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  1. You know what would also greatly benefit from this? Reentry. Waterfall basically uses cones and paraboloids, AFAIK. KSP does have unlocked ability to form reentry trails (something Reentry particle effect renewed now does) but those are highly resource intensive and look pretty horrible. Waterfall could make beautiful rammed bluish plasma in front of the vessel. Stock game basically teaches us wrong, that reentry heating comes from friction with atmosphere, when in reality it's compressed air radiatively heating the body. Friction comes near the end of reentry and isn't that big of a deal.
  2. What do I think? I think it's both pathetic and hilarious and should be dismissed as frivolous lawsuit.
  3. I remember that game. It was insanely difficult and too resource intensive for its era. But it was fun to roam around. Young Timmy and his grandpa's yarbles. LOL
  4. Amazing, visual experience changing mod, for sure. One of the best things made for KSP in a long time. I've noticed the mod doesn't support Munar Excursion Module (M.E.M.)'s RCS thrusters so they still do those nasty puff-puffs. One more thing. Since these plumes look so good and the framework itself has enormous potential, could you do anything about the stupid Vall kettle clouds? It's been years since they've been released and the design was really bad from the very start. Not only lousy, cheap looks, but also pretty resource draining. Vall has no detectable atmosphere, therefore there can be no convection going on. Any geyser in a vacuum will have a simple transparent cone of gas shooting upwards.
  5. This occured to me while watching "Red dwarf". In the show, signs in the mining ship are bilingual. English and Esperanto. Kerbals are known to speak gibberish which is, contrary to the myth, not backwards Spanish, although the source speeches we hear in early Squad do contain some Romance language words, sometimes jumbled up. Since Esperanto sounds a bit weird and needs getting used to, but is very easy to learn, and as a homage to cult comedy SF series "Red dwarf" why not make Kerbals speak Esperanto? Maybe even backwards Esperanto to make it more enigmatic if it suits the ear. I think it's a great opportunity for the game to use something international.
  6. Interesting. Leaving a never finished game, forcefully pushed from beta into v1.0. There are things that not even game mods tackle so the "tHeRe's a MoD fOr ThAt!" folks can zip it. Kerbol has been left looking horribly. Same old ball from the moment it stopped being a shiny point in the sky, and it's full of opportunities. Many things were done haphazardly. Idea of random, extremely small comets steaming like kettles was immediately disappointing. I have a bittersweet feeling about all this. I wouldn't feel like this if the game was stupid. Its sheer amount of unlocked potential and genius idea are what attracts the most critics.
  7. Still using this after many years. Thank you for your work on keeping it alive.
  8. I had a pause from KSP for a few months and this morning saw this at Lowne's YT channel. Time to check it out. I've been complaining for years about particle system and now finally someone did something about it. Thank you!
  9. No, it's certainly isn't a meme. It's an inside joke.
  10. I rarely post anything nowdays, but I had to log in to show support. This is one of the best things KSP modding community ever yielded. Amazing work. There have been previous attempts at weather simulations, but this dwarfs all of them.
  11. He had many hopes and wacky ideas, more near the end of his life when he went crazy. That shouldn't avert us from what he truly was - a brilliant electrical engineer (not scientist!).
  12. The problem with all this, which is evident in your first post, is that you misattribute things to Tesla, and then discuss whether it's overrated. There is the real Nikola Tesla, and there is the kooky image crackpots made out of his smeared name. Public image is between those two. Sometimes more real, sometimes more kooky. Especially kooky in ex-Yugoslavian countries, where his name is used by the "common folk" as a typical excuse to rant about the West. The worst of these ideas is that his plans with wireless electricity were to obtain energy for no money, and that supposedly it made his investors retreat. Tesla did not work on "free lunch". He worked on wireless transmission of electrical energy, and baseload energy of his time was coal, with emerging hydroelectric potential he contributed to.
  13. Power or energy? I've noticed US Americans usually don't understand the distinction, courtesy of the wonky language they speak, and the bad public education giving them laissez faire approach to various topics. As usual, vast majority of the world uses proper word, but USA does not. Energy and power are not the same thing. Energy can be relatively pathetic, but if the time in it's applied is very short, power can be impressive. One example of it is lightning - total oxidation of bucket of gasoline worth of energy crammed in microseconds.
  14. This thread's title should be changed. "Coronavirus" is the name of virus family. There's a lot of coronaviruses. The ones causing SARS and MERS are also coronaviruses. And I assure you, others will come, as well. This virus has been known by "new coronavirus" or nCoV-19 before it got the name SARS-CoV-2, and the illness it produces is called COVID-19 (compare it to HIV causing AIDS). I don't know why are people so squeamish of using correct names. It's been a year since it was detected. Pandering to mediocrity is a bad thing. Change the title to "COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease)" and that's it...
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