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  1. Skunk Works Presents

    Guess who's not coming back.
  2. I'm pretty sure China will do this properly because when China wants to do something high quality, it does high quality. Besides, it's EPR. Very little to go wrong with that, and if it does go wrong, it doesn't poop the place up.
  3. Could be. Sadly, a lot of that branch is just outright contaminated with people who are anything but people who actually understand and care about the environment.
  4. The Debate of Solid vs Liquid

    Solid or liquid, hmmm... Well, I know some people prefer not to do solids upstairs.
  5. What do you think of this? Specifically, the fact that something envisioned and developed in EU has been made faster in China. Any benefits (to either side) or downsides to it?
  6. Amazing work, as always.
  7. Also a status report - it works with Scatterer if EVE is removed. Given that EVE chokes my computer, and I use Scatterer for its original purpose only (scattering light in atmospheres), this works fine.
  8. Lowest & Highest Points of Celestial Bodies

    You might. Thing is, if there's an error of few metres, having decimal digits isn't really useful. All these bodies should be surveyed. Forumers used to do that. It's too much work for just one person.
  9. I found the solution on the forum. Personal parachutes require higher experience level for Kerbals. If you play sandbox, just turn off the Kerbal experience.
  10. Lowest & Highest Points of Celestial Bodies

    Not knowing about this thread, I've decided yesterday to get to the tallest point. This time it was easier because of paragliders. Wiki says: "with the tallest peak being 6764.1 m in altitude", Kerbalmaps says " 6761.0483 m", and I've found a point 6767.4 m high which confirms the screenshot on wiki. I've made Jebediah walk on all those adjacent peaks and none of them show higher values. They're all ten or more metres lower. Mind that my terrain rendering and other graphics details are maxed out, and I don't use any terrain altering mods. So I really don't see where your value of 6768.6 m came from. Nevertheless, it's good to have such table. I recommend placing it in KSP wiki pages somewhere.
  11. When I saw "porkalike", I had to get it. Really nice capsule model.
  12. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    I am basically angry with people trashing good movies because they're better than average. Such movies make people's "error detectors" get overpowered, they find something small and then it's trash talk time. "Boooo, worst movie ever", blablabla. So childlish. And sometimes it's not even an error, but something very subtle. Nope, let's all jump on the trashtalk bandwagon.
  13. So... I've bought this expansion (I was merely few months away from getting a free version, but oh well) and it's indeed mixed feelings for me. - Those new structural panels... what are they supposed to be used for? - I can't make a Saturn V. The new lander can has some weird nodes. If anyone made it, please show me how you did it, thanks. - After DLC was installed, personal parachutes went missing.
  14. "Interesting" new re-entry effects

    Indeed, textures have improved, but the way they are formed around objects is totally whacked.