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  1. Sadly, no I have enough trouble with the Alphabet Soup folks! Actually, that isn't true, but it fits the narrative
  2. Kinda Sad that an X-15 pilot is who crashed into XB-70A-02 RIP Joe Walker, RIP Lt Carl Cross! Coincidentally Joe Walker was supposed to have his first flight in XB-70A-02 the very next day
  3. ! in front of a Variable (in this Case TacLifeSupport means **NOT** TacLifeSupport AKA you only pass this variable check if you do not have TACLS. Most commonly seen as != or "Not equal to"
  4. WOW it is my SEMI TRUCK! 10 wheels, 50,000lb+ Payload... Yep it checks all the boxes A semi Truck Interesting using a Concord nose for what should just be a VG windscreen You realize, you now have the technology to make the UA-1205 based SRM first stage for Saturn Right? BTW how did you do it Simple radial decoupler or something else? IIRC that is Saturn INT-05? the INT-11 is the UA-120x 1st stage Saturn, 4, 5 or 6 UA-1204,5,6(full segements not in BDB) or 7
  5. Yep, that is it. I have that report and two others. The J-2 Engine was chosen for greater clearances over the more viable twin bell LH2 LR87 FOR this concept. So base J-2 if you are doing early tech or, as this Douglas document calls out, the J-2S for later time (this diagram is from some of the MLV studies post 1967, which means J-2S dominates now) ***TBC this was hardly the only factor and I covered it in detail in my LR87 history document*** BDB HAS all the parts you need for this to work.... except the AZ50 Space Ring Tug. Many of the reports I cite about S-IVC were behind the 'classified' wall when I believe e of pi and team began developing their ETS alternate timeline (hence the reuse of the S-IVC designation. I know I kicked one of the documents loose as part of a FOIA request myself. (Preliminary Design report on the C-2 Saturn)
  6. Yes, I have done that too with JNSQ. I did a MLV launch though with 4 UA1208 SRMs and Drylab. I got it into a highly eccentric Munar orbit. The S-IVC was max MS-IVC strech and the MS-II-396 was also a stretched stage. I chose a highly eliptical orbit on purpose for maximum communication time since I had no com-sats orbiting the Mun Err, why not use the S-IVC concept with back to front S-IV hulls, a propulsion hull and then the Skylab with the S-IVC docking collar in between. Obviously I am talking IRL S-IVC not the ETS S-IVC. You have the delta V for a S-IVC on the launch yes? The increase in the fineness ratio would also improve transonic+ performance in Atmosphere (not that KSP models that) **EDITED** And S-IVC was in development for the C-1/C-2 Tinker-toy ship to the Moon... so even if you have a point of Divergence to choose C-8 over any other option, the base engineering was done on S-IVC and docking... maybe not fuel transfer, but alteast docking and daisy-chaining. So a launch with a S-IVC attached to a Drylab Skylab is 100% in both Timelines as a possibility/probability.
  7. Me thinks you should have extended that fairing. You probably ran out of funds for the Fairing because you build those Not scientific, Ugly Rockets that cost too much for what they do and have no way of ever being built in the real world! Ok, Joking aside, I have done the exact thing soo many times!!! Build the rocket and forget to bump the fairing segment count after altering the payload while having the fairing invisible (I mean, I checked it with the previous incarnation of that payload... how did the payload get so much longer?! As an aside, given the insane things I have seen made in KSP your Saturn C-8 is pretty sane by comparison, and probably more effective/efficent to boot. It doesn't belong in a historical or even slightly ab-historical mod pack... but in a What if the world had all the money and wanted to make a big monster to do X it is a valid conceptual product.
  8. Saturn V-B's stage is S-1D, I think that was just a type-o by Entr8899 This is a common issue with effects turned to high with SRBs not using Waterfall for SRBs... most of the particles (that are each individually tracked and math done on by your CPU/GPU combo) are gone with Waterfall SRB effects. https://spacedock.info/mod/3051/Solid Rockets Waterfall Effects this has improved my frame by frame performance and really improves it with LARGE DIAMETER SRMs.
