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  1. I'm orbiting Minmus correctly, but I'm running out of electricity trying to transmit the gravity scan before I setup the crash. Not sure what to do here. Any ideas?
  2. When I try to use this mod, I get stuck on this screen... anyone know what to do? (and I greatly appreciate the help as I know this is generally thankless volunteering that I'm requesting)
  3. Any update here? I really wanted to play the missions and optimize the outcomes but it's so frustrating to start over from beginning or be locked out of buildings.
  4. This is my biggest gripe too and I don't see much talk on it so I'm kind of confused. I want to complete the missions but the way it's designed, you have to start over (which in multi-step missions, this is building craft, flights, etc) every time you want to make a change to a craft or redo a flight. I don't understand the building lock-out and inability to go back into the VAB. Am I missing something?
  5. I don't think so. It appears to be a bug or confusing logic requirements. Same thing happened to me.
  6. First person EVA :-) I think that sounds like an expansion pack or 2.0 kind of thing.
  7. In Steam it says I need a "beta access code" for 1.2. Where can I get this? I searched the forums a bunch and haven't found anything.
  8. Um, yeah... space jellyfish FTW, no question. It looks awesome!
  9. Awesome looking ship. Would love to see some video of takeoff and possibly some of the docking/landing. I'm fascinated by the power requirements for drilling/converting and the overall efficiency. Please do share craft file (if you're cool with doing so).
  10. This is pretty awesome. I'm terrible with SSTO craft and am trying to get better. I like the idea of a refueling ship too! A few questions: Did you have a hard time landing each time? The vertical-falling-to-horizontal seems like a recipe for disaster! I guess with lower gravity of Mun and Minmus it's not THAT bad. Are you willing to share the craft file? Anything you would refine regarding ship design? Great choice of music... very cool. If possible, please add more, small captions of what is going on... that helps me logically follow what I'm seeing, especially wi
  11. Can you post pictures of the craft? I'm curious what you're using for a "bus" and want to get some ideas. I really like this idea and am thinking of doing something similar.
  12. So, it's now on the Mun drilling! THANK YOU SO MUCH! The solution, less thrust with a longer, slower burn... staying well under 300m/s until after 10k to start turning *really helped. Yeah, it burned a lot of fuel, but really wasn't as bad as I thought. It took to orbital insertion burns to get it right, but then I had plenty to get to the Mun. Also, locking fuel in the drill/lander helped the balance as well so the COM didn't go back as quickly. Now, the efficacy of the actual decent/drill/ascent rig is less than I wanted, but it go there and it does work... so... I count that a
  13. So, I'm trying to get a drilling rig to orbit... and ultimately to the Mun. The actual structure is solid... doesn't bend... but it starts to tumble end-over-end around 8k-12k up. I do get rotation as well, but that's moderately tolerable. I generally tip it just a few degrees at 500 feet... and then start to lean it a little more over time until I'm about 45 degrees at 23k. I thought a steeper launch would help but it doesn't. I'm at a loss... I used to be able to get bulky things up to orbit. I've tried all sorts of different boosters... with fairing, w/o fairing, slow launch, fast
  14. I'm having quite the opposite experience. I'm on OSX and I get very regular crashes and it's starting to really wear out my resolve w/ the game. I have a Core i7, 32GB RAM (I know it can't use it all), and GeForce GTX 680MX 2 GB vram. I have most of the settings up 3/4 of the way regarding video. Any suggestions?
  15. How does the capsule not overheat on final reentry with 7k delta-v to bleed off? Why use heat shields at all?
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