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  1. Forum-specific question: I posted comments on this thread, like, more than a year ago. (I don't regret that.) However, I've been trying to unfollow this thread so that I don't have to contend with notification icons and emails every time someone else asks a question. Note that I have actually clicked the "unfollow" control in the upper right of the browser window here. I've also accessed my notification preferences on this thread to indicate that I wish to receive no notifications. What am I doing wrong? It seems to be specific to this thread, as I've successfully unfollowed other post
  2. Already built, or already loaded to the Launchpad and in-game as a spawned craft and flyable?
  3. My experience is that the CKAN client (or possibly a backend dependency, such as mono / .net) just REALLY gets indigestion on longer download queues. My own solution, with 85% effectiveness, is to simply limit myself to no single download batch larger than whatever I'd select from a single pageview-length of the repository. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might even be the result of not even a limitation of CKAN itself, but an anti-DDoS feature of one of the download hosts, clamping down on too many rapid-fire download requests from the same IP. This could account for the remaining 15%
  4. My point exactly. >:o I'll log into the gh nfr link when I get back to my gaming rig.
  5. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but could we please require SOME minimum level of description and access-to-author BEFORE allowing a mod to be hosted on CKAN? Every time I run CKAN, I check for "New in repository" (note: it'd be great if we could expand this by allowing mods to be listed in chronological orderm or at least numerical order, by which they were originally indexed -- this would allow a power-user to find "new" mods more easily than checking EVERY time.) Anyway, just now, I see one by the title "Nice MKseries Body," by author "Bingo." Spacedock.info/mod/1644. Ca
  6. How would one go about contributing support for this mod for non-stock planets? Such as multiple star systems, GPP, RSS, or OPM?
  7. Recent adopter of this cute mod, I'm particularly interested in the engine but I also intend to focus in later career on spaceplanes. However, I'm still in early-career, and a randomly generated contract includes running "electronic report" at the Tracking Center at KSC. I accepted the contract because that's how early-career I am. I also run SETI, which offers "Telemetry Report" as a probe-core-equivalent of a Crew Report (separate Science, too, which I especially like since I have such hardmode settings with diminished Science returns from experiments.) Installing this mod doesn't
  8. Folks, I'm having a hard time figuring out what terms to search for. I'm attempting to set one of these up for the first time in a long time for KSC-biome science strip-mining and I distinctly recall from before that connecting the power cables between the base station and the peripheral modules required me to do more than simply surface-attach the cables to the texture locations of the power sockets, I needed to change to some sort of "node" system. However, the R-key reports an error message of the equipped power-conduit part only having a single attach node, and holding-H makes the cursor
  9. DONE!!! I read this in the CKAN description field and have already installed it before I could even load the link to this page. ABSOLUTELY INSTA-CLICK! We're complete, through, finished, complete, terminate process, control alt bingo, THIS IS THE MOD I NEVER KNEW I WANTED.
  10. Any possibility of in-game screenshots? Is this merely a cosmetic mod, or are you introducing new castes of kerbals the same way MKS does? I can think of half a dozen other questions too.
  11. I just installed, and I saw the prompt suggesting the Snacks! mod. I run TACLS, but I've pondered running Snack! as well at the same time. Do you have any thoughts on this? Also, how do you anticipate this mod would react if installed alongside MKS, Pathfinder, or PBS?
  12. Would have been an insta-install if I were on my main gaming rig with a decent connection. I will most definitely manually install this if it doesn't populate on CKAN by the time I get to my battlestation tomorrow!
  13. Fellow user here. Can you provide some documentation of a more-controlled recreation of this issue? Or, could you provide me with more info about your KSP install and the game scenario where this happens to you so that I might attempt to recreate it myself on your behalf? Pertinently, I'd at least need a minimum of a screenshot of the exact contract in question so that I can guarantee within my results that you and I were performing on the same contract. (Also, what other contract mods were you running? Was this a hybridized cross-mod contract that would require me to install other mods f
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