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  1. Helpful tips THANKS! In my case, the sideways tends to happen when I am not at an Equatorial launch site. It tries to Dog-Leg, in atmosphere and over Yaws. But probably the same root cause. I do use Periapsis only (Apoapsis is not set or set to the same as Periapsis.) because Circular orbits are good And yes I fully agree on the tuning... which is where I get back to... "But Classic Ascent works good enough..." and with exceptions, rarely needs massive tuning... Looking at you Saturn IB, 2.7x scale leaves you a little underwhelming due to scale-error. FWIW, my best flight for the upcomming "Tutorial" on Saturn S-IB, which is utilizing the Hypergolic Fuel patch (meaning CSM fuel is denser) and I am launching a full Orbital setup with all the mono-propellant.) That, and I will explain in details, has an Apoapsis at launch of 400km. But I end up in a 150-170ish km orbit... With more than half the CSM fuel gone But I will go into that latter tonight as I promised!
  2. Yeah, I am Using JNSQ so 2.7ish X, and I have no clue as to the cause. I use the exact same Ascent settings that others use with the same setup and the same mods and rocket, they orbit, and mine goes sideways (as controlled by Mechjeb, not due to aerodynamics) in Atmo and breaks/burns up. Or like the Titan SRM1 from a couple of days ago. The SRM burnout is beyond where it thinks it should be, and it fails to be corrected... and the 2nd stage engine does not have enough thrust to cancel out the big negative vertical velocity because "we got to coast until we are back down to X altitude." This is on multiple CLEAN installs. I could put some effort into solving it, but why when Classic-Ascent works "100% of the time good enough?" But I appreciate both your concern and offers of help! I really do! I am not 100000% certain so please do not hold me to this. But I thought, 10-15 pages back someone was talking about being "Almost done" with Kerbalism update for BDB.... @bigyihsuan Didn't answer part of your question. No, after all my attempts and tests in FAR, as well as the simplier NEAR, and then when looking for support being told to "go away" (dramatically oversimplifying here and this is not the time or place to re-hash) But suffice to say, the error I was seeing combined with how I was treated. I trust FAR as far as I can throw myself... and I can not do hand-stands Is KSP1 Atmosphere 2.0 GREAT? NO, Is it better than most "non hyper realistic flight sims?" You-betcha
  3. I will post a "Best practice" for Saturn IB tomorrow evening, I spent a lot of time getting it right today for 125km orbit... there is a lot of data to process and post... including a FTO!
  4. So I was asked in a Discord I am on, how I get into orbit so "consistantly" Thought I would share my tricks with you with a moderately complicated Rocket to fly. It is no Saturn IB but it is also not a simple Saturn V. Rocket details for those that want: Ok, now I know PVG is "more realistic" But given all the errors MechJeb adds BACK into the navigation by over-correcting (PIO or in this case MJIO) I don't use it. In fact I have NEVER EVER Sucessfully got a rocket into orbit with PVG. (and I even tried the other day with the SRM1 Titan launch I posted (1 or 2 pages back) So my setup is all displayed above. First off I am using Engineer for all and Mechjeb for All (to avoid crazy add on things that looked cool in stock but now that we have "Porkalike" thanks to former Squad Modeler Porkjet, they look kinda janky. And yes, you see both displays for MechJeb and Engineer Redux. I utilize both because there are edge cases where one or the other will provide false information (rare now days) I fly the "Classic Ascent Profile" in Mechjeb's Ascent Guidance. I set the Altitude (in this case 400km) I want to orbit at. this will be a Zero eccentricicy Equator orbit. then, after turning off Autostage (not a good thing for Titan-esk rockets where the next stage ignites so many seconds before previous stage burnout) and auto-deploy (it will deploy as soon as you are in space... including EVERYTHING not able to be deployed... great way to break your solar pannels. Then I go down to EDIT ASCENT PATH and select it. The Ascent Path is where most people go wrong with Mechjeb. By default all you have is a slider that changes how quickly the rocket turns to get "level" with the ground. But in altered, non stock scales you have to alter many paramaters in here. Here is a close up, of the Ascent Path Editor. First off, I have DESELECTED "Automatic Altitude Turn" Remember what I was saying about alternative scales. If I left this on, my rocket would hit 60KM and then start burning trying to raise apogee while still well within the atmostphere... which leads to things getting very melty on the rocket! Instead, I try to manually set this to 2/3rds of the difference between 90km and my desired altitude. For ease of math, I just went with 300KM. Next, I adjust the slider for turn shape. Slow-accelerating rockets (Saturn IB) need a STEEPER or Higher % I tend to fly Saturn S-IB rockets with the slider all the way in the 90+% range (note how much "steeper" the red line is. Now in the case of Saturn I set the end turn altitude to my Apogee altitude (so for this 400km orbit I would set the Turn End Altitude to 400km) Hope this quick and dirty on how to get big complicated rockets into orbit is helpful to someone/any of you.
