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  1. I think the key being that the MODELS are 99.87% Correct for scaled to X or Y Size... I am guessing that Cobalt views Texturing as separate from Modelling and so unless something glaring comes up with KSP2 he won't have to make them again And Depending on how KSP2 deals with textures they could possibly be converted or at-least easy(er) to do a 2nd time. The above statement Ignores Able/Thin Delta, CASTOR-1 and 2, and a few of the early solid upper stages that should be 0.5m or less in diameter.
  2. Wow thanks for the Naked Dome Centaur... like over half of them flew! Yay to cheaper costs on my launchers! Love the Manhole in the top of it just like the Real Centaur!
  3. Wow, step away for ONE day and you miss AWESOME art! Oh and WHAT bugs? I have successfully used the Lunar SM and gotten around the Mun with a heavily boosted Titan IIIC (cause I don't fly efficient like) in JNSQ..... Mind you I have been playing KSP only a little in the last couple months.... (Blowing things up in games gives me more joy these days than building things ATM..... ) Um, I hadn't when you posted that so.....
  4. That is like asking why Tantares has English words all over the obviously Russian inspired/simulated parts. It is an inside joke between Beale and Cobaltwolf I think
  5. Given you have the 8096HDA which, if it was ever flown, was only flown on Ascent Agena (so late 1970s early 1980s Agena) yeah that is probably close to right not knowing your flight profile etc.
  6. As stated a couple posts above, the nodes on the BigG are in need of a little TLC. hopefully will be fixed in the next few days
  7. Most of the stuff you are referring to is POST GE Apollo "cancellation" And thus not part of this branch of the Apollo program. Rather you should be looking to and the, hopefully obvious: For your Apollo Advanced Applications and EtS needs. Between these three mods (including THIS ONE) I am able to run almost any Apollo mission.... Some are kludgy (LEM-SpaceLab) And some are less than perfect (LEM Shelter) But all are there and working.
  8. Nice, REAL NICE, Could you list what parts are in the Apollo Decent stage, I recognize the TR201/LM Decent engine, but not the tanks or engine mount.
  9. While the LR89s had Gimble, The video I have showing Their movement, the LR-105 is seen to move... SLIGHTlY. Mostly when the LR89s hit their stops. That could just be a shockwave running through the structure (or an optical illusion.) I don't THINK the LR105 gimbals! I know the LR89 Gimbal was supposedly for "Roll Control" Making the LR101s PITCH control and or YAW control. But.. as we all know, none of us worked on the program so we are GUESSING
  10. ACtually, and I admit I am guessing. Having the Boosters vertical will likely give the LR-101s more "power" on the pitch over (2 are pitching instead of 1 plus the other side sorta fighting it) Hey, Battletech Advanced 3062 released their long awaited Clans update and I have been down that rabbit hole for the last two weeks. I get that
  11. So a lot of the Titan II hardware is left over from the ICBM military roll. But there are already "Generic" Titan Separation motors (the Star-8 Triangular SRMs) The various SRMs were used to turn the 2nd Stage Broadside to the flight path after warhead separation. As the 2nd Stage started re-entry it would break up into a large cloud of metal debris.... and things like the LR91 Engine, would have a similar or larger RCS than the actual Titan II B-53 warhead. So basically the 2nd stage became a giant Chaff cloud during re-entry. Anti-Ballistic Missile weaponry DID exist in the 1960s contrary to all the buzz words and complaints you might hear about it today. In fact the Worlds fastest Accelerating missile, appropriately named the Sprint, is part of the old US, tested and proven functional Safeguard (and it's predecessor) systems. Along with LIM-49 Nike Zeus / Nike Spartan. Re Titan I 2nd Stage Sep motors. Personally I have only ever seen them painted Dayglow Orange for tests, or Dark red (like in game.) That is NOT counting the ones at various "Titan I museums" where I swear they don't know how to accurately replicate the color on the missiles at all! Any alternate color, real or imagined would be up-to Cobaltwolf and company. Having just spent the last 30 minutes looking at Titan I pictures online, Every picture of the rocket motor is either Red, Dayglow Orange (aka BRIGHTER than fluorescent Orange aka the brightest man made pigment) or and I want to stress that the third color I found was ALWAYS in over exposed film. Black (Which I believe is actually the Dark red we already have!)
  12. And that volume starts increasing at about the age of 16 *scrambles to find something BDB_enough to post to stay on topic..... eh...... em..... Do you mean the LMSS? because I am racking my brain (not a hard thing to do today) to remember what GMSS stands for. Didn't comment on this earlier. Love the Zinc Chromate Green color! And thanks for more Simple Fairing options! *THERE I found on topic content! *
  13. They were in Which is why I do the 3x 3x 3x arrangement. Because while holding the SHIFT key, you can properly arrange them. The only problem in that is the 4x and 7x booster arrangements (but as I said previously, I don't know if it was ever flown) And incidentally Editor Extensions does not play any nicer than Stock with any of these three configs. PS the 43degree offset is for the TVC Air lit motors (at 34 degrees the bells would collide.) I am uncertain, if the original config had this space (for the Inital Castor IV launces with 9 SRMs did not have the Thrust Vectoring Air lit version...) I know all previous (N-6, M-6) launches had 2 groups of three with no separation between the groups (the 34degree offsets in your pictures Dragon01) PPS: This arrangement DOES NOT work for larger SRMs, just the GEM40 and Castor II/IV in a 6x, 6+3 or 9x Arrangement. Here is a picture of a 6 SRM stage so you can see visually what Dragon01 is talking about: And here is a picture of the (it actually FLEW!) 4x Arrangement: This one has 2 SRMs 34 Degrees apart and the other two are 86degrees from the same side paired. You can see the 43degree mounting point clearly (the two black dots with the vertical lines below them) Notice the SRM attachments line up perfectly. Nice Build and critique! Love the use of the Crayola colors (look it up if you don't believe that is their name) But a key thing..... Age is a state of mind! your body just tells you otherwise every day And the older your body thinks it is, the louder IT gets