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  1. I was working on a su-47 replica today, had tons of fun with it
  2. :)) they are real as nuclear engines. While helicopter in picture isnt real, Ducted engines arent fantasy and used irl fair amount of times this one is especially important because it uses electric.
  3. Meanwhile other mods have electric propellers, im still behind my suggestion. this kind of electric powered ducted propeller engine would be nice.
  4. Haha, i thought my brain was playing tricks on me! Yeah i have same problem with control surface having inverted animation.
  5. quick test on new wing parts They do look lovely. I hope we can get FAR support one day.
  6. Not so alone! I have small but slowly getting bigger ww2 craft base.
  7. Hmm, i'd like to see that as well.. btw, shameless self advertising;
  8. most parts work flawlessly with far (im using far since long time), only wing parts need patch (they still work but they dont have detailed settings) but im not sure how much effort is required for them to make them compatible.
  9. Yeah i do, i can send them over PM if you want. (anyone else too).
  10. Hello there. I've been trying to make windowshine run on airplane plus mod and finally did it, took some pics and edited them; All in 8K.
  11. Yeah i do but it's rather pale. Should i increase values on cfg, maybe that can help.
  12. It took a lot time but i managed to make WindowShine work on ap+ cockpits. It's supposed to be easy but photoshop wasted great deal of my time with incorrect dds files. EDIT; Took some pics and edited them. i dont want to spam this thread with pics and cant make imgurl albums work so i'll post them in screenshot forum and share link here. EDIT - 2;
  13. fs had those configs a lot time ago, in KAX. Yeah, cargo mode would work like wep but it had no bad sides. Actually blackheart can try to improve it, Add wep mode, but make sure it generates heat and leads to overheating. (US Pilot manuals put 5 minute limit on planes most of the time). It'd be nice detail!