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  1. Joco223

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i have made a Venom FB 4 replica Flies surprisingly good. Everything is stock except the wings and the 1m Panther (Tweakscale there) and the camera at the back. Takes off at about 70-80 m/s and it can glide up to 40 m/s. Note that it has all been tested in FAR and it can reach up to 290 m/s but i suggest not trying to turn at that speed (Ripped the wings a few times like that)
  2. Thanks, i was thinking about doing something like that, but i don't really know how well would my engines fit with stock parts
  3. Update 0.6 Released! Changelog: Added CME (Chemical Methane Extractor). Uses ore to produce Liquid Methane + Oxidizer. A picture of it:
  4. Joco223

    is an Eve SSTO rocket possible?

    It was done before. It was also posted on the forums but i don't know where it is now
  5. Joco223

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i have managed to land Kerbals on Mun in KScale64. (A 6.4x rescale of kerbol system). My rocket managed to get 65t into a 200km orbit. (Idk how to add Imgur albums)
  6. I really love this mod, but i found a problem. Like you mentioned in the OP @Galileo, Kerbin turns white after switching vessels in orbit, but for me, it doesn't turn white then, it turns white when i get out of map mode. I have SVE, scattered, planetshine and DOE. Also, i have a bunch of other part mods
  7. Update 0.5 Released! Changelog: Removed everything old. Updated to 1.1.3 Added new 2.5m engines and fuel tanks
  8. So everyone, once again, i am sorry that i have not been updating this thread and maintaining this mod. I had a lot of IRL stuff to do and was also moving. But, this mod is not dead yet These models are all new and are currently in a process of transferring to KSP and balancing. This update will only contain new 2.5m parts so i don't keep you all waiting. Update will go live soon (Umm... How do i embed a imgur album? Wasn't there a button that looked like letter I ?)
  9. Joco223

    [1.5.x] RetractableLiftingSurface Module released

    Will you be able to attach a stock wing to a hinge (Infernal Robotics) and it gives lift according to the angle it is rotated?
  10. Joco223

    [1.5.x] RetractableLiftingSurface Module released

    So you can make wings on planes that can move with your mod?
  11. Joco223

    Orbital Bombardment Systems

    You can watch a video a think Scott Manley did on it. He did create something similar to the second idea that you mentioned
  12. Joco223

    Completely solid-fueled first stages?

    I actually use pure SRB first stage rockets a lot in my 6.4x save. Since i am using procedural parts there, i make the first SRB little smaller in diameter than the second stage which is powered by LiquidFuel+Oxidizer or sometimes if the payload is lighter Hydrogen+Oxidizer. First stage SRB push trough the thicker part of the atmosphere more-less quickly and you have enough control authority from fins there since the gravity turn is less agressive in stock
  13. Joco223

    [1.1.3] Realistic Remodel (v1.4)

    Does this still work with 1.1.3? Also, any Dv maps for this mod yet? I really like your mod
  14. Joco223

    [WIP] Engine Igniter

    Thank you so much for this mod! I really wanted limited ignitions but the old mod was not working. Keep it on
  15. Joco223

    [1.1.3] STS - Aiakos 1 -

    Those parts look pretty nice! Are they RSS focused or Stock? Keep it up