  5. KSP Community fix repairs lots of bugs in Core KSP code... and optimizes Loading. If you have "Lots of mods" you ABSOLUTELY WANT KSP-Community Fixes! loading time is reduced on almost all installs (there are always exceptions.) And I also recommend for lots of mods the free (well they would love for you to pay for it but it is, last I checked, optional) ProcessLasso. Between those two my huge install only takes 4 minutes to load and process. Without both It is close to 12 minutes... on a huge monster PC with only SSDs!
  6. Given how many changes going on in the Dev Build, Make certain you are also deleting BluedogDB from your GameData folder before installing the latest version! This caught me out last week in the rapid changes to the Titan Engines! Yeah. I probably need to go through and add !Skyhawk to EVERY line in those patches! Skyhawk decided to integrate some of my patch Ideas into their mod using their fuel switchers. <--TBC it was totally not a "Copy Pappystein's idea" type of situation If you are playing in Science or Career, any Upgrades you have already passed, will not appear again The Interesting thing is Skyhawk must be using their own fuel definitions because NitrogenTetroxide and even more appropriately Dinitrogen Tetroxide does not exist in CRP But NTO, what I am using in my patch does. (all three names are the same exact thing) EDITED: Although, I almost do not see the point since SSS seems to be mostly abandoned, with more and more errors piling up with various mods. 2nd Edit PR has been pushed to the Github Assume 24/48hours before it is included in BDB
  7. Honestly, I wish Forum members would stop trying to copy the forums as a "BACKUP." That is 95% what the problems with this server are right now in my opinion. Back on Topic. Thanks for the Explanation Rodger on why the Abort mode didn't work and how you fixed it! Personal Opinion here: It wasn't a false ping. you were unaware of something and were asking if it could be corrected... and by default asking if it SHOULD be corrected Impressive Launch Also nice kitbash
  8. Cool Launch! I see the USAF was being "Cagey" again with designations. "All Titan IIIDs have no Transtage. Titan 34D is not a Titan IIID it CAN have transtage... I really wish people who set up a nomenclature would... FOLLOW IT! (sorry just watched a LTT Youtube on JUST this thing!)
  9. 2nd stage is the SAME they used 2nd stage tanks And yes, I said upper stage. I can easily see "Upper tank" being taken from that.
  10. Paperwork says "Titan Upper stage" Given time-frame I ****ASSUME**** Titan III. Why? Titan IV was not even CONSIDERED at the time in question. MM was looking at Titan 34D7 however (which eventually evolved into Titan IV but it isn't the same thing!) And Titan I tanks are not hypergolic so... don't count I think you forgot to mention a key Fix that few people were even aware of. Man-rated UA-120x SRMs have their Abort mode re-activated I believe? At least per the Git Notes. Now, you too can safely launch your Kerbalnoughts with a Dorian Station safely and not worry about a SRM failure leading to the aircraft destruction. Activate the Handy Dandy ABORT function and the SRM turns into a giant speed break in 3,2,1 BAM!
  11. So I decided to build THIS today: Per the now defunct Space Launch Reports by Ed Kyle, This is the Titan III SRM-1 which consists of a Centaur T, Titan III (I used the IV tank since I was actually using the AJ-11A engine from the extras patch) and a UA-1205SRM (I used the UA-1206F Full 6 segment SRM (Thanks CobaltWolf and Rodger for getting this in game quickly after it was brought up!) Since I can't ping today I hope they, and GoldForest see the post! Unfortunately even with the larger engines, 500 ore resulted in a FAilure to Orbit. But it was a fun flight!
