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  1. RealChutes has been a mandatory mod for me since before BDB was even begun. While my play time is curtailed from previous years (why oh why did I have to get involved in mod development for another awesome game? ) I can safely say RealChutes + BDB have posed nearly zero problems from day one.
  2. The Conical adaptor tank has two top diameters. Changable in the context menu. If you do not have that option visible you are either using the wrong B9PartSwitch or you are on an incompletely updated BDB. *guess work* If that does not help please follow the process in my signature
  3. Thanks for re-posting the Document link. Hope you are having a good thanksgiving! I finally got smart and added a comment I have been sitting on because I had lost the link(and I bookmarked it! DOH!)
  4. Necrobones (who I mentioned in my previous post) made a very nice Sea Dragon for KSP several years ago. you can find it on Spacedock... (gets links!) https://spacedock.info/mod/440/Real Scale Sea Dragon And while Necrobone's standards are not quite up to BDB Current level of snuff they are very VERY good. I used to use a lot of his mods (and still wish BDB would make a ROCKET equipped Side Attached Decoupler for AJ-260!) Every time I decided to fly MLVs with AJ-260s I tend to go get Necrobone's SPACE-Y mod because of the previously mentioned ROCKET decouplers But there
  5. Yes and somewhere about 30 pages back is a big info-graphic that Cobalt made that says why. Let me try to dredge up the memory of why..... Oh yeah. He said something about not making ugly rockets! However I will add. I seriously SERIOUSLY wonder why you all want a rocket that would never have been built and was not even wanted by Von Braun. Oh and before you start spamming old magazine articles... Look at ACTUAL NASA documents where the C8 is barely mentioned. In every mention on the C-8 it is listed as a study for how to extend the base Saturn Hardware furt
  6. A Scout with a fixed attached Cubesat without solarpannels basically. Pretty much easy to make with parts from Coatl on the Scout.
  7. Ah I really DO NOT like the new forums editor.... Not as friendly for mulit-quotes as the old one! Anyway I am calling the NEST teams on both of you Clamp-o-Tron and Biohazard15... trying to irradiate those poor Kerbals on the surface with Nuclear rockets! How dare thee!
  8. Err, Umm, Just a page or so back it was announced that BDB had a full set of RO files available for it (NOT IN BDB you have to download them from the RO/RSS group.) Mind you I don't play RO/RSS so I am just repeating what I read.
  9. I am anxiously awaiting this if for nothing else than for the solar pannels Looks great keep it coming!
  10. err wait, you have a realistic Gemini and you don't like it (see Blowfish's post above mine) ??? Seriously I think you are correct since I can not reproduce Gemini VIII
  11. Um, Given that the 707,720,727,730 body size is not easy to do in KSP I think that was an OK build for a 727. But as Cobalt asked... Inquiring minds... they wants to know!
  12. Are we going to crash a 727 into the Desert like they Did Bob Dole's old "I am running for President" 727? Two pilots did "AIR LAUNCH" to Parachutes from it after all
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