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  1. Pershing could be a neat MICRO satelite launcher. Because the problem is it's diameter IRL just less than 1 meter. that would be a 0.625 scale Sold rocket Sat launcher in KSP Actually that would be pretty neat if you think about it.
  2. Zorg, WHY WHY must you do this so well and so.... er .... um EARLY?!?!?! There are no Saturn Vs fit to launch this yet! Looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you do finishing this up as well as the rest of Skylab. Skylab is one of those programs that continued to shrink from it's orgional goal... never did it really grow. It would be intersting to see some AB-History parts for Skylab (tracking solar arrays for the ATM comes to mind for example.) A node on the Dish side to all a special skeletal decoupler for Saturn II launches as a stand alone (skylab not included)
  3. Several LDC type Titans were planed with *PLACEHOLDER* engines. IIRC the RL20 would be the best engine for a Hydrolox LDC.. but if you go all Hydrolox (1st, 2nd and any kick stages) then you can go J-2S Sea Level on the first stage and either LR87-LH2-VAC or J-2S on the 2nd stage (I prefer the LR87s myself) No Solids needed. IRL the Hydolox Titans would have all launched with UA1204 or UA1205s.
  4. Downloading for LRB for SOCKS Shuttle. Can't wait to see more! `
  5. Yeah that is the LATE (post 1960) version of the Saturn C2. The PRE 1960 version had the S-III stage between the S-I and the S-IV. The S-III stage was a twin J-2 with a small tank (use the ETS Saturn IVC extension tank for a good simulation, with it's twin engine mount) IIRC and Friznit would have to answer for certain but I think he used Tweakscale to shrink down the S-II tankage and engine mount.
  6. I can't answer your first question but I am guessing so (completely a guess) TO your second question, care to provide a link?
  7. Alberro+ It is OK But yes it is a oft requested request... First off, FTR Nova is NOT a saturn Rocket (don't show me your Saturn C-8 rocket proposals and call em Nova... the C-8 is lumped into the Nova Program because a lower level NASA Flunkie caved to congressional pressure to include it in NOVA. AFTER THE NOVA PROGRAM WAS DONE! Sea Dragon has more in common with Nova than anything from the Saturn program... excepting the engines Heliotrope, that is exactly my take on what Saturn MLV is. Lets take the pie in the sky program known as NOVA and make it a buildable sus
  8. A line like.... "While some parts of the Nova Program may be in BDB a full up Nova Rocket in any form, including the Saturn C-8, is not planned nor will requests for this be implemented/actioned on." FWIW, M-1, J-2L, J-2T and J-2X Airmat are all parts of NOVA. But, so is F-1 Saturn MLV just co-opted the J-2 variants and M-1 well... Just like Project Nova co-opted the F-1 (it is literally the only part of Saturn or anything to do with Von Braun in the ACTUAL NOVA contracts)
  9. Big G was configurable. With the small SM (not the Saturn Launched Conic or Cylindrical to conic SMs) the BigG capsule itself was needed for supplies. (you know, Water, Oxygen food etc for the space station.) WIth the bigger capsules more space could be devoted to crew. The 4.25m Cylindrical SM (KSP scale) being the largets volume of the 3 SMs (thus capable of the most crew) With the Bigger Service Modules 8 comfortably or 10 or more with some crowding in the back row is easily possible with the Big G capsule. Of course that is Humans not Kerbals. Something to th
  10. CobaltWolf has put a lot of effort into the Saturn ID so I doubt it will be far away as far as release time. It might not release with the Saturn Revamp but probably one of the first things thereafter (totally my guess.) Personally other than the BigG Saturn sized Service Module I am hoping for Big Apollo and better yet RECOVERABLE Saturn
  11. The MLV studies and Shuttle Launch overlap... BARELY They are within 9 months of each other. I understand some of the WHY after reading Jenkins's Shuttle Anthology. (well worth the ~$120 USD price.) Don't mean I like it. And Honestly the idea of me making parts for KSP is Pie in the sky. I would have to invest in Photoshop if nothing else. Trying to do the level of textures that the BDB team does in PAintShopPro is... well *YEAH RIGHT!* is the phrase that comes to mind. Minor correction to myself. The Grumman Shuttle proposals were in the Phase
  12. No problem. And sorry if it sounded harsh. About once every 3 months that request is posted. and while I have literally nothing more to do with the mod creation than you do it frustrates me. NOVA rockets are big ugly things. My favorite is the Martin Plug engine (12 I think, F-1s around a central plug to turn them into a giant aerospike) None of them were real workable designs. NOVA was intended to push foward the technology that we use in "regular" rockets. Not to actually be a rocket that was built. Much like the Rocketdyne X-1 program was to push the LR79/S-3D engine to
  13. Whoops, Followup My Launcher for that beast was a 100% Hydrolox XLR-129 Powered LDC. first stage with 5 XLR-129s and 4 GEM60s, and 2nd stage with a single XLR-129 VAC. Third stage was a CEntaur III powered by twin RL10s.... I tried the RL30 but it had overheat problems and blew up. About the cleanest view of my original probe from the post above. RL30 looks good until:
  14. I haven't unlocked the legs yet in my playthrough... so I made this instead: Now my first attempt ended in a survived failure. I used the Lunar Orbiter as a chassis as you did but couldn't get the Lunar orbiter engine/fuel packs to go in 4x symmetry (they are node only apparently) So I am curious what tank engine combo you used. I used the engine 6x of the Lanadvermass from Probes+. I used a bunch of spherical Mono tanks from Tantares and didn't use lander legs because the 6x engines were wide enough that I doubted it would tip. PROBLEM: 6x engines was too high thrust! CR
  15. I really wish people would actually do research before requesting things. Calling the Saturn C-8 a Nova rocket is like calling a car that gets airborne at high speed a hovercraft. C-8 is NOT NOVA. C--8 is SATURN C-8 and it was proposed as a way to get the original Lunar Command Module (you know, the Apollo command module that lands on the moon) to the moon. When Grumman proposed what became the Lunar Module, there was no need for C-8 and it was scrapped (along with C-2, C-3, C-4.) Several years later, Congress asked NASA why they were not using any Von Braun designs in the
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