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  1. Spectra was overall good mod for graphics, since ksp 1.9 has really good ground textures, spectra should make it even better looking game. Make sure you have scatterer with it since it's the biggest game changer, i sometimes run ksp with scatterer only and it single handedly looks amazing; Then there's textures unlimited mod for metallic and shiny textures but i dont think it's not mature enough to install.
  2. Today first started with a new sea rescue plane for career mode; it has quite good flight and landing characteristics and fairly fast, though merely a mach1 but pretty good for seaplane. then i started playing with some tanks i made; it was pretty fun today
  3. I think having no delay is for gameplay purposes, surely someone can make mod for it if they desire.
  4. Alt+f10 menu is not working for me on main menu, i mean it appears and disappears but buttons on it won't work. Still i haven't tested it on fully stock game so it may be because of another mod or something.
  5. Yeah i encountered it both on kerbin and minmus, havent tested on other planets or moons yet.
  6. Uh, sounds bad but it hasnt caused any trouble for me yet so i'll keep it that way till it's all good. For reproducing; have a landed vehicle somewhere outside your physic range, then launch another vehicle and go towards that landed vehicle, when it's inside your physic range PRE switches to landed vehicle then switch back to current vehicle, while all these happening, landed vehicle starts exploding.
  7. I do have the same issue, when i get closer to my base on minmus they exploding, plus there was a weird issue where PRE wouldnt let me switch back to nearest objects. Maybe it's not all PRE's fault since i have tons of mods together but eventually i fixed my issue by setting this value to FALSE; I dont have what exactly it does but it fixed all of my issues, dont mind the low global range i increased it to 30km after finding out it wasnt the reason for switching issue. A friend told me setting that value to false should disable PRE completely but so far it still works, i see the messages from pre coming and i can switch to any vessel in selected range without any issue.
  8. Due the virus i've lot of time so returned to my old planes and started fixing their faults. Made lotta coubs in the way.;
  9. I've made minor changes on my f4, mainly around intake and fuselage, made them little bit smoother.
  10. So, i've tried latest tweakscale beta and ksp-recall together and run into weird issue, i couldnt find any reasony why it happens, i dont know if it's happening to me only etc. Here is the thing; - Game stuck on loading screen; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C4trQgbHrOZev4cpv2MQE3PxV-yY6qyk/view Only new mods i've installed are tweakscale and ksp recall so i tried deleting ksp recall and ta da, game loads properly, but i know ksp recall is now pretty important to tweakscale, i want to find solution. here's the log file; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SBafIiHkb5AWFOJEut7Dqdqtef9WEg3y i will think about what did went wrong more but just wanted to let you know, maybe you'll notice something wrong there.
  11. I've been testing the new photo mode in 1.9, it's really an awesome thing, it'll make taking good photos real easy for me and videos sometimes. here's the thing i captured with 1.9 second one is slow motion mod, something i used before photomode came.
  12. I just slapped my 1.8.1 mod folder to 1.9 and it was pretty much working well, except far. So how's everyone doing with 1.9?