  9. Nice album GoldForest! I have One question and one comment. Question: Did you intend to land on the island field or is that a result of an overshoot? I see you heading BACK towards KSC on the vanilla Kerbin planet (regardless of any re-scale)? Comment: Well it is the same as Guest10985: https://imgur.com/a/zuK3dHi Post-script, Did the ventral fin not survive re-entry (I see it in some pictures and missing at the end)?
  10. ugh, my ears are ringing Yes a lot, I think But more importantly the BDB Extras folder does have a HypergolicBDB patch (in the Pafftek) sub-directory) if you are looking for a more realistic fuel status. It isn't every fuel, but any Hypergolic fuel system is replaced with an AZ50/NTO mix. Mostly to avoid having unique fuel load combos requiring too many switches in the tank setup. That gives you 4ish fuel types in BDB, LF/O, Hydrolox, xenon, and AZ50/NTO
  11. Ah, that old, retread of a fallacy in the making. That proposal was before Centaur-a's flight and explosion... Back when they thought you could contain the vapor pressure of the Hydrogen because you know in space there is no heat.... The latter, more-realistic proposals are Gemini Capsule +2 in series Transtages. Or, believe it or not, a duplicated Titan 2nd stage with an LR87 single bell (that was only mentioned in passing I have never found actual documents describing it better than that)
  12. But but but.... Bwanananananananaaaa *6 Million dollar man sounds* Agreed, it would actually break the feel of the whole mod and require EVERY texture be redone.. Given your IRL work and life takes much more of your time today then it did when you were a slacker getting a degree in Uni, there is no need to waste the time. And having some things in pure "American" (sorry we don't speak English in the US... or my former work vehicle would be a Lorry not a Van, I would put the groceries in the boot instead of the trunk.) Or Russian... well it would break immersion for me.
  13. True, But I think the original concept was for NOT THEM But rather the people who want to abuse the game (and there are a lot of people like that out there. See any cursed, not an irl concept/designed rocket for a good example **YES I AM MOSTLY JOKING HERE Dont @ Me**
  14. See SOME of us are not just pretend Rocket Scientists! Or Rocket Engineers, Or Rocket Fabricators, Or Rocket Mechanics!
  15. The Russians Engines are coming to take me away, Haha, they´re coming to take me away, Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, To the happy home with Atlas' and stars And chirping birds and basket weavers Who sit and smile and Twiddle their thumbs and toes And they´re coming to take me away, HAHAAAAAAAAA *based on the 1966 song by "Napoleon XIV" Aka Jerry Samuels; They're comming to take me away! Joking aside This stuff looks Great Zorg!
  16. Depth-masking won't work since the Door for the gear well is part of the gear. It would break the (I assume) already done annimations
  17. Other than ONE suggestion of an additional non X-15 part to interface with part of the X-15? I think you are go for launch FULL SEND The suggested part is a 0.9375-1.25m re-sizable cone, angle matched to the X-15 nose probe, that terminates in the correct diameter for the nosecone. Would allow other rockets to use that 2 part Nose-cone / Probe core (If I am remembering the correct part you referenced.) Cone should color switch the same colors as X-15. Yes extra work but rather low hanging fruit given the plethora of other similar structures made in the past I would think.
  18. Decidedly Saturn S-1B flyback booster territory here 8 seconds of thrust up, fly back to the runway
  19. Ok, Need to vent (rough work day and it just started!) X-15 on an N-1 X-15 as ISS single crew Escape pod X-15 in BDA-armory as a Point defense interceptor (Shooting 20mm cannons at mach 15) X-15 as a return from Mun capsule on Apollo Saturn MLV Cluster X-15 as flyback booster for Saturn IB X-15 as X-1 carrier aircraft (Tarobee mod yes?)
  20. WAIT WAIT WAIT WOT! LANDING GEARS! Who gave you permission to make LANDING GEARS OK Joking aside (and probably an inside joke to many people reading this now-a-days) This looks Effing AWESOME! Love the work. Now B-70 Carrier when?
  21. I believe it is Fictional but based on real hypothetical discussions on how to increase thrust for Rocket. A road not traveled
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