  12. TL:DR version: Makes Hypergolic rockets have a Hypergolic fuel solution... even if it isn't the EXACT hypergolic solution as IRL. This was done to make any Hypergolic engine work with Any Hypergolic tank. LONG VERSION So I have, with extensive help with a former BDB team member, built a set of patches that give any Hypergolic engine (eg the AJ10 on almost every flight it was on) has an actual Hypergolic Fuel type. specficially Aerozine-50 (also known as 50/50 to most non aerojet Rocket scientists) and NTO (or Nitrogen Tetra Oxide.) Note this may not be the EXACT fuel for every Hypergolic engine/tank setup... but having ONE hypergolic fuel is a lot better for the average player than unique fuel mixtures for each and every part (no interoperablity results.) If you want "Historically perfectly accurate" you need to play RP-1/RO and ignore my patch So, If the engine, IRL used a Hypergolic fuel. With my patch it now has... a Hypergolic fuel. This give s the rocket stage a better density ratio. Making some rockets perform better. Others, where the performance was on the edge to begin with may end up with too much fuel Titan Stages being the prime example. Titan Rocket stages carried about 17% less fuel per "dimensional volume" than just about any other rocket. In BDB those tanks had to be made "fuller" to match the real world performance of Titan with LFO engines. You only need 80% fuel load to match the performance with Hypergolic fuels due to the Fun trick, if you bump the lower half of a Titan Stick to 90% fuel, you get almost exactly the correct fuel load as Real Titan (KSP didn't allow us to make it more accurate than this due to game limitations.) PS AZ-50/NTO was chosen for 2 reasons. 1) the patch was initially developed with the major Titan Update that brought us the current parts that are being "refreshed" as I type this. 2) AZ-50/NTO have the exact same burn ratio as LF/O in KSP. However LF/O in KSP is NOT AZ-50/NTO Because of the huge difference in density per unit.
  13. As I understand it, the tankage is 2x TItan III Upper stage tanks (broke in half) total of 2 oxidizer tanks and 2 "fuel" tanks all feeding a central LR87. And I do not see mention of it being jettisoned (but agree it makes sense.) Since we really do not know how the Vandenberg special boosters would have looked due to Challenger..... Maybe they had a clearance path for jettesoning... Or maybe just the engine itself, the heaviest part after fuel depletion is jettesoned. "Heavier" payloads out of Vandenburg, where the shuttle has to make a Dog-leg turn to clear populated areas en-route to a sun-synchronous orbit. Also I am going to try to build Titan Shuttle. LDC with 5 LR87s, Quad UA-1207s with a 4.25m KSP scale tank for the Shuttle MAYBE I have a couple builds I want to try today before I have to do my daily chores.
  14. Yep there are lots of photos of Enterprise in the 70s I could have shared that had more detail. But that was the closest to perspective I could find. When NASA and then NASM both "restored" Enterprise, they progressively changed the windows on the cockpit which leads to them looking wrong when compared to either SOCKS or Cormorant. I think the only mod that really gets the windows wrong vs as flown Enterprise is the one that started with Buran and made a generic set of "Space Shuttle" parts, and then abandoned the mod. IDR is either the mod's name, or its creator now.
  15. Awesome! How did it fly? I *THINK* that it is supposed to separate before SRMs... I will double check that latter today and post back. Slightly different perspective, and the ISO was set wrong for this photo in the sun at Edwards (so no detail in the white on the nose due to sun glare) but windows look Legit to me. Oh I found a better picture of the USS Enterprise flying over New York, Much more Detail!
  16. I have ProcessLasso on my computer for another Unity game that has problems loading (modded Battletech). On a whim last week I added KSP to it, setting it so it wouldn't use CORE 0 (which is the Core Windows wants EXPLORER et all to run on since Windows isn't a multi-core OS still today), and my loading process was cut by a quarter on a fresh load with MMCache being rebuilt. It loaded at almost the same speed ALT-TABed out as it did previously Exclusively IN KSP. Both were a huge performance buff on load. I do not have KSPCF installed... so I am adding that as well ERR: Ignore that last statement. This was my first EVER successful CKAN install that didn't immediately implode and I forgot that CKAN suggested that with EVERY mod I selected until I selected it!
  17. Not too much, I was mostly focused on finding info on what I thought was the UA-156x Turns out, looking in shuttle documents for UA-156 turned out to be RIGHT because what I thought was UA-156 was instead Shuttle SRM! the Saturn version would have a different section zero (the nozzle) RE Engine ignition on Shuttle, The SSME is not well suited for Altitude ignition, as I recall, so Fuel transfer and ignite at min throttle (80% IIRC) You would have to stretch the mounting tank obviously Err, @GoldForest Followup, I didn't take a close look at the photos. The documents I have don't use the Shuttle tank as you do. So that changes the dynamic quite a bit. Missed it by THAT much!
