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  1. No, it's certainly isn't a meme. It's an inside joke.
  2. I rarely post anything nowdays, but I had to log in to show support. This is one of the best things KSP modding community ever yielded. Amazing work. There have been previous attempts at weather simulations, but this dwarfs all of them.
  3. He had many hopes and wacky ideas, more near the end of his life when he went crazy. That shouldn't avert us from what he truly was - a brilliant electrical engineer (not scientist!).
  4. The problem with all this, which is evident in your first post, is that you misattribute things to Tesla, and then discuss whether it's overrated. There is the real Nikola Tesla, and there is the kooky image crackpots made out of his smeared name. Public image is between those two. Sometimes more real, sometimes more kooky. Especially kooky in ex-Yugoslavian countries, where his name is used by the "common folk" as a typical excuse to rant about the West. The worst of these ideas is that his plans with wireless electricity were to obtain energy for no money, and that supp
  5. Power or energy? I've noticed US Americans usually don't understand the distinction, courtesy of the wonky language they speak, and the bad public education giving them laissez faire approach to various topics. As usual, vast majority of the world uses proper word, but USA does not. Energy and power are not the same thing. Energy can be relatively pathetic, but if the time in it's applied is very short, power can be impressive. One example of it is lightning - total oxidation of bucket of gasoline worth of energy crammed in microseconds.
  6. This thread's title should be changed. "Coronavirus" is the name of virus family. There's a lot of coronaviruses. The ones causing SARS and MERS are also coronaviruses. And I assure you, others will come, as well. This virus has been known by "new coronavirus" or nCoV-19 before it got the name SARS-CoV-2, and the illness it produces is called COVID-19 (compare it to HIV causing AIDS). I don't know why are people so squeamish of using correct names. It's been a year since it was detected. Pandering to mediocrity is a bad thing. Change the title to "COVID-19 (new coronavirus disea
  7. It's been ages since I made a mission report or did a serious mission but I finally found some time. Kerbal Ministry of no better things to do (MONBTTD) unlocked some of the budget money and directed it into a first mission of its kind - to land a robotic probe on the hidden side of Ablate, a dwarf planet originally from historically important Planet Factory by Kragrathea, and one of the first custom made planetary bodies ever made. This is not the first time something has reached or landed on this scorched world, but it might even be the first time to do so on its dark side. AFAIK,
  8. Grill made out of golden mirrors is what's used for shallow angle diverting x-rays.
  9. I can't tell how satisfied I am over the fact this mod has yo-yo despin parts and spin decouplers. I always used KAS for this and it never worked that well.
  10. It's only a matter of time before someone builds that marble machine using this and KSP robotic parts.
  11. It's a known bug that appears sometimes, possibly due to version incompatibility. Same happens when you're in orbit, below the height where terrain stops being 3D rendered (160 km for Kerbin).
  12. Poll results are interesting. Worm is leading up. Ten days left to vote.
  13. Any news on the update? It's been a long time, I miss this mod. I know it says "it seems to work fine with KSP v1.9" but that makes me skiddish.
  14. I ws lucky to witness both Venus transits, several Mercury transits, but the latest thing that really struck me was seeing a thin crescent Venus with its horn edges going over 180°. Light spilling through atmosphere. It was beautiful, although not extreme as this.
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