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  1. I have Kerbalism v2.1.1, that's the latest version, right? ( It still doesn't work. I think it has something to do with Community resource pack. I found an advice on Github so I've made a CFG file containing: @PART[kerbalism-activeshield]:NEEDS[FeatureRadiation]:FINAL { @category = Utility } @PART[kerbalism-gravityring]:NEEDS[FeatureComfort]:FINAL { @category = Utility } @PART[kerbalism-greenhouse]:HAS[@MODULE[*]]:FINAL { @category = Utility } @PART[kerbalism-chemicalplant]:HAS[@MODULE[*]]:FINAL { @category = Utility } @PART[kerbalism-container-*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[*]]:FINAL { @category = Utility } @PART[kerbalism-container-*]:HAS[@MODULE[*]]:FINAL { @category = Utility } and dropped it into GameData folder. It works now. Custom category hasn't been forming upon loading the game, so parts could not show up. When you do this, it puts the parts into Utility category and you can see them. I don't know where's the problem, but it works now using this patch.
  2. @N70 Did you consider changing rad/h to Gy/h? Rads are a very obsolete unit, nobody uses that anymore. Grays are basis for easy conversion to sieverts and everyone is familiar with at least sieverts. BTW I don't get Kerbalism tanks in KSP anymore. The whole resource tab is missing. Is that a known bug or?
  3. lajoswinkler

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    God damn it, last 15 years are like a giant copy paste of movie photography, camera movements and sounds. Almost all looks/sounds/feels the same and it's so annoying. I think it's because it's increasingly cheaper to make films palatable to wide masses, so less and less talented people jump in and hyperproductive fountain of excrement is going on.
  4. lajoswinkler

    'Io' movie (2019) - with extra epic wrong science

    What is wrong with people who make films today? Why do they make the trailers with those awful sounds? DUN DUN DUN! DUUUUUUN!!!11! I'm sick of it. And yeah, Io is hardly the place you want to go. Sulfur is not a problem ("atmosphere" is 0.5-4 mPa of SO2 , Pluto has 1 Pa) , volcanos and earthquakes are a big problem, but the thing that will not let you approach alive is stupidly high ionizing radiation from Jupiter's belts.
  5. lajoswinkler

    Cotton growing on the Moon

    What annoys me is the stupid secrecy CNSA perpetuates. Just say the truth, geez. Was it supposed to die, or not? Yes, no? Big deal.
  6. lajoswinkler

    Science, medicine, and quackery

  7. lajoswinkler

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Never bluntly accept modern dietary fads. It's all made up by stupid narcissistic nutters, pushed by preppy people who expect to live forever if they guzzle down a barrel of water each day, and commercialized by companies that, in the end, just care about the money, regardless of how eco/bio/organic/natural (or other stupid meaningless word) their face is. And you can seriously love up your health if you suddenly and radically push your diet into a lack or overabundance of some crucial nutrient. If you're healthy, just eat diverse stuff, don't stuff your face with food, use stairs instead of elevators where applicable, walk if you can manage the distance, etc. That's statistically the best thing you can do. And just hope you don't lose on the lottery of life and get aggressive cancer because your genetic makeup was prone to it. You can't do anything about that. But if you're not healthy, work with professionals to find the root of it, and adapt your diet in accordance.
  8. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    It's a pretty bad anaglyph because we're having mainly rotation. These things require translation parallax, and both images need to be aligned horizontally. But it's the best we can have right now. It's going to get better when we get images while the probe was going sideways to the body.
  9. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    @LaydeeDem I used Charon's north pole's color from the natural color image (blurred it massively and picked the color) to colorize Ultima Thule, and then brought the contrasts and lightness down to appear similar to those few Juno's Ceres photos that are not overexposed. Granted, Ceres has lower albedo but it's closer to the Sun so yeah, take this with a grain of salt. I think it matches my idea of chernozem pretty good. Consider this could be something like seeing it with naked eye in a spacecraft, in those light conditions. For best effect, open in something without white background to blind you. No, graupel is fluffy, porous. Like styrofoam balls, almost.
  10. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    Ever seen graupel? They are spherical because of gases depositing into soild from all sides. It's very similar with Ultima Thule and other such bodies. Later, two of them got slowly attracted and now are sitting together.
  11. lajoswinkler

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    The thing with gluten has become a very good opportunity for selling products, but there are indeed people who simply get sick after eating wheat even if they don't have coeliac disease. It's not a made up thing, I can assure you of it. It's food allergy. The gut is a very complex place and its biochemistry isn't yet known in a decent extent. You should talk to a specialist and do a wide spectrum of antibody tests.
  12. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    Great work, thanks! I just can't understand why the hell is this team being so god damn dumb and bullheaded about this enhancing. People don't want that. They want to see the object in its natural appearance. It's the first time we're seeing it up close. Let the geologists deal with enhanced photographs later. This has "Alan Stern" plastered all over it. He has been the most loud mouthed person in New Horizons team, saying totally sensationalist stuff that really annoyed quite a lot of people, including me.
  13. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    I'm pretty sure Ultima Thule looks like a big sheep turd, so the team was very fast to pronounce it red and snowy and cute like a snowman.
  14. lajoswinkler

    New Horizons

    Folks, remember that this "red" they're talking about is not our red. It's "it has prominent red spectral lines". (and they always forget that public is not composed out of geologists and that they should adapt to this situation instead of introducing errors like they did with Pluto's image) Remember Charon's pole? Left is true color, left is New Horizon's team's "enhanced". Ultima Thule is not obviously red. It's brownish and quite dark, plus the light there is something like our moonlight. I'll say like chernozem.
  15. Yeah, I miss it. It should really be a stock graphic option.