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  1. Yeah, the fact is Modulemanager is actually pretty powerful for this kind of stuff... and B9PS is like an overlay that runs after/ontop of Modulemanager, so you can patch to your hearts content. The issue is just making sure your timing is correct... or you RUD the game.
  2. You can mix fuels in those patches... But it isn't easy. (the Hypergolic Patch does this with Titan Engines) You sort of have to do a nested patch to get it to work correctly. It is in part, why it took me almost 3 years to release the patch. The biggest concern I think would be making sure the Methalox patch runs after any and all OTHER engine patches for the RL10. And that is only for troubleshooting purposes. That part of the Hypergolic patch was based on conversations with Jso, conversations with Zorg and Zorg's LR87-AJ-9 patch
  3. It is the difference between KSP using volume instead of mass, and the real world using Mass instead of volume for fuel. CRP uses real world numbers. So you end up with the same fuel in volume but the units are much higher(because it is a different volume unit in CRP) You do get essentially more delta V because of densification of the fuel.. But not much. Like 1 or 2% vs LFO. (Titan with LF/O engines vs Titan with AZ50/NTO engines at the same perfomance (thrust/Dv and mass) and the same fuel mass has just under a 1% increase in D/V and you carry fuel tanks that are 80% full vs 100% full.) *going from memory it has been 3 years*
  4. While Benjee10 is currently working on the ArCK mod, they have been steadily upgrading Habtech2 and at some point I would be willing to put money down on a refreshed CMB (after all the APAS just got a major upgrade!)
  5. First off @GoldForest Sorry I missed this ping! Doh! DeadJohn, Yes in real life all the thrusters on even Apollo would utilize the same fuel (or one of two fuels.) However there are two reasons why you do not want that in a Stock type (not RO) KSP career: 1) Few players ACTUALLY know how to operate spacecraft CORRECTLY and EFFICENTLY so you need margin for errors This includes building them correctly! 2) Having separate fuel types eases management of the space craft construction... Specifically in I do not need to create a "reserve" tank to get me home, I don't have any mods that nerf my craft when it is already "nerfed" by being realistic mass thrust and isp for 2.5x, and I do not have to worry about running out of gas because something wasn't put together right/KSP didn't follow real world physics As they guy who created the patch in BDB... and spent 3 years testing it after the initial work was done in conjunction with Jso. I will tell you I *DID* make Hypergolic R4D thrusters quad for Apollo. The end result was the game would over-use the thrusters and I would not have enough delta V to orient and for a return from the Moon in 2.5x in a typical (real like) LOR mission. Good news, if Benjee10 wants to switch the AJ10 over to Hypergolic... utilizing AZ50/NTO is the easiest... as it is the same fuel ratio (just 5 times the units) as LF/O in KSP. Switching to the real MMH/NTO is not as nice math wise!
  6. Short version, TOT can calculate multiple slingshots at once... supposedly (again I haven't been successful in even getting the mod to work but ALSO I have not dug into WHY so I am sure it is on my end. That means you can plan an Kerbin, Eve, Kerbin type slingshot at the start (no hoping you can do the 2nd or 3rd slingshots, you already have them planned.) Cost and reliability and Man rating. Besides C-3 is only used on Artemis for the 1st and maybe the 2nd launch. After the 2nd launch RL10C-X (which is Bigger than B-2 IIRC) is supposed to take over. my Bad The First 2 Artemis launches are on B-2 engines. The C-3 is the final EUS version, and it actually has similar (but slightly lower) performance to the B-2. saving about 60kg per engine by going with the fixed smaller nozzle. So in the end the weight savings offers about a handwash in payload to distance BUT with increased reliablity of less moving parts.
  7. 900% Joking but you need a little circular Solar Array to stack on-top of the RTG actually fixed circular solar arrays are rather missing in KSP... It seems everything thinks squares are better. The model looks amazing... at first I thought it was a plastic scale model kit. It has "THAT LOOK" to it
  8. The only problem with Apollo was it was not designed to survive past the initial moon missions. The Structure of the Apollo capsule did not allow for expansion like that of the Gemini Capsule did. Thus most "Big Apollo" proposals actually are McDonnell concepts in McDonnell documents.
  9. When BigG was first thunk up (yes I typed Thunk, deal with it! ) NASA was still planning stations in space and to Mars and back. By the time it got before congress Nixon had asked OBM to set things up to allow him to reduce funding to NASA without being to blame for NASA's failures etc. And NASA kept scalling back their wants. Big G was not a probable want to begin with but was easily a sacrafical lamb in the end.
  10. To me, the testimony in front of congress "NASA appropriations for FY1970" which was in 1969, it sounds more like the INT-20 SM was the one that was culled. That was the one I was referring to FWIW... The SMs are kinda interchangeable so I don't want to call one a Saturn IB SM and another one a Saturn INT-20 SM. It isn't inherently stated anywhere, but I think the pulling of the Saturn IB from the potential launchers was due to already Planned Skylab missions. Even though Skylab was still pretty much up in the air. I think the reserving of those remaining Saturn IB rockets is the actual death-knell for Big Gemini.
  11. So over the past week I have had little time to do anything (work was chaos incarnate) So no work on my Big Gemini article, but I wanted to keep a "toe" in so in the middle of doing chores I ran (well Mechjeb did) several launches to my Space Station.... First the "BEFORE" this week's launches I went through and followed suggestions (I took screenies in KSP itself as well as in Steam to see which would be better... Steam is for certain UNCOMPRESSED images... sadly they are both the same quality and I am not happy with it. You can judge yourself new photos of launches in below spoilers First Station addition 1.5+1.875m MOL habs: Next, the AFT station extension. This will be on the opposite side of the Power tower and will be the gateway into A) bigger parts from Near Future stations as well as the HABTECH parts. It is going to get kludgy but so was the Original plan for the ISS. "Er, Houston? We have a problem" Going from memory here. I ***THINK*** one of the cylidrical SMs for Big-G was to have De-orbit... but it wasn't one of the final two that were chosen (if you read my post a week or so ago on this I said there were 3 Service modules... Turns out that the one which was in between the Connic and the Titan Min-Mod SM was culled before the report was submitted. I ***THINK*** that one had de-orbit motors (probably the same STARs as most of the other Gemini)
  12. B.O.B Mk7 Fluorine + Cyclohexane engine? Sorry I helped in *TRYING* to find source material (I obviously failed to come up with anything new.) But I have now seen enough images of that engine to know what it was/is/is supposed to be.
  13. I will agree with this the narrower stages really make the rocket look better (both the C-8 and your new C-8B) @GoldForest I still don't like the real Saturn-Direct. But the kitbashes range from slightly more than stomach-able... to actually interesting looking (C-8B) TBC it isn't your fault. You must have been dropped on your head at some point in your life to actually like Saturn Direct. But that is your opinion and you are welcome to have it. But your use of NFLV tanks to make your kitbashes actually are pretty fair to interesting by comparison to the real thing. The real rocket just looks fat and ugly.
  14. The "easiest" way is a multi stage slingshot. I have never been successful in planing slingshot maneuvers... And that is the EASIEST way There is a great mod, that for some reason does not work with my mod list, that is supposed to do amazing planning including multi planet slingshots.. (I will be honest I haven't spent huge amounts of time trying to debug it.)
  15. So I don't have a lot of information on my own on Space stations... Jcking has already covered most of your question I believe. HOWEVER I do have one tidbit... SOME of the parts to make EOSS are already in the Dev branch for BDB. @Zorg made pretty much the entire EOSS part list.
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