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  1. Actually, I believe, STAR 13 was only used for Gemini-A (NASA) and not Blue Gemini (Gemini-B or USAF). Blue Gemini used longer and thinner SRMs (I don't have my source in front of me but the rockets look more like little Antares SRMs instead of the Spherical Star like NASA Gemini.)
  2. What no NK-43 for the Sustainer? Heck even Bobcat's old Soviet Engines mod has that model! Nice Fatlas! Did you end up with tank wobble on it or did Autostruts keep it all purdy and solid?
  3. And that alone is the reason I am glad Cobaltwolf uses 2 tanks to make up the S-IVC for the Multibody Saturn parts. Leave the small tank as Hydrolox and the big tank for Hydrogen only. Then your dual mode Nukes have a good Initial impulse with the Augmentation but when you need JUST efficient thrust you have plenty of LH2! Choices choices choices Although admittedly I have not see as pretty of a S-IVC(N) fly Zorg! Mine tend to be Ugly to Fugly.... Of-course if I stopped trying to use FTMN Nukes they might be better
  4. I believe it is in the Dev branch but was not yet released.... Although I am not certain because my own fuel patch could be overwriting it (I had activated it in my own game before you guys went that step for just this reason.) @birdog357 Good luck getting an Engine + Shroud to fit well. It is my Big ticket on my wishlist if Cobalt ever opens up a Wishlist for a rebuilt Saturn. A proper engine mount + Interstage to work with any of the various NERVA engine mods that Cobalt prefers... Personally I am hoping it is Kommitz FTMN Nucleonics OK I am kidding since those models are huge and derived not from the NERVA but anyway But I do like both the origional and the revamped FTMN style of Nuke... not realistic at all in how they look but massive and gargantuan do not express how little thrust they do provide Err wait, are you thinking of Doing a Fatlas now? COOL!!!! A Metal 2.5 - 1.875m tank is one thing that has been missing in your art style....
  5. As I understood it... THIS is how the Abort was supposed to work Alternatively this is also how you would abort in the case of a Single Engine SRM failure or Single SRM separation failure (obviously without all the extra thrust on the remaining SRM... The Abort would still fire due to the chance of ANY remaining positive thrust however. Thanks @CobaltWolf Won't get to it until likely Tuseday Night at the earliest (stupid chores) but I appreciate the effort. Since I won't be able to test fly it until then, @Zorg Did Titan Become Ballistic... or NEARLY Ballistic when you Aborted the full stack with no separation? IE did the G Meter read around 1-1.25G?
  6. Didn't see this before my previous post. It is too bad you didn't do a twin chamber LH2 version... But you have already done so much so no biggie! Maybe you might get into that for an Alternate Saturn Hydrolox engine.. IDK and I am not asking... Just pointing out it would be convieniant for the purposes of the LDC. But more importantly: First off, like the new model. I can't wait to recover SRMs with that new nose cone. I have said off channel I would love for something like this. But the key thing I keep thinking is HOW this would happen. Cause it would have to run for however much fuel remains in the main SRM. Is there some B9PS trickery that I am missing (hey I am missing a lot already so IDK hence my ask! ) For those Not in the KNOW, all of the first generation UA1205s (on the Titan IIIC but not on the 23C or 23D or later) you know the ones with the HUGE honkin TVC tank, were man rated. They had those large circular apertures on the Nose cone and a special blow out section in the 5th segment. @CobaltWolf did a great job modelling them in on his nosecone (you can see it in the picture above as well as on any of the previous dev photos!) This would reduce the effective thrust of the UA1205 to less than 1/10th it's nominal thrust for it's fuel load (it wouldn't completely cancel it out and since it was only tested on the ground we don't know EXACTLY what the thrust reduction would have been at Altitude.... Titan IIIC with the Mockup of the MOL and Blue Gemini with the first generation UA1205 (notice the white circles on the nose of the SRMs and the 3 segment long TVC tanks that are of a large diameter.. And no, the UA-1205s were not modified in any way from a standard Titan IIIC that had flown at this time... This is just one of the better color pictures of a First Generation UA-1205 I could find quickly. Vs a Titan III(23)C.... The public Designation was still Titan IIIC but the actual designation was Titan 23C. Main Difference is the newer generation UA1205 SRM (2 segment long TVC tanks of smaller diamater + no more blow holes in the nosecones on the SRMs.
