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  1. speaking of patches, has anyone actually tried to make wings compatible with far? I tried just once but im really really strange to blender.
  2. Sadly no change. do you think it can have something to do with meshes? or model itself? O god i cant find out anything, trying different things again and again, i tried making another cockpit and that one worked so im not sure if it's the model of plane.(my biggest confusion is why ladder area looks normal but other parts are not) @miromed You've did pack for ap+ before, can you check this one?
  3. Hey guys, i was trying to make windowshine setting for new ap+ cockpit "mig.144" but i cant do it right for some reason main body turns into transparent while glass are reflective and parts circled in red are non reflective. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0pzK_mG0uB5c2FPRVF0ZnJEWEU here is the dds file i made, im not sure if dds is faulty or mesh config, i left it blank because in other parts i made leaving blank worked just fine. I tried paint.net and photoshop both but sadly no result, it's annoying because i did whole ap+ parts reflective before I hope someone can help..
  4. we need you alive man, dont work that hard.
  5. I also want to suggest something, i had this idea in my head for a while, decided to show it on paint (light gray part is any fuel tank or structural part, blue and dark gray part is cockpit model i suggest) This is supposed to be radially attachable cockpit, simply you should be able to attach it to anywhere. I wanted to have this because it'd make doing replicas a lot easier in theory. Im not sure about how idea would turn up in game honestly I'd like to hear your and other people's opinion on possibility of this part .
  6. i did my own tweakscale config for existing bombbay part, i recommend you to do same.
  7. Tbh kax electric engine is bit outdated and not very well adjusted. You'll probably do new and fancy one.
  8. dude it's just two radials, it's literally least hard problem when making p61 replica.
  9. looks great, seems like i'll be able to use this on other russian plane replicas.
  10. I made one mig 1.44 lookalike few days ago, will you be releasing that cockpit?
  11. small nuclear jet engines are kind of impossible from logical perspective. Porkjet had one jet but it was quite big as expected. If we wanted a small nuclear jet then it'd be like this; one heavy nuclear generator + seperate nuclear jet engines, so you'd need to carry generator to make engines work. This is my opinion though.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    what i have done today can be seen from here
  13. Hello, i've had problems with my ksp lately, getting hard time when playing it. I'lpl describe how it happens; First i make nice simple satellite, all stock. then i launch it, doesnt matter where i do. when im out of atmo i press to warp button, bamm.. These errors comes in order: Im not sure if it's modular flight integrator issue but only think that writes there is MFI so i wanted to ask it here. After these errors my game performance becomes horrible, full of lag and low fps, if i return to ksc it becomes normal.
  14. Am i the only one who gets terrible download speeds on spacedock? edit - speeds are inconsistent but they're fine now. Still it'd be better to have another mirror if it's possible.