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  1. Even if it's no on CKAN, Lithobrake Exploration Technologies works well and have a 4 seats 2.5m command module pod and a 3 seats octagonal lander can https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/117527-12-14-lithobrake-exploration-technologies-04-2016-10-12/
  2. Another mod revived. you make this looks effortless . Plus one of my fav' mod log time ago *Go to look at his old screenshots*
  3. He is right. KSP is dead. But no fear, you ckan reinstall it... Badum tssss!
  4. John FX I think like any other data providers like the one with MechJeb2/Kerbal Engineer/VOID Squad will let this for mods, and you have AmpYear and Fusebox Continued for that role.
  5. Why do you use those big antennas on the pad while you can just use the first one to launch your ship or those integrated on some probe core?
  6. to separate stages you can just use the ejectatrons and flingatrons well placed on the radial booster.
  7. Sorry for the delay a bit of work during the work. I just tried to use Historian on a fresh clean install and it works flawlessly so I must conclude my dear modded (to the teeth) install is crippled and my previous "clean install" was also botched... Damned kraken. Thank for your time.
  8. Hi there! I'm facing an issue. The mod windows doens't show another layout than fond test, inherit b to d and minimal and only the minimal layout is correctly displayed the inherit layouts just add "inherit" in the bottom left of the screenshot. font test, well, it shows fonts. I have updated game and mods. When I look to the debug console I can see the mod finds but fails to load some layouts (the one that aren't displayed in the window). I uninstalled and reainstalled the mod using CKAN and manually but this doesn't change anything.
  9. Another downside of SRBs, the weight. IMO they provide a cheap kick for launcher that have trouble to reach the nice 1.44 TWR needed to take of, and sometime, at least in my case, they're used as a cheap alternative for LF/Ox engine/tanks. I guess my motto "Kerbal Reusable Space Program" has an impact of the overall use of SRBs.
  10. we all have a life and sometime excrements happens, I hope it's going better
  11. Well it's not that surprising that the scaling isn't the same. It reaches the limits of the technology's performances. You can use vernors to support SAS (as mentionned before me) and more important fly your craft gently. It's normal it doesn't turn like a F-16 if it's a 2,500t rocket flying at 900m/s
  12. Really? Cause my landers using the vanilla LT-05/LT-1/LT-2 play Holiday On Ice as much the others. And yes I'm on 1.2.2. that's why I harpoon my landers to the ground.
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