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  1. So... how does this new system deal with energy weapons? I managed to simulate something that worked-ish previously: But that's obviously going to need updating. Realistically, an energy "bullet" would have zero mass but I doubt that will work with the damage model as is. What would I have to do instead?
  2. You can try manually downloading the mod. It seems to work on my end, albeit not with the newest armour stuff I guess. I am not sure what to do about that.
  3. I don't know if missile guidance even uses RCS though... but if it does, then yes.
  4. As Spannermonkey said, no real use for those anymore. As for photon torpedo, nope, no idea how to. Remember that the current space missile is broken, so there's nothing to base off. Also do not know how to do custom explosion effects.
  5. I've tried everything from 10 (minimum) to 30. The problem is the AI is applying about 60-70% of maximum possible pitch when it does try to take off. A player applying 100% pitch at 20-30 m/s can take off easily, but the AI doesn't do that. ...ah. I was building old style, trying to use intakes as floaters. No way to take off in old KSP unless you did that.
  6. Take off speed at 100% pitch is about 20-30 m/s, I do not know how to lower that further. Torque wheels, well it's quite the aggressive turner, it might stall (even worse), AI really doesn't seem to care. Maybe I should try something like that. Airbrakes I already tried, nothing.
  7. Well, after extensive testing and tweaks.... technically I have a craft. Quite a good one too. But: It does. Quite well. As long as a player is doing it. The AI does not apply 100% pitch input, no matter what I tweak, and as such my plane is a very expensive boat in the hands of the AI. Give it to a player for (literally) 5 seconds and it is off to the skies.... no idea what to do about it. Any hints?
  8. Very nice. I do believe I'll try this challenge, seems cool. Totally not biased because I made the weapons mod or anything. (Seriously though, it getting use is awesome!)
  9. Yes I am. I don't have anything to add myself at the moment, and it's working and up-to-date is all. But I would love more stuff for sure!
  10. For one, space weapons (The space missile) are broken. I have no idea how they work anyway. Secondly, not really sure how you would do a photon torpedo anyway. What do they look like? How is the explosion? And are any of those things I can actually make in KSP? (Probably not) So, sadly, not likely.
  11. Cool. Probably not, it is a very simple mod. EDIT: And that seems to be that. Should be working now, in 1.2.1!
  12. Yes I do indeed. Sorry about 1.1.2, I ended up very confused about that and quite busy, have not played KSP in a while, and with 1.2 and a BDA update for that, I've decided to just wait.
  13. please update the BDArmory sci-fi addon  for ksp 1.1.3

  14. Definitively needs to have RTG, RCS and SAS. Possibly one for mod in general, since it's short for modification? Or is that just under the same as KSP. Maybe one for BDA, BDArmoury.
  15. Mmm but I like the unique purple. Should I make a different version more true to an X-wing? (Including sound change)