  7. I don't use Kerbalism so IDK about that, but I too use the Wet Workshop. Personally I use it as part of my Venus Flyby Mission as well as a few other unique Stations that require more than a Saturn INT-21 to launch. For the Venus Eve fly-by run with the Mk-III CM so I can get 2 Scientist + Command Pilot + 1x Engineer (to fix those broken solar Panels.) I did a short term experiment as a kid on living space (AKA I was grounded . ) In my barely scientific experiment I played with living space constraints for about a week... AKA I was basically locked in my room with nothing to do but think. Wet Workshop + CM + VFB Module = about enough space for 4 crew on a long mission... with a Bonus of SCIENCE! Ok kidding aside (groan! didn't mean that as a pun... I SWEAR!) I have read a few studies that talked about space requirements for comfort and well to put it bluntly sanity... Even though I am un-aware of any mod that deals with Psychological effects of space in game... I try to follow those guidelines....
  8. Actually it is more complex than this. 1) Solid Rockets are less controllable than Liquid. 2) Solid Rockets need to be "Formed" for the Correct G-Loading of any mission carrying people. That means you have to know well before launch within say several 10s of pounds or even 100s of pounds, what the final payload is going to be... Hard to do with a computer, imagine with a slide-rule and paper. (Space Shuttle takes advantage of the SSME's performance and limited throttle-ability to reduce/ignore this need) 3) Solid Rockets are much harder to "abort." You either blow the casing up, or you create blowout holes (like on the new UA-120x Nosecones in the dev!) for the Thrust to cancel itself out. 4) Segmented solids, have many many failure-points... (Challenger,) and even with the latest technology are not considered as safe as Liquid boosters. However Unitary Solids MUST be made at the launch site (AJ-260) or be of a relatively small size (GEM) All that being said, On the ground before launch, I would rather be next to a modern Solid Rocket than a fully Fueled Liquid Rocket (in any non-storable form.) Of course, a Storable Liquid rocket I want to be the furthest away from.... Didn't one of the Atlas SCORE launches do just that? I know an Atlas took a took a hard right at Albuquerque and was destroyed like 3 seconds off the pad, But I thought one of the SCORE Atlas' did a back flip to crash a mile away.
  9. Totally cool with that and to each their own. Since I recover my S-IC stages (and my LRB boosters for my Saturn MS-V rockets) I prefer the un-shielded ones.
  10. While it is true that the real life Saturn flew with Insulation (and many other Rockets before and since...) Since KSP does not allow for ablative modeling.... nah, can't be for realism. Now if someone were to make a KSP plugin that supported Ablative modeling within the B9PS arena.... THAT might be something to aspire for.
  11. Your Saturn IC/IB would be made up of more "Kerbal-Friendly" sizes. TL:DR Version, the Rocket (esp the Saturn V) will look a little off but it will work and you will have expended a minimal effort to make it work. Long Version. Specifically 3.75m for all of the IB stack, The S-IV ends up at 3.125m and the decoupler between S-I and S-IV now will fit, the SLA will taper from 3.75m to 2.5m (incidently 2.5m is the correct size for the C+SM for 0.64 scale... unrounded it is 2.4958m IIRC at 0.64 scale) The S-IC/S-II will be smaller as well but I think they are 5.25m (I don't remember off the top of my head.)
  12. Unless you have other part mods to get a SLA from, I wouldn't recommend using the Saturn Rescale. Rather I would patiently await Cobalt to get through everything else that is a higher priority before he gets back to Saturn. Sure the Saturn Rockets are quite 0.64 scale. BUT then again, and I wasn't around this forum thread when Cobaltwolf decided what size to use, the Saturn is basically made up of Stock or "logical" Stock progression sizes. IIRC S-IVB would have to be 4.25m to be 0.64 RL diameter, (same for S-I/-1B/-1(a) with E-1) The S-IV stage would end up being IIRC 4.0m Max Diameter, the AJ260s would also be 4.25m diameter. Lets not talk about S-IC/S-II. Ugh, Does this mean I get to bring litigation against you, Cobaltwolf, for using Asbestos on your F-1 Engines? Seriously, while I won't likely use them, I think you took an ugly duckling and made it look like a Trumpeter Swan with that Insulation. Is that a B9 Switch or is it a separate engine?
  13. This is a known issue that has zero impact on the game. It will likely go away after some old parts are depreciated after the next update.... Which is coming.... errr soon(TM) Good job reporting it, and welcome to the realm of the space Kracken (Aka the Forums!)
  14. No reason to yell... I will just whisper Cobaltwolf is focused on Titan with this update, Gemini has gotten zero love on it's own (just the 1 man lander) Now returning you to your regular program. Didn't you mean that they're super buggy FUN right now? RE: The stream last night that I missed, were you using your 2.5x RSS test build you used to play on? I see a Centaur/Transtage for both launches, did that result in over-performance or "just right" and lastly How bad, if at all, did Boil off affect your launch plans?