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  1. I forgot to mention I DIDN'T have ATM installed at all when I took the screenshot. KSP 1.0 doesn't seem to crash anymore, at least for now.
  2. I can confirm the planets suddenly become gray featureless mountains when you get close. Who (other than the author of the mod) doesn't get this problem? It's really creepy because if you zoom the camera out it suddenly fades and becomes the yellowish Wal again. Sometimes I've noticed you don't get contracts for even the stock planets where expected. You have to keep exploring and cycling your contracts for them to show up.
  3. The shine itself works, but there's always that annoying error message. There's no point in the mod doing self version checks, there's already something else that actually warns you in KSP of possibly broken mods. The configuration button for PlanetShine is missing from the in game toolbar, so it isn't 100% 1.0 compatible.
  4. Those didn't make multiple copies for me (in fact they were broken in that they didn't show up in the toolbar at all), but Distant Object Enhancement had that same cloning problem before they fixed it a day or so ago.
  5. This is probably my 3rd favorite mod (if Alarm Clock and Engineer didn't exist, it would be 1st) but sadly I understand the entirely new aerodynamic system will push this mod way back for updating.
  6. I can confirm Docking Port Alignment makes tons of copies of itself in the toolbar even without other mods in 1.0
  7. I can confirm KAS is utterly broken in 1.0, we'll have to wait for an update.
  8. I can confirm OPM works in 1.0 (*JUST* OPM, I have not installed any optional/recommended mods), however, I have not attempted the new planet resource scan feature on any of the outer planets. It looks like there is a catch-all for resources defined in the Squad folder: GLOBAL_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Ore ResourceType = 0 Distribution { PresenceChance = 100 MinAbundance = 1 MaxAbundance = 15 Variance = 50 Dispersal = 3 } } It looks like you'll get default mining abundances for the outer planets until unique defines are written for them in this mod. The file also eliminates mi
  9. Blizzy's Toolbar and everything relying on it is completely broken too. I wish more mod authors migrated to the built in toolbar, it seems much more update resistant. QUICK FIX Settings { WindowVisible = True WindowMinimized = False WindowVisible_SpaceCenter = True WindowMinimized_SpaceCenter = False WindowVisible_TrackingStation = False WindowMinimized_TrackingStation = False WindowVisible_Editor = False WindowMinimized_Editor = False Find the settings folder inside TriggerTech/KerbalAlarmClock or whatever it was named. Change these to True for visible and just leave the menu open f
  10. I haven't realized how unplayable the game is without this mod. This and Kerbal Engineer are the absolute minimum mods. Something's messed up with the alarm clock button in 1.0 (it doesn't show up), but the mod seems to work if you had left the alarm menu open in the previous version. Hope it gets fixed soon. (1.0 has built in Warp-To-Here from the orbit menu you can use in the meantime)
  11. playlist { name = Space loop = true shuffle = true preloadTime = 5 tracks { track = Mysterioso March } playWhen { bodyName = Minmus } } playlist { name = Space loop = true shuffle = true preloadTime = 5 tracks { track = KSP_SpaceAmbience01 } playWhen { scene = Flight } } Now plays Mysterioso March everywhere, including the title screen, in space, around minmus or not around minmus. The only time it doesn't play is in the VAB. SEPARATE BUG - This one is when it tries to read the .mp3 files downloaded from https://soundcloud.com/jfranklincomposer/sets/symphony-of-the-
  12. Is there a non-dropbox download link (Git, KerbalStuff, Curse, etc.)? I don't want to register any accounts anywhere to download, always hated that.
  13. I can't get planet specific music to work no matter what I do. The new plugin works fine for everything else. The old and new music plays, and the default configuration worked. To start setting music per planet, I started doing this: playlist { name = Minmus loop = true shuffle = true tracks { track = Mysterioso March } playWhen { scene = Flight bodyName = Minmus } } playlist { name = Space loop = true shuffle = true preloadTime = 5 tracks { track = KSP_SpaceAmbience01 track = KSP_SpaceAmbience02 track = KSP_SpaceAmbience03 track = KSP_SpaceAmbience04 } playWh
  14. Interesting mod. It encourages spaceplanes since you can recover the entire craft when done and regain all the cash. Some bugs/exploits I found: - If you delete a game save but make another game save with the same name, the old ledger is not deleted. - If you directly click on the launchpad from the space center building overview screen to select and launch a craft you can exploit the mod- it is not deducted from your money and you can recover the craft to gain the craft's value in science. - If you try to launch a craft when one is already on the launchpad, the game asks you if you want to cl
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