  18. Any Chance you still have these images and can upload them to something more permanent? I just came looking for your Nuke Shuttle pictures and the links are all dead
  19. First, I want to thank @Rodgeragain. The Hypergolic Patch was uploaded to the Dev earlier today. Rodger found a couple errors in my Github copy (I was editing files in two places and thankfully he caught my mistake quickly) Every titan Engine now has valid Hypergolic, Hydrolox or Kerolox (via LFO) configs again. When the Tanks get merged one more small update will need to be performed on the patch. THAT should not stop it from working however (it would be a B9Partswitch error warning is all about missing content) To avoid confusion, there are actually two separate patchs. You can apply EITHER or BOTH. The first patch is titled Titan AJ9 in the BDB Extras. This actually gives you the LR87-AJ-9 from EARLY Titan III launches (about the first 20 Launches were AJ-9 powered) It also gives you the LR87-AJ-11A from the late production Titan IV. In the LR91 side it gives you the LR91-AJ-11A in it's various variants. NOTE there USED to be a LR91-AJ-9 in this parts list. It has been removed. Use the LR91-AJ-5 as a valid replacement (same performance.) The only difference between the LR91-AJ-5 and AJ-9 was related to the material of the bell (the AJ-9 has the darker "fiber" material of latter LR91s Note the AJ-11A upgrade does not release with the AJ-11. Instead it releases in the same node as SMRU. While they entred service BEFORE SRMU, they are closer to that date than the Titan 23(C) was Your Titan Engine list now includes: Titan LR87 Twin (Titan Rocket) first stage engine: LR87-AJ-3 LR87-AJ-5 <Also LR87-AJ-7 from Gemini Titan LR87-AJ-5K (As above) LR87-AJ-9 <Via 2nd Patch! LR87-AJ-9K <Via 2nd Patch! new variant! LR87-AJ-11-1 (Groundlit LR87 for late Titan IIIB launches) LR87-AJ-11-1K (Groundlit) LR87-AJ-11-2 (AIRLIT LR87 for Late Titan IIIC and IIID type launchers and early (first production batch) Titan IV launchers LR87-AJ-11-2K (AIRLIT Kerolox) LR87-AJ-11A <Via 2nd Patch AIRLIT ONLY!!!! LR87-AJ-11AK <As above but Kerolox LR87-AJ-LH2 <Hydrolox LR87! LR91-AJ-3, and 3SV <Titan I second stage with both Quad and Single Vernier LR91-AJ-5, 5K, 5(V)4 and 5(V)4K <--Titan II and early Titan III single and quad Vernier both Hypergolic and Kerolox LR91-AJ-11, 11K 11(V)4 and 11(V)4K <--- Titan III and CT3 Second stage engine (as well as early Titan IV LR91-AJ-11A, 11AK, 11(V)4A and 11(V)4AK <--- Late Titan IV Engine
  20. Looks Purdy! Thanks for the note on sharing out info as info happens via other means if the forums go down Long term!
  21. The actual drawings on those have that same window. It is for the "Backup" pilot to guide the craft backwards. There is a pilot station with RCS controller at that window. Remember this was the days before computers control being anything near precision.
  22. Ok Donut! RedVsBlue! (somewhere I still have a Church T-Shirt!) Yep I got a notification... Too busy working on updating the Titan alternate engine patch to play. But thanks for the call out! I can't wait to try to build a multi-UA1206F first stage for Saturn IB. I have to figure out how to start that so that it actually works too
  23. Ok So NEWS Hypergolic patch is updated to current BDB LR87, LR91 and LR87(S) engines. And everything works. HOWEVER I will not be PRing it yet because there are more changes comming to LR87, LR91 and the optional AJ-9 Patches. I won't go into details on it (not my place.) So in the interm, just run BDB without the Hypergolic patch please. Like last time, the Chrayol Red tanks are The Hypergolic ones. Orange is Hydrolox and White and Black are Kerolox (LFO) Thanks much to @Rodger for putting up with my frustrations that quickly blew up yesterday while trying to fix/repair/build anew the HypergolicBDB patch for the Extras folder. Thanks also to Zorg and CobaltWolf who each did their part yesterday talking me off the ledge (it wasn't QUITE that bad but it was not good either.) ***EDIT*** realized I didn't point this out. The Arrangement are up-down, LR87 Twinbell as flown on Titan. LEft of the twinbells are the LR87 Single Bells. And Right are ALL the LR91s. This includes the LR87 AJ9 from the AJ9 patch. The RIGHT MOST LR91 is missing its verniers (my fault I didn't see it was named differently than all the other verniers) ... And this is just ONE of the things being fixed for a future update which is why the Hypergolic patch, while done for CURRENT updated files, is not being uploaded yet.
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