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  1. Best picture I've seen of lunar "pits" - possibly openings into ancient lava tubes... From: https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2022/08/lro-surface-pit-temperatures/
  2. Looking forward to the update. Sorta hoping it involves disembodied doors on that beach...
  3. I was looking into Space Shuttle hot aborts (pad aborts), and came across this gem: From this article: http://www.spacesafetymagazine.com/spaceflight/launch/shuttle-launch-pad-aborts/#:~:text=Close-up view of Discovery's,(Credits%3A NASA).
  4. Meanwhile, on one of the first F9 launches, SpaceX blew Shuttle_Guy’s mind by recycling and launching hours after a hot abort…
  5. Grrr now why would they not make that video available in Canada, it can't be that top secret...
  6. Interesting choice of names; getting stoked for StokeSpace. Fairing to double as airbrake is an elegant solution.
  7. Mmmm, wind-flavoured gummies. Hope the blades weren’t downwind from a landfill or rendering plant…
  8. So liftoff is set for Monday at 0833 EDT, or 0533 PDT.. I need to leave for work at 0545 at the latest to be on time. (usually aim to leave at 0540). I think I may be a bit late that day... I guess that's why they call me / They call me the working man
  9. A meme that turns out to be at least a few years old came up on my wife's facebook feed, but neither of us had heard/seen it before. But it triggered an old earworm...
  10. Homemade potato wedges. Gonna have to put some cheese on them next time...
  11. Hurdy-Gurdy, metalhead mode… E: Bonus: Scardust feat Patty and her 'gurdy
  12. HOLY MOTHER OF GRETZKY! Was anyone watching the gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey championship? What a game-saving save by McTavish in overtime, and then they go down and score. Like WOW!
  13. That sucks, should have been a good view up there…
  14. Clouds here too. But I did happen across this post on Imgur, judging by the poster's other posts it's in SW Manitoba... https://imgur.com/gallery/5b184xj
  15. Oddly enough, it didn't say it wasn't available here, it simply said "Video unavailable." Unless they changed the message. But thanks for the repost!
  16. Unavailable video is unavailable (I've given up on just posting videos, now i always (try to remember to) add the song title / artist in case this happens... But sometimes I forget...)
  17. The pilot was there to pilot the craft; astronauts were pilots and resented being treated as “spam in a can” by scientists. The navicomp had them heading towards a boulder field and he piloted the LM away from it. While they may not have had much fuel left in the descent stage, there was plenty of time to finally abort if necessary using the ascent stage. He was simply doing his job, and he did it well. That’s why he was selected.
  18. This. Factories don't make money building the tooling (tooling manufacturers notwithstanding), they make money building and selling products and services. Starship can be considered a tool for building out Starlink, and that service will be the cash cow that pays for Starship. Selling Starship launches to outside customers will be gravy.
  19. Maybe missing some context? Perhaps it meant first launch of a new vehicle (took 4 launches for a successful Falcon-1 launch). Or maybe BEO missions? I know Mars-bound missions were especially problematic, at least until the last few NASA rovers...
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