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  1. lajoswinkler

    [1.3.1/1.4.4] Kerbalism v1.7.1

    Here's an idea for Kerbalism. Storms. Random spawning areas on planetary bodies that cause: decreased illumination variable wind, possibly flipping things and lowering the speed of rover wheels
  2. lajoswinkler

    Ablative kerbals.

    They can survive reentry, as long as their temperature doesn't exceed the maximum one.
  3. lajoswinkler

    Kerbal Space Program in Minecraft

    Indeed, one of the must have mods. It almost has zero interference with people who still want to play stock on the server as it doesn't change the rules and they only see few extra ores. But if they want, they can work hard and reach all kinds of new worlds. Or just make a space station and fill it with chickens flapping in mid air.
  4. lajoswinkler

    [1.3] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    Can someone explain the process of getting this data? Was it calculated, was TransferWindowPlanner used? Or just careful mission and taking down measurements? I'd like to do the same for certain other planetary bodies.
  5. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.3] Kopernicus (Release 2) - May 6

    I don't dare to open my savegame. Has anyone tried?
  6. lajoswinkler

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    This needs to be solved. For what it's worth, I've blocked it with those instructions from Reddit.
  7. lajoswinkler

    [1.4] KOOSE mini reentry pod aka escape pod

    Wow, very cool!
  8. Ship effects mod produces IVA sounds such as rattling and screeching of ship's skeleton. Those are all sounds that are produced in, and travel by, solid objects, and then reach the capsule with a Kerbal inside who is listening to them in air. Those things should not be muffled because they don't depend on outside atmospheric pressure. Maybe the source of Ship effects sounds is the actual problem? I wouldn't know.
  9. lajoswinkler

    Skunk Works Presents

    Guess who's not coming back.
  10. I'm pretty sure China will do this properly because when China wants to do something high quality, it does high quality. Besides, it's EPR. Very little to go wrong with that, and if it does go wrong, it doesn't poop the place up.
  11. Could be. Sadly, a lot of that branch is just outright contaminated with people who are anything but people who actually understand and care about the environment.
  12. lajoswinkler

    The Debate of Solid vs Liquid

    Solid or liquid, hmmm... Well, I know some people prefer not to do solids upstairs.
  13. What do you think of this? Specifically, the fact that something envisioned and developed in EU has been made faster in China. Any benefits (to either side) or downsides to it?
  14. lajoswinkler

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    Amazing work, as always.