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  1. @Ace in Space Unfortunatly it is that bad. I guess they have done the missions in the week between release to influencers and public release and didn't even test them - also that there is no implementation to the career mode is very dissapointing @Darth Badie @Robbonaut It looks like the devs wanted to build bad missions to show the community how not to do it. One of the missions has a cap of a (i don't know the exact numbers) 1) ~63t Rocket to go to the mun with optional landing there 2) but it doesn't tell you that you launch at 60° inclination 3) it doesn't recognise a direct t
  2. I think the KIS/KAS mods are essential to get stock - back than, in the early access phase or shortly after release @HarvesteR said he will look into it because it sounds interesting...
  3. @Gaarst just a few days ago i was searching for the same information. i can point you to the RSS github wiki: https://github.com/NathanKell/RealSolarSystem/wiki/Launching-into-the-Ecliptic also the LAN - longitude of ascending node is important @Aelfhe1m the moon is 5.1° of the ecliptic it is close but you have to correct that. And during an escape burn to Venus or Mars the normal/antinormal has quite a high percentage...
  4. Sorry log file allready overwritten - but on the restart KRASH was quiet. So maye its ok. It runs on 1.2.2 and i installed the latest KRASH version (for KSP1.2.2) via CKAN. Sorry again should have known to save the file immediatly...
  5. referring to this post @NathanKell : i will stick to the new contracts since the progress wasn't that big and can be easily redone. i really appreciate the work of @pap1723 here is the part of the log file:
  6. Hi, i installed KRASH for simulation purposes to my RSS/RO/RP-0 campaign. It seems it throws this: [EXC 22:44:36.725] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KRASH.Hyperedit.OrbitEditor.Simple (.OrbitDriver currentlyEditing, Double altitude, .CelestialBody body) KRASH.SimulationPauseMenu.DrawGUI () KRASH.SimulationPauseMenu.OnGUI () quite often every second. My log file of 2 hours gameplay has about 70Mb. Also performance was worse than before - but i also installed other mods... BTW it was the first startup with KRASH in 1.2.2
  7. Great - seems @pjf is still active on twitter but no longer on the KSP-forums (nearly one year now). Is it possible for a Mod ( @DuoDex ) to merge the threads. Maybe starting @ Now a question regarding RP-0 v0.54: i haven't seen a simulation at @NathanKell 's Stream. - have i just missed them or are they somehow deactivated?
  8. I installed the whole mod set and a fresh 1.2.2 just a few days ago. CKAN does nearly all the magic... on my end i have some issues with the new contract system. Two of my contracts were immediately failed but with the 'alt+F12' cheat menu one can compensate the losses. What weighs heavier is that the progress made is not represented in the contracts. I have to do all the first crew, sat, spacestation again,... to get the contract chains going. @NathanKell gave me the hint in the rp-0 thread to try to use the 0.51 contract folder, but i have to figure out what that means...
  9. Start of RP-0 Contract chains seems to work - so i have to launch another first space station ...
  10. yes @rsparkyc i read that there have been improvements in the contractsystem and it is obvious that this comes with flaws - but what is the solution? When i can't start the new contract chains i can pretty much start all over again. When stating save compatibility maybe someone can take a look into it. I can provide a save, screenshots and logs if necessary. Another approach would be to hack/cheat a save file to the appropriate date, build points, science points, and so on.
  11. Hi, regarding 1.1.3 save compatibility: @NathanKell i loaded my save from september 2016 on a clean CKAN 'stock' RSS/RO/RP-0 installation after adding KIS and KAS all vessels where loaded. I payed a visit to some of them and it looks good. What doesn't transit well seem to be the contracts. Direct in the KSC scene i get two failures one of them Low Lunar Orbit with 800000 Fund and i think 900 rep penalty. There is no indication what part of the contract failed - i think this can be counteracted by safegame editing. But new contracts also have their flaws e.g. ScanSat: i can't do the fi
  12. Thank you, the files tab on Curse told me that the versions CKAN would install for me are the latest for KSP 1.2.2.
  13. Hey @IgorZ , thx for dedicating your time to the mod. In your OP the link in the section 'Other useful EVA mods' to KAS points to KIS1.1.3 instead of Kerbal Attachment System Can sb tell me if the KIS/KAS 1.3 versions are also compatible with 1.2.2 and if not where i can find them (want to continue my RSS/RO/RP-0 campaign) THX in advance
  14. @TheKosanianMethod 'Contacting Light' is really good! i read all the hints here and it is nice that several found the way into the game. My entry: - Opening Launch Window
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