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  1. Seems the "phone home" signal has passed Saturn's orbit. Can't be long now!
  2. Yea fair enough. So if you change the variables in this task you magically get different nozzle sizes? Is that where my common sense went astray?
  3. What if I make the nozzle smaller? So I can only get 250l/s through it but the pump still applies 1 MW?
  4. I imagine it is significantly less than 1 MW?
  5. .5 m/s for a 1m² nozzle. That's where my confusion started:)
  6. Thank you for explaining that. It makes sense. And it answers why both, the flow rate and the power are described in the task. But is it realistic? As I illustrated above, pumping 500l/s through a 1m² pipe will not get us anywhere near a 200m fountain, independent of the power at hand. I think that confused me. If I were to just write down "Since we're pumping water, it depends on the nozzle"... would that be wrong? (I see it's not the desired answer, but isn't that true?)
  7. I guess I'm nitpicking here. The question "What height does the water reach" should be "what maximum height can the water reach". If that is the actual question then there is no point in mentioning the 500l/s If I force 500l/s through an infinitely small hole i theoretically get infinite speed. If I don't have infinite power, I obviously can not do that (the power at hand is stated). So what is the 500l/s mention for? is that a distraction?
  8. Thanks for pointing out where in the text i can find it as a reply to my question about why it is mentioned at all. I still don't understand why, seems I suck at physics.
  9. Passing .5m³ through a 1m² opening in 1 second gives me a flow speed of .5m/s. The 200m height is not specified in the question, neither is the nozzle size. - - - Updated - - - Yea but why is the 500l/s specified in the question?
  10. If the nozzle is a 1x1x1 m cube and I pump 500l/s through it I get a velocity of 0.5 m/s. I somehow don't see that getting up to 200m.
  11. ESA live coverage just started http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Navigation/The_future_-_Galileo/Launching_Galileo/Watch_Galileo_launch - - - Updated - - - T minus 10 minutes
  12. WP states that the entire project was cancelled numerous times, So maybe the tech on board is just a bit old. Also consider that 1 MPixel doesn't even sound so bad regarding that Hubble had just 2.56 MP. This is what the cameras look like btw: (notice all the space tape)
  13. My good ol' Core 2 Duo is running on 2.8 (1.86 original) since 2007. Guess I would have bought a new one years ago without the OC boost. So, yea, good investment I'd say
  14. Got this contract to send a probe to do amospheric scans on Laythe in some specific spot. Landed the craft because parachute. Admired the sunset (or sunrise?) Panned the camera to the left awesome
  15. Yes. Took a ~1 year break, started playing again and the game was fun again like when I started. There's something weird about KSP that makes me overplay it until I'm bored or frustrated or something.
  16. Too spectacular to not just leave this here
  17. Most people who have tried it call it "Yawn"
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