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  1. There were 4(?) designs for the C-2 that I am semi-aware of. Most are known only by TEXT descriptions (no drawing exists.) The OG C-2 was the S-I JunoV stage plus the S-III stage, S-IV(4 engine 20 inch smaller diameter) Payload on top. Then there was the C-2 payload carrier which had a slightly bigger S-III stage and the full up 4(6 in actuality) engine S-IV (the as built diameter and size). This is the one we all "know about" with S-III. Then there was the Substitution of the S-II for the 4 engine S-II, which only makes sense if the JunoV stage (S-I) is E-1 powered as the E-1s had growth potential and the H-1s really didn't. Really it is the cancellation of the E-1 that doomed Saturn C-2, more than anything else. Lastly, there is the fanciful C-2 with the long S-II stage powered by H-1s. It could carry a tiny payload into a HIGH orbit. So if you needed say a 1000lb payload at 8000km orbit, this one would do that (fictitious numbers to give you an idea of what it could do)
  2. ****WHICH**** Saturn C are you looking for. C-1 and C-2are buildable and Mostly buildable (for the PRE 1960 C-2) The Pre 1960 C-2 just needs a double J-2 Engine mount (I typically Use the ETS S-IVB mount for this with the old parts) If you are looking for Post 1960 but pre Silverstein C-2 it is harder.... Same is true of the C-3. C-4 is mostly buildable right now as well. (well atleast the S-IC-4 stage is buildable!)
  3. OPINION: The only way Saturn C-8 makes sense is if there is an actual Nova Parts pack as several Nova Rockets used similar diameters (or larger) than the Saturn C-8. Who, not already on the BDB team, wants to volunteer to build that? FACT: There is not enough HARD design work on the C-8 or the Nova rockets for most artists to be willing to take much of a stab at them. If you were to somehow get 10 artists of the caliber of Cobalt, Zorg, InvaderChaos, Estreet, Beale, Nertea etc to all do the exact same Nova Rocket, none would look like any of the others except in general outline. If you took the same crew and said "Make Saturn V" They would all be broadly identical with only nuance and minor amounts of difference between them. Why? Because much of the detail that we love in mods like BDB comes from actual design drawings, not the artists imagination. These amazing and wonderful artists spend all their efforts in getting the models right. Utilizing a drawing, a picture or even a toy to get the information correct is a completely different process than magically guessing what it should look like and having it be right. Mind you convincing that many artists to all make the same thing for KSP would be rather wasteful. ALSO: THANKS to everyone jumping on the Saturn C-8 is Not a Nova
  4. HA! I didn't even notice. I had issues the previous itteration of the update with ZERO effects. Now I have no waterfall effects and the Old school partical stuff... will look at fixing that ASAP! naw don't fret over it. You have the exact edition my source mentions. Yet again a source cite that has nothing to do with the source or the cited materials
  5. Hmm. Love with sources cite X Y or Z and then when you get X Y or Z nothing is there.... any info on Titan? The Rocketdyne S-4 was the 2nd stage engine for Titan I as an alternative to the LR91 (E-1 first stage S-4 2nd stage)
  6. Basic Saturn I and Saturn V with SOME INT/MLV and a little of the ETS stuff + Saturn ID I think that is everything currently
  7. Bob the Builder? Frank Lloyd Wright? the suspense is killing me OHH Maybe just MAYBE it is an old Janes AWA
  8. Just submitted a Pull request to remove most of my Pafftek files in the Extras folder. They were all obsolete (Titan, Saturn etc) Some parts (The J-2T-400K and H-2) will remain. But things like HG-3 will be gone once the PR is activated and accepted by the Dev team. Just wanted to give everyone fair warning before the next update
  9. Sorry I didn't catch this earlier. Both Thor and Atlas used the same Vernier... in both cases they are LR101s. The LR105 is the S-4 sustainer on the Atlas
  10. My very Rare lately screenshot tax. Got all my required tasking done early today (yay!) Rocket: Saturn II INT-18-5xSMRU3-Skylab yes that is a mouthful Stages: 0- 5x SMRU-3Segment 1- MS-IIA with 5x J-2T-400K (in the BDB extras folder) 2- MS-IVB with 1x J-2T-400K Payload: Skylab+ Unfortunately, as the eagle eyed players will notice. I will need to launch this rocket.... AGAIN. I made a mistake and did not have HABTECH2 installed and thus have the wrong dockingport onboard
  11. Some notes for the Future FAQ update @Friznit 1) Saturn VFB solar array. PUT ON AN ACTION GROUP. As you unfold one pannel, it covers the next and you have to zoom in real close and be lucky with your clicks to get a hidden panel open if you do it manually! 2) Saturn S-ID Brake Fins. Have TWO SEPARATE Air Brakes. Make certain you include both of them if you are using Action groups (other than the BRAKE GROUP) to activate. I used the S-ID in a Saturn MLV-VFB booster with the 6 F-1 first stage... it began spnning as soon as it hit atmosphere as only half of the air brakes were deployed
  12. Damn, Going to have to re-write my Fuel patch for Apollo. AZ50/NTO is breaking the SIM bay On another note. Any chance of the Apollo CM decoupler getting an arm extension option down the line? I tend to use the AARDV Probe core between the HeatShield and the CM so I can fly all Civilians/Scientist/Engineers who for some reason don't have even a rudimentary pilot training of NOT hitting the buttons so I can get to space. Obviously this is the old AARDV core since the new one isn't ready yet. Low priority but I thought I would mention it
  13. The plan was to take the various components of the S-IVB IU and break them apart and put them on a bigger ring. There is one planned for the Mod I believe but if you have tweakscale, you can make a simple patch if it isn't already covered by one to scale it up.
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