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  1. I've been using the other kjr while waiting for update on this, it works but it's not stiff as this one, some long vehicles wiggle.
  2. Maybe you dont use the latest one or maybe you dont have textures unlimited mod, it adds pbr support for mods who support it, Kerbal Foundries mod has pbr support, thats why metal legs actually look like they're metal.
  3. Well I wanted to make F5, but these two are quite similar aren't they Kerbal foundries continued.
  4. This mod is also very special for me, it's literally backbone of my ksp build, almost %70 of my planes use this mod, parts are extremely versatile. Also the modder, Blackheart is one of the best, he always care about our feedback with very nice attitude, something you cant always find. bonus pix; Couldnt do it without ap+.
  5. indeed i also remember suggesting it, though this one was regular plane cockpit, what i need atm is bubbly babbly big cockpit. is this possible?
  6. I thought making this plane (f8 crusaderish) was impossible for a while, but yesterday i had bit of inspiration came at me so made this lesser-abomination.
  7. @blackheart612 I kinda feel shameless for doing this but for one last time i bring my old suggestion here... I did look for this type of cockpit for a while, couldnt find a proper looking version at all. I know you're bit busy with other things on your hand but, i'll just as directly; We need a bubble canopy with one side at 1.25m, other side at 0.25m, nose is not needed, it'll be suitable for many planes. Here are tons of variants that have similar look. As you notice, all these planes have huge cockpits compared to their fuselages, this is why other cockpits are not fit for the job. End of suggestion, of course you're totally free to do whatever you desire and dont forget we always loved your work here, and will be here to support you.
  8. anything new on development or one of the best mods of ksp is retired?
  9. Well yeah it's the magenta but; i did what you wanted, two extra part indeed has strut to robotic part, after disabling "reinforce existing joints", strut color change to blue; then i disable other settings one by one, color stays the same till i uncheck every option, then it disappears and part starts moving. but at that point there is no joint left on craft either. as for my game version, main game is at 1.7.3, breaking ground is at 1.7.1 making history 1.2.0, they're all at latest version. Even if we cant solve this i guess i can live with debug version, it'll create bit of extra work but you gotta do what you gotta do
  10. to make it easier to understand, i opened whole wing contraption in second picture. Hope i can help with it. Btw i dont know why no one did before (maybe it's impossible?) but it would be nice if we had option to exclude parts from having struts in right click menu, like the autostrut option.
  11. I also have the same problem with my 1.7.3 build, when i zoom away from craft in flight, engine sound stay at same level, but to be spesific i encountered this issue on jet engines.
  12. https://github.com/meirumeiru/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/releases/tag/v4.0.14 Im already using this one, is there another?
  13. Hello, i was making an f-14 with new stock robotic parts and stuck with a problem; barebone robotic part works perfectly, robotic part with another part attached to it works too, but when you attach another part to part you attached before doesnt work, it stucks, it tries to move but it cant.. here i uploaded video of it, maybe you can tell whats causing to it. I wanted to post this here because removing kjr fixes the problem but i love kjr and dont want to cause 99 problems just to fix 1. https://streamable.com/4ctur
  14. Oh forgot to check that but checking it right now, so far it looks fine, i'll test some maneuvers. Edit after bit of testing, blades crashed to eachothers during hard turn maneuver, helicopter literally stopped in the air, I regret nothing ))
  15. I always wanted to make this in KSP and new dlc made it possible, even with many options!