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  1. Im just curious, anyone know what "reflection" setting in config file is about?
  2. Tbh it was a good sacrifice to make, i personally find city lights bit outdated and kinda absurd, all of a sudden lights grow on all these green lands!
  3. I made a little surprise to my kerbals on the mun and sent them a car to travel around I terribly regret using that solar panel as i didnt know that they werent retractable. Guess we gotta do another mission to install new solar panels on it.
  4. Today i accepted a contract to repair a rover on mun surface. It would be an ez mission if i sent a rocket there but noo, i had to send a space plane that has barely enough dv to get there. anyway so i made a some sort twin stage space plane; it has 4 jet engine and 2 drop tanks, all of them are detachable so i drop them on the way, no extra weight. with my precision landing skillz, i land on top of rover which is a funny looking rover. After that i repair the rover and plan to go back to kerbin. But space plane merely has enough dv to get into mun orbit. So i decided to send another space plane to rendezvous with it and carry crew back to kerbin; Back to Kerbin, safe and sound. also captured a nice moment
  5. Usually i quit because it crashes after building some crazy stuff.
  6. Still on my journey to make racing car in ksp; unlike a proper racing car, this thing is so heavy so i put three junos on it. does over 400kph with stock wheels, modded wheels die sooner.
  7. I wanted to test top speed and high speed handling of my supersport car but place around ksc were too bumpy and short so i decided to bring it to north pole. Problem is that none of my old cargo planes were working properly,probably because my 1.12 doesnt have kjr and that makes them very weak. So eventually i decided to strap car to some ssto. And we made it. and top speed is 309kph with jets.
  8. i dont want to go all over it again so here's what happened. it was pretty crazy stuff.
  9. I've been trying to make race car, some sort. this is like third iteration of this car, i think best looking so far. here's the second iteration, i dont think open canopy looks good; i have some problems with the wheels tho, kerbal foundries wheels dont really work well here, i cant try this with 1.12 either cuz some mods are not up to date
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