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  1. Honestly it sounds like the stickers are disappearing into the tank. if you attempt to place the stickers and then move the tank, do the stickers remain behind?
  2. Yeah, the Burner 2 kit could use a TLC remake as it was made for STAR48 instead of 37. Now that B9PS has well learned "part switching" it would be nice. Of course it would be nice if the existing model could get a Scale switch (is that even possible in B9PS?) Of course it would be nice if there was a burner I kit as well. But IIRC that was just a spin-table with a small SRM. And I will apologize because I think the size was based on my request for a Burner II type RCS system to work with the PAM (Star 48). Of course now I want a STAR 63 (aka Giant PAM or PAM II!)
  3. You mean the THOR parts? Look for Thor that after all is what Delta is just a bad rename of (Delta is the upper stage not the whole rocket)
  4. Appreciate the concise answer... and the ability to put those under BDB Atlas booster skirts (not that I would normally... but it is the part I judge all engines by!)
  5. I have to say that is one of the nicer looking NK-33s I have seen. So I have asked this question of many modders and I want to ask it again of you. What is the point of a ring on-top of an engine? The real life versions do not have such a device. I ask, not as a criticism but rather as a quest for the ultimate legoability. The Ring can show up in places where the engine fits fine but the ring is too big of diameter for the space it occupies (I am looking at you Atlas Booster skirt!) I can not wait for this and your Angara mods to fill out a lot of missing spots in my KSP pl
  6. All true. And My previous statement you quoted was all satire. Just because the world, for COMMON use measurements only, decided on a standard that was invented by a group of map makers that wanted nice round numbers for mapping earth as a whole instead of those unsightly decimal points.... It make only a tiny bit more sense than a King declaring the unit of measurement as based upon the length of his foot (walking device). Well neither standard really works when you start thinking about leaving the planet which we are talking about doing. Both have an Arbitrary measurement standard
  7. Really? You should. A Foot is a lot easier to estimate with than a meter. Look at your foot (walking tool), realize it is ABOUT a foot (measurement) in length and then go from there! 3.05m then for you "lets make a new standard that makes no sense unless you are measuring the planet for large scale mapping purposes" standards user... Oh and it has the enviable side effect of every other measurement is scaled on a 10x factor of it instead of a variable 3x scale factor!
  8. Probably more correct to say "Mini SLS" Notice that the SRBs are actually SRMU which is 1.875 (10ish feet Real world) And SLS would fly with 2.5m (aka 156" or 13ft SRBs) BUT, that was my first thought too! Last I checked Isaac Asimov's Foundation book was written in the 1940s and published as an anthology in 1951. 73 had Sci-Fi too *Wonders where his Foundation series of books are....* And CRAP is a 1st Edition of the Foundation from 1951 REAL expensive ($12,500.00 USD)
  9. I know Starhelperdude already stepped in with the simple answer of the name and commenting on the FACT that it is a great mod. Simple Adjustable fairings allows for REAL WORLD like fairings to return to KSP with a vertical insertion possible (but not width insertion) The fairings are all (in BDB) based on a scale of the real fairings that flew on real rockets. compared to stock and stock-a-like fairings the SAF fairings have too big benefits to my mind. they look like real life you can make rocket correct payloads a little easier with them. The single disadvant
  10. Well I have Titan adjacent posts to do yet... like Centaur Then again, Centaur is more of a hot mess than Titan! But the Core of the production and limited-alteration What Ifs are done. awe just for me! Will be there Will start spamming the refresh button at 6:45AM
  11. Those of you interested in this have waited patiently enough. I have done literally more research on the engines for the Titan IV and CT3 than any other rocket in the last 3 years. Vexing to find accurate information, I will admit the numbers I present here are at best a guess because it appears publicly released documents from the USAF, NASA, Aerojet et al may have a typographical error when it comes to the thrust of the Titan III's LR87-AJ-11A. I won't bore you all with the how and why. I will just say that even though this is probably the best reaserched piece I have presented
  12. So I was trolling for some final data for my Titan IV article and found a reference to a McD paper on "reusing thor" rockets The document is not share-able but it refered to a SLV-2A (basic TAT thor IIRC) with the "SGS" upper stage. SGS is a two engine kick combination of a STAR-48 and a STAR-37XF. The kicker for this is the SLV-2A was combined with a boat-tailed Delta Straight 8 (1.5m) fairing! Of course my attempt to orbit an OGO based comm-sat failed miserably. Now the Structure starts with your payload. Place a decoupler below the payload, then use th
  13. er, um, you mean "We got SLS, what truly dark times we live in." Right? and news: Titan IV article coming tomorrow.
  14. Yes, and it works great on-top of the Titans in BDB I posted above. A fun bit of Apollo history most people do not know about.
  15. really? REALLY???? Two weeks in a row... WHILE I AM WORKING! Darn you Cobaltwolf! I keep trying to respond to the text chat in the now archived stream!
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