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  1. Tell me your specs and i can tell if there's hope.
  2. qromodynmc

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Ah thanks for the tip! I was sitting and thinking about what can i do to fix bad look on intake, i literally forgot inverting square intake
  3. qromodynmc

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've been working on the old boy; it's not finished yet but there arent any major things to do either.
  4. You're probably not alone, i've had my fair share of frustation with them. For my helis i prefer to fly with sas open, autopilot mod goes nutz with helis, you should also need to put just enough steering force via right click menu on rotors, too much or too low will make helis unstable.
  5. ehem ehem. I havent worked on gloster meteor yet but i think 262 is harder to make.
  6. Oh dang, that means i messed up something. I deleted that placeholder texture and moved zero texture to zero folder. But everything looks normal so far.
  7. @blackheart612 it's not a big deal but i wonder if you've realized that there is another zero cockpit texture in x1 cockpit folder, zero folder has one placeholder texture, you probably forgot to move it?
  8. Ocean settings can effect fps a lot, you may try changing those and finding optimal results.
  9. Hello all, I wanted to make some short informative (visually ) videos about planes i made for a while and today i decided to make one. Making videos is bit time consuming than i thought even though i literally used built-in video editor in Windows 10. It's pretty basic. I'll be making few more then i'll see what's next. Upcoming planes (highly possible ones) ; F-5 tiger, B-24 liberator, P-51 mustang etc.
  10. qromodynmc

    What did you do in KSP today?

    i've been updating my old crafts lately, first the f-104 and now the f-5. f-104 works flawlessly but there are some works to do on f5, mainly on it's flight characteristics.
  11. qromodynmc

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I was wondering if i could make some B-24 wannabee and result is quite satisfying to me.
  12. Dont take my word for it to work but i recently had something bit similar. Try deleting your settings.cfg file in ksp directory (back up first of course), it may work.
  13. qromodynmc

    [1.4.x] Nice MKseries Body [NMB] [V2.2] [2018.5.19]

    I've realized something, some of your cockpits use png textures with fairly big size, wouldnt be better if you use dds textures?
  14. qromodynmc

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    Thanks for the extra effort, i'll try to find solutions for it.
  15. qromodynmc

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    I'd be very appreciated! I found your mod today and i must say it made me very excited till i've seen incompability word btw @blackheart612 has several parts in his ap+ that can use variants, how does he do it? maybe there's a way to do it in older versions too.