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  1. I dont think i'll entirely move to ksp 2 early. I'll play it some, see it's limitations and potential, then gradually switch to it, till then i'll stick with my own ksp 1 version, which is quite customized atm.
  2. So i decided to re-touch my old sketch. Old one was decent, had better styling and touches because I made that one on photoshop, this one is purely made on my phone. Anyway, main reason for retouch was old Kerbal which didn't really look like Kerbal at all. This one is better but still bit different from actual Kerbal anatomy.
  3. All i want to have is a proper space station around kerbin. A station with refueling ability, lot of rescue pods, science rooms etc. I want something useful. İt's not hard thing to make but it takes a lot time so i have yet to try it.
  4. I had a kerbal&pod rescue mission yesterday, i thought i could make a robotic arm to grab pod and rescue that way but for some reason claw didnt grab the pod, am i missing something? i managed to put it inside cargo bay using rcs thrusters but my next contract is about rescuing pod from mun surface, i donno how i can do it if claw wont grab pods.
  5. Today's events were bit crazy. I wanted to do some simple contracts at first, i saw a contract to expand my existing mun base so i thought why not? i was bit naive to think that landing near the existing base would fullfil contract. Except it wouldnt. So here is the list of events. I had to put existing base on orbit because there was no way i could dock to it on land Unfortunately both parts of old base and new addition didnt had rcs thrusters, i often dont use it unless i know im gonna dock something. I managed to dock both bases by simply getting closer and closer very slowly then targeting docking part spesifically. it was hard. now that i docked, one would think hard part is over. it wasnt. I had to land it back on mun! you'll see pics of bases so you can imagine all the pain i had. base was assymetrial so i thought maybe i could manage to land if i only use central engines, idea did work but they were barely powerful so i kinda made suicide burn (and several f5 presses) Sacrifices were made. at the end everyone was safe! base too, except few solar panels. Contract completed!.
  6. I've worked on one of my recent weird ideas. It's quite simple on paper actually, i made a plane with very balanced col/cog, then added piston to push partition of wing to flip center of lift balance so plane falls on it's behind. It did work well most of the time but im having bit of problems when landing mostly because im a bad pilot.
  7. Failure is part of what makes ksp fun, and sometimes it's even funnier than success :)) Anyway, sometimes i record my fails and share, here are some;
  8. I have two separate saves, one for creating replicas and my own designs, one for career and rocketry. İn my plane save i don't mind clipping but i still care about not putting two engine on same place or squishing fuel tanks in tiny space, in my career save i strictly stay away from clipping cuz i kinda find it bit cheaty. I wouldn't judge anyone who does it tho. My main reason to use clipping is purely visual.
  9. around 25 mod, mostly part mods since i like making planes with wide variety of parts. Though amount of mods i have are limited by my 8gb ram, if i install one or two more it'll become unstable.
  10. I know it'll sound hilarious but when i made my first plane in ksp, i directly aimed towards mun and fired my engines. After getting stuck in atmo, i was curious about why couldnt i go to mun. Then i realized this game wasnt just a random arcade game, and with jets i wouldnt be able to go space. I didnt know lotta about space back then and certainly misunderstood some concepts but those were the fun days, especially crashing to mun with craft going at very high speeds were quite the achievement for me.
  11. i've lost my old screenshots but from my old posts; i always loved building planes in ksp, it was actually the reason why i started playing ksp. After almost 7 years later, im about to reach nirvana.
  12. I've been working on rescue plane for my kerbals who return from space. Made some very awkward designs and finally today i made something i really like; my requirements for the job were; be fast (supersonic, fast as much as it can do) land on sea and take off from sea, easy to use, easy to land, rescue least 4 kerbal, and look good. We've achieved everything we wanted. There's a minor issue with it though, it's not very fuel efficient. But that's minor as i said because i can take quite a lot fuel if i wanted thanks to being able to take off conventionally, stol or vtol. It's really versatile plane overall.
  13. Mods are real trouble, even though unity engine is problematic when it comes to physic performance, mods are even worse. Most of them won't use resources properly and reduce overall game performance.
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