajoswinkler

    We have come one step closer to finding Nibiru

    "Nibiru" is a term used by crackpots, pseudoscientists and quacks to sell books, films and other crap full of disinformation. They sell fear, anger, distrust and lies. Please don't use it on this forum. Just let it die.
  7. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    I got the clouds working. Sadly, the Sun is still visible through, and there are shadows... not sure that can be turned off. RSS authors, PM me so I can send you the ground texture.
  8. lajoswinkler

    Colonising Mars and a meme I found

    It's not a meme. It's an image with letters on it. Nothing famous about it. And yes, I agree, we should practice on Antarctica. Even though we have research bases there, they are not self sustainable. Not even regarding food, let alone oxygen.
  9. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    I've edited the surface texture (negative and lowered some channel brightness and contrast) to make it appear similar to what Venus looks like beneath the clouds because the present texture in RSS is completely unrealistic. Results with Scatterer only. I can't get the EVE clouds to work.
  10. Cosmetic mutilation of an animal. Illegal in civilized countries. Removing pieces of animal bodies for human aesthetic pleasure is a disgusting practice that also has an impact on dog's wellbeing. Dogs use tails and ears as visual signals to other members of their species (wagging, pointing, lowering, ...) so it's a common thing for them not to be able to express their feelings properly. That causes other dogs to feel uneasy around them. In the end, that frustrates the dog and makes it prone to aggression. Any cosmetic removal of animal's body part (or human's body part if there is no consent!) is a barbaric act. If you live in a country where it's illegal, and you see a young dog butchered like this, you can pretty much assume its owner is a douchebag because they went around the law (no decent veterinarian will do it) to harm an animal. You can also assume there's a high chance of the animal being antisocial and potentially dangerous.
  11. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    What is RSS Venus ground atmospheric pressure supposed to be? It's a fragment of one atmosphere for me. oO BTW I'm using Realistic Atmospheres mod.
  12. I am considering it, but there isn't much hope because this deep in Kerbol's gravity well, both Δv and TWR need to be high, otherwise it's an unbearably long cat and mice chase. I will do some experiments, first.
  13. I haven't checked all planets and satellites, but I know Ablate works. Just make sure you've got the latest Kopernicus.
  14. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    The forum is not abandoned, it's active, and so is this thread. Welcome. \o/ I suggest removing CKAN and installing things yourself. CKAN does things automatically, can mess stuff up and it's best used when you have few mods and know what you're doing. Basically what you need to do is download a mod (Curse, Spacedock, ...) and unzip it. For example if you downloaded Heat Control, you place it in your GameData folder so that the structure looks like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\HeatControl Some mods require other mods ("dependencies") so be sure to read the opening posts of each modder's mod thread. To use Real Solar System, install that and its dependency mods and, for the best, create a new savegame.
  15. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.5] Real Solar System v13.1 [03 Sep 2018]

    Let me explain what I meant with each example from this mod: Mercury texture - false color, lowered saturation; should be almost entirely gray with a barely noticeable tint of brown Venus texture - false orange color on a radar map where lightness represents slope and radar reflectivity. Literally nothing like Venus terrain appears to human eyes. Its surface is actually dark gray, volcanic and doesn't glow. Earth texture - oversaturated colors more fitting to a topographical map than our planet watched with our eyes Jupiter texture - enhanced color and too high contrast made by "citizen scientists" playing with Juno's raw data. Jupiter doesn't have intense blue splotches There are more examples, like Neptune being way too blue and Uranus being too green (myth dragging itself through education system and encyclopedias) and oversaturated gas giant satellites. I could offer help with correcting this. There's no need fpr KSP players to avoid the realistic beauty of worlds in our neighborhood.