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  1. Wow so Lack left it :( I used this mod like 5 years ago, thanks for maintaining it. Always loved the look it gives stuff. https://imgur.com/Ab3gnod
  2. Hrm, I might just nuke City Lights. I'll just pretend Kerbals have extremely strict light pollution laws.
  3. Ahh sorry I looked above but ALL of the ground ShiMengG's post looked dark so thought it was a different issue. Thanks! *Update* Hrm, nope, deleting suncurve did not fix the issue.
  4. So, everything seems to be working great, except, the space center is very very dark. It's there, just really dark, any ideas on fix? Mods installed here: IMAGE KSP 1.3.1
  5. Scatterer, EVE and RSS are having a lot of issues with 1.3.1 I should try Real Size but prefer stock sized system.
  6. Has anyone got RSSVE v1.2.2-RC4 for KSP 1.2.2 anywhere? The link from Github isn't working? (Click and no file eventuates, tried on two machines).
  7. Really interested in getting this working for 1.3.1 (Especially with Scatterer).
  8. I'm having issues with mining. Latest USI from CKAN USI Kolonization Systems v0.53.0.0 KSP 1.3.1 (64bit) I have built a rover with a MEU-100-A Pulse drill. It has cooling fins attached to the unit it's mounted on, it has sufficient power. 1) If I start the drill without deploying it, it mines ore. It never overheats, runs at operational temperature fine. 2) If I deploy the drill it mines ore whilst drill started. 3) If I stop the drill/retract it, it stops mining ore. BUT I cannot get it to start again, (Start drill command is missing from GUI). I can deploy it,/retract it but it just sits there, no option to restart it. I've messed around with it heaps but this has me stymied. Any ideas?
  9. Thank you so much for the update, all working now Appreciate the work.
  10. I'm seeing zero ablation and no temp shown when I right click the parts... Just the temperature part tolerances are shown.
  11. Is DRE 7.6.0 running with KSP 1.2.2 64bit supported? I have DRE menus, but despite some crazed atmospheric plunge I only seem to take aerodynamic damage, not heat.
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