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  1. I made this one for the loading screen contest, sadly it didnt worked out well but i understand why, wish i went for more traditional kerbal design.
  2. it's been a while since i made this but i havent shared it so..
  3. is that glass part stock or mod?
  4. I was working on some of the weirdest looking serial production aircraft, used stock robotic parts for propellers, i really like the options they offer.
  5. I dont even remember, it was around 2012 i think, around 0.19 or 0.20, not sure. Probably seen it on PC Gamer but i remember one thing, when i first found it, i played it for hours non-stop.
  6. Im working on J-20, it's still bit in alpba-ish state, huge portition of its going to change and get polished, but so far im liking it.
  7. Leaving some mark on KSP is one of the nicest thing we can have, sadly i dont have any graphic tablet to work with so my drawing attemp is bit weak, still i draw some basics on my phone then edited it on pc, think i like the result; Then here are some screenshots, i may increase their numbers in future.
  8. is there a way to disable fatal error warning at start, i know im in trouble, i just enjoy it.
  9. Worked on something quite iconic today, not finished yet but it's pretty close to what i want.
  10. Honestly for me KSP didnt even reached it's peak now, i'm waiting for computers to handle moar parts.
  11. I've been trying to make Aardvark, some parts were easy, some are extremely hard, couldnt manage to get blended effect on cockpit, one of my disappointments.
  12. concept looks similar but quite different actually, i rather ap+ version. Nice f16XL btw, thanks for reminding me that i should make one too, i had it in mind but forgot it later. Currently i got two f16 variant;
  13. I modified my f-16 a bit, extra tanks etc, this gon fly so long now.
  14. Take your time brother, do it when you think it's ready.
  15. It got me quite excited but as always I have my doubts with it. Still they said it'll be even more mod friendly than ksp 1 so we'll